Daughter of the Moon Goddess Readalong: Day 3!

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Hello Fairy Family!

I hope that you’re all loving Daughter of the Moon Goddess so far! It’s now day 3 and sooo much has happened!

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Today we’ll be reading from Chapter 17 to the end of Chapter 24, let’s jump in!

Please be warned, the following section will include spoilers for Daughter of the Moon Goddess by Sue Lynn Tan from chapter 17 to chapter 24. Please only read on if you’ve finished this section!


Xingyin is ready and reporting for her next assignment! She has two choices, attend the Golden Desert to harvest rare herbs (no disturbance expected) or follow Wenzhi to the Eastern Sea where the king has called for aid to handle unrest (disturbance probably expected) shock horror, Xingyin isn’t opting to harvest rare herbs!

In an audience with King Yanzheng of the Eastern Sea, Wenzhi introduced Xingyin as “First Archer” – subtle promotion? Yanzheng’s son, Yanxi is tasked with briefing them on the drama – they’re growing restless and their governor is building an army. This sounds dangerous!

They attend the banquet and Prince Yanxi quizzes Xingyin on where she learnt her skills. He remembers her from the banquet (where everything went downhill) and she tells him she no longer plays the flute. It makes me really sad that she lost the joy in doing that because of what happened between her and Liwei. After quizzing each other, dancers enter the hall and Xingyin notices something strange about one of them and suddenly she’s launching a plate at her head!

The Merfolk have infiltrated the banquet and they’re equipped with sea scorpion venom which has the ability to paralyse the entire body… eeek! Good spot Xingyin!

The Merfolk claim that King Yanzheng conspired with the Celestial Emperor to imprison and slay the dragons. Yanxi disputes the claim but the King is interestingly quiet… Xingyin watches as Wenzhi throws around some pretty deep threats. It works though, and the prisoner reveals if the Merfolk failed to kill the King, they were to abduct the youngest prince, Prince Yanming. He’s just a boy!

The next day, after a restless night’s sleep, Xingyin talks to Captain Wenzhi and asks if he really could’ve followed through on all of those dark threats he made. Rather than answer, he asks Xingyin if she thinks he could have. Captain Wenzhi sheds his skin a bit and tells Xingyin he doesn’t care for parts of his job, and moments like that are included in that. He says he hopes they’ll always speak like this, sharing any worries they have.

They all come up with a plan to use the young Prince Yanming as bait so that General Renyu will lead the charge onto land himself. Xingyin will guard the prince herself, Wenzhi suggests Xingyin dressed as Prince Yanming’s governess, Lady Anmei so as not to arouse suspicion. When Wenzhi says he knows Xingyin looks nothing like Lady Anmei and they’ll disguise her with clothes and face paint and the like, Xingyin feels hurt.

She spends a bit of time alone with Prince Yanming and he seems to warm to her eventually. This could be a good plan!

Wenzhi finds Xingyin staring at the moon, she offers no courtesy but he doesn’t seem to mind. It becomes quite obvious, quite quickly, that Xingyin is annoyed. She says he had no concern for her when he suggested she dress as Lady Anmei but he argues she’s more than capable. Xingyin admits that it wasn’t nice to hear aloud that Wenzhi thinks she’s not as beautiful or as elegant as Lady Anmei. His response? “Why would a falcon want to be a nightingale?” YESSSS WENZHI!

Then he asks her to just call him Wenzhi, rather than Captain Wenzhi, forgoing such formalities would obviously be a huge step in whatever relationship this is, and Xingyin takes the step. Removing that barrier. When she calls him Wenzhi, he smiles.

After a little training where Wenzhi goads Xingyin and tells her to act a little afraid or nervous as Lady Anmei is such a delicate flower. They head to the tent where Prince Yanming will act as bait. I am NERVOUS. A lot of time passes with very little happening though, so Xingyin comes up with the idea of them spreading the news that she and Price Yanming are preparing to depart. It worked! They bump into a giant octopus who happens to be Governor Reynu, this sounds absolutely pretrifying. Xingyin, Yanming and Wenzhi prepare to depart, but Wenzhi, seeing his soldiers being decimated, clearly wants to stay and Xingyin understands. She vows to protect the prince and they run. When they reach the tent there are soldiers ready and waiting to escort the prince away, but he doesn’t want to leave Xingyin. Bless him! She promises to join him soon and prepares her bow and quiver to head into the fight.

But… no need. Governor Reynu is here, he’s brought the fight to her.

Xingyin quickly realises there’s magic in his voice, he has the power to compel people. Reynu has his Xingyin with two needles of the paralysing sea scorpion venom. I’m so scared for her. I don’t know how she can escape this!

Wenzhi’s come to save her!!! Xingyin tries and fails to warn Wenzhi of the Governor’s power, but it just comes out as a whisper. No worries though, Wenzhi spars with the Governor and it all seems over quite quickly, he kills him! Wenzhi must be seriously powerful.

He runs to Xingyin, asking where she’s hurt, why she’s not moving, but she can’t answer and drifts into unconsciousness.

When Xingyin wakes, she wakes with Wenzhi at her side, his hand in hers. She’s been asleep for days! She tells Wenzhi of the Governor’s power, urges him to consider that the Merfolk may not have been to blame but just under his power. They attend Prince Yanxi’s chamber together to see him and who else is there??? LIWEI! He came three days ago when his Sky Drop Tassel gleamed red, hinting that Xingyin was in danger. I’m so conflicted because he clearly cares deeply for her, but I’m still so mad he allowed himself to be betrothed to another. 

Wenzhi, Liwei and Yanxi discuss the Merfolk, Yanxi assures them they will be interrogated but that many of them appear dazed. He thanks the Celestial Kingdom for coming to their aid.

Wenzhi and Xingyin eventually return to the Jade Palace after many campaigns to the news that Shuxiao’s been promoted! Xingyin finds her, but she doesn’t seem happy. She tells Xingyin that she only took this job because her family were essentially shunned when her sister turned down a request from a nobleman that she be his “conquest”. Understandably, her father supported her but her family reputation was blackened so Shuxiao joined the army to gain honour back, but the more Shuxiao climbs up the ranks, the less likely that she’ll ever return home. 

Later, when Xingyin bumps into Minyi in the Courtyard of Eternal Tranquility, she asks her how Liwei is. Liwei cuts in and says “why don’t you ask me yourself”.

They talk, and argue and eventually one thing leads to another and Liwei is kissing Xingyin. She regains composure quickly and tells him they’re done. Liwei confesses he can’t stop thinking about her despite knowing he needs to let her go and suddenly they’re interrupted and Liwei must go.

When Xingyin returns to her room, Wenzhi is waiting for her. He tells her he’s leaving, back to the Western Sea and ASKS HER TO GO WITH HIM. Eeek what a love triangle. Are you a fan?

Your dreams will be my dreams, too.” Xingyin, if you don’t go, I will. Before she can answer, a messenger is here, demanding just as one demanded with Liwei, that Wenzhi must go to the Hall of Eastern Light to speak with Their Celestial Majesties at once! Weeeeird. Something’s about to go down, grab ya popcorn!

Popcorn was warranted, Princess Fengmei has been ABDUCTED. Would it be so terrible if we kinda just… left her? She’s the reason Liwei and Xingyin were split up after all…


Let it be known that I am NOT kidding when I say I think it’s out of order for Liwei to request that Xingyin accompany him to SAVE HIS FIANCE? The audacity. I need to know how you all feel about this because while Fengmei is innocent in all of this, Liwei should know better than to ask Xingyin to accompany him in saving her. He says he’s asking her to go because there’s no one he trusts more and no one is more skilled with a bow than Xingyin, but I still don’t think this is something he should’ve asked of her. Xingyin, too kind and too good for this world, obviously agrees.

She later sees Wenzhi, who tells her not to go because it’s not safe… But she’s done plenty of unsafe things before? He asks if she still loves her, again, uncool, but at least he has the sense to apologise straight away and admit he got jealous. She promises to be safe, and admits to herself she has feelings for Wenzhi. Are you Team Liwei or Team Wenzhi? I need to know! She also tells him when she returns, they’ll leave together.

So we’re off to save Princess Fengmei, fiance to Liwei, much to my dismay. Liwei drops the bombshell that he can sense Fengmei’s aura and it’s bringing back memories of him telling Xingyin her aura smells strong like a storm. He asks what she’ll do when Wenzhi leaves. Liwei needs to learn BOUNDARIES. I know they had an excellent friendship before their brief romance but he broke Xingyin’s trust hugely.

Dodging a mysterious archer, Xingyin reaches Fengmei. As she frees her, the archer is back. A tall figure with silver eyes, but then he lets Xingyin escape???

We leave Xingyin and Fengmei, both pondering Liwei’s welfare and safety as they escape to find him.


That was a lot of drama to end today’s section on! Any theories so far?

I can’t believe we’re over halfway through! Drop all your thoughts in the comments and I’ll see you tomorrow, fairies!



60 thoughts on “Daughter of the Moon Goddess Readalong: Day 3!

  1. Okay, I’m neglecting things to keep reading and keep up…… that means I like this story! I’m hoping we’ll see dragons in this story….so far they only mentioned them.
    I need to know if Liwei is gonna be all right, so I’m going to keep on neglecting things and read on…..
    I can’t help thinking that the archer who saved Xingyin and attacked her without hitting her is Wenzhi. I hope it’s not him but I think he would’ve joined them in rescuing Princess Fengmei if he was not behind it somehow.
    We’ll find out…. See you tomorrow, I think ?
    Love, Sandy

    I will be entering the giveaway. I’m @beppie125 at Instagram.

    1. I thought it might be Wenzhi at 1st, but his eyes were described as black, not silver. Plus, his last mission was going to be on the opposite side of the Realm, in the Golden Desert, on his way back to the Western Sea. I doubt he could forgo leading that mission as commanded, even leaving the Celestial Army immediately after.

  2. I’m team Liwei but I’m hoping I don’t end up with the bittersweet ending that would be all too easy. I need something to happen to Liwei’s parents so he can become Emperor and make his own decisions and do things the way only Liwei can because of his kind nature. But I get that Xingyin has been betrayed by him…but really, it was to be expected, and in his favour he does still care deeply about her.
    Wenzhi just didn’t win me over in our first impression of him with his dismissive attitude initially. But Yanxi as well?? I chuckled at the jealousy both Liwei and Wenzhi exuded towards Yanxi when he told Xingyin she was welcome any time!
    I do appreciate that Wenzhi hasn’t made any improper moves on Xingyin and has just been spending time with her in a purely platonic way. Part of me doesn’t want that to change – men and women can spend lengthy periods of time with each other and not form romantic attachments!
    I will be entering the competition (when I post my book photo tomorrow) and my instagram is @mirlyah

    1. I guess I’m Team Wenzhi then. I think Liwei is good for Xingyin as a friend, but their families, his royal responsibilities, & this heartbreak is just a lot of wrong when it comes to a romantic relationship. Plus, he can’t seem to be respectful of her feelings the way Wenzhi has been (keeping things professional/platonic despite his feelings until it would no longer harm her reputation/honor to do so, admitting his jealousy & trying to amend mistakes whereas Liwei just keeps plunging on, etc). If Prince Yanxi wanted to throw his hat in the ring, he’d still have his royal responsibilities to consider, but at least no family animosity or past heartache to overcome. Lol.

      I actually like that Wenzhi was so indifferent to her before when he assumed, at a quick glance to her fancy attire, that she was another “useless peacock,” but that he was genuinely interested in her when the introduction from General Jianyun made him look closely enough to recognize her as someone her actually respected/admired.

  3. Yay! I love participating in your readalongs! I have entered in your readalong giveaway and my Instagram handle is @beau.teafully.bookish

  4. Hi,
    I’m enjoying this book so much more than I thought I would, not sure if I can wait till tomorrow to read the next section.
    I think I am team Wenzhi, he’s such a badass but also uncomplicated and could be there for Xingyin if she told him the truth about her mother, but I also think I am going to be disappointed because I definitely think this is setting up to be a Xingyin Liwei love story!

    Entered the secret giveaway, instagram handle is tinasurch

  5. I just finished Part 2 last night and OH my gosh, so much is happening right now. And I still have no idea who’s endgame. My heart is going crazy for these two men. I cna’t decide who I like more…

    I have entered the contest! My instagram is mellas.reading.habits and I can’t wait to finish this book with you guys. I love reading your posts.

  6. I wish we had gotten more information on the Jade Dragon Bow and the dragons during their time at the Eastern Sea, but it’s okay because instead we got an awesome fight scene! It was so cute how Xingyin bonded with little Prince Yanming and so hilarious how Prince Yanxi is joining the Xingyin’s fan club.

    I wish she had gone with Whenzi! I think they’re a much better suited pair. I’m quite annoyed at how Liwei has guilted her into this rescue mission, even if it is her best chance at the Crimson Lion Talisman. I’m surprised they didn’t expect the ambush, it had been way too easy to find the princess. But now I’m wondering if the mysterious archer could be her father?

    I entered the contest and my instagram handle is giggenbach.reads

  7. I am loving this book! So much so that I have to stop myself from reading ahead. Is the mysterious archer Xingyin’s father? Or am I way off? The love triangle has me so conflicted. I can’t forget how Liwei was with Xingyin in the beginning but Wenzhi is being so lovely and saying all the right things. Definitely conflicted.
    I have posted for the giveaway on my Instagram @hannys_bookshelf

  8. So much plot happened here! I love a love triangle – I know a lot of people don’t but I do!

    I want Xingyin to be happy and whatever that means for her as her choice is the one I want her to make. Yeah, Liwei is really out of order with his request but they still mean a lot to each other…

    I’ll be entering the comp – my Instagram handle is @onlybooksiveread

  9. Oh wow, a lot has happened in these chapters!! Although I love Wenzhi, I still want Liwei and Xingyin to be together!! I like Fengmei but I do hope that all this make her want to return home alone so Liwei and Xingyin can be together. I wonder who the hooded figure is? It must be someone who know Xingyin, why else would they hesitate? Things are getting more exciting and intriguing now!!

  10. You know I bet the archer is Wenzhi, at least that’s my guess! Hopefully Liwei is going to be okay even though I’m still mad about his engagement! I’m team Wenzhi, because even though he didn’t want Xingyin to go, he still let her because he trusts her. However I’m very disappointed in Liwei for asking Xingyin to go, especially because he chose his engagement over her while claiming he loves her…

    This is such a good book, I haven’t enjoyed reading in a while and this is the perfect book to get out of the reading slump?

    Also I’m taking part in the giveaway and my Instagram is @jennasbookjourney ?

  11. Still catching up on the book, but I’ve posted my picture @brinreadsbooks! ?

  12. Liwei is extremely selfish with his appearance in Xingyin life: he is betrothed with another women but still wants to mix with Xingyin life. Jealous isn’t a good advisor Liwei!

    About Wenzhi I have a hard suspicious that he is involved in some way to all of those weird accidents which had place. I think he can be a mysterious archer with silver eyes.

    If I need to choose the team, I will be a Liwei team. Wenzhi is too suspicious for me.?

    Xingyin with her feelings is a little annoying. She reminds herself why she is in the Celestial Kingdom only when something painful for her had place. I know that she shouldn’t think about Mother for the whole time but remembering about her when your lover isn’t honest with you or you did a ridiculous thing and kiss again an engaged man…well, it isn’t a good moment.

    I’m really curious who kidnapped Liwei and I think Fengmei can be involved in some way to this incident. She knew that Liwei will help her.

    1. Oh of course I forgot to mentioned that I will participate in the Giveaway. My Instagram is @motive_of_the_witch. ❤️

  13. Oh damn! I kinda wish I was Xingyin ? But is it a good idea to start a new relationship when your heart still belongs to another one? I’m team Liwei and it’s not fair to Wenzhi.. Something bad will happen soon is guess ?

  14. Hi everyone! This book is HEATING UP! I really enjoyed these chapters. So much excitement! So many twists and turns! And, oh my, the love triangle 😉 I kind of want a third guy as an option though because I’m not super keen on either at the moment.

    I entered the giveaway!
    IG: readersleafco

  15. Hi!
    It was a lot of drama this section! I have to say I like both Wenzhi and Liwei but I think I’m team Liwei ? and that ending chapter!! I knew it wasn’t going to go well but I really hope we find out what happened to Liwei quickly! And I’m thinking the other amazing archer has to be something to do with her father… he’s still a big mystery so we need some follow up to that soon. And Im thinking the demon realm has definitely got more going on that we think so I’m hoping we get details soon ? I’m very much enjoying the story so far! Looking forward to tomorrow’s chapters ?

  16. I can’t believe chapter 24 ended that way!! I’m tempted to continue. I’m really loving Wenzhi, I think Liwei is being SO inconsiderate. The stakes have definitely gotten higher, and although the book can be very fast paced, I can understand everything that is going on. I’m almost worried there’s too much to handle between Xingyin trying to free her mother, the merfolk rebellion, and now the metal that can zap powers. I hope when Wenzhi leaves he’s not gone for too long! Also, that archer – I can’t remember who has silver eyes and I feel like I’m missing something, but off I go to read ahead

    1. also forgot to add this but I have entered the giveaway! @nookofnatalie

  17. ok WOW I’m definitely hooked now!!

    I’m completely conflicted about who to ship Xingyin with. Her and Liwei’s romance was fun and passionate, but I’m not sure I want them to end up together. I liked the idea of her being with Wenzhi when he was her captain, because of their subtle flirting and the fact that he really respected her as a warrior. But their last interaction left me feeling unsure. I’ve also become a bit suspicious of Wenzhi…

    I thought it was strange that he came back from scouting out the path to Xiangliu’s cave with dirty hands. Was it perhaps from mining the ore that represses the immortal’s powers? Maybe he’s secretly part of this rebellion against the Celestial Emperor? He hasn’t exactly kept it a secret from Xingyin that he’s disapproving of the emperor. And his homeland was previously an enemy of the Celestial Kingdom, so he might want revenge?
    Maybe he didn’t want Xingyin to go to the Eternal Spring Forest because he knew of the dangers that lie there (the people conspiring against the emperor) and he wanted to make sure she was safe from them, not because he’s jealous. Was he the archer that shot down the warrior coming straight at her? is the archer Xingyin’s FATHER???

    aghHhH I have so many questions!!

    excited for tomorrow’s section 🙂

    1. I thought that about her Father!

  18. My favorite scene with young Prince Yanming when he gave her the dragon origami! Lol when the two guys were cold at Prince Yanxi offer for her to stay xD and she was oblivious! Haha

    1. Also entering giveaway!

      1. I’m sorry ??‍♀️ First time doing this and my phone is trigger happy to submit stuff
        @ Musingofasagittarius
        Is my Instagram ?

  19. The ending to that section…….. I need to know what happens!! After the last few books that I read not quite catching my attention, this book makes me want to stay up all night to finish it! I think about it when I’m not reading. Definitely looking forward to seeing what happens next.


    I stand by my dating sim comment from yesterday hahaha.

    I would like Xingyin and Fengmei to be friends though. It’s not either of their faults that they’re in this awkward triangle with Liwei.

    1. I got overly excited and forgot to post my IG is @sonata_ix, picture posted!

  21. So much has happened from this section. This is getting very exciting. Captain Wenzhi is making me swoon.
    And yes, who could be that archer? I thought first it was her father, but they are in the Immortal Realm. Maybe it was Wenzhi? I don’t remember if he has silver eyes.

    I also joined the giveaway under books.over_

  22. I have entered the giveaway, my Instagram is @adayinmybooknerdlife.

    I’m starting the third part today, hope to catch up ?

  23. I love how much of a strong character Xingyin is, I wouldn’t be happy to have to save the person you love is getting married too. As much as love triangles are fun they make me nervous as I always seem to favour one but right now I don’t think I do. My Insta is @thecruelbookworm as I will be entering !

  24. As soon as they get to the Eastern Sea, Captain Wenzhi is already jealous of another prince a little overly interested in Xingyin? ? At least, this time, she can more fully appreciate Captain Wenzhi as “handsome” as well as “striking.” The merfolk attacking, the plate (?) thrown to save the king’s life, Captain Wenzhi instinctively adding his power to hers (then Prince Yanxi doing the same)… Battles are hard & you have to harden yourself to survive them, but is Captain Wenzhi really good at threats only or is he capable of following through on them, too? Xingyin winning over the baby prince, being jealous of Lady Anmei, being asked to call Captain Wenzhi “just, Wenzhi” …?? Mind Talent! Near-death. Another visit from Liwei (though she awoke to Wenzhi this time) & finally mention of the tear drop. Liwei & Wenzhi trying to freeze out their newest competition, Prince Yanxi. ? Love it! Guess there wasn’t much time to research the Dragons or the Jade Dragon Bow though. ? No, Liwei! Don’t sully Xingyin or yourself with this nonsense while you’re betrothed. Then, Wenzhi confessing moments later? Oh, my heart. ? Now, she’s dragged into finding Liwei’s betrothed with him, has accepted Wenzhi’s offer of having a future together in the Western Sea, but Prince Liwei is (probably) captured by the same people that captured Princess Fengmei with that strange ore that can seal an Immortal’s magic? Who was that archer? Did he save her on the ground & purposely aim just close enough to keep her up there for some reason? He could’ve killed her while she tried to free the Princess or while they stared at each other through the window, so I don’t think he meant to hurt her. I feel like it will be revealed that she should know this person. An admirer (obviously not Liwei, but the silver eyes description doesn’t match the sapphire blue of Prince Yanxi or the black of Wenzhi, either) or is this someone who knows OF her that she hasn’t actually met yet?

  25. Just to confirm I’ve entered the comp now 🙂

    1. And my handle is @onlybooksiveread as mentioned before 🙂

    2. I love me a captain! Wenzhi should some cuddly teddy bear side in these chapters.

      I wasn’t expecting a love triangle in this book and boy am I happy there is one. The only thing though is that I can’t decide who I like most ….

      I’m also getting some vibes that Xingyins father is alive. Could he have been the archer

      The story this book is portraying is soooo addictive! I’m becoming obsessed!

      Also I will be taking part in the photo competition and my Instagram handle is:


  26. I posted my entry on insta! @hottea_and_books
    I struggled so hard to put this section down where it ended yesterday. I’m so excited to pick it back up today and find out what happened to Liwei. (totally team Liwei, but Wenzhi is so sweet)

  27. It’s taken me a while but I’m getting into it now! There is a lot of info to take in.
    Xingyin is annoying me a bit, she basically likes whoever is in front of her that moment with no thoughts of anything outside that!
    Is the archer her Dad?! Who knows haha

    I have entered, @penguinograce

  28. Finally caught up!

    I just…. don’t care about the romances in this one I’m sorry lol. I really like seeing Xingyin going about fighting monsters and saving people but when either boy comes on page I’m like uuuuuuughhhh. Neither is a good option. I guess were meant to think Wenzhi treats her better but assuming she wants to go off to the Western Sea and build a life with him feels like he totally misses understanding what Xingyin wants… only then the narrative tells us she does love with him, which also annoys me because I don’t understand where that came from! Did they fall in love off page? Did I miss something?

    If either I prefer Liwei because at least there’s some passion there on her part, even if its conflicted and troubled. But mostly I want her to focus on trying to find a way to save her Mum, since trying to get attention by way of fighting in battles doesn’t seem to be doing the trick.

    Hopefully saving the now mysteriously missing crown prince will help her on her quest for the emperor’s boon!

    1. Tldr little Prince Yanming is the only boy truly worth Xingyin’s time.

  29. I’ve posted for the giveaway.

    I’m @dg_reads

  30. I’ve entered the giveaway, my handle is @findin.fiction_

    I am shook. First Liwei then Wenzhi. I actually like both for different reasons, but I like that Xingyin knows her worth. She is a strong female lead and I love to see that she isn’t letting love be a leading factor in her decisions.

    I have a suspicion that it’s actually Liwei’s mother behind all of this. She was already on my hate list, but when Princess Fengmei is taken, they say it is someone within. I’d be shocked if it wasn’t her.

  31. I’m loving this book!! Posted

    I’m gonna need some Captain Wenzhi art. 😉

    Is Prince Yanxi love interest number 3?! Dang!!!!

    This section was filled to the brim with drama! I was way off about Wenzhi being her brother. Haha. I don’t think she will end up with him. I am curious to know how he and Liwei will respond when they find out who she is. I feel like one will push her away and one won’t care. I wonder what their history is with the moon goddess though and if it could make or break either couple.

    I think the archer is her dad! He seemed to know her the moment he saw her. What a cool reunion that would be! Gearing up for the next section.

    Ps I’m fully team Liwei even though I, personally would chose Wenzhi.

  32. The more I read of this book, the more I love it! The characters, the premise, everything is so well thought out.
    I’m struggling to keep up the pace of the reading challenge, but I’ve just been going back later to read the posts and that’s almost as good! 🙂

    I did enter the giveaway. My insta is @elfs_bookshelf

  33. Wow I breezed through this section because it was so good! I loved reading about being in the realm of the Eastern Sea. I hope we can read more about the ocean realms in the future. The cute friendship between Xingyin and Prince Yanming was probably my favorite part <3

    I also realized how fickle I am because now I'm not sure who to ship Xingyin with. The passion between her and Liwei makes me think that they may be endgame, but I don't know if his actions regarding his engagement can be forgiven. Also I'm kind of suspicious of Wenzhi now because of his mysterious past, plus Xingyin doesn't seem too sure about choosing him. I'm actually rooting for Prince Yanxi now. I'm curious to see if he'll help Xingyin with her dragon pendant because he seems to know more than he lets on. There's definitely something suspicious that happened with the dragons' disappearance…

    Sue Lynn Tan writes battle/fight scenes and I was enthralled with the battle with the evil governor and with the fight to save Princess Fengmei. The scenes went through my head like a movie! I wonder who the mysterious archer is …. friend or enemy hmmmm

    I've entered the giveaway and my ig is @vivis.readingpages 🙂

  34. I finding this love triangle pretty tiresome. I kind of want Xingyin to be single, boys are causing unnecessary drama. I definitely prefer the Captainto the Prince but I fear this means he will betray her in some way eventually. We really know nothing about him…. he’s probably the secret son of someone important or a spy from the demon realm or something. I’m preparing myself to get betrayed again. Also who is the mystery archer…. I think it is either her father or the captain & he is somehow in on the abduction.

  35. I love this book so much *-* I’m a little bit late in the readalong, but this book is incredible *-*
    I’ve posted for the giveaway, my instagram is : mathilde_heirs

  36. I commented in the readalong yesterday and I have just now posted my photo to my Instagram
    My IG handle is Jenthebookishbakernz

  37. I’ve entered @jindiebookiewookie
    I absolutely flew through this! Loved it

  38. I love the book so far, I wasn’t expecting to enjoy it so much.
    I feel like the archer is someone we know. Like they saw Xingyin and then didn’t shoot. But I don’t know who, I hope it is revealed soon.
    I wonder what adventure is next, will there be dragons?
    I will enter the secret giveaway on the 27th- when I have the time to do it. Instagram -@seaofworlds

  39. I’m quite behind, but still going on!
    At this point, I like Wenzhi way more than Liwei, I wonder he really can make Xingyin happy and if she would actually tell her tale about her mother.
    I wonder who the mysterious archer is? Could it be Wenzhi..? On one hand, it would be great that he cared enough to sneak after her and help, on the other hand not sure if Xingyin would like that kind of caretaking, she is quite independent.
    It’s quite a situation that Xingyin has to help out with the abduction of Fengmei, I wonder who would have arranged this kidnapping, something is still fishy.
    Can’t wait to see what happens next!
    I’ll post on instagram, my handle is: @serenity87hu

    1. Posted today! <3

  40. I’m so conflicted between Liwei and Wenzhi, they both have this great connection and respect for her but they also get jealous, like super fast.
    I loved the little prince, he just sounds so cute and yet bossy, he’s not letting Xingyinget away with anything. And the way hey was concerned that she wouldn’t be able to protect them because he had beaten her during their practising ?.

    I’m participating in the photo challenge and my Instagram handle is @reading_is_joyce

  41. I entered my photo @x_late_night_reads_x

    I think I might be the only one that dislikes Liwei but he seems like a selfish prat to me ? I like Wenzhi better but I just find the romance to be written really strangely in the book. It feels like an afterthought because we don’t actually read about the characters relationships growing, it just kind of happens behind the scenes.

    I hope we get to learn more about the Dragons, I feel like there is going to be some twist there and I’m excited for that part!

  42. Lovely readalong! I followed a bit later, but I did follow! It was my first! Haha
    I am participating on Instagram, my name there is @leeloosophie.

  43. I think I’m Team Wenzhi at the moment – he’s saying and doing all the right things – but that also makes me suspicious. In a love triangle, this portrayal tends to be the character who’s not good. But I also can’t stand Liwei at the moment, because I hate when the male lead can’t make up his mind about the two female leads. I’m honestly cheering on a Xingyin ditching both of them to go hang with dragons ending at the moment.

    I entered the giveaway as @offwithdragons.

  44. Just started today; hopefully, I’ll catch up! 😀
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    I’ve entered the giveaway at @pastryghost on Instagram!

  46. I have entered in your readalong giveaway and my Instagram handle is @_bookishlovers

  47. I don’t trust Prince Yanxi (liked him at the banquet, tho, and his little brother was adorable). I think the peeps from Eastern Sea are gonna cause trouble. Maybe it was them who orchestrated everything… When they mentioned the Celestial Kingdom “weakness”, the Prince had a suspicious gleam about him, and then the “cold formality” between him and Wenzhi after they defeated the general. I don’t think it was just because of Xingyin. Too much coincidence that there was the black something at their place that bound the Archer’s magic….
    Team Liwei all the way!!!
    “Your dreams will be my dreams, too.” Sounded like the Darkling. lol Even though Mr. Captain gives me Rowan vibes.
    Silver eyed mystery Archer who saved Xingyin? Could we just met her father?
    I am loving this book!!!

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