Fable Readalong: Day 1

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Hi Fairy Friends!

Welcome to the first day of the readalong for Fable by Adrienne Young!

I am so excited to be reading this with you this week! ?

Today we are starting with chapter one and finishing with chapter 8, which equates to 67 pages. I feel there is so much happening in these chapters that to put it into one post is hard! But I am looking forward to discussing this with you all!

I hope you have your life jackets ready and your sea wave ambient sounds on!

Please be warned, the following will include spoilers for Fable chapters 1-8! Read only if you’ve finished those chapters!


We meet Fable, who has been dumped on the island of Jeval for the past 4 years, by her father, Saint. Whilst the island is known for it’s gemstones and pyre, it is definitely not your typical paradise/deserted island!

She has obviously had to learn to survive the dangers of living there. But she could be robbed and mugged at any second – how can anyone live here?! These conditions are far from ideal!

Why, do you think, was she left on this island? Knowing what we know about this island, who, in their right mind, would submit their child to living here all alone to fend for themselves? Or is that the point – is her father not in his right mind? What do you think?

The Marigold has arrived, ready for her to barter her pyre and gemstones for copper coins! West is the captain. Fable is the only person he trades pyre from. Why? We know she is really good at what she does, but when you have a whole island full of dredgers, why does he only trade from her?

She gets in a rough with another islander and the realisation is dawning on her that she needs to leave the island ASAP. She strikes a deal that tempts West enough to take her on board. And she is off! She has left the island of Jeval for good! So long Jeval!!

For such a big ship, there are only 5 crew members on the Marigold?! And they are a fairly new crew, so how they have such a reputation baffles Fable! She observes that the crew are very young, not even adults! Why are there only five of them, and why are they so young? What happened to them? Or what did they do? How did they get to where they are now?

Fable also notices that at least two crew members are trying to hide an unfamiliar accent….. Where did they come from? So many questions about this crew, wouldn’t you agree?

We learn that Saint gave Fable the horrible scar on her arm, and she consoles herself that the madness of losing her mother made him do it. Is that really an excuse though? If she makes it off the island and finds him, he will fulfil a promise he made. What promise is that? Like, what can he possibly offer her that is enough for her to forgive him and dream of seeing him again?

That concludes today’s reading! What has been your favourite part so far?

I love that we get these little insights into her past with her parents. I can’t wait to see if she reunites with her father or not! How could a father, who seems to be very powerful, leave his daughter on a dangerous island? What are your theories on this?

The crew are so mysterious! What do you think their endgame is? What is such a young crew doing with such a boat?

Comment down below!

Come back tomorrow where we will read chapters 9 to 15! Have a good one guys!



43 thoughts on “Fable Readalong: Day 1

  1. Hi Lucy, hi everyone~
    I hope you are all doing great.

    These first chapters of Fable are intense! The world seems pretty harsh, and I can’t help but wonder about why did her father leave her on that island.
    Adrienne wrote this book to cope with the loss of her own father, so my guess is that this book will be a lot about family bonds and that Fable’s dad is not the almost-villain he seems to be in this first chapters.

    I can’t wait to discover more about this world, I love novels set on sea!

    1. Ohh that is an interesting connection between Adrienne’s own father and Fable’s! I really hope you’re right because right now it breaks my heart that this has happened to Fable!

    2. That’s really interesting!! Makes me more curious about why Fable’s father did what he did to her…… I guess we’ll find out later ?

  2. I really love how intense these first few chapters are! Especially Fable’s escape from Koy. The Marigold crew is also very intriguing. All of them seems very, as they say in the game Among Us, very “sus” lol! Fable’s dad is the most intriguing of all. Why leave your child on an island when you’ve already lost your wife? I’d think he would keep her close seeing as she’s the only family he has left. So excited for more adventure out on the sea!

  3. Hi everyone!!
    I like the start of this book!! I have a lot of questions, like why does Fable even want to look up her father?? He doesn’t seem like a loving father ??? I’m kinda hoping Fable is gonna end up as one of Marigolds crew, and I like West, hope he’s the person I think he is/could be?!?!!!
    See you tomorrow, I’m gonna continue reading later tonight ??

    1. Ohhh who do you think West is/could be??

      1. After reading the chapters from day 2, I think West could be Willa’s brother ??

    2. I hope that as well. He managed to get on the boat but let’s see what comes next

  4. It sounds like one heck of a rough life, it was off at a sprint and I had a hard time putting it down for day one, but, I have to wonder, what do the crew really have against dredgers and what are they really up to??

  5. The only thing I couldn’t understand was Fable’s act after Koy’s attack. She had the opportunity to get rid of Koy forever and plan her escape from Jeval in a relatively peaceful way, but instead, she just left him kicked out with a usable watercraft and she wonders that Koy continues to chase her on the see. And she blames herself because she was dumb. Yes, I think so, she was dumb in this scene. Just… why? 😀

    However, the first chapters were a pretty good start, this novel seems an easy read. I wonder how it will go.

    1. I don’t think it was necessarily dumb for her saving Koy. Granted, I think she should have tied him up on the boat to keep him incapacitated, but I think Young was trying to show that while Fable had been on this island for four years, she didn’t let it turn her into someone like Koy. She kept her integrity.

    2. Haha this clearly shows how ruthless we would be if we were in this situation for the fact that we are mad that Fable helped him! But I guess I’m glad that it means she can live with herself for making this choice.

      1. Hmm I think you two have got a point. 😀

  6. I like Fable so mch, although having been abandoned and mistreated she still has a kindness to her; she could have so easily killed Koy when the opportunity presented itself but it was a line she couldn’t cross… and then she was annoyed at herself which I liked too because she wasn’t arrogant in her righteousness like how some YA heroines get, she was just morally conflicted.

    The Marigold is interesting, the crew and West will probably be a hate to love interest which I’m all for (for sure one of my favourite tropes) and I really want to know what they are up to and why.

    My theory about Saint leaving her is to do with her safety and I’d say the scar was given as protection too, no one wanted to mess with the cursed one, he may have very well saved her life.

    1. Ohhh interesting point about Saint leaving her for her safety!! It makes his act seem kinder that’s for sure..

  7. These first chapters are so intriguing I do not even want to put it down. Fable is such a likeable character even though everyone around her doesn’t seem to like her. I am so interested to see how the characters are going to be developed – especially West. I am really looking forward to getting to know more about his backstory!

  8. Intriguing start to the book, so many questions right now!

    Like, how could her dad have abandoned her like that? Why did her mother leave her birthplace, and where is that? Why did West suddenly decide to give her passage, against the wishes of his crew? And where has West just gone, in the middle of the ocean, with nothing for miles around except coral?

    Looking forward to tomorrow’s chapters

  9. Really intrigued so far. Not usually my type of book but I am really enjoying it.
    I want to know why West took Fable on, is there a connection between him and her dad? Is he her dad? Why did he stop off at that island? I have many questions about West!

    P.S anyone getting covered in glitter with this edition??!? I love it!

    1. I am definitely getting covered in glittered from the book, and I also love it!

    2. I agree about this book not being my usual type either. Doing the readalong has definitely gotten me into it!

      But I am totally wondering that too about West and her dad! Ahh the never ending questions!!

  10. Loving the first chapters and so many questions. I think her mother ran away from home and was maybe an important person in her hometown. I think West knows who Fable is but can’t tell anyone. And the crew has an accent because they are from the unknown seas (or maybe below sea??). Really loved Fable’s reaction when she was tested by Paj. She sure made an impression on them.

    Besides the great storyline so far it is an easy writing style and the chapter are also not to long.

    1. Interesting theory about Fable’s mother. I like it!

    2. I agree, very interesting theory about her mother! I can’t wait to find out – if we do!!

  11. This book reminds me of Pirate Daughter. Maybe Fable has a magical power or special skill that her father is expecting her to discover on her own. It does seem like she’s able to go deeper and hold her breath longer than the average person (human.)

    The young crew all seem to be cast aways from foreign place. I think they’re testing her for now but will soon realize that she’s more like them.

    1. Ohh! I like your theory about the crew!

      I also definitely noticed that Fable is able to hold her breath longer and be a great swimmer. I felt like the current was trying to pull her to another place, but that could just be me..

      1. I noticed that too, about her holding her breath longer than the average human. How does she do it? Or does practise make perfect?

  12. Just a little bit heavy to read in the beginning, but after finishing these first chapters I am getting intrigued?

  13. I agree a lot with what is being said! I think this is a great start to the story! Fable is fierce, smart, and still kind even though no one else would have saved her from dying at sea. I am really looking forward to see West’s motivation for taking her request and to see how Fable interacts with the rest of the crew as the story goes on. I wonder if this will become a found family story – which is one of my friends favorite tropes! – where Fable will become part of the crew.
    I love how Young is doing exposition in Fable’s story! I haven’t read any of Young’s other books yet, but I am really interested in more of her work already after just these few chapters. Every time Fable’s parents are brought up, we (the readers) get a little bit more about her backstory in a very organic way! The unveiling of information feels natural!
    However, I will say, I think the father’s story is very interesting, and I am concerned on how Fable will react to seeing him next and how he will try to justify harming her (even if it was for protection, he scarred her!) and leaving her by herself.
    Also, the book so far is very atmospheric! I swear I can hear the waves and feel the water on my skin as I read Fable’s perspective! So well done!

    1. EVERYTHING you have said, I completely agree with!

      This is my first Adrienne Young book as well and it too has gotten me intrigued into reading her previous books!

  14. Hi Lucy, hello my fellow Fairylooters! ?

    I think Saint left Fable on the island to develop her sense of gems and minerals. She is said to be like her mother, who was supposedly “not made for this world” and her mother taught her the sense of gems and minerals, so . . .

    I also have similar questions regarding the Marigold’s crew, why West allowed her onto the Marigold (maybe a connection to her father?), the promise Saint mad her, and why Saint left her on Jeval in the first place. I have a feeling this book is going to be very interesting.

    I feel like the crew is testing her right now – they do not fully trust her, for obvious reasons. I believe they eventually warm up to her and they will become allies.

    I’d have to agree with Curlies.Stories – my favorite part so far would have to be when Paj tested Fable. The crew’s reaction was priceless! I wonder how Willa will fit into all of this, because she seems to be a . . . different sort.

    I am really enjoying the book so far! Can’t wait to read tomorrow’s chapters! ?

  15. Jeval is basically cutthroat, trust no one survivour Island. I feel like we still know almost nothing about Fable. Is her Dad some kind of pirate King? Is he just some sailor? Why did he leave her on Jeval? Does she have some kind of magical abilities or is she just an abandoned daughter? The crew of the Marigold are even more mysterious at this stage, we know next to nothing about them. They aren’t exactly friendly but then knowing what the (not so) good people of Jeval are like I can see why they are wary of trusting Fable.

  16. The beginning read a little bit slow for me, but now the story seems to come alive. I really liked the testing scene in chapter 8 and the magic that seems to be around Fable when she is diving for gemstones!

    Also… Could Saint be dead? That he left Fable on the island for her own protection? And could West be a love interest?

    1. I hope West is a love interest!

    2. Just read your reply, I’m sort of thinking in the same direction :3

  17. Hello guys!

    I read the first part of the book yesterday but hadn’t had time to comment on it until now!

    I’m really enjoying the story so far. Fable is very likable as a main character and I loved how in the first chapters you could almost feel how ruthless and scary of a place Jeval was.

    The persecution with Koy made me feel so anxious for her and I’m so glad West finally let her on board the Marigold. I’m also anticipating a hate-love relationship between these two and I love that!

    I love the ability Fable has with finding gems and metals! It feels so unique and original. I don’t have a clue why his father left her but maybe it had something to do with that? Also, perhaps West knows about it and that’s why he let her on board? So many questions!

    I love every single character on board the Marigold, but I don’t know what their endgame is or what they are plotting. I loved how Fable impressed Paj by retrieving that gold even if it almost drowned her. She’s so strong and unafraid!

    I hope Fable can make friends in the Marigold even when she doesn’t want to own anyone anything or doesn’t want anybody to really know her and her weak points!

    I’m eager to keep reading this afternoon!

  18. I think Saint must have some ulterior motive for what he did because I got the impression from Fable’s memories that before he abandoned her, he was a decent enough father. He at least doesn’t come across as cruel or abusive before his wife dies. Maiming and abandoning his daughter seems like an extreme reaction. I can’t wait to learn more about his motivations.
    I’m also thinking that maybe Fable’s mother had some kind of power relating to the sea that she might have passed down to Fable? Maybe that feeds into why her father abandoned her, so that other people wouldn’t find out?
    I can’t wait to continue the book and I’d love to see Fable grow closer to West and the crew. ?

  19. Is anyone else getting the impression that Fable’s mom was a mermaid? I think it is possible that Fable’s mom could be similar to Ariel and Saint could be like Eric? But I kind of get the same vibe for Fable as Ariel (red hair) and West as Eric?

  20. I like it that this story starts with acrion right away.

    As for Fable’s father: I thought he might have killed himself/died and that’s why he never picked her up again.

    Or that he wants to prevent that ehat happened to her mother also happened to her.

    The accents I think are from Bastion, where Fable’s mother came from.

    And I think West falls in love with her.

    That are all my suspicions so far :3

    Also thought The other dude would be grateful to her, because she saved his life after he almost drowned her… Also, there eas a bit of a sob story that shows he has a soft side: he cares for his siblings and grandmother. So he might come back and be a good guy this time.

  21. My favorite part so far is West deciding to take Fable on. We all knew he was going to, but why? I think the reaction of the crew and the uncharacteristic nature of the move is setting up a lot to discover!

  22. West he’s surely interesting 🙂 i hope to discover more about him in the next chapters !

  23. I’m catching up on the reading, so I’m a bit late with this reading. I was a poll worker for the US’s election, so the last couple of days were super busy!

    I’m loving Fable so far! I really want to know as much as I can about Fable and the crew of the Marigold. There definitely has to be a reason that her father dropped her on Jeval and forced her to find her own way off the island. The real question is: Why did West take her on the Marigold if he really didn’t want her there???

    I’m so excited to read the rest of the chapters for the last couple of days! It’ll be interesting to see how the next couple of days go for her with the Marigold crew now that Fable has most likely earned their respect after her dive.

  24. Sorry I’m late joining in! I really liked this intro, I wasn’t sure what I was expecting but I instantly liked Fable with her spirit and determination to survive and get off of Jeval. The crew don’t seem to trust her and I was intrigued what was motivation for Fable and why West would only trade with her.

  25. I’m late as well but i have all day free and nothing more to do than read that georgeous book.
    I really like fable. She had to go through a lot. And it looks like more is coming. I hope West and the crew ist not leaving her alone and she can stay there. Well see

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