Finale Readalong: Day 6

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Welcome back!

We’re getting to the end of the readalong now, only two days left! If you’re able to stick to the chapters I really commend you because this book is so hard to put down!

Please be warned, the following will include spoilers for chapters 45-53 of Finale by Stephanie Garber. Read only if you’ve finished those chapters!


After Tella ends the marriage with Jacks, she realises that even if Legend doesn’t love her she still wants to be with him and wants him to make her immortal. She runs to his room and he’s asleep, and she sees the large mural on his wall that is basically his life. They have a super passionate kissing scene (STEPHANIE WHAT ARE YOU DOING TO ME) and then Tella tells him that she loves him whilst they are in the middle of stuff, which stops him cold and he tells her he cannot do this. WHY DO YOU TORTURE US? I just need them to love each other!

Scarlett pretends that she has her powers working, and she sweetens herself to the Fallen Star to try to get more information. She asks him how he met Paloma, and the story of their love. This is definitely going to have something to do with the way they defeat him, I just know it! Julian has left to find Scarlett and Tella and Legend are going to seek the help of the Assassin to rescue them.

Scarlett is being made ready for the event and she meets the other fates like Poison and some others. When she is all dressed, the Fallen Star sees her and is surprised and Scarlett thinks he might be seeing her as her mother. When I read about his love for her, I do feel for him and wish he and Paloma had a happy ending (I am a sucker for happy endings haha). We also find out that Paloma is the real heir and Elantine’s lost child. WOAH. SO Scarlett is basically the heir?!

At the event, Scarlett sees Julian and the Fallen Star sees the recognition in her eyes. WHY Julian, WHY!? He is captured and if Scarlett doesn’t use her powers they will kill him, so whilst she concentrates really hard she is able to use her powers but Julian doesn’t want her to because once she does then she will love not. This whole scene is heartbreaking! Scarlett doesn’t use her powers and tells the Fallen Star to let him go, so he does. She uses the Reverie Key to get to Julian, and we find he’s being tortured. OUR BOY HAS BEEN THROUGH ENOUGH.

Scarlett and Julian are going to be trapped in a cage, but Legend comes to save them! They use the Reverie Key to run. Scarlett realises that in order to defeat the Fallen Star they need him to love again, so she will need to go back in time to see their mother, with the help of the Assassin! More fates are coming together to help defeat the Fallen Star, and Jacks comes too and says that he will help them get close enough to kill him (I do believe him since he hates the Fallen Star!).

Do you think any of our favourite characters are going to die? I need your death predictions haha!

I cannot wait read chapters 54-end with you tomorrow!

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3 thoughts on “Finale Readalong: Day 6

  1. I dont think any one of our favourite caracters are going to die I mean it has to be a nice ending hopefully
    But the Fallen Star must die oh he is so annoying leave poor Scarlett alone
    Of course he wants his weeknes gone how else could he be an unstoppable crulness
    Oh Jullian you foul I know you love her but come on why did you have to put her through that
    Well at least she learned how her powers work
    Legend was left alone I hope his ok
    And I hope their plan works but what is our cunning Jacks up to sooo willing to help

  2. The last scene where everyone was together (except Legend, please be alive I love you) and plotting how to kill Gavriel was epic. I can’t wait until tomorrow so I’m gonna finish it now. I don’t want it to end ?. Stephanie please write that spinoff with Tella’s daughter.

  3. So much happening towards the ending here. And poor legend being left alone, I hope he wasn’t harmed. There is still so much left that I need to happen and so few pages left!
    It’s just so exciting to read and I find that I am actually reading faster than I normally can because it’s so exiting.
    Cant wait to find out how it ends ❤️

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