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We loved reading your thoughts so much that we figured we need a way of sharing some with the rest of the community who might not have been able to join the actual Readalong.

So we have decided to ask those who have read it with us to leave a short NON-Spoiler review of Skyward in the comments to summarise your experience with the book and the Readalong. We will then randomly select a couple to be featured in our future FairyScoop!

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21 thoughts on “FairyLooters review Skyward

  1. I was very surprised by this book, I only read it because I knew one of my friends love Brandon Sanderson. I ended up loving it

  2. The readalong was an amazing experience even for people like me who usually don’t like this.
    The book was mind blowing from the beginning to the end. The characters were amazing and funny, there was a lot of action, great world building and stunning writing from the author !

  3. I loved every part of Skyward, it was intense, it made me laugh, cry, shout a string of swear words I won’t repeat and ultimately it made me fall in love with Brandon’s writing, as well as the world and characters he’s created.

    I’ve so many questions, I cannot wait until next year to get the next book and have them answered.

    Overall it was a very exciting read, and I’d highly recommend it, especially if you’re a newbie to the Sci-Fi genre like me.

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  4. @WatchingForShadows

    This book was probably my favourite read of the year! I’m someone who already loves the SciFi genre, and I hope Skyward will introduce many more to the universes filled with daring pilots, incredible ships, new worlds (both barren and bountiful), and the endless possibilities – more than stars in the sky.

  5. An outspoken, determined female protagonist. A hilarious, mushroom loving A.I. A society that discards you at the first sign of fear and space battles against an alien threat. This is a fast paced, heart-wrenching, page turning adventure. Brandon Sanderson knocks it out the park with a story that will have you dying to know what comes next! Another great pick from Fairyloot!

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  6. Wow! This is my first ever sci-fi book and I have actually enjoyed it! I haven’t heard of this author but once I saw the cover I was intrigued to know more.

    I did the Fairyloot read along and it was exciting to see what other people thought of the chapters. I found it really fun to interact with all the other fairylooters and express what I thought of the book too!

    There was a lot of action, tense moments, sadness and a lot of laughter. I am hoping that book 2 will be as exciting and amazing as this one! And hopefully answer some more questions that we have.

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    First time I’ve taken part in the Fairyloot readalong. I loved it!

    Also first time I’ve ever read Brandon Sanderson… I loved that too!

    Skyward is a fantastic sci-fi that had me laughing, crying, angry, sad and happy all in one novel. I listened to this on audible as opposed to reading the book itself and I do highly recommend listening to it. The narrator did a fantastic job and made our AI more hilarious than I though possible.

    I thoroughly enjoyed this book and can’t wait for book 2.

    Steph ?

  8. I really enjoyed Skyward by Brandon Sanderson. The chapters lead along from eachother so smoothly that I couldn’t help but carry on reading.
    You really can’t help but feel for the characters once you get the know them. I personally felt immersed into the world from page 1 to page 510. I can’t wait for the next one.

    I adore the readalong experience because you get to talk to other FairyLooters and discuss your feelings especially since sometimes you never find your reading buddy but you still want a buddy reading experience.

    For more spoiler thoughts I will be having a spoiler filled review on my Instagram @Velvetshock

  9. I normally don’t read that much sci-fi books, however, for ‘Skyward’ I made an exception and I am so happy I did. This book was really amazing and once you start it is so difficult to put the book down. Spensa was an amazing character to follow throughout this story. Brandon Sanderson really pulls us into this new world and together we try to discover what is going on. It is so very eventful and you learn so much. Really everyone should read this even if sci-fi is not one of your favourite genres. I can’t wait for part two!

  10. I loved this book.
    I’ve never really been a huge follower of scifi before and I’ve never read any of Sanderson’s books before, but this man can seriously write! If this is your first foray into scifi, or you’re a long time fan, I think this book will please everyone.
    I’m utterly blown away by the scale of storytelling achieved here. It was phenomenal. All the characters have fantastic depth and the story is really fun and entertaining.
    I just can’t wait for the sequel!

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  11. Instagram – @booksandfunks

    This was my first FairyLoot read along and I wasn’t truly sure what to expect but it was such an amazing experience!

    The book itself was a brilliant tale with many twists and turns throughout. Reading a little bit each day truly helped taking in the story a lot more and it was really great sharing my thoughts as well as seeing what everyone else had to say each day!

    Skyward is definitely a book worth reading, the main character pushes through the obstacles that are thrown her way. She befriends an amazing mushroom loving sass machine and overall it’s a book I can’t forget mostly because of this experience!

  12. I’ve expressed this before. Sci-fi is my least read and liked genre. When Fairyloot announced their November box to be sci-fi themed, I debated in having my subscription cancelled. But changed my mind. When the book arrived, I planned to sell it. However, seeing the readalong I thought it was a good chance to give it a try and to start a book I otherwise would have not read. It was the best decision I made. Skyward was amazing.

    Its not a complex story, nor is it difficult to read and understand. But the way the story is narrated and woven, it makes it complex. In the readalong we were all having our conspiracy theories since Day 1, asking questions, wondering about what was going on, talking about the characters…and it was incredibly fun. As the story went along, we got our questions answered little by little which is great. I especially loved how our suspicions were answered in due time. We believed one thing, then we THOUGHT it was revealed, only to realize the truth was far from what we had thought.

    The cast of character was refreshing. I enjoyed reading about Spensa, Jorgen, M-bot, and FM. I enjoyed seeing these characters grow and develop on their own. This story has a very vivid message about not letting judging other by appearance because not everyone is who they appear to be (in the good way usually!). Its a story about discovering oneself, who you are, who you are meant to be, and more importantly, friendship. Its a story that tells us that friends are sometimes what we need to overcome ourselves and to help us reach higher than the stars. Its also a story about not letting others keep you in the shadows or dictate what you should be doing. Never let anyone trace the path of your life.

    Overall, it was a wonderful book, brilliantly written, with a colorful cast, and a very important message. Skyward became one of my favorite 2018 reads and I cannot recommend it enough. Its a book everyone would enjoy, even those who don’t read sci-fi. Thank you to Brandon Sanderson for writing this. And thank you to Fairyloot for choosing it. Cannot wait for book 2!!!

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  13. @michaela8220

    Wow !! This book is beyond words. For someone who’s terribly picky with sci-fi. I’m glad I joined in the read-along. I just couldn’t and wouldn’t put the book down since I started and I honestly can’t wait till the next one. Thank you fairyloot for such an amazing read. It is definitely one I would recommend to anyone.

  14. For me Skyward is one of the best Sci-Fi books I’ve read.
    It has awesome action, quirky charaters and great and genuine human connections, everything done in the beautiful writing style of Brandons Sanderson and a universal message.
    It keeps you at the edge of your seat and makes you laugh, sometimes both at the same time.
    If you love Sci-Fi, what are you waiting for? If you haven’t read any Sci-Fi books, go for this one. It is an amazing book and a perfect introduction to the genre.

  15. If you are like me, and was not big fan of sci-fi books I would say that this is a perfect book for you. It has a strong female character, who is not perfect, but she is really strong, clever and determine but also has flaws which makes her so great and human. Other characters are great too. Also we get talking ship and and amazing slug, which I want as a pet. The story is well written, there are plot twist and the story will not go the way you think it will go, it is quite unpredictible and I love it.
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  16. Bless The Stars! i dont know how Brandon Sanderson do it, all i know this guy can do no wrong! WHAT A FUN BOOK (with some heartbreaking moments) ?❤️ i love love everything about this book! The story, the characters, the pace, the plots, the humors even the just tiny glimpse of romance.. i have zero complain nor things i dont like about this book!!! Its 510 pages long but felt like only 100 pages cause its just so well written and page turner yet i dont want this book to end!!! ?❤️?❤️

    Spensa the main character is such an amazing character and i cant think any book that can make me laugh like this book ?? i love being inside her head.. love the “slow burn” friendship (and romance?) story on this book too and the worldbuilding is amazing. HIGHLY recommending this book if youre looking for a fun but emotional and fast pace with amazing friendship and character driven story ????

  17. Good Afternoon All!

    I have already posted a spoiler free review on my Instagram about “Skyward” by Brandon Sanderson., so please feel free to follow me at my handle jbookhaven to read it and I’ll be sure to follow each of you back.

    “Skyward” was such an adventure in my opinon.
    I loved every second of it and between the action packed, nail biting, starfighter battles and unexpected, suspenseful twists in the plot I was 150% down for this ride ✈ LOL
    What made it better, for me personally, was that I could relate to the main character, Spenca, and the way she handled her problems in the story.
    Feeling this connection with the character made me feel like we could be friends in reality which helped me enjoy the reading more than I already was.
    l also enjoyed the amount of humor that is written in this story. It was just the right amount and placed in at the perfect moments.

    Brandon Sanderson wrote a beautiful Sci-fi story which I highly recommend to any age, fantasy and/ or Sci-fi, reader.
    I gave this book a letter grade of A+.
    The only problem I have now is figueing out where I’m going to get my Sci-fi fix! ?

    Hope you all enjoy the rest of your night/ day depending where you are!


  18. Oh my god I didn’t want to put this book down which surprised me considering I don’t usually go for sc-fi books…. but this book is amazing I love the characters I can’t wait for next book !!! ? Would recommend to anyone especially if you want to try something new ???

    -Laura ??

  19. Condensed version of my review:
    Feisty female pilot, epic battle scenes and a hilarious talking spaceship, what more could you want in a sci-fi novel? Fun and engaging with moments that made me laugh out loud! I thoroughly enjoyed reading Skyward and discussing the book with fellow FairyLooters made it even better!


    1. Oh and thanks for using my photo! ??

  20. “People need stories, child. They bring us hope, and that hope is real. If that’s the case, what does it matter whether people in them actually lived?” 

    Skyward by Brandon Sanderson is an epic sci-fi young adult book, but I can assure you, that everyone can read and enjoy it. I was never let down by this author and this time was the same. I don’t know what exactly makes his writing so great, but every time I take up one of his book I’m swept away with the tale. 
    This time we learn the story of Spensa, a girl who dreamt about being a starfighter pilot, like her father. She lives on a planet, where her ancestors crashed onto many years ago. Humankind is almost driven to extinction and forced to lived underground by ever present aliens called Krells, who seem to be determined to destroy their hardly build civilisation. 
    But Spensa’s dreams can’t be easily reached. And it’s not because the tests for pilots are extremely hard to pass, she is determined enough. It’s her heritage that comes in a way. Her father was killed while running away from a battle and branded a coward. Now his daughter has to live every day with this stigma over her head. Will she be able to attend the flight school? Or will she find another way to become a pilot? 
    I really enjoyed this book. The story was interesting and very easy to read. There was not much science talk that might discourage people from reading sci-fi. Even though there were a lot of air battles I didn’t have a problem with imaging everything and following the story. And believe me, there are some really epic battles there, especially at the end of the book. 
    Characters in the book seem very real. The whole book give us a feeling of camaraderie and friendship. We don’t have an instant love here (so popular in YA books, which irritates me), just a little hints that maybe there will be something in the next books. Author is more focused on creating bonds between young pilots. All of them are complex and often our first impressions turn out to be wrong. 
    The book is also full of humour, that’s why even thought it’s a big book (over 500 pages) you can read it quite quickly. Spensa is a really weird girl, but as the story progress she becomes more and more mature and self-conscious. The end is giving us a handful of answers for questions we were dying to know throughout a book, but leave us with even more to wonder. It made me also yearning for the next book to come soon! And there will be four books in this series, so there is a lot of epic battles ahead of us!
    Do I recommend it? Of course I do, as all the others books written by Sanderson. I think this book is really easy to read. It’s not as massive and complex as Stormlight Archive so it simply gets you hooked right away. I am also sure you can read it if you don’t know the author or if you’re not exactly fan of sci-fi genre. The story and the characters are simply making this book great entertainment. So if you wonder if you should read it, think no more and go read it now!

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