Eight Will Fall Readalong: Day 3

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Hey friends!

It’s day 3 of our readalong! We are in for a treat with today’s section and I can’t wait to dive in!

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With that said, lets dive in to today chapters! Today we’re reading Chapters 15-21!

Please be warned, the following will include spoilers for Eight Will Fall by Sarah Harian Chapters 1-21! Read only if you’ve finished those Chapters!


I’m glad Larkin and Amias could have that wee moment so Larkin could understand what he is doing this for and what he is fighting for. He just wants to get home like everybody else.

Oh god, someone peeled Brielle’s skin?? And she said that he has followed them! Who could it be? And now their path is blocked! Their choices are use destruction magic and risk bringing down the cave or go back to where the thing that hurt Brielle is…I don’t really like either option! What would you choose?

They decide to press forward through the crawl space even though most of them are terrified of small spaces! Poor Elf is not having a great time 🙁 

Ahhhh something has grabbed on to Larkin’s leg and is trying to pull her away from the group! Luckily, she manages to get free and gets through the crawl space to where the others are! 

Omg, so Kyran is alive! And it is him that is hunting them!!!

Image result for gasp gif

Is he able to hurt Brielle without touching her? And how is he talking to her? If it is him then its said he is an immortal god so I guess he can do anything!

They don’t get far before Casseem collapses!! They’re all really having a hard time!

They decide they should stop for a while and rest but I have no idea how they can feel safe when they think Kyran is watching and following them.

Oh no, Brielle! Do you think she’s being the one picked on because she’s essentially the weakest of the group? I hope she’s okay 🙁

Oh my god, the missing soldiers! Or what’s left of them :/

Nooooo Brielle 🙁 she just wanted to find her sister, I’m so sad! 

Image result for cries gif

So everything that’s happened has been set up to lead them to where Kyran wants them to go! He’s been leading them and using death to do it…

They’ve found a pool of clear water but the happiness of that doesn’t last long as a man dressed in black stands before them. The man gestures for them to move forward and Larkin does??? Whyyy do they keep following creepy things! I would be running in the opposite direction!

They shackle themselves and allow themselves to be led into the Empaths village. Could these be the miners that were stuck here when Kyran was banished? Or are they Kyran’s disciples? 

Ahh, so they think the woman is one of Kyran’s disciples!! What would she want from them?

Whaaaat! So the disciples now each have their own sector of the Reach were they lead their own people and never cross sectors! They’re just casually living their lives underground, but what happened to start this and why are they estranged from Kyran?

Who would you agree with? I feel like it’s a good idea to try and find out what they can from Bianca before wandering off blindly again considering their map isn’t helping much!

Image result for just saying gif

Ohhh so Bianca has been using the dead to keep them alive all this time! Recreating their hearts!

OMG whaaaat! The group are all descendants of Kyran’s disciples! Which means one of them is Bianca’s child! A few of you guessed this yesterday so well done if you got this right!

You would think this revelation would maybe bring them together but it’s actually divided them more since some don’t believe it’s true! 

Oooo Larkin thinks she’s a descendant of Bianca! Do you think Amias is Kyran’s descendant? 

Ahhh they have a map which shows the different sectors of the Reach and it could lead them, straight to Kyran!

Oh no, the entire village has been attacked!!! Are there any survivors??

Omg Bianca noooo 🙁 she helped them and Kyran killed her for it.

Wow! That was an eventful section! I can’t believe they are all descendants of the disciples! Do you think you know which one belongs to which disciple?

Let me know and I will see you tomorrow!


50 thoughts on “Eight Will Fall Readalong: Day 3

  1. The characters don’t wear plot armor…i have mixed feelings about this: I like not giving for granted their success but I want them all to be alright, poor babes ?
    However I posted my photo, my Instagram name is sputnik.books ?

    1. I know, I don’t want any of them to get hurt!

  2. I’m really enjoying this readalong! Love all the drama. I also posted a picture and my instagram name is AlwaysBookishBecca 😀

    1. I’m so glad you’re enjoying it!

  3. So I admit, I was relieved when Brielle died, she bugged me…

    So their journey continues and Kyran are showing the way through dead bodies… I like that we now know more from the meeting with Bianca and her people. It’s a bit horrific about the way they have survived this long, but now their dead so… It was a bit gruesome.

    We also now know why the eight were chosen to go down into the Reach, but why is the lineage important? Do the queen think that they have a bigger chance to survive and win because they are descendats of Kyran and his six disciples?

    And what does Kyran want with them? Why is he playing with them? At least I’m intrigued to find that out.

    I have also posted a picture on my insta @mellsageek

    1. Still so many questions! I can’t wait to find out the answers!

  4. I’m starting to feel a lot more sympathetic to Tamsyn than I thought I would. I’m curious to see what his role is going to be— maybe he’s expendable now? I kind of hope not!

    1. Yeah I started feeling a bit of sympathy for Tamsyn too!

  5. Wow, it’s really starting to build up now. Each time I think we’re done with surprises and revaluations another one happens.
    I can’t help thinking they won’t all make it, and that really worries me!
    My pic is up under Jenenyreads

    1. I’m so worried they’re not all going to make it! I need them all to be safe and happy!

  6. Today’s chapters were sooo good? ?
    Just posted a picture. My Instagram name is Christianefm1997

    1. I’m glad you are enjoying it!

  7. Those poor soldiers and poor Brielle, no one deserves that fate….
    I’m so curious what happened with Kyran and his deciples, why they split up and divided the reach between them. Although what happened to the seventh one who doesn’t have a sector….
    And what are those monsters, where did they come from. Still no answer on that.
    I’m quite happy I was right about the similarities from our characters and the deciples, so they really are related. It must have been horrible being locked in the Reach and knowing that you will never see your children again…

    Such amazing chapters but there are so many questions still unanswered.

    1. I forgot, I just posted the picture and my handle is @books_and_artsy_things

    2. Still so many questions! I can’t wait to find out the answers!

  8. After the last chapters I have so many questions and hope they will be answered soon.
    Why do I have a feeling that Amias is not related to Kyran? It is too possible to be true. Right?
    Maybe Kyran is testing his former disciples to see how loyal the are, even after all of the sector thing. And with this he is trying to take all the Reach for himself to be the most powerful. \(°-°)/
    My instagram is aaly703 .

    1. Oooo thats a good theory!

  9. I loved the chapters for today’s readalong! Lots of revelations, but also so many questions still unanswered.

    I’m looking forward to reading on tomorrow! I’m not sure who is descended from which disciple yet…

    I posted a picture and my handle is @bullet.journalling.bibliophile

    1. I’m so happy to hear you are enjoying it!

  10. I really thought something would happen to Larkin while she was in the way, after Elf went.
    So the monster is Kyran?? WOW.
    Oh oh, Brielle missing and terror apparing is bad sign. I think she’s going to die. But how did she go missing?? When Larkin woke up she was snoring against her shoulder??
    Omg that’s awful this bodies arc, and Brielle as a part of it!
    THERE ARE THE CHILDREN OF KYRAN’S DISCIPLINES, I KNEW IT. Now why would the queen send them and not other empaths?
    I agree with Larkin, wondering without knowing which way to take is a bad idea, especially since they don’t have a lot of water and food.
    Poor Bianca… She seemed nice afterall and now Kyran killed her. I don’t get why he lead the empaths to Bianca’s sector if it’s to kill her and her village..

    I posted a picture on my instagram @x_ninie!

    1. I’m so eager to find out the answers to all of these questions!!

  11. I’ve read so far ahead today, really enjoying this.
    So sad about Brielle why did that have to happen to the sweet one who just wanted to find her sister more than anything.
    Super interesting how they are all descended from Kyran and his disciples i mean it makes a lot of sense, I can’t wait to find out who is descended from who.

    1. I’m so glad you’re enjoying it!

  12. I really thought that was it for Larkin when something grabbed her! That would have been a twist right? Killing the presumed main character this early. But luckily she survived it, I think I held my breath during the entire scene.
    Ah so I was right with my theorie that our group of eight are the descendants of Kyran’s disciples.
    I am not going to write something more because I finished the book last night. I just couldn’t put it down it was so thrilling! Everyone who has not finished it, you are in for one hell of a griping and sometimes terrifying adventure!

    Thank you so much for featuring my photograph! I feel really honored. I made another one for the giveaway, you can find it under @sianna199.

    1. Ahh I can’t blame you for reading on!
      Thank you for such a lovely photo!

  13. Larkin, Amias, Elf, Jacque, Tamsyn, and Casseem are all pawns. But now, it turns out that Kyran is the game master… ♟

    After it is revealed that all of the Empaths chosen for the journey are descendants of Kyran and his disciples, it seems that all signs are pointing to Amias being the descendant of Kyran. My prediction is that Kyan’s descendant will not be as obvious.

    I posted a picture of the gorgeous edition on my Instagram @picturesque_pages

    1. What if it’s Casseem? He’s quite quick to argue

    2. Oooo yeah maybe it’ll be someone we don’t expect!

  14. Brielle…. ? so small… so young… and Bianca, she truly is a wonderful woman, I hope she’s okay. These monsters are really intriguing, I’m wondering whether they’re made from the dead and the more I read the more I think that’s true…

    My Instagram post is at @han_pan_sketches so excited ??

    1. Oooo thats a good theory!

  15. Wow a lot happened in this section. I really wasn’t expecting this book to be as creepy as it is. The monsters are super terrifying and Kyran just being menacing in the background isn’t helping anything. I’m curious how he got so dark that even his disciples split with him. I also still don’t understand what he wants. He lead the group to Bianca and then killed her whole village. He had no problem killing Devon and Brielle so them being descendants of disciples must not matter that much to him. Unless it happens to be which disciples they’re descendants of?

    It’s late and I must go to bed but I will post a picture tomorrow! My Instagram name is @SheepishlySarah

    1. Ahh I know, its super creepy!!

  16. Done! Read_as_a_dodo is my Instagram handle.!

  17. So much happened in these chapters! I really like this book a lot more now than I did in the beginning, it has really got me intrigued. There’s so many things I am suspicious of about the characters, so I am both really looking forward to as well as dreading to finish this book on Friday.

    1. I’m so happy to hear you’re enjoying it!!

  18. Really enjoying this book!
    Literally don’t know what’s arounf the corner.
    I’m curious how the other disciples have stayed alive this long without the use of Bianca’s powers (assuming shes the only one to be able to give them new hearts that is).

    I posted a pic on my Ig : @Ravenmama_x

    1. Oh yeah thats a good point! Hopefully we get answers soon!

  19. These were very intense chapters. I was totally panicking when they went through that small hole. I’m so sad Brielle is gone 🙁 she never found her sister. I can’t believe the group didn’t notice when all the village was under attack. So terrifying.

    1. Its getting so intense!! I know, I wonder how they didn’t notice!

    2. Entering contest and my instagram handle is @ninahilden.

  20. I’m really enjoying this, I’ve read way ahead ?. I just needed answers! Hehe.
    I’ve done my picture I’m @books0507

  21. I love the book so far! I need answers ? I’ve posted a picture on my book account @ thereadingcountry

  22. I’m in love with all these little twists! But I was so sad about Brielle! Makes you realise none of them are really safe ?

    Posted my photo yesterday @emmaarosaliine

  23. One thing I’m not so sure about is how they knew it was Kyran following them? Larkin just sort of took it as fact at one point – same about her thinking she is Bianca’s descendent, she just ‘knows’ it at some point without any evidence. Maybe this is just the scientist in me needing more?

    I do really love the plot and the mystery unravelling though – and the horror is VERY creepy and that stuff usually doesn’t creep me out!

  24. I agree with Rebecca that I was also a bit confused about Larkin just knowing everything without any reason… She actually reminds me a lot of Clarke of The 100.

    I also uploaded my photo at Instagram today! @bookpurrr

  25. I just finished the book, I was catching up on the read along and i finished just in time. I enjoyed every part of it.

    I also posted my picture of the eight will fall cover on my Instagram page. The name of it is @anna__banana2020 .
    Thank you all for doing this read along it adds to the feeling of having an amazing community of fellow readers.

  26. I wanted to read this book for a while and I was really happy when I saw it in your box guys! I posted a photo on ig today – my handle is @theravenclawsisters.
    Good luck to everyone who entered!

  27. Little late completing the readalong and going through all these but I really enjoyed the book and I entered the readalong challenge on Insta – handle @thelondonfaerie
    Can’t wait for the next one!

  28. The further I get into this book, the more I like it! I hope the rest of the book will keep up with this pacing because I love it when things are intense!
    I’ve posted my photo on my account @patriciabeiten. Hope you enjoy it! 🙂

  29. I have entered! I love this book!

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