Iron Editions

FairyLoot Presents: Iron Editions!


We are absolutely thrilled to announce FairyLoot’s exciting new product range: IRON EDITIONS!

What exactly are they, you might ask? Iron Editions are super special editions of books from our archive of Exclusive Editions – so anything that we have previously done an edition for could be remade as an Iron Edition. We’re looking back at our vault of treasures and re-creating some of our most beloved editions with a brand new bespoke design and lots of beautiful customisations. These will have all of the bells and whistles that you have come to know and love from FairyLoot!

As you may or may not know, iron is a weakness for fairies in most mythology and pop culture, so we thought it was only appropriate to name this new product line ‘Iron’, as these books are certainly our weakness. Did you know that if you look closely at the logo, you’ll see that the sword also doubles up as an ‘I’ for Iron?

We cannot wait for you to see the Iron Editions we have planned! We have our very first announcement coming soon… and we think many of you will be very excited for this one.

Let us know in the comments which books from our archive you would love to see Iron Editions for!

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  • Elisabeth Marnell

    Fourth Wing by Rebecca Yarros and One Dark Window by Rachel Gillig would be amazing!

  • Jessica Haan

    Red rising 🙏?

  • isobelwild12

    These sound great! Are you going to be doing iron editions for books that were in a subscription??

    • Jodie

      Iron Editions will be mainly focusing on books that we have done Exclusive Editions of years ago, when we didn’t have the ability to provide the same amount of customisations that we do for our books today. We are not re-doing all of the editions we have ever done. Our Iron Editions will be very select and we only expect to announce one or two per year.💜

  • Karina Prudnikovica

    A Court of Thorns and Roses series and Throne of Glass series.

  • Amélie Gosselin

    Stephanie Garber’s books! And please, allow everyone to buy them via the FairyTrove!!!!

  • Breanna Kearley

    Fourth Wing, Scythe series, anything by Sarah J Maas

  • Rita Aghjayan

    The Folk of the Air series, please!

  • Tori

    I’d love to see cruel prince ones again 😍

  • Breanna Kearley
  • zuimba

    Maybe the “Arc of a Scythe Trilogy”?
    The original version came out really cool. However, I never got a chance to order it.

  • Dannielle Calissie

    I would LOVE to see The Iron Fey Series!!!!!!

  • Maja Špiranec

    The These Violent Delights duology!!

  • Amber Crook

    I would love the prison healer and the gilded cage 😍

  • Stine Gundersen

    Kingdom of the wicked series

  • Stine Gundersen

    Sjm books🤩

  • Keelie Morris

    Would love to the see The Prison Healer series, I missed out on the special editions and they’re my favourite!

  • Ariel Birdsong

    I’m hoping y’all bring back Belladonna and Foxglove by Adalyn Grace.

  • Kaesee Eaglesome

    would love the prison healer or ember in the ashes series!

  • Sarena Neal

    Haunting/Hunting Adeline

  • Ashley Freeman

    I hope that one day the Kingdom of the Wicked series will come back as an Iron edition! Oh and Throne of the Fallen since I missed out on that one sadly

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