Fable Readalong: Day 4

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Hey guys!

Welcome to the second-last day of the readalong! This has been so much fun, I can’t believe we are almost there!

Today we are reading Chapters 25-32. Let’s hope on board!

Please be warned, the following will include spoilers for Fable by Adriene Young, Chapters 1-32! Read only if you’ve finished those chapters!


We left yesterday with a lot of revelations about Fable and her father. But, for me anyway, this has led to a lot more questions! She is also considering staying with West and his crew.

Tragedy has struck when Fable and the crew make their way to The Marigold and find that the sales are slashed! This has completely ruined the crew as it costs so much to repair! But where is West?

Another revelation is revealed about Willa and West. Did you guess that they were siblings? I honestly thought they grew up together and were sweethearts at some point. This makes a lot of sense too though!! But the crew don’t even know!

We also learn how West and Willa became crew members. I feel sad for Willa that this life was kind of forced on her, but is it a better life than the one she would have had as a waterstray?

When they find West, he has been left for dead after a serious fight. They take him back to the tavern when Saint comes to see them. Is he concerned for West or is he going to cut a deal that involves Fable?

The crew had set aside money to buy themselves out of Saint’s control. But they could need it to fix the ship…. Fable has a ship. Would she offer them a place on her crew if they took her there? It would take 16 years to buy out from saint?! Or one night if they take on Fable.

Fable reveals to the crew that Saint is her father! Reveals she’s a gem sage. How do the crew know about her mother being one? Is that common knowledge?

She plans to make Saint pay for the Marigold damages. Is she going to barter the necklace? When she finds Saint in his favourite morning tea room, she full on confronts him. I love when she baits him saying “I haven’t had sugar in years”.

Until now, I have held off talking about Zola because he just didn’t seem all that important. But finding out now that both Saint and Fable’s mother have issues with him too? Who do you think this guy is? Why is he in trouble with everyone who is powerful? Also, why is he such a jerk and set on ruining things for everyone?

It’s great to finally see Saint scared. Scared that his own daughter used his rules against him – don’t let anyone know what is precious to you.

Finally it is revealed that Paj and Auster are from Bastien, in the Unnamed Sea. The man they hire to tailor new sails is also from Bastien. He once worked for a powerful woman who also has it out for Zola. I am intrigued by this man! I want to know more about his story!

And lastly, Fable starts to contemplate what love his. Paj and Auster have it, her parents had it, and her next thought is of West.

Despite what he says about not wanting to care for her, it is clear he does in some way. Do you think they will form some attachment with each other? It’s crazy that we’re almost at the end of this book, and no romance has been introduced for Fable yet! I hope she and West can get together, more because it seems like the most obvious choice. But he is ruthless and a tad bit controlling. And very moody. Do you think they would make a good match?


We are nearing the end of the book, and there is still so much that needs to happen! Honestly, after reading this section did I realise that there was a sequel coming out for this book, so whilst that saddens me somewhat (I want everything to happen NOW), I am glad that the ending won’t be as rushed, and that there will be more mysteries for us to solve!

Comment down below about any questions or thoughts you have so far, and where you think this book will be going, and then join me tomorrow for our last day reading this book!



22 thoughts on “Fable Readalong: Day 4

  1. I’m so intrigued by Saint and Isolde’s past. I would love a prequel book about their story, also because so far Fable’s mother is a very mysterious character, despite being so relevant to the plot!

    I also think the advertising for this book is a bit…misleading? I’ll explain better under tomorrow’s post ?

    Fun fact no one asked for: “zola” in Italian is often used as short for “gorgonzola”, which is a smelly cheese. I think it fits the character well ?

  2. I might be wrong, but what if Zola is actually Fable’s biological father? There is only mentioned she looks a lot like her mother, we’ve yet to see in which way she takes after Saint. Zola is probably the reason her mother is gone too.

    I’m also quite sad that we’ll have to wait before we can read the sequel. I’m not that patient :C Ah well, just gotta kill time by reading MORE books xD

    1. But would Saint give her The Lark if she was actually Zola’s daughter ?? The kind of man he seems to be, I don’t think so?!??? ??

      1. Maybe the Lark was considered Isolde’s boat? Would explain why that’s her “only” inheritance.

        And maybe he sees mostly her mother in her and not Zola. I don’t know, it was just a hunch :p

  3. Just learned there will be a sequel which doesn’t surpise me since there are still so many mysteries and only 70 pages left ?

    I am curious how Zola and Isoldes background stories will come together. When Zola mentioned Fable looked like someone he knew I already suspected he knew her mother but didn’t expect Isolde had worked for him. I think Holland will also make an appearance either at the end of this book or the next. She is mentioned to often and seems like an important person. Maybe family of Isolde?

    And when do we learn what happend in Sowa XD What did they do to make Zola this mad at them ?

    I think the book will end with diving to the Lark and setting sail to the unnamed sea for more answers to Isolde’s past.

    1. Zola is mad because they killed his crew member, I think…

  4. So glad my sibling vibe was right, but, I feel like this is all just gonna end disastrously and on a cliffhanger, I’m not ready for this book to end tomorrow!!

    I think Fable is going to have some surprises for her instore with the Lark, I wonder if her mom is really gone??

    1. Oh i haven’t thought of that. But Saint went back to the Lark to get the necklace. I’m sure helooked for isoldes body as well

  5. “Like a weary bird flying out over the most desolate sea, I finally had a place to land”

    This bit got me right in the feels!!! Fable has finally found somewhere to call home, and a “family” of her own.

    I’m not sure how many questions are going to be answered in the last section, but I can’t wait to get stuck in…

    1. What page is that quote on??

  6. Hello my fellow Fairylooters and lovely Lucy!

    I’d have to agree, my mind was blown when I read that West and Willa were siblings. I thought they were sweethearts too, Lucy. I enjoyed today’s chapters because we learned so much! How they became a crew, where they are from, and other relationships.

    What’s up with Zola? Why do people fear him and is he powerful? Will Leo spill the beans about helping the Margiold’s crew?

    And how will the woman named Holland play in to all this? I have a feeling she is going to be a part of this book or its sequel. I don’t want the book to end!!! I can’t wait to finish it at the same time and for Namesake!!!

  7. I find it kinda hard to find time to read. I’m also following the thriller of the US election, which is a lot on my mind. Keeping my fingers crossed all day for Biden/Harris ?

    So I finally finished today’s chapters. I hope Fable and West will end up together and I’m a bit afraid of the ending in this book. I read somewhere that it’s a big cliffhanger and I’m not so good at waiting ? I like the relationship between Paj and Auster by the way!

    I’m not sure that Saint won’t get some revenge because she stole her mother’s necklace from him ?

  8. 1. West said to Fable “If it comes down to choosing us or Saint, you’ll choose Saint.” I think this sentence will be important in the last pages of the book.

    2. One thing I don’t understand: if Saint is such a bastard, why didn’t he just take back Isolde’s necklace when Fable put it on the table for trade? He had the opportunity yet he paid the coppers for it.

    1. I noticed that line too! It holds a lot of tension, and I wonder if that sentence will be tested in this book or the sequel!

  9. We’re almost there and there’s still so many questions…

    I loved how encouraging Willa was about Fable joining as crew. I’m also glad Fable has finally a place to belong to. I saw the sibling plot coming since the beginning, by the way, but I like it!

    I loved the necklace scene. Fable playing her father with his own rules, there you go! I think this man really cares about her and is only being cold because of something that we don’t know…

    I can feel the tension between Fable and West. He wants her safe and happy, but at the same time he wants to be as far away from her as possible because he likes her too much, and he can’t let that happen. I’m sure Fable is kind of infatuated with him since the beginning, but she’s questioning those feelings now… could it be love?

    Anyways… I don’t want it to end on a cliffhanger, I want to know everything right now!
    I wish I had an ARC of Namesake xD

  10. Still have a lot of questions. I’m still thinking that Zola might Fable’s biological father & that Saint has been trying to keep her hidden for her own safety. I originally thought Holland might be Fable’s mother but now think maybe Zola is responsible for the mothers death so maybe Holland is her grandmother or aunt?

    1. OH WOW! That is quite the theory! I didn’t not think of that, and honestly, that would be a very interesting twist to the story!

  11. I love all the reveals in these chapters. I didn’t guess that West and Willa are siblings, but it makes sense now. His affection and caring for her were never really romantic. They were like a big brother.

    Paj and Auster ❤️ that’s all I’m gonna say. I really like that Fable is helping them fix their ship. Her trade with Saint was sneaky, but at least it worked. They are going to the Lark, but I’m not sure if that will be in this book or Namesake.

    Seriously, if West and Fable don’t admit they have feelings for each other soon, I’m gonna explode. They are so obviously in love and care deeply for each other. Plus there really hasn’t been much romance in Fable, just tension. It’s been refreshing to say the least.

    1. I also didn’t guess that they were siblings! That kind of came out of nowhere for me. I think maybe they were sweethearts (as I could tell/ knew that they shared a past), but I didn’t really get siblings vibes. But I know looking at other’s comments from the beginning, other’s did pick up on that. I think part of me didn’t really want a romance for Fable, so I was really hoping they were sweethearts and was ignoring the signs of a sibling relationship.

      Though I love romance, I wasn’t really in the mood for it in this book, but I think the way the attraction is being handled, I am actually looking forward to West’s and Fable’s inevitable romance/ romantic moments. Though I will say, I hope it happens more so in the next book and not in this one.

      Also, addressing the question in Lucy’s introduction post, I due think they are well suited to each other, but I think he’s controlling nature needs to be addressed between them, or they need to grow into each other in such a way, that he becomes more respectful of her choices.

  12. I finally got to read this part today! I am looking forward to finishing and my concluding thoughts in the next post!

    As the book is building to the ending, I’m left wondering about a few things. Paj and Auster mentioned Holland again in the last chapter which makes me wonder how Holland, Zola, and Fable’s parents all connect with Fable’s story. I’m starting to think at this point that Holland must show up either at the end of this book or will become more major in the next book. There is a lot of tension with her (Holland), and I’m starting to think that either Zola is the cause of Saint’s ship going down (especially now that we know that Fable’s mother used to be part of his crew) or that Holland was the antagonist in that moment.

    I’m so excited to read the ending, and I can’t wait to see everyone’s thoughts!

  13. I’m so happy that they found West and that Fable revealed that she is Saints daughter. I hope they can get to the Lark and everything will end fine. However I doubt that. I think we will see Zola again.

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