Defy the Night Readalong Day 4!

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Hi Fairy Family!

Who’s ready to find out what happens when Tessa goes to look for Corrick? Today we’re reading chapters 25 to 32, let’s get started!

Please be warned, the following section will include spoilers for Defy the Night by Brigid Kemmerer, from chapter 25 to chapter 32. Please only read on if you’ve finished this section!


Corrick marches into what’s left of the Hold, and the two prisoners are covered in burns, barely alive. Usually, Corrick gives out orders, but this time, to set an example, he kills them with his own blade.

Corrick turns the corner and begins to cry, wishing that he could be Wes. Rocco, an old guard who serves his parents arrive, and he thinks his brother is arriving to relieve him of his duties. Instead, it’s Tessa, and he’s horrified that she can see him covered in blood. Tessa takes him a walk to the castle and into the servant’s corridor to a washroom. Corrick is really emotional, he doesn’t know how to help prevent civil war. Corrick needs to know who the benefactors are, and Tessa comes up with the plan to act as Tessa and Wes, and speak to the people who need their help. How do you think this plan will go? Any theories?

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Allisander confronts Corrick during a game of chest. He’s discovered that Tessa doesn’t work as an apothecary but Corrick laughs it off. Allisander leaves, but not before mentioning that Corrick looked rather upset in the Hold, and suspects that he’s sympathetic to the smugglers. What is Allisander up to?

Enter Harristan, who accuses Corrick of being the benefactor and committing treason. Enraged, he pushes Harristan who descends into a coughing fit. He swears that he’s done nothing wrong, that he would never commit treason, but inside his heart is breaking, because he knows he’s lying. Did anyone else feel sorry for Corrick here?

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Quint also tells Corrick of the rumours that are circling, with people saying that he’s the benefactor and he’s working on the black market. Quint is Corrick’s only friend, and so Corrick tells Quint of his plan with Tessa. Is anyone else getting very nervous with how much attention people are giving Corrick’s actions?

Quint helps Tessa sneak into Corrick’s room late at night, where they leap from his window and enter the forest below. While they walk, Corrick talks more about how he began to help the poor in the Wilds, and how hard he tried to avoid his first kill before Harristan ordered it. Tessa embraces him, emotional at how alike he is to Wes outside the castle. Corrick begs for forgiveness.

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In the village, there’s a lot of suspicious activity. People tell them that they don’t need their help, they have a lot of cures, funded by the benefactors. Where do you think all these cures coming from?

The night patrol stops a young boy, and Corrick is wounded protecting him. Lochlan turns up and says that he’ll help as long as they leave the pack the boy is holding. Lochlan says Corrick looks familiar but Corrick dismisses it.

They head back to their workhouse, and Corrick reveals Lochlan’s identity. Tessa helps Corrick with his wounds and Corrick tells Tessa that he’s heartbroken because she’ll never look at him the way she looked at Wes. Leaning in, they finally kiss!

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Leaving to finish their rounds, Lochlan stands at the door with a crossbow. Captured, they are taken to a rebel camp where his identity is revealed. The masses descend upon him, beating him, breaking bones. Tessa is distraught and begins to scream and tell them stories of when he helped people in the Wild. They finally free him but he’s in bad shape.

Inside a tent, Corrick is barely clinging on, but he urges Tessa to leave so that she’s not used as leverage against him. Before either of them can leave, the palace guard arrives. Instead of rescuing them, they have warrants for both of their arrest. What? Who saw this twist coming?

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What a wild section! Tell me all your theories for the ending! I’ll be back tomorrow for our final day in this readalong!



21 thoughts on “Defy the Night Readalong Day 4!

  1. Oh wow!! I can’t believe they got are taking him to the hold!! Can’t you see he is injured! I hope Harristan is not brainwashed by Allisande.

    Why do I feel that the benefactor is from the other kingdom and they have some sort of grudge against them?

    I can’t wait for tomorrow’s part!

  2. Well that escalated quickly . GIF

    Ooof, everything just went wrong today! What a way to be interrupted in your making out. And then to be interrupted in your recovering from being beaten the heck out of.

    I really hope Corrick’s brother loves him enough and can find away to make sure he lives; my theory so far is that the book will end with Corrick running away having been branded a criminal, and I cant help but feel Harristan will be killed meaning Corrick will have to come back in order to take the throne back from whoever claims it.

    Im not sure who I think is behind the attacks. Obviously Allisander is our main villain which makes me think he has something to do with it, but why could he possibly want his own shipments to be disrupted?

    Looking forward to the final section immensely!

    1. I’m thinking the same thing that Corrick will be branded a smuggler and a traitor and will have to disappear.

      I’d like to think Tessa will join him and the two of them can work together for the rebellion like they were planning to do during these chapters we read, especially because Tessa is starting to reconcile Wes/Corrick being the same person. BUT for the dramatic tension they will probably be separated so book 2 we will see them fighting for the rebellion on opposite sides.

  3. Hello everyone,
    I hope you’re all enjoying yourself with this book as I am!!

    It must be so difficult for Corrick, he loves his brother so much that he pretends/ acts like he’s this cruel man when he really isn’t.
    I wrote down a sentence because it stuck with me.
    Tessa; ‘I should have been wondering how a man who wants so badly to be kind and good, to do right, would be able to hide the truest parts of himself away to support his brother and protect his people.’

    I’m starting to think that the Benefactors could be Allisander (and Lissa?) so he can overthrow Harristan and become the King??
    Well…I’m gonna read on now, can’t wait to find out how this story ends!!
    Love, Sandy.

  4. I am SHOOK. Seriously. There are so many twists in this story that I’m having trouble keeping my head straight. I’m wondering if the two consuls that are working together are the benefactors, but part of me thinks it’s too obvious and the author must have bother surprise up her sleeve for us.

  5. Oh my gosh! Today’s chapters have broken me just a little. I am totally in love with Corrick. He’s been through so much since his parents were killed, and now it seems his brother doesn’t trust him. I’m so glad him and Tessa managed to have their moment before they got captured by the outlaws – I’d been waiting so long for that moment.

    I’m definitely ready for the final chapters now ?

  6. the scene between corrick and harristan was heartbreaking, to see him doubt his brother so much, who is doing all those awful things so that he can stay in power and then quint questioning him as well. I felt so sorry for him, I’m glad to see tessa willing to see both sides of him now

  7. What is happening in the hold!! It’s awful I hope we find out who these benefactors are soon where are they coming from? Who is controlling them?
    This really has me on the edge of my seat

  8. It’s Allisander, it has to be! He’s such a snake… How else would the Benefactors have access to medicine to distribute so freely amongst the rebels if it’s not coming from the two places that control supply…also something fishy going on with the different petals included.
    Yesssssss they finally got to kiss (again) but this time with Tessa knowing basically everything. Poor Corrick. He’s so broken ?
    Can’t stop here, have to finish the book and find out what happens!

  9. Gosh, Wes just really did rip out my heart this section didn’t he? Between the breakdown in the Hold, his relationship fraying with Harristan and then him wanting Tessa to leave the tent, I nearly lost it! But for some reason, I’m still loving it ?.

    My theory still remains that it’s Allisander and Lissa doing this, rather than Roydan and Arella. Allisander and Lissa have the most to gain from the changes in the supply of moonflower and can profit the most off of it, especially if a limited amount is in high demand. However I feel like there has to be more to it, as it would be real sleazy to put an entire guard, and the population at risk to limit your supply to get more money. If I am correct though, that would mean Lissa, who I would lean towards trusting more due to her ties with their mother, would betray them and that thought makes me just as sad.

    I’m still absolutely loving this book and the political intrigue, and I’m excited to see how this ends. I know there’s a second book coming though, so all I’m hoping for is not a cliffhanger!

  10. No! I’m disappointed & angry & crying & dying to finish the book. ?

    They finally kiss, kinda as Tessa & Wes, but knowing full well they’re Tessa & Corrick. Already disappointed that they’re interrupted by the alarm sounding, they run into Lochlan!? No! She’d just called him Cory (earning a favorite, “Lord, Tessa” ?) & then, BAM! A mob. Both trying to be strong for another.

    I’m disappointed in the crowd that attacked him, knowing he’s also Wes, angry at Lochlan for his apparent enjoyment in anything to hurt Corrick & blatant disregard for anything hurting Tessa along the way & inciting the crowd into mob mentality while they’re hurt – scared – panicky, crying for Corrick – for Tessa – for the pain of knowing both worlds & watching things crash & burn from both sides. My heart ached when Corrick pleaded, “Please, my love” to Tessa just before everything turned on its head… again. ?

    The change in the Moonflower petals has my curiosity piqued, & I’m waiting to see if The Benefactors end up being Arella & Roydan, as suspected, or Allisander & Lissa, or some other man & woman I haven’t even begun to guess at. Does this have anything to do with Ostriary or why Sunkeep has the least amount of people affected by the fever? The explosives came from the sector between Arella & Roydan, but is that because they’re The Benefactors, a false clue, or just circumstantial? ?

    With the appearance of the Royal Guard & their declaration at the close of Ch.32, I can’t help but wonder if Quint was able to get back to his room, to claim deniability, as Corrick hoped. What’s going on in Harriston’s head?

    ???? Please, let tomorrow’s chapters be full of answers & Happily Ever After. ????

  11. Lochlan showing up at the warehouse COMPLETELY caught me off guard. And now Corrick and Tessa are getting arrested? So many twists and turns! I love it!

  12. This book is driving me crazy! I have to force myself not to skip pages because I just need to know what will happen.
    I really hope Quint is not a traitor and responsible for their capture…

  13. Hi. I have never enough patience to wait for the readalong and have always read the book beforehand. Defy the Night was no exception. It was so well written and storyline kept me on edge in a positive way. About half the way through I discovered that this book has no magic in it!!! No dragons or witches or anything. The characters and the world itself were magical enough that I just didn’t notice it and didn’t care either 😀

    At this stage of the story I was just holding my breath and begging Corrick and Tessa to just hang on there and not die on me like that. Corrick has really grown on me 🙂 Harristan also 🙂 Sweet dear boys tricked and forced to play ruthless games with small minds 🙂

  14. I didn’t want to stop reading last night where we had to for this section of the read-a-long but that was an excellent cliff hanger for us!

    A lot of people above have echoed what some of my thoughts but there were two lines that stood out to me:

    1) Corrick saying “MY LOVE” to Tessa when he was telling her to go away and not see Lochlan execute him in the healer’s tent. That? Ow, my heart. (p. 351)

    2) I may be reading too much into this one but during Corrick’s game of chess with Allisander (p. 280) it’s Corrick says My king falls to the floor. when Allisander slams the chess board. It may be nothing but it was in a scene with the book’s antagonist and I can’t help but feel it may be a small bit of foreshadowing.

  15. I’m still wondering who are the Benefactors.

    But why did Tessa called him Corrick outside the palace ?! Obviously they would be heard!

  16. Corriiiiiick! Everything escalated in this chapter. The abuse of Corrick by the mob truly gets on my nerves. I understand that they are frustrated, but punishing something with the same methods that you are supposed to stand against. It’s so frustrating! This whole situation is frustrating because the problems are so complex. And it feels so rooted in reality and real-life problems, of course, adding to the frustration.

    It feels like everything turned out wrong in this chapter, and I’m crossing my fingers for some proper happiness in the last chapters.

  17. Oh, wow, I’m afraid that Harristan doesn’t really believed when Corrick said he isn’t on the smuggling business and now that they are captured outside with moonflower on them, they will look so guilty!
    I have zero idea at this point who are the benefactors, only that they are probably one or two of the consuls. (I really hope so Clint isn’t involved in any of this.)
    I’m glad Tessa and Corrick had at least one moment for themselves, even if it was interrupted.

  18. THIS BOOK IS DESTROYING ME. In all the best ways omg I’m loving it so much. My heart was breaking right along with Tessa’s through all these chapters. My favorite scene (aside from the romantic ones, which I love so so so much) was when Tessa talked the mob down one by one. I feel like I’ve read a lot of mob scenes in other books where nothing can stop them, so I love that they became *real people* with *real emotions* that could be reasoned with. I can’t wait to finish this book later today!

  19. Corrick really goes through a lot in these chapters & his inner conflict is such a large theme in the book. I still have a lot of questions…… is the sickness an illness, a poisoning or maybe an addictive drug? It’s starting to look like the “sickness” is a plot to weaken Harristan’s rule & encourage either a revolution or for a usurper to take control? There now seems to be more than one plant out on the street… curious. There are a lot of characters that don’t seem trustworthy but what if it’s Quint behind the plot and the sickness…

  20. So much happened in these chapters! I could no stop reading one after the other.

    Finally Tessa and Corrick had a tender moment and they kissed! It was so sweet, but then all got ruined when they were captured by the rebels.

    And the guards came to save them just in time, but with a warrant for their arrest… what? Now I need to keep reading!

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