Evocation Readalong: Day 5!

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Hey fairy friends!

Welcome to our fifth and final day of the Evocation readalong! Grab a snack (or a few!) and let’s dive in and see what happens. We’re expecting some nefariously demonic moments to crop up in this last section!

Today we’re reading from Chapter 28 to the end of the book.

Please be warned, the following section will include spoilers for Evocation by S.T Gibson, from chapter 28 to the end of the book. Please only read on if you’ve finished Evocation!

Things are really coming crashing down, hey? A visit to David’s sister, Leda, reveals a clause in the contract that David had completely forgotten. A timeline. That timeline? Before the Aristarkhov’s 30th birthday, and Davey’s is in a few days. Excellent!

So, although we knew David was short on time due to how close in proximity these episodes were getting, it’s quite the shock to know if they can’t find a way to fix this the demon will claim David’s soul in 5 days isn’t it? 😭

More visits… and no good news. Lorena tells him not only is this really old, nasty magic… but there was a contract in the loophole. Anatoly could have what he wanted… in exchange for the youngest heir. It’s a loophole that meant providing the Aristarkhov’s provided boy babies, the father could have the benefits of the deal without the pressure of the timeline of the curse BUT Evgeni knowingly passed it along do David. It takes quite the horrid person to willingly sire a child knowing your curse will be passed onto them, and an even worse one to have a girl, cast her aside and try again to get a boy you can shift your tormenting demon onto.

Moira and Rhys seem to have decided to scrap their boundaries and they invite David to theirs. I think it’s partially because they don’t want him to be alone, but also I think they really care for him. They want to make sure he’s safe.

It looks like David has accepted his fate, when Rhys and Moira wake in the morning he’s gone, good thing they know exactly where to find him!

Rhys has one more ritual in mind, an exorcism of sorts and my GOD it’s INTENSE.

It’s not going well, honestly. David is seizing up, contorted, and it doesn’t look like Baelshieth is making a move to leave any time soon.

Judging by how Rhys basically says goodbye to Moira, promising he’ll come back to her, I’m not sure whatever happens next will end happily…

Rhys is younger than David, so has the smart (maybe????) idea to formally adopt himself into the Aristarkhov line with a blood bond. That’s all well and good, cause Baelshieth has released David but… now he’s in Rhys?? Are you really fixing a problem if you move the demon from one body to another? We want that thing completely eradicated?

David thinks he can help Rhys, and in doing so comes to the realisation he loves him. Well, DUH! I thought that was obvious David. You’ve been pining for a while!

Either way, it seeeeeeems like Rhys is back? David feels like he’s intruding on a private moment between Rhys and Moira and as he pulls away, our boy Rhys goes in for a kiss. AYYYY!

So, the demon has been snuffed out OR… at least kept at bay. Oh, this isn’t the end yet, fairies!

Rhys’s anointment to head priest certainly feels like a great way to end the book! For David, he seems to think now that he doesn’t need Moira and Rhys’s help that it’s all over. I think he has some major abandonment issues and I hope he can overcome those at some point! Instead of cutting off ties… Rhys asks him to make it 🖤official🖤 and David of course, says yes!

Rhys also tells him this doesn’t have to be the end of him and Moira. Rhys knows he misses her. In the end though, David doesn’t have to approach her, she comes to him.

He invites them to stay the night in the now reclaimed Beacon Hill house, and we leave them as they promise to dance the night away, and work out all the steps together.

Gosh, I loved this one fairies!

A smidge of the occult, a dash of a kind of maybe morally grey hero that just turns out to be misunderstood and a whole lot of will-they-won’t-they!

What did you think of Evocation?
Overall, what rating would you give it?
Any theories for book two? Is that pesky demon going to revisit?

As always, thank you so much for joining us for another FairyLoot readalong. I loved reading this with you all! We’ll see you again very soon for another. 🥰


5 thoughts on “Evocation Readalong: Day 5!

  1. What did you think of Evocation?

    I really enjoyed this book! S.T. Gibson’s writing is so lyrical and I love how she captures the tone perfectly when dealing with the ups and downs of this book. Her characters are always fascinating. I am not one for Urban Fantasy but this really had me hooked and I like that! I am curious to read the upcoming prequel and the next books in the series.

    Overall, what rating would you give it?

    I gave this a 4.5 / 5 star rating on review sites! I enjoyed it for the most part but my biggest complaint was the ending felt like it happened really quick, and I am usually not one who enjoys such a big moment that took the entire book to build up to, to happen so quickly. But that’s a personal gripe- overall I enjoyed this book ^_^

    Any theories for book two? Is that pesky demon going to revisit?

    With the title of Book 2 being listed as “Ascension” it is going to focus on Rhys and his navigating of the Society as High Priest, but I also think we will start to see the demon return, but my prediction is that it may pop up later in the series. Rhys may develop new abilities with the demon now being to influence and I am wondering how he will run the society and manage his new relationships.

    An awesome book and a fantastic cast of characters, I need Book 2 now LOL

  2. I enjoyed this book and could happily continue reading about David’s adventures (and the others too.) I especially like the author’s writing style and character work.

    I thought Leda was really cool. I wish we could jave spent more time with her and got to know a little more about what chaos magic is… It felt like she was only used to move the plot forward

    I’m glad I guessed about the 30th birthday being significant because there wasn’t much else I predicted! I knew we’d get some sort of exorcism but did not expect Rhys’ idea!

    I honestly don’t know what would happen in book 2 but I’ll keep an eye out for it. I’d rate this 4 stars.

  3. I enjoyed this one but am not sure it will be memorable in the long-term?

    I saw someone referring to it as similar to fan fiction and I can see what they mean (to explain I love fan fiction for how it lets us explore characters relationships more than the main thing usually does).

    This felt like the plot served the characters and not the other way around. I think I expected it to be more based around the demon possession but we actually only had a few scenes where this was really involved.

    I enjoyed the scene with the exorcism and the blood magic.

    I’m more comfortable with the poly aspect now although when Rhys said he never should have left David I was like… But wouldn’t that mean you wouldn’t be with Moira???

    Anyway, I enjoyed this enough to continue the series.

  4. What did you think of Evocation?
    I loved it. I can’t wait to see what happens with Rhys in the next book. I hope they’re able to save him.

    Overall, what rating would you give it?
    I’m giving it a 4.5.

    Any theories for book two? Is that pesky demon going to revisit?
    I think the demon will definitely be coming back. Maybe if Rhys and Moira have a kid then the curse will be passed down and continue down the line.

  5. 1 – What did you think of Evocation?

    Overall, I really enjoyed the book. The story drew me so much that it was often challenging to stop when I needed to. I loved how David’s character grew from a snobbish, rich boy loner to a gentler, less entitled group member. He overcame his fear of his father to send his ghost packing – with Moira’s help, of course. I was a bit let down by the last chapter though. I felt like Moira (my fave) was shoved into a supporting character role as it seemed to only focus on an ending for Rhys & David.

    2 – Overall, what rating would you give it?

    I have scored Evocation 4/5 stars.

    3 – Any theories for book two? Is that pesky demon going to revisit?

    Ascension – As Rhys has already become the High Priest, I’m sure the book will revolve around how he brings the Society into greater standings within the occult community. I do hope that Moira embraces all her gifts to raise her status within the occult community. Kitty seems well on her way to becoming key player as she seems to have quite the say even before becoming a Society member. I hope other characters such as Leda & Lorena have bigger roles in the book, too. Obviously, David will be a major player as we all know Baelshieth is coming back for round 2.

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