Fire & Heist Readalong: Day 1

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Hi you guys!

Welcome to the first day of our 3rd Readalong! We are tackling Fire & Heist by Sarah Beth Durst, and boy we are in for a unique ride! It’s all about family, wyverns, gold and hot chocolate. It’s not a prerequisite but I do strongly recommend you brew yourself a cup of just that to start this read off accordingly!

I’m so excited for us all to read this together, the Readalongs have become something of a tradition in my head even if we only had 3 so far, and it’s something I really truly look forward to every month. Hope you will enjoy the experience as much as I do!

We are starting by reading chapters 1-4, stopping at the start of the 5th.

Let’s do this!

Please be warned, the following will include spoilers for Fire & Heist chapters 1-4 inclusively. Read only if you’ve finished those chapters!


We learn a lot from the very first page. Our main characters’ mother has disappeared, her father and the whole family is obsessed with gold, and she is dangling upside down from the chandelier.

Wait, what?

Now I really hope this is going to have a humorous undertone because I personally have a soft-spot for humorous books and 9 times out of 10, really enjoy them! I always find that I fly through these books much faster than I normally would.

Okay, book, I’m here for this.

It’s funny how she mentions her methods of dealing with a broken heart and they are so stereotypically modern that in comparison with the ways of her ancestors it’s just somehow absurd. It does show us that Sky is just as much human as she is a were-dragon.

But she is also a wyvern. Hell yes, dragons (technically wyverns, but close enough!). My simple heart is happy!

I love the fact that the wyverns are openly know as such in this world. That is a very unusual setting, at least I haven’t come across many books with such a theme but I really like it! Have you read anything like that before? Do let us know if so, I’ll make sure to check it out!

The girl hears someone break in, finds all the security cameras to disable and turn static, and goes downstairs to check the music room because she can’t see the burglars anywhere else. She discovers 3 men trying to steal a bloody gold piano of all things. Oh you know, just a knick knack that’s present in any household.

Apparently she and her brothers were trained to be paranoid and they have an actual security room. Makes me wonder what are they so cautious of?

And it seems that although this is set in the world as we know it, previous realm/dimension/planet (?) was called Home.

Do you think we will see it?

Plot twist: the thieves were the brothers! It was supposed to be their heist, which seems to be a big deal in their culture. Their father walked in and just basically said he wants to disown all of them because they’re ridiculous.

Sky is the youngest of all of them. There is Liam, Tuck and Charles. I love this little family jab:

People say my mother kept trying until she had a girl. My brothers say she should have quit while she was ahead.

Good old sibling tease. A classic.

The craft of choice for this family is thievery. The whole family dynamic is really interesting and I like how silly the siblings are. Family bonding time consist of her father resetting the security system and showing her how to do it well. It’s mentioned that they are not a physically affectionate family which I find an interesting point as well. I personally come from a family that is similar in that manner (sadly not in the dragon part; bummer!), where we just know we love each other but we don’t really show it through physical affection and I think, again, I’ve never seen that particular setting in a book before so it’s very interesting to me!

Woooo – there’s magic! Beyond fire breathing, which is magical enough – but actual magic! Spells and curses that are powered by gold, of course. Very much on brand.

Her mother has been on a mission but she has done something that made the whole family disgraced. Now Sky doesn’t know where her mother is but we do think that she is alive and I’m assuming the whole book is going to be her trying to find her mother and uncover the truth about what happened.

This is where you guys speculate! You always come up with such interesting theories, I cannot wait to read what you think had happened here!

So apparently they are also fireproof, which I envy them for, imagine not having to worry about burning yourself when you cook! However they seem to have lost their ability to turn to their wyvern form. Which is a bummer but I don’t count our Sky out just yet for that! I have hope. Gimme dragons.

Oh no, father figures crying always gets me in the feels.

They go to visit the wizard and the brother asks her not to call him Dumbledore. I always appreciate a good Harry Potter reference. 10 points to the house the author is from!

Whilst at the shop, Sky sees Ryan from the window and sneaks out to speak with him. Sky is definitely head over heels over him and that kind of first-love can get a bit annoying to read about, but I will say that I love the fact this is breaking the secretly in love with each other best friend trope into an openly in love best friends thing. Plus, we already follow them as they’re well into their relationship so we don’t have to deal with the whole ambiguity of the start of it. He did shun her aside due to family honour, however of course he seems to have had a reason.

They speak and he tells her about her mother being on the surveillance tape in their house trying to steal this gem. She comes back and tells the family about the jewel and the father denies them the attempt at getting the gem themselves to restore the honour. She really doesn’t understand why and I think they are hiding some information of what actually is going on. Dad must know more than he is telling us!

Our main character obviously will go ahead with her plan, would be odd if she didn’t. So let’s prepare for a lot of silly things and actions that none of us should do!

We really did get so much information in these first 4 chapters. What do you guys think? Any predictions? Do you have any funny sibling stories?

Let me and everyone else know down below and chat with one another!

Hope you had a brilliant first day and I shall see you tomorrow!



134 thoughts on “Fire & Heist Readalong: Day 1

  1. It’s a very diffrent book than what I usually pick up (but that is why I love fairyloot ?). I am super excited to see where the story and especially the magic system will take us. The writing style makes it super easy to fly through the pages. I am really looking forward to the next chapters!

    1. I was suprised this story takes place in our modern world. I expected a fantasy/medieval world. But I like the setting very much. It’s different in a good way. Reminds me a little bit of The Cruel Prince but with wveryone knowing that dragons/wyverns exist.

      1. The setting si super exciting indeed! Them being ancient creatures yet the world is modern & knows about them!

    2. I do love the magic that is involved in this story. But isn’t magic always involved when there are dragons? x

    3. It really is a unique one, I’m so here for this!

  2. I agree with Ella. This is not usually what I would pick, but I am really enjoying the “were-dragons”. I wish I could turn into a dragon and do heist for gold. Well except the illegal part that kind of scares me. I am excited to what comes next. This is my first read a long so I am super excited.

    1. I had my first read along last month and really enjoyed it! ? I am glad you have joined us this month!
      This book is something new to me too! I wouldn’t normally pick up a book like this but the cover intrigued me x

      1. Amy, so glad you’ve enjoyed the last readalong too!

    2. Thank you for joining us!

  3. Definitely a very unique story that you don’t come across everyday! For some weird reason I have been watching/reading all these heist-y books, but this one takes the cake since there’s shape shifting wyverns in it! Especially the opening scene with her brothers being the actual intruders- what a great way to start the book!!!
    I agree about the relationships; it’s a unique trait to have a loving family that’s not physically affectionate and the her relationship with Ryan where we don’t have to live through the gushy beginnings of a romantic relationship.

    I have a feeling she’ll be discovering more about what happened to her mother while she’s preparing her first heist. And I also think at least one of her brothers is gonna end up helping her in secret. Excited to read more!

    1. I found that it was a little exciting when she heard the intruders.
      But then to find out it was the Brothers was a little funny.

      I do agree with you idea though. I have a feeling that Liam will be the one who would help her secretly ? x

    2. What heist books would you recommend? I really enjoyed Six of Crows ♥️

      Agree with you on the relations though I wouldn’t mind living the gushiness, but having Ryan already part of everything and not requiring the usual build up into the relation is great!

      Huh, I felt like Charles might join, or all 3 of them but without them knowing that they all are in xD

      1. So I’ve started it but haven’t finished yet The Thief by Megan Whalen Turner as well as I’ve heard good things of Artemis by Andy Weir.
        There were a couple I’ve read but now I can’t think of the titles ?
        Yes! I also agree having Ryan already involved is refreshing!
        Oooo, Charles is so unassuming, it’d be cool if it was him!

      2. And I just finished Six of Crows today!!! It was amazing! That one I was going to recommend but you’ve already read it ?

        Have you read Crooked Kingdom yet? I’ve been told it’s even better than the first!

        1. Crooked Kingdom was amazing!!! ❤️ Patiently waiting for her to write the third book but she says that’s many years down the line ?

          1. Wait WHAT! Another book on Kaz & the gang! Whoaaaaa why didn’t i know about this!!

        2. Oh it is sooooo good! SoC was focused on one heist, but CK is SO SO SOOOO GOOD! The thief, its a 5 book thing right? I have it on my wish-list after watching Regan (peruseproject) go crazy over it !

          1. Oh my gosh!!! There will be a THIRD?! I thought it was only a duology. Well this is exciting news ?
            Haha yes! I put the Thief down on my list after Regan recommended it!! I think there’s 5 out and a new one just out or coming soon?? ?

      3. You might like to try ‘Going Postal’ and ‘Making Money’ by Terry Pratchett. They’re part of the Discworld books, but they can be read as standalones, too.
        They’re perfect if you like a good con man!

    3. I hope it will be Charles, the stuck up ?

  4. Love this so far!

    I come from a big, crazy family too. Brothers, eh?

    Ryan intrigues me & I can’t wait to see Sky’s crew for the heist!

    1. Same here, excited to see Sky’s crew! I can feel this book is going to be great fun!

  5. Hey everyone,
    I already love this book! The humerous undertone is so good. And as much as you G enjoy a good Harry Potter reference, I freaked out about the Princess Bride Reference (Have fun storming the castle!!!). I love the PB so so much so I already love Fire& Heist for referrencing it.
    Sky is a pretty tough girl and I think that she is able to unite her family again. At first I thought that she will find a new boyfrieng throughout the story. But after meeting Ryan I just love the two of them together too much. Every book needs a good romance.
    I have no clue about what happened to her mother. Maybe some wyvern-Mafia -clan captured her or something? ?
    I am pretty sure we’ll see the place called Home. Maybe the mother’s there? I don’t know. I am just super pumped to read the next chapters tomorrow and chat about the book.

    1. I spotted the Princess Bride reference too, I thought that was brilliant!

    2. I loved the Harry Potter reference too! I laughed when I read that part! x

    3. Hear hear for a good romance xD
      Aren’t they all already wyvern-mafia xD if there is another level of mafia, I cannot imagine how nuts those may be xD

    4. Oh I didn’t even spot that, that’s awesome haha

  6. Hi G !

    First of all : Only 51 is WAY TOO SHORT !?

    So yeah this family really intrigue me and like you said, I also loved the fact that eyverns are known and that people are interested on gossips about them ?.

    And I can’t wait to know to full story : what happened to her mother ? Why Ryan broke up with her ? What’s up with all this wyverns society ?

    But most of all, I’m so excited for the heist ! I can’t wait to know more about her plan, her team and I hope there will be a lot of action and suspense and everything !

    See you tomorrow for more ?

    1. I am also super excited to know more about the whole breaking up thing between Sky and Ryan. And I wonder if he’s going to help her with the heist.

    2. Her family does intrigued me! I have a feeling they know more!

      But I do wonder what has happened to her mum! I hope we find out along the way ? x

    3. Watching kdrama & the interaction in downtown made me think Ryan still loves her, but as he said, all his channels of communication are monitored. But then why try to reach out only the last 3 days?! Unless this is all recent & I didn’t realize it lol

  7. Enjoyed these first 4 chapters! Not what I was expecting which is great!
    Sounds like some calamitous fun ahead – loved the chandelier part!

    1. Yes, so surprising!

  8. I never would have picked up this book normally but wow I am hooked already! The humour is what got me, that and the world already feels well formed.

    I can’t wait to see some badass heisting.

    I have a feeling her mum might have actually succeeded and maybe the thing she was trying to steal turned her into a shape shifting dragon. I mean… I’m having flu fevers so my imagination is going all over the place but I’m totally here for this.

    I’m keen to see where things go with Ryan, it’s not normal to see an already formed relationship and it makes for an interesting dynamic.

    Can’t wait for tomorrow’s chapters. It’s going to be hard to stick to 4 a day.

    1. I didn’t think about the jewel allowing shape-shifting abilities. This is a super cool theory!

    2. What a cool theory! But did she manage to escape the vault then shift & hide? Who knows

    3. Yes I was thinking the same thing! Probably Sky will be able to turn as well..

    4. It really is hard to stop haha But it just means it’s good!

  9. I love that the story is from modern world (for some mysterious reason , I thought this will be set in some fantasy world ? ) but the reality is so much better! I love real-world references we got so far, especially that Dumbledore one ?

    I agree with Hannah that at least one brother could help her, it would be so much more fun.

    I don’t have any proper theory about her mum, but maybe there could be some forbidden love triangle? ?

    So far, I am loving this book ?

    1. Ooooo! A forbidden love sounds interesting. Maybe that is why her dad doesn’t want to talk about Sky’s Mum? x

      1. Yes, it is a bit suspicious, right?

    2. Oh true! Maybe the brothers will join later? It would be fun seeing more of them!

  10. I also really liked the humorous moments and hope there will be more! I think the setting and whole concept is really intriguing too so it will be interesting to see more of that as the story continues. I’m hoping Sky and her family will be able to work through their problems and come back together by the end because her family is obviously really important to her, especially the bond she has with her dad!

    1. I love reading books with strong family themes, it always just adds so much. Sometimes YA forgets about the adults and it always annoys me just a bit hah

      1. I love having books that have strong family’s involved, it’s really sweet and cute at the same time x

  11. I already adore this book. In fact, after the first chapter, I went back and read the synopsis just to remind myself what this book is about.

    I think the thing I love the most about it is that it isn’t set in a fantasy world. I LOVE fantasy books don’t get me wrong, but it’s such a breath of fresh air to read something fantasy, but based on this world. (this is making so much more sense in my head – you’re following me right?)

    I had to force myself to put this book down after the first 4 chapters. I actually read them yesterday to get a head start. I go to the cinema once a week so I am guaranteed to miss at least one night this week, hence the head start. But I am considering picking up for the next set of chapters tonight.

    Veey intrigued and excited to see where this story is going to go.

    1. Definitely following & agreeing too! Totally not as expected ..
      I know G said it’s okay to read further, but it feels nice to be with everyone & not accidentally spoiling xD

    2. I definitely know what you mean! This is so much fun and it’s much easier to read as even if we have some fantasy, the majority things about the world we already know so it’s easier on the brain haha

  12. The theme of the month, Dragons, beyond that I had no idea what this book was about going in, I don’t like reading blurbs, so getting a surprise book in the mail every month is awesome. I’m not sure if I’ll get to stick to this readalong due to another reading target but for today I’m on point.

    I’m not sure if I’m feeling it yet, the first moment I got intrigued at all was when Ryan revealed Momma-Wyvern was sneaking about his home. I’m not sure if I like Sky yet or if she annoys me, but I am interested to see where this goes.

    The family dynamic is much like mine, showing love and affection just doesn’t happen, our way of saying we care is by making the other a cup or tea (or in my case, a hot chocolate)

    Poppa-Wyvern is intriguing, why on earth would he turn his back on his wife so quickly, unless he knows more?

    1. Ooh. Thankfully I’m not the only one who didn’t feel it from the get go. ?? For improvement and an awesome heist crew.

    2. I know the feeling. I thought the story started of slow and that the intruder part was trying to intrigue us?

      Sky’s dad is very intriguing, I find that he is keeping secrets! He probably has told the brothers some but not all of what he knows x

    3. This, as most books really, will definitely not be for everyone but I hope you enjoy it more as we delve into it deeper! Love how you call Pappa and Mamma-Wyverns haha so sweet

  13. Hey!
    I already love the story too – especially its humor. I can’t wait Sky’s heist and to see more of her wyvern power and to find out the secret(s) about her mother.
    I have a feeling that in the upcoming heist, Gabriela, her human friend will also participate somehow (but I might be wrong, I’m not really good at guessing :D). And I hope Sky and Ryan will be together again *.*

    1. I would like Sky & Ryan to get back together again too! ❤️ x

    2. I want them facing this together too! It’s so much fun to have the couple fighting thr world instead of that annoying seperation & the usual drama ..

      I forgot about Gabriela! Strongly agree on the theory since there is no crazy wyvern politics involved with her!

      1. Agree. What a relief 😀
        Yes, and in every supernatural adventure there’s a human friend I guess 😀

  14. I’m loving this book so far as well! Dragons (or wyverns in this case) loving gold is kind of a cliche , though. I’m interested to learn more about this world. What is this Home they’re talking about? Is thievery something that is common for wyverns and if so, do they mainly steal from each other? That would explain why Sky’s family has invested a lot in security measures. If people see wyverns as kind of celebrities, is the heist thing then openly talked about? I mean someone has to wonder were all the gold is coming from. Wyverns could have some kind of front to their more shady businesses, though. I don’t know, what do you guys think?

    Also, I agree with G, I think we’ll see an actual dragon in this book. Sky has yet to shown any other special quality than her resourcefulness. It would make since that our main character would be able to turn into a dragon, a feat that has all but disappeared from the world.

    1. True, people are bound to wonder about all that gold! Gold piano hello!
      High hopes to Sky turning into a dragon ? ?

    2. I have a funny feeling that Sky will turn into her dragon self at one point in the book.

      Maybe sky’s Mum is in dragon form and Ryan’s family has her locked up and spelled to stay as a dragon? x

      1. Turn into a dragon & save the day hahahaha

        Very interesting theory, maybe they allowed her to steal it, shift, follow her & bam they caught her for some lost dragon power?! Without Ryan knowing

  15. Sky is super cool. I really feel for her in what she is going through. I went through some stuff like she is going through and I think she’s great and I love how she wants to take the initiative to make things right for her family.

  16. I’m more hooked to this book than Sky was to the Chandelier. Can’t wait to read more and see what Sky will do next

    1. Hahahaha I laughed way too hard at this, perfect phrasing 😀

  17. I was literally counting down to this day lol
    My first readalong with you guys!
    So let’s talk about Sky first!
    I loved her personality (i think we saw enough to do so), and i really understand the things she’s going through as the youngest sibling(even tho i’m in the middle lol)
    I don’t think I like Ryan tho, and i’m kinda pretty sure that i will not:/
    Hopefully he’ll actually help her and then i’ll like him ㅇㅡㅇ
    I loved the writing style and already added all her books to my wishlist;)
    The fact that this story is actually happening in the modern world is so fascinating! I haven’t read anything like that before! And having dragons too? Yes to that too!!
    The family dynamic made me enjoy it even more, even tho they’re so sad rn and i totally understand whyㅠㅡㅠ
    If you want me to read a book mention one of two things: family or friends!!
    I’m so excited to see tomorrow what she’s going to do on her own(we don’t count Ryan here till we approve him lol)
    Also waiting for answers for her mom’s disappearance!

  18. I have to admit that the first chapter has to be one of the most amazing beginnings to a book I’ve ever read! I instantly loved Sky and it left me with no doubt that this book is going to be amazing!
    I really hope the rest of the book will be as filled with sibling banter as the first few chapters were and that Sky keeps up the real world references that make me so happy.
    I am SO excited for tomorrow’s chapters!

    1. I know right! I believe it will be splendid! Finally it’s tomorrow & i can read more chapters ( i know we can, but i like waiting with the group and reading another book if i still have time)

  19. I’m really surprised at how much I’m loving this book so far! As you said a lot happens in just these four chapters and I kind of like the modern setting which was very unexpected! I think we can expect a lot of fun shenanigans to happen in this book which makes it such a fun and fast read!!:)

  20. Oh I’m enjoying this book from page one. Found it very hard not to read past chapter 4.
    I do think one of the brothers is going to en up helping her (like mentioned above).
    Also for some reason I’m trusting the ‘Dumbledore’ wizard, but not the ex-boyfriend. I have a bad feeling about him.
    And as for the jewel, I’m curious about why it is so special…. could it have to do something with magic??? I hope so!!

    Btw I’m loving the reference to Harry Potter. I’m always happy to read that kind of stuff

  21. Well I have to say I’m loving this already. It’s so easy to read, Sky has a great sense of humour and she can BREATHE FIRE. Super great start to a book. I agree with you G about the interesting family dynamics. I also come from a family that isn’t physically affectionate and so I totally relate.

    I’m a bit meh about the whole best friends to boyfriend thing. I don’t really like it when there’s a long relationship already established cuz normally I find it boring but I’m trying to keep an open mind!

    Really intrigued as to what happened to her mum and she’s going to plan a heist on her own — yes! I’m not sure if I have any predictions yet, still feels a little early.

  22. Finally the post is here yaas been wanting to talk about today’s portion. Posting all my thoughts & reply to the main post then scrolling over all the comments =D

    First of all, I was hooked IMMEDIATELY! which is the best thing ever =D
    Witt, dragons, romance, family & the promise of adrenaline rush, eeeek

    Huh, gold loving family, how interesting! At the mention of the gold piano, I wondered how playing that would sound xD

    All the elements that were clear from the first 2 chapters had me super interested!

    Chapter 1 made me laugh a lot when it turned out the brothers were the thieves xD & did anyone imagine her dangling up there trying to get help X’D

    I was impressed too about the fact that who they actually are isn’t a secret! never been across that one before! Though it was funny that they were subject to the press & all that like reality tv stars LOL.

    Family aspect, like like like! how often do you see such elements combined in a book! And I don’t know about you guys, but the fact her brothers & father weren’t these cave men with close minds that shut her off completely, just added super points to the book <3 team work ..
    Being the eldest definitely made me get Charles xD hey, we have the power to sway things our way xD in my house my youngest sister (we are 2 girls & a middle-boy) is the little spoilt one, but awesomely I hold a super sway wahahaha

    Now Ryan, his first mentions had me file him as the hated traitor =D but then bam we have a twist & it seems we might just love him if he wasn't planning to lure her into trying to steal the jewel then BAM catch her red-handed xD I hope it goes well, since they are childhood friends & besties turned to lovers .. soft spot for me lol

    Why aren't they taking a stand though? they seem like a strong was-elite family, so why this defeated acceptance! sounds fishy hehehe

    Now that we know her mum's mission, maybe she found out some dark dirty secret about Ryan's family & was out for proof? or to negotiate with them using the stolen jewel to coverup something they found out about her? ( I never speculate as I read alone & like being shocked with the twists xD)

    Did I say that I too appreciated the Harry Potter reference? xD kept imagining how the wizard would look like Dumbledore with a snow white long beard, but oh no, the exact opposite lol

  23. I like the girl!! I didn’t get the point of stealing the golden piano but anyway the book looks awesome. It’s very different a d imaginative… but they couldn’t transform into dragons… 🙁 I hope they could in the near future !!

    1. I was confused about the piano too… but i think it was just supposed to be a test?

  24. I am enjoying this book way more than I thought I was going to! As far as theories go, I wonder if the jewel is more than just “a giant valuable jewel”. Maybe it’s like a portal device back to Home?

    1. That’s a neat idea!

  25. This reminds me of the talon saga, (highly recommend if you like dragon stories). I’m not overly keen on Sky yet, her ‘voice’ is a bit annoying, but hope I’ll enjoy it more!

    1. I love dragon stories! Thanks for the rec

  26. I love this character, Sky, she is who she is, more of a human than a dragon about her emotions but more a dragon than a human about her behaviour, she is fearless and headstrong !! I bite at the first chapter, and I love when you can catch my intention right away ! Couldn’t wait when I started it but I will try for the next Readalong to calm down on my reading, promise !

  27. I really enjoyed these 4 chapters and I cannot wait to read more. I´m a little disapointed, that they are not really shapeshifters and they can only do this fire-breathing, but I´m very excited for the next chapters!

    1. Same with me! I was hoping they could shift into a dragon but maybe later on in the book haha!

  28. I like Liam out of her brothers. But I think the family is being very unfair with Sky. I cant say her family as a whole are my favorites. Hoping we get better sibling bonding later on.

    The stort is interesting so far but I am not hooked yet. Not like with Skyward. But I am definitely intrigued to know more about her mother and the wyvern society. Low-key hoping Sky can transform into one later!!

    My immediate suspicion is that maybe Ryan’s family is linked to some sort of dark secret related to Sky’s family or why they were originally exiled from Home and the mother wanted to get it. Its odd that there isnt any actual explanation to why they were exiled in the first place. And why the only ones talked about being exiled is them. Are there more? Its strange. Its like her family is being purposely marginated.

    Will definitely keep reading. Interested. Not quite as hooked. Cant say I love the characters instantly. And I am personally not a fan of the parenthesis in the narration. But looking forward to have a more solid opinion as I keep reading!

    1. I feel the same with Ryan’s family. I have a feeling like I said in other comments that they caught Sky’s mum stealing, they got a wizard/witch to put a spell on her mum to transform her into a dragon and then locked her up.
      Like a guard dragon to protect the gem but she has no choice not to protect the gem as she chained up x

  29. I’ve so hooked already! I’ve got so many questions… I need answers!!!

    I love that there is no secret about the existence of wyverns, it reminds me of True Blood. This type of modern world is never used enough.

    So far I like Sky as a main character she seems normal-ish as far as were-wyverns go.

    I really enjoy watching heist films so I’m excited to continue read.

  30. I as well would probably not have picked up that book, but that’s the beauty.
    I loved the Princess Bride and the Harry Potter Reference, and Bonus Points for her first upside of being fireproof is eating cookies out of the oven.
    I’m not exactly sure how I feel about Sky yet, but I do believe she’ll get a character developmen that makes me lover.
    I love the family dynamic. The father reminds me a little of my own father, and a close relationship with older brothers (or just one) gets me every time, probably because I have one of my own =)
    But I kind of find Ryan a bit fishy… but we’ll see.
    The Book being set in modern times with just some differences in history is very interesting and I’m curious to see more about the dynamic. But I am even more curious about this “home”.

    But I have to agree with some others. It is quite easy to read and quick, that’s good.

  31. Ok, I thought about it and have a theory: her mum stole that jewel and it somehow transported her Home, so that is why she is missing. I am really curious about how things will turn up ☺️

  32. So far, I’m absolutely loving this read! The narrative voice is so quirky and the details and bits of humour scattered in there (like the bit about the golden toilet handles) have had me weirdly engaged since I picked it up! Excited to continue on tomorrow!

  33. I love Sky. She’s what convinced me to read the book in about 2 pages (don’t like the cover). Liked the twist with her brother’s performing the heist.
    There’s clearly more going on with whatever happened to her mum…. not sure I trust wizard guy at all.
    It’s a good easy read and I look forward to the rest of it! (I’ve alresdy finished the book so the notes here are the things I wrote down at the time so I could participate in this)

  34. As a few other people have said, I would never have picked up this book! But I really like the way it began. Having a mini family drama and finding out so much so quickly was great because now we can get to the nitty gritty!
    I think that she will have one of her brothers help her in the heist, I would say Liam, and that Ryan will keep giving her tips to help her break in to his house.
    I enjoy the funny undertones and also love a HP reference in any books!
    Can’t wait for the next few chapters!

  35. So I’m thinking that Ryan’s family are going to turn out to be the villains of the story and Ryan is going to have to make a choice about whose side he is on. (Of course it will be Sky’s albeit after a bit of angst).
    I also think that her human friend Gabriela is going to feature in later chapters and end up helping her. I’m feeling a Shadowhunters Clary Fray/Simon friendship vibe. The not entirely human girl with the fully human best friend (at least he was in the beginning).
    I’m actually finding her brothers annoying so far so I’m hoping they endear themselves to me more over the next few chapters.

  36. I’m enjoying the story so far and look forward to seeing how things go. I hope we get to see a lot more heist stuff – I was expecting something Oceans’ like but that might not fit with this story.
    I will say the timeline seems a little off. The way the family talks about her mum and how she talks about how things used to be makes it seem like her mums been gone a year or more rather than one month. Seems suspicious everyone would just give up looking so quick.

    1. I was getting a little confused about how they were talking about the timeline too. I’m glad it’s not just me!

  37. I expected the story to take place in a fantasy world and was quite surprised that it actually takes place in our modern world ? so far I’m intrigued and very curious why the mother left ?

    1. Me too! And then they mentioned movies and popcorn and I was like what?? 😀

  38. I think I might be in the “unpopular opinion” category right now. For me, right now, the story is just OK. I am not really sure if I like Sky yet. Her family isn’t really that great right now either. I noticed how she pointed out that they pretty much take all of their frustrations out on her even though nothing is her fault. I also find it hard to get into stories where the other characters keep undervaluing the main characters abilities. I feel like Sky will be a strong character but her family aren’t giving her any faith.

    I did like the Harry Potter and The Princess Bride references.

    It is also interesting that even though her Ex is supposed to be staying away from her that he not only talks to her but gives her information that she isn’t supposed to know.

    I am also hoping that along the way she will discover how to transform into a Wyvern again. I would be disappointed if we go the whole book being led on about them being Were-Dragon’s without actually seeing them turn into Dragons/Wyverns.

    I still have hope that it will get better going forward. We are only at the beginning of the story and had some initial world building to do which can sometimes slow down the narrative.

    1. I really agree with everything you said, so I’m hoping that tomorrows section will pull us into the story! As you said, this is only the beginning, so I am hoping for the best 🙂

    2. Don’t worry your not the only one that thinks the book is just ok. I found the story is off to a slow start x

  39. Hooked from chapter 1 with all the action, feelings, and funny tone.
    Really like Sky’s character and her relationship with the rest of the family. She seems to have many conflicts with herself and her feelings, trying to be like the rest of the family by hiding her feelings and being cocky towards herself. I feel like we haven’t been properly introduced to Ryan so I’m having difficulties placing him. He’s not telling her the whole truth or he doesn’t know everything himself yet either.
    If these wyverns are stealing things from each other how is it that they even have friends at all? It explains the coldness and emotionless atmosphere, but Sky clearly has a lot of feelings and opinions. How could her mother steal something from family friends? Friends don’t do that even if they are wyverns and heists right 😮 seems like friendships are worth something in this world at least.
    Books that are set in an opely integrated society with mythical creatures that I’ve read are True Blood (vampires), Frozen (a rytter and her dragon in a world thats falling apart), and House of Night (vampires going to official schools all over the world after being “marked”).
    Love the readalong society ♡

  40. First I have to say I loved the author letter!
    This os one of the few books that had me captured in the story and tense by only the first three pages and I loved it.
    I am really looking forward to reading more tomorrow.
    I have a strong feeling for the main person and I really believe in her, I think she’ll later in the book have even greater powers than the rest of her family. And I really hope she will be able to turn into a dragon, that would be really cool!
    I also liked the specific descriptions of gold in the periodic table in the beginning, and just that detail already got me interested in reading more.
    can’t wait for tomorrow<3

  41. Yay, so exciting to be joining in on my first readalong!!
    This is definitely a book a bit out of my comfort zone and I am not sure what to think of it yet. While I think the humor is great, I hope the story gains a bit more depth as it progresses. I have no predictions so far, so I am hoping for some awesome heist scenes and hopefully a lot of sarcasm and funny moments. The mystery is quite interesting and there are so many possibilities for what could have happened! So I’m looking forward to tomorrows section! 🙂

    1. Welcome to your first read along! I am happy you have joined us all! I joined last month’s read along ? x

      1. Aaaah, thank you so so much!! I can’t wait for all the readalongs to come! 🙂

  42. Well, it is only beginning but so far I do like it. I was surprised that it is set in modern world, I was expecting something like on Onyx & Ivory, but I like it, it is nice change. Main character is so far likeable too and with the other characters we will just see. I think that Dad is not telling everything he knows so I just hope that the plan Sky wants to make happen will not come back and bite her in her…bottom, if I should say it nicely.? Can’t wait for tomorrow’s chapters.

  43. Well. I wasn’t expecting the modern day setting. This happened with me with the Potion Diaries too. In this case it made it tricky to get into the story somehow.

    Because this is such a short section it does seem to be mostly worldbuilding with the main action yet to come. I’m intrigued about the world but don’t fully ‘believe’ in it yet. I don’t understand the whole heist aspect and how stealing will get them back on top of society.

    Sky’s narration seems a bit too much tell not enough show presently and I’m not getting the best sense of her or the other characters yet. Oddly the one I connected with most at the moment is Ryan. He clearly still has feelings for her.

    Overall not the strongest start but I’ll keep on reading. I loved the Potion Diaries in the end.

    1. Ooh actually saucy wizard Wyvern guy is interesting. Reminds me a little of Magnus from Shadowhunters world.

  44. I wasn’t expecting the tone of this book to be as humorous as it is. I’m still trying to readjust my expectations so I think that might be why I’m not loving it yet. I’m intrigued by the mystery of Sky’s mother. It seems so weird that she’d be trying to steal a jewel from other wyverns they’re so close to. You’d think they’d go outside their own community when carrying out a heist.

  45. I really like the story so far ? specially because it’s set in our world. It makes the story a bit familiar. I like Sky and her personality ? I think, she is a strong woman/girl who can achieve her goals. The father is not so friendly somehow ? I have the feeling, he’s hiding something from everyone (from the boys and Sky). I’m not sure, what to think about Ryan ? on the one hand he could tell the truth about Sky’s mom, but on the other hand he could have been manipulated by his parents to trap Sky, so she ends up like her mom ? but that’s absurd. Anyhow, I’m looking forward to read the next 4 chapters ?

  46. I’m not sure I have much to add that others haven’t said already. I find the humorous tone very enjoyable. The writing actually reminds me a lot of Janet Evanovich books – there is a mystery/thriller story going on, but the book is a little fluffy and full of humor.

    The story is in our current world, but I bet we get introduced into a fantasy world soon.

    I’m not the biggest fan of the teenage broken heart story, I’m just not really into reading about those kinds of story lines. Other than that I am fairly entertained so far!

  47. I think the dumbledore reference would of made more sense if the guy really looked like dumbledore or an old wizard instead he a young guy. I have read one other book that deal with wyverns in the talk of shape shifters and that would be Julie Kagawa talon series. I think that this one is going to be unique in that our family is acting like dragons with the heist thing and needing to have some loot or horde. I not quite sure what happen with mom but i do feel that it odd that she was trying to steal from her daughter closet friend i not sure if the whole family was close. It going to be an interesting read and i look forward to what the next few chapters will reveal.

    1. I got confused with the whole Harry Potter reference. I would understand if it was an old guy, but a young guy just doesn’t make sense ? x

  48. Firstly, Sky takes Sia’s “swing from the chandelier” to a whole new level. LOL

    I really enjoyed reading about Sky and her relationship with her brothers. I’m the youngest of 3 and the only girl so I know how it feels to be picked on by your older brothers but also know that no matter how obnoxious they are they will always have my back….

    Now my theory for what will happen in this book is that Sky’s mother tried stealing something but was caught in the process and was therefore kidnapped. I also think that Sky trying to save her mother is going to cause Sky to transform into a dragon (which would be quite epic).

    So far I have been really liking this book, although I am not really use to reading something like this. But reading something I’m not use to is a new years resolution for me, so I’m glad this will be one of the books that will help my in fulfilling my new years resolution!
    Feeling mighty proud right now!

    Hope everyone had a wonderful holidays and I’m so ready to get back into my reading routine!

  49. When I found out that Decembers box was Dragons I was super excited! I love all the items and the cover of the book intrigue me.

    When I first started the book I was a little confused, why was she hanging upside down on a chandelier? ? that was until it explain how she got in that position.
    I found it interesting how everyone is reacting to their mum/wife disappearing but I have a feeling they are keeping something from Sky.

    I love her funny moments either if it is talking to herself or just trying to butt in to her brothers conversations.
    I was tearful when she had her moment with her dad, as it reminds me of my close bond with my dad ?.

    Now what is puzzling me is what got Ryan to look at the cameras at his home? Yeah they had a close friendship/relationship but he must have a reason? I have a funny feeling that Ryan’s family has Sky’s mum. Since the council don’t know about the gem, they didn’t want anyone to know so the only way to keep it a secret is to either kill Sky’s mum or keep her hostage? ?

    I am still shocked at how everything is related to the mum. For example, the brothers do a practise heist trying to steal their mum’s piano and then in Maximus shop they are selling off their mum’s jewellery for protect? There must be a reason?

    Towards the end of chapter 4 I think that since Sky would do the Heist on her own and try to find her mum, I think that Ryan is going to help her. He probably be the inside man and then she goes ahead to steal the jewel. Maybe she even comes across her mum and gets caught? Who knows ??‍♀️ We will just have to wait and see.

    To me this book has a slow beginning, but I am hoping it will pick up soon! x

  50. Excited to join for the first time!!

    I as well didn’t expect the book to take place in modern times. I am hoping Sky will be the first to take to the Sky in centuries (no pun intended). Maybe the stone has something to do with their ability to change again. Exciting to see what’s to come.

  51. Not something I would’ve picked up on my own but it’s so fun! This is my first fairyloot box and fairyloot readalong. It’s nice to know people are reading the same things as me.

    The father definitely seems like he knows some stuff. Is the jewel magic or does it contain some other kind of power? Why was she disgraced from trying and failing to get it? Curious, curious.

    Stopping at Chapter four was the hard. It was literally just getting into the juicy stuff.

    The writing style honestly kind of reminds me of some Percy Jackson in regard to the humour. So definitely don’t mind. 🙂 I’m excited to see where this goes and what our characters get up to! Sky is fiesty and rebellious and I like it!

    1. Welcome to the fairyloot family! I hope you enjoy the read along like I did when i joined my first read along last month 🙂
      Yes the dad knows more that he has told his children, but what could his reason be? x

  52. I agree with the other comments, but I really enjoy it so far. I love that is set in a contemporary setting, but also have that fact that wyverns exist! Wooohoo Dragons!!

    I think Sky is going to try ans steal the Jewelery from Ryans house, but when she is sneaking out of the House to do it her brothers see her and join her on the heist.

  53. I alway look forward every month for the readalong because it’s so good to see all the comments of fairylooters. The theories are incredible.
    And I’m super excited to read the next chapters. Hope the book will be great because it has so much potential!
    I don’t know if I already like the characters but i do find the family touching and funny! I could feel the love between them and i really wonder why they acted so cold with Sky when i clearly see that they love her.

  54. I enjoyed the first chapters, but I hope that further on in the book they can shift in actual dragons or I would be a bit disappointed haha. And I don’t really like Ryan so a nice hot dragon as a love interest for Sky would be nice as well.
    I like to read all your theories 🙂 The heist would probably to find the jewel and her mother, at least one brother will help her. I think the oldest brother and the wizard maybe. I don’t trust Ryan so he probably will set her up or something.
    Let’s continue with the next chapters and happy reading!

  55. Hey Looters!

    So I feel like I have an unpopular opinion over here.

    I didn’t feel hooked at all. Instead I felt like there was too much info-dumping, a lot of parenthesis without actual reason, too many stereotypes and too many YA tropes.
    And speaking of YA, the tropes are the only thing that feels Young Adult up till now. Other than that, this book feels more like a MG to me, probably because it reminds me a lot of those Disney Channel movies, where the protagonist is so clumpy and she instantly becomes a mastermind and a natural at the most crucial time. ?

    I kinda like the humour but other than that, nothing special so far.

    Sky feels annoying but also indifferent, and so do her brothers and father. They all act like spoiled brats but still this is mostly told rather than shown, not to mention that is was being repeated every two sentences, so it sort of bored me a little bit.

    Things only got better when Sky’s ex, Ryan (?) appeared.

    I really hope that things will get better, though I doubt it.

    1. I know the feeling, I wasn’t hooked from the beginning either. I found that the beginning was slow. I like her brothers and her dad but not really Sky ??‍♀️ I don’t know!
      But all I am saying is that I am in the same boat as you x

  56. “I didn’t intend to play. But my fingers pressed down on the high E, then D-sharp, then back to E, and again and again until it rolled into B and I was playing “Für Elise” from memory…” Weird flex, but OK.

  57. So far I like the book! It’s not very deep or anything, just a light, relaxing read. It has the same vibes as a romcom or a high school movie. This works for me, because the last few books I read were huge.

    I love the sense of humor and just the idea of were-dragons is so awesome!
    I like the relationship Sky has with her brothers. She’s their little sister, so they tease her but they definately protect her too. I don’t really know yet what I think about her dad. They’re all acting kind of weird around their mother’s dissapearing. I also think she’s mentioned too often.

    I was kinda bumped that modern wyverns couldn’t fully swift into dragons. I lowkey hope Sky will be the first wyvern to be able to do that again on her first heist! I also suspect she’s going to find her mother on her heist, maybe she’s still in the vault.

    Another thing that kind of annoyed me is that they’re called wyverns. In my mind, a wyvern is another type of creature than portrayed in the book.

    1. And I forgot to mention that I loved the way Sky reacted on the heist in their own house! Especially the chandelier part and that she used the chop sticks and fire alarm.

      1. I love chandelier part too! That was funny! And then she is just hanging there like ‘Hello, little help?’ Lol ? x

  58. I am loving this book so far!
    I really like the way it’s written, and so far Amy is pretty cool. I like how she’s aggressive rather than sad and quiet, somehow it feels more dragon-like that way.

    I didn’t expect the book to be so open about the wyverns, either. I thought it would be some big secret identity thing, but in a world like this I can totally understand how a lot of people see them as celebrities. I mean, I would actually want to follow the gossip magazines if they were reporting on wyverns!

    It’s nice to see that her father is so proud of her. I think she reminds him of her mother, but he’s still 100% more affectionate than most parents in young adult books. It’s refreshing to see him teaching her things and smiling at her jokes, even though he’s a little short on the emotional side of things.
    Her brothers are the same. At least, Liam stuck up for her when they saw Ryan in the street. It’s kind of sweet that even though they don’t talk so much, her big brother is protective.

    So, here’s my guesses so far. I think her mother actually betrayed the family. Maybe she fell in love with the guy she was trying to steal from or something, and I think that Ryan is still in love with her and is trying to hide it from fear of his family.

    I wonder who Sky is going to get to help her with this heist? Ryan, maybe? Or one or two of her brothers might be convinced?
    I think she should take along a human to get past those pesky wyvern detectors, at the very least!

    Can’t wait to read more!

    1. And don’t you mean Sky? Not Amy? Lol ? x

  59. Honestly I would not have picked up this book if it wasn’t for a FairyLoot box. I find the premise interesting, but I am having trouble connecting with the characters. Is this happening for anyone else? I’m hoping that the world and magic system is expanded upon the more we get into the book. I’m keeping an open mind, and I’m hoping that I grow to love these characters.

    1. I wouldn’t have picked this book up either tbh ??‍♀️ So you not alone there x

  60. It’s different I guess?

    I’m hoping it picks up a bit, but I’m not super in to it right now? I’ll still read on but ngl if it wasn’t for the readalong I’d probably have DNF’d at this point because the writing style isn’t to my tastes and too many books, too little time.

    Cora |

    1. I feel the same. The cover wouldn’t have caught my eye had I seen it in a store. I’m going to keep reading because of the readalong, but so far I just find it OK.

  61. I really liked the start and was getting into the book when I had to stop.
    Given that English is not my first language I had to google the word heist. I had no idea what it could be but I was a nice surprise. 🙂
    Their social system seems interesting and I look forward to learn more about it. I think it’s also pretty cool that they can see the value of Gold by just looking at it.

    One of the questions I asked myself the most was, ” Why aren’t they talking about stuff with each other?” It always annoyes me when this happens. I know that it helps the story but why are there so many secrets in the family when they need to stick together?

    I’m speculating now, but think the jewel in the vault is from their old “home”, not sure how they took it with them or how it was kept a secret for such a long time, but it must have leaked to Sky’s mother. Maybe she was transfered back and can’t get back because if you get there you can’t go back to Earth or something.

    I’m already looking forward to the next chapters. It is really fun to have a reading goal for each day and to spend the rest of the time thinking what could possibly happen next.

  62. I’m late to the party! I’m sorry about that but better late than never right? ?

    I love the writing style of this book, I love the humour in Sky’s mind which makes the book that more enjoyable.

    I have read a book similar to this situation except for were-dragons/wyverns it was about Angels that were known as celebrities and were basically paid enormously to save someone from death and it was televised like some Hollywood TV Show with a rating of their save and all of that. They’d have lavish parties, live in big stately homes in the Hollywood Hills. It was called Immortal City by Scott Speer if anyone is interested in reading it because it’s a really good book ?

    Obviously this time around they’re “celebrities” for being part dragon and for thieving. I’m getting the impression that they all just steal from other Were-dragons.

    I’m not sure if I have a theory as to what happened to Sky’s mother but I feel like everyone in the family know already? They seem to know something that she doesn’t which bothers me a little.

    Can’t wait for day two which I’m going to do right now! ?

  63. I loved how the book got right into the action, although without an exploration of the world right away it was a little confusing. The Princess Bride quote and other pop culture referances is another quirky aspect of the book I enjoyed. Tthe father daughter relationship is also so sweet!
    The rendezvous in the alley then her playing the piano! The ending of this section of the book is so perfectly suspenseful too!

  64. I am really enjoying this book so far and was I yeigued very quickly. I think I just may fly thru the chapters smiling the whole read thru. It is a very fresh take on a heist theme and I am here for it!

  65. Okay, I’m two days behind so far. This hasn’t gripped me yet; certainly not my usual read, and were-creatures don’t get me that excited.
    I’ll keep going though. Maybe I’m just in scifi mode because I’d doing Tome Infinity and Beyond 2 Readathon this month.

  66. It’s been some time since I read a book with “were-dragons” but I’m loving it, although college has been kicking me in the butt time-wise xD also- dragon celebrities that steal? how does that work? xD


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