Finale Readalong: Day 4

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Hi friends!

Day four is upon us! Yesterday’s chapters had me reeling, so I am so excited to read today’s chapters.

Let’s do this!

Please be warned, the following will include spoilers for chapters 27-37 of Finale by Stephanie Garber. Read only if you’ve finished those chapters!


Scarlett has been captured by the Fallen Star and we find out he might be her FATHER! Holy Batman. I was not expecting that, but it does explain her being able to see people’s colours! I wonder if Paloma is also a fate and that she isn’t dead? She also finds out that she is the one that can destroy the Fallen Star, so whilst she uses the key to go back to Tella and Julian, she goes back! I am really loving Julian and Scarlett, guys. They are just so cute!

Now that Scarlett is back, Tella and Julian go to the Vanished Market but only Tella goes in since time moves much faster in there (it would be so crazy to go in for just a couple of hours and lose days of your life!). The market is so weird and magical I love it! Tella meets the sisters and is told she’ll have a daughter and freaking Legend shows up! Their kiss scenes are seriously so magical, I don’t know how Stephanie does it.

Tella trades her daughters weakness for the secret, and this may just be me getting ahead of myself but could this be the start to a new spin-off series?! That would be INCREDIBLE! You all know I cannot get enough of these books. Okay, but back to the current story! We get back to Valenda, and the Maiden Death is there to offer her allegiance. Now this was unexpected but I can’t blame the fates for wanting their freedom.

They’ve all hatched a plan and are going to do what they can to take down the fates. Tella realises that Legend will never love her and she can’t go on like this so she ends things, which is good on her because girl you deserve that love!!! (I’m hoping he changes his mind!).

The last chapter today is a dream with Jacks, and whilst I love Legend I have a penchant for the evil under dog and that my friends is Jacks. He’s so rotten I love it haha!

What do you guys think of today’s chapters?

I cannot wait read chapters 38 – 44 with you tomorrow!

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10 thoughts on “Finale Readalong: Day 4

  1. Scarlet and Julian are so precious I cannot handle it! He cares for her so much. I can’t stop gushing thinking back to where they started in Caraval versus where they are now.

    My favorite part of these chapters was when the sisters are telling Tella she will have a daughter and she asks if Legend is the father and he’s just like “who else would be the father?” I DIED. I adore Legend and Tella but they’re so frustrating with all the back and forth OH MY GOD.

    Also, I really want a spin off series now about Tella’s daughter!!

  2. Love this book so far!! Can definitely see a spin off series, squee!!
    I’m definitely team Jacks, yes he might be an evil fate, but I love him and Tella!

  3. This book gets more and more exciting!!! There are people who want to make both Tella and Scarlett immortals. I can’t wait to read what happens with The Fallen Star.
    I kind of feel like the secret Tella got from the sisters wasn’t even a secret and how can it help unless Paloma comes back. That would be a big twist.
    Totally swooning when Legend kissed Tella ?

  4. Oh Scarlett and Julian just aaaaawwwww
    Also Tella and Dante their passion for each other is soo steamy but so futriting because they dont alow themselves to just let go

    Those sneaky sister giving Tella usesles information for something much greater like her daughters weeknes not ok
    Oh the part when wee find out she is going to have a daughter and with Legend sooo amazing really want to read about their daughter now
    I’m liking that some faiths are going against the fallen star I mean ist for their own benefit but ok
    Uh Scarlett going for fallen stars blood be careful girl

  5. The father situation explains the difference between the sisters. Damned fathers. Who else thinks the caged fate shouldn’t be trusted?
    Finally! Legend, where the hell were you? xD
    Omg, they knowing about a future daughter is so precious, Legend’s acts are not of someone who doesn’t love, but also… does he give more importance to his magic, or to his love? Gah, I want to know what happens.

  6. Definitely think that mention of Tella’s daughter is a hint to a future series (or maybe stand alone) in the Carval universe. And I’m not complaining! ??

  7. Such magical chapters! Scarlet and Julian are just the best! And I really hope Scarlet can manage not to change if/when she gets control of her powers.
    So hoping for a spin off, don’t want this to be the last book.
    And I just have to say I really like Jacks with Tella and am so excited for tomorrow’s chapters!

  8. The lady prisoner has the same name as you!!! Anissa! Lol

  9. Yes to the spin off idea! That would be AMAZING!
    Legend was just amazing in the marketplace chapters, I loved it!

  10. Ok, first things first, can we please acknowledge them fact that our dearest ANISSA is mentioned in this book? ? i’m So freaking excited, proud and happy for her! ❤️

    On with the story, I didn’t see the twist with the Fallen Star coming AT ALL! ? Holy casserole! ?? Does that mean that Scarlett is almost-immortal? (Is that even possible?)

    We need this new series ASAP!

    Though I had started liking Jacks, once again, there’s something fishy about him!

    Tonight’s gonna be an all-nighter, so I’ll see you soon in the next post!

    Toodles! ?


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