Fire & Heist Readalong: Day 2

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Hello FairyLooters!

We are onto day 2 of our Readalong. Thank you so very much for all your lovely comments last night, it warms our hearts seeing you speak with each other and discuss your feelings on the book. The general consensus seems to be: Intrigued! Which is always so nice to hear!

Todays chapters are 5-8. If you haven’t yet read these, books at the ready and let’s go! But if you have – let’s dive into the spoilers!

Please be warned, the following will include spoilers for Fire & Heist chapters 1-8 inclusively. Read only if you’ve finished those chapters!


We learn that every wyvern in this society has had ancestors that were exiled to earth because they were considered hard core criminals. It’s a bit of a shame it seems to be a generational ban, a bit harsh in my opinion, no? But it’s dragons we are talking about, they probably go hard or go Home.

Get it? Get it?

I will let myself out.

They did just tell us that the Door to Home was lost so maybe that’s the reason they can’t get back. That makes more sense.

Our main character escapes from her house and goes on her adventure!

She goes to her friend Gabriela. They have a weird little conversation about their friendship; as we gather Sky can definitely be very self absorbed and seems to really just go to Gabriela as she’s the only option outside her Wyvern friend group. But Sky is also self aware regarding this, which is refreshing and she does seem to be apologetic about it. Hopefully these two will grow closer as this unravels. I have a feeling  I will like Gabriella.

Then she meets with her guy again and he said he only left her in order to protect her from the father. He will now help her to get the gem so that she can restore her family’s honour and we can be together, happily ever after. Yay? Ambitious, naive teenagers, ama right? Sky is the limit! (So many bad dragon jokes to make, I can’t stop)

I mean, they are Wyvern teens so the odds are in our favour, still. That is a long shot! I’m interested in seeing how they plan to achieve this when her mother has failed. Ryan better be there the moment it really counts!

In Sky mother’s room she finds a hidden talon. It was really sweet that the mother was trying to make some sort of baby album for her, that’s very touching. But I can’t help but wonder if this is just a story her father tells her to distract her from the real reason these conspicuous papers are all over her study. After all, it’s a bit of an odd time to be making the album. I’m also a little bit surprised he trusts Sky not to pursue the heist. She hasn’t kept it a secret that it’s something she thinks they should do, and if I were him I probably would monitor her a bit more closely than that. Although, there’s something very important about trusting your children to think for themselves too.

There is no truer statement than food is a universal relationship builder. I wholeheartedly agree and I don’t think I have ever read anything closer to my heart than that sentence.

She and Ryan are talking about the heist and he says that there is a fire beast (ooooooooh!), which apparently is the type of spell that is very difficult to handle even for the Dragon kind. The beast produces fire at the temperature that can fry wyverns alive! Damn. Let’s also not forget the bit where she needs to breathe fire to open a lock, as we know that’s not her strongest suit!

But! I will say, that at least they seem to know what’s ahead and they have a plan. Or half a plan, either way.

Ryan shows Sky the footage of her mother trying to get past all of the obstacles to get to the loot. It must be so hard looking at that for our main character, missing her so much and not being able to warn the recording of what’s to come. Maybe most frustratingly, not being able to see what happened next!

I don’t know, I’m still a bit cautious of Ryan and I feel like there must be some sort of other motivation for him to help her. But books have made me paranoid.

Is that just me? What do you guys think? Do we trust Ryan?

What do you think of Gabriella and what is her role in all of this going to be?

On top of that, we visit the wizard and he basically manipulates his way into joining the heist crew. He definitely seems a bit too eager and his motivations are beyond cloudy, I don’t trust him one bit! He agreed to this much too quickly for my liking! He could have asked her to bring the goods to him, why risk it himself?


The suspense!

But it’s not like we have a choice, Sky accepts the offer.

And with that we are at the end of day 2!

Lots of new characters that just gained a major part of the book and will possibly influence the plot quite a bit. Who do you trust? About whom are you curious the most?

Share your thoughts!



119 thoughts on “Fire & Heist Readalong: Day 2

  1. So far Maximus is the character I most like and am most interested in. He has a quircky, mysterious sass. I trust him a lot more than anyone else right now. I may or may not low-key ship him more with Sky than with Ryan.

    ANYWAY MOVING ON, things are peeking my interest more. There is an air of mystery to what is really going on and what really happened to her mom. Still think this is all a sort of conspiracy going on because she found out something she shouldnt.

    I do like how the wyverns molded into the modern world and humans know of them. Still, maybe keeping the tabloids occupied in their wyvern life is a way to keep the wyverns from discovering the truth about Home and why the door to home is gone? Just a thought.

    Want to see more of Maximus in the next chapters!! Also want more of her brothers. And also thankful the parenthesis are gone.

    1. Maximus is really interesting. He hinted that the Tail-necklace might not be from here, so maybe from Home? He definitely has some selfish goals

    2. I ALSO love Maximus. I’d be down for the Sky Maximus ship right now– Ryan seems like a bit of a Gary Stu right now to me and I for sure don’t trust him. I don’t trust Maximus either but I enjoy not trusting him ? if that makes sense.

    3. These are pretty much the same thoughts that I had! I also think Gabriella will be a part of the crew that goes in for the heist. In that last chapter Maximus said that a human could stand in at that part and she’s so involved in the story it’d be kind of silly for her not to be a part of the crew.

      1. I was going to say the same, she’ll going with them ^^

      2. I thought that too! When he mentioned that, I thought that Gabriella would be standing for those sensors so then Sky could get past. Ryan would be doing the security and Maximus would be doing thing??? But still in this book it is hard to trust anyone at this point x

    4. I like Maximus too but I finding that he is very sneaky, and with him going along with the heist I think he has his own plans. What happens if he was with Sky’s mum at the time, and when things went bad he bolted and left her? :O x

    5. Ooooh interesting ship, that didn’t even cross my mind!

  2. Okay, I love this book so far.

    The main thing I took from the whole of this section of reading though was this…


    I like her, she’s sassy. I’d hang out with her in school, if I was 13 years younger. But still, I think her and Sky are going to be come really good friends.

    I also love that Ryan is trying to help Sky steal from his parents so that she has a chance to clear the family name and they can be together again. Adorable!

    I think there might be some relation to her mum being missing and the Door! I dunno, it’s playing on my mind. We’ll see I suppose.

    1. I have the same feeling on her mother and the Door. I guess she found a way to Home – that would be so cool!

    2. I spotted the Gryffindor part lol I have a funny feeling that Sarah Beth Durst loves Harry Potter haha xD x

    3. I Thought this too. Also, why does Ryan’s dad have a fire monster as well as all those other security measures? That’s extreme. Has he got the Door in his vault? That’s my theory anyway ?

      1. Ohhhh…. This is such an interesting theory. I had not thought of that at all ? I like it!

  3. I really don’t trust Ryan. I honestly feel like he’s hiding something and I’ve become so attached to Sky already that I don’t want her to get hurt.

    I love Gabriela and I cannot wait to see how much involvement she has in the rest of the book.

    I do want to see more of the brothers in the upcoming chapters though!

    1. Yes! We need more scenes with Sky and her brothers!

    2. I really want to see more of the brothers, I think it would be funny and a little bit of a sibling secret if they all joined in on the heist.
      It did make me wonder why all three brothers turned up to Maximus shop instead of just one??? x

    3. I feel like Sky has hurt enough too. Hopefully whatever is being plotted not going to backfire against her personally! One can hope

  4. I have to say that I enjoyed this section a lot more than yesterdays one! I just finished reading and now I am excited for what’s to come. I still think the story is a bit juvenile and some parts feel a bit… awkward (like the scene where Ryan and Sky watch her mother on the security tapes and instead of analyzing how her mom did her heist they start kissing?? That just threw me off, isn’t the most important thing learning about her mom?? Especially since the chapter ended with that and Sky didn’t ask any more questions…), but it’s still enjoyable to read.

    I don’t really trust Ryan, either… I do think that he has some hidden motive to help Sky. I mean, I don’t really understand the whole stealing the jewel thing anyway, because if she succeeds, I don’t really see how blackmailing Ryans family and the council would be a good solution to her problems and the disappearance of her mother? Maybe I got something wrong, but the whole thing seems a bit far fetched to me, which is why is suspect there is more to all of this than we know.

    So, I am really looking forward to some more answers in tomorrows section! I am hoping for some heist plotting and maybe even some action!

    (By the way: I really like Gabriela and Maximus! They are both a lot of fun in their own way. I enjoy Sky’s interaction with both of them a lot more than the scenes with Ryan)

    1. Totally agree re Sky’s interactions with Gabriela and Maximus. They are much more interesting to read than Sky and Ryan’s.

    2. If I remember well, the family lost it status not because the mom tried to steal the jewel but because she failed.
      If Sky succeed to steal it, then the family’s honor will be restituted. It’s just a matter of pride so don’t need for blackmailing or anything like that. Stealing is a good thing only if you aren’t caught. : it’s the set of mind.
      So her mom can maybe come back.
      I think it’s something like that but I’m not 100% sure though.

    3. I agree with you about Ryan and about the kissing scene too. I thought watching her mum on the feed would be more important. But like I said in my post, what happens if the feed is a fake? What happens if Ryan’s dad is forcing Ryan to do all this with Sky? I am very suspicious about Ryan x

    4. Definitely agree this one reads a bit younger than some other books, although once I embraced that I enjoyed it! ?

  5. These chapters were so good!

    Want to read on to find put what the wizard wants. And kinda feeling like the amulet she gave him might have been important, anyone else feeling that?

    Starting to like Ryan a bit more now, although if I were Sky I would make him suffer more. She got over pretty quickly how horrible he’d been to her.

    Still feel like I’m going to end up loving their story though.

    Also anyone else see the Terry Brooks reference? I loved that so much! Like one of my favourite authors ever!

    1. Agree! Maybe the Amulet is a key to Home or at least from Home.

    2. YES!
      I feel like this book has a geeky reference for every fandom ?

      1. Yes!! My heart does a little happy dance everytime for each one of them

    3. I am very interested in what Maximus wants. I have a funny feeling he is going to use Sky for his own plans.
      And I think she has forgiven Ryan too quickly as well x

    4. Yes I wonder what the amulet is!

  6. Hey Everyone!

    So I’m still enjoying the book. The family dynamics are great. I really like that when her dad catches her picking the lock on her mother’s office he doesn’t bat an eyelid only tells her that her brothers would have done it faster ?

    She and Ryan organising the heist together works well (although romance wise I’m still meh about it) but I’m not sure I trust him 100% His family have a lot of security on that vault so there’s definitely more than just a gem in there. Maybe a door to get Home? Also, Fire Beasts sound awesome!

    Wasn’t expecting Maximus to want in on the heist but super intrigued as to what he’s up to — I kinda like him. Clearly he knows more than he’s letting on though!

    1. I thought it was funny when her dad caught her picking the lock of her mum’s office lol xD and then saying her brothers would of done it faster.
      I was shocked and not expecting Maximus to want in on the heist, he must have a sneaky plan up his sleeve or something??? x

    2. I like him too, there’s so much that doesn’t make sense about it, it makes me want to keep reading!

  7. First time joining the read-along and I love it, it inspires me to read so much more than I can manage on my own.
    Still loving the book!
    I am very curious to what happened to her mother, if she’s held a prisoner of Ryans parents, or maybe if she has managed to turn into a dragen somehow and can’t turn back.
    Also I have no idea who to trust but I don’t think I trust Maximus, he’s a bit odd.
    I really like Gabriela and I hope she gets more involved later in the story.
    Almost can’t wait to continue tomorrow!

    1. Welcome to the read along! 😀 I had my first read along last month and it was really fun!
      I don’t trust Maximus either, but the idea of Sky’s mum turning into a dragon and unable to change back is interesting 😀 x

    2. Ooooh what if she did turn into a dragon and got stuck? ? that’s a wild theory

  8. The deeper we get into the story the more I question every characters motives. Sky’s Dad is a riddle to me. I wonder why he doesn’t search for her mother. He isn’t really worried. I think that he secretly hopes Sky will do the heist succesfully because he knows something she doesn’t (well obviously). Maybe this big thing in the vault is a key to the door to Home?
    Ryan seems to be a nice guy. Too nice but I kinda like it. I am all here for the romance. It could be that his dad manipulated him…but we’ll find out I guess.
    Gabriela is a pretty awesome person! I like her very much. I appreciated that Sky was open to her, too. It’s nice to have a main character who knows about her “negative” character traits.
    The three brothers coming into the shop was sooo funny 🙂 It’s just so weird to read that lock picking and heists and whatsoever is completely normal for Sky’s family.
    I also loved the section about food! Who doesn’t love to bond over food?
    And “Wyverns Through the Ages” and “My Precious”?!? Yay for more HP and LotR-references

    1. I like you idea with Sky’s dad trust sky knowing she can do the heist. I think that might be a reason. Or what happens if Sky’s dad has her mum hidden? x

    2. The modern references being sneaked in there really add so much flavour to the book

  9. I really like Gabriella so far and I hope we get to see more of her and Sky’s friendship developing over the story, I agree it’s refreshing to read Sky being self-aware about the mistakes she made in her behaviour towards Gabriella and how she admitted to herself she hadn’t really put any effort into being friends with humans before. I think the chemistry between Sky and Ryan seems believable and I can understand how she wants to be with him again, although I am still cautious about completely trusting him! Maximus definitely has his own goals and ambitions and is hiding things, but I think he’s still a very likeable character, and I’m very intrigued about the talon and where her Sky’s mother got it, especially since she mentioned it doesn’t smell like normal gold!

  10. I love Gabriela but I feel like Sky is using her as she’s the only one who will talk to her since all the Wyverns have shunned Sky’s family.

    I feel like Maximus wanting part of the heist is very mysterious and I don’t think his motive is the truth but at least he is giving Sky an alibi as to where she is.

    I trust Ryan I feel like he really does love Sky and he wouldn’t try helping her with this heist and telling her things that other people won’t tell her. I love Ryan he’s so sweet.


  11. How did I miss the post!!

    Hello hello =D
    Day 2 & I just finished the portion. Although I kept writing my thoughts while reading so I won’t miss anything
    Umm .. how cool/odd/useless-for-us-humans would a grappling hook be for a birthday present! And using it as a kid as a mean of visiting friends? Whole new level xD
    Ok a theory, what if the vault had the mentioned lost Door!! Which is revealed using the jewel? Or if you look through the jewel at a certain angle, some big secret / Door map is revealed! hmm
    Turns out, Gabriela is a classmate more than a friend, but I’m guessing she’ll become more with the pages =) haha she becomes a driver xD & now she knows the wizard secret and probably would be the human required for the detection spell! LOL
    YES! to not instantly forgiving Ryan, regardless of how hopelessly romantic I am. There are things that cannot go without a proper punishment. I don’t have to mention that I swooned at their kiss right? It feels so right, yet a tiny part of me is worried that he might be tricking her. Ugh!
    Waah I never thought Charles would buy her bluff of just getting ice-cream! Maybe if it was Liam he would suspect a Ryan thingie since he saw him in Downtown. I honestly thought the brothers suspected something about her & the heist when they caught her at Maximus. Completely forgot her mum’s jewels hehe
    Ah, here comes the building friendship with Gabie (yep I nicknamed her). It’s nice to see it open Sky’s eyes to other important things than gold & whatever matters to wayverns =)
    Eeek the excitement level is risiiing! Now Maximus is part of the crew. What are his motives? And what’s with that talon not being from earth! I feel it has a super power somehow!
    I don’t have to mention that I swooned at their kiss right? It feels so right, yet a tiny part of me is worried that he might be tricking her. Ugh!

    1. Hahah oh yeah the grappling hook! As soon as that was mentioned I instantly imagined Sky as a Tomb Raider ?

      1. Same! Lol ? x

  12. I feel like I need to read more to appreciate this chunk. Felt a bit filler and set up. I’m looking forward to the wizards involvement.

    I think it’s odd that her dad isn’t more suspicious. Maybe he is setting this up to be her first heist. He is actually pulling the strings without us knowing.

    Bring on the next chunk.

    1. Right? Dad knows something…

    2. Yes! That would be clever wouldn’t it? And telling her “no” so she’d want to do it even more…

    3. Ooo now that is an idea! That Sky’s mission is to steal the jewel and find her mum! Talk about a twist in the story :O x

  13. Well, I’m just going to come out and say it. I don’t trust Ryan.
    I really don’t. I think he might be leading Amy into some sort of a trap. She thinks he keeps looking around nervous in case his family sees them, but I think he’s nervous in case her brothers see him and figure out what he’s up to.
    I don’t really like their relationship, either. If they’ve known each other since they were kids then there’s no excuse for the way he’s treated her. He should have stood by the girl he loved no matter what. She’s better off without him!

    Gabriela is cool. I said yesterday that I thought they might need a human to help get them past all those wyvern detectors, and Gabriela fits the bill! I hope their friendship really hits off. Granted, Amy has been a bit shallow and selfish in the past, but Gabriela really seems to like wyverns, so maybe they can make it work.
    I like Maximus, too! I think that gold talon was proof that there’s still a way to get to this mysterious Home, and that’s probably where Amy’s mother is. Maximus knows a lot more than he’s told us already, but I think he’ll do the decent thing and trust Amy in the end. I can’t see him turning out to be a bad guy.

    1. I don’t think anyone trusts Ryan lol
      And do you mean to say Sky’s mum not Amy’s mum lol xD x

      1. I did mean Sky’s mom. XD
        I don’t know where I got Amy from? Weird. Good catch!

    2. You keep saying Amy? Her name is Sky lol ? x

  14. So my theory right now (not having read past the chapters for the readalong) is that the talon amulet serves as some sort of magical beacon for Home and that whatever prize goodie dwells within the vault does something to help transport someone back to Home– and that’s what Sky’s mom was looking for and possibly where she is right now.

    Like everyone else, I’m super skeptical of Ryan. I LOVE Gabriela and instantly think she’s a badass. Maximus is also awesome and I’m glad he joined the team and gave Sky a fabulous alibi. Low-key shipping them.

    Also every time I read his name, I giggle reminding myself not to call him Dumbledore. That line/interaction was fantastic and I can’t wait to see more of the siblings together.

    1. haha I also still think about that Dumbledor hint ?

  15. I agree, I don’t trust/like Ryan. I don’t feel the romance between him and Sky at all. He treated her bad and now suddenly he wants to help her., sounds suspicious.. I do like Maximus, I’m curious to see were the story goes for him, what he has to gain to help with the heist. The amulet is probably from Home and could be a key to the door or something like that. Gabriela is a nice character, but I do feel like Sky is using her.

    1. Gabriela is such a cool character and I feel that she deserves a better friendship with Sky. So far it seems that she is only being used and I hope that changes soon.

  16. Hi everyone

    This universe is so cool! And I agree with everyone who said we need more of Sky and her brothers. Absolutly.
    However I find it always so sad to see a main character use a friend like Gabriela. I hope she’ll do something about that.

    Can’t wait for the heist plot to move forward. I don’t trust Ryan or Maximilius but that’s something I really enjoy. When you are not completely sure who you can trust it makes the pages fly.

    Look forward to reading the new chapters!

    1. Definitely! I love and hate not trusting any characters! You never know what’s next

  17. Yeah I don’t trust Ryan, it just all seems a bit off to me ?
    And that kissing scene when they met in the warehouse while they were watching her moms surveillance footage….I’m not so fond of the love story so far.
    I’m enjoying the family dynamics like when Sky was picking the lock and her father didn’t even care and just said that her brotherswould have picked it faster and she should practice ?

  18. You have all got me doubting Ryan now… Dude is too nice

  19. I’m really hooked to this book now and can’t wait to read more and sky and gabriela and see their friendship develop, maximus is defo a mystery, why was he so eager to join? He definitely knows more then he’s letting on.

  20. Ok this segment officially has me hooked on the story! I definitely think the dad is involved and knows more than he says he does otherwise why would he be so insistent that Sky stay out of it?

    I don’t know how I feel about Ryan but I’m worried that in the end he’ll break poor little Sky’s heart.

    And I don’t trust Maximus either! He definitely has a stake in this somehow.

    One thing I do like is that they’re taking significant chunks of time to plan this heist. From the layout that Ryan described, it’s going to be more complicated than making a quick plan and hoping it works. Maximus offering the job made it way more realistic so that they have significant time to plan the heist.

    I”m loving getting to know this world and the magic a bit more.

    1. Agreed, I like that they’re taking the time to plan, sometimes in heist books they just half bake it and go with it ?

  21. So I’m thinking that there was more to her mums heist than meets the eye. Something to do with home, possibly the jewel she is trying to steal is a portal or something. Maybe that’s where her mum is now? She obviously disappeared from the vault! Through the portal to home?
    I agree with another post that compared Maximus to Magnus Bane. Definitely shadow hunter vibes going on here. I like that she is now assembling a team. Hope her brothers end up helping her and stop being annoying. I find them a bit suffocating.

    1. Ohhh, I had the same thoughts about the jewel as a key to home.
      I agree with you on her brothers. 🙂

  22. I’m definitely getting into the story now!
    I can not wait to see more of the characters, so far everyone is still a bit mysterious and we still don’t know what motivations the different characters have. I definitely want to read more about Skys brothers and their sibling relationship (family feels!)
    So far I’m trusting no one in this book (besides Gabriela, I like her already).

    I’m still really intrigued by the concept that it is set in our time from the summary I just kind of expected it not to be so I really am into this setting!

    I can’t wait to continue tomorrow

  23. The second part was really intersting. So many things happend and while I like the story and where it leads, I am not sure about some things.
    What’s up with her and Ryan. Why are they kissing when they are planing a heist. They could just say that they are back together but secretly?
    Why is the first thing she would do with this talon (that’s obviously something pretty special) is to sell it off to a wizard she met 5 minutes ago? And will he really use it for his magic? It would be such a shame to loose an relict/artifact to something like that.
    Why is Gabriela happy to be a back up friend? She is an interesting girl, -I’m looking forward to the part where her Gryffindor is showing – but I feel she deserves so much more.
    Why is Ryans family not intersted in Human things when his mother is human?
    And why is her father sealing off every door? He is not solving any problems with this kind of behaviour.

    I’m still looking forward for tomorrow and I hope that I get some answers.

    1. I just wanted to say that I am not happy with the relationship Sky and Ryan have. They have a long history and I just don’t understand why they make it so complicated. You like and trust someone – kiss the person. You were hurt and don’t know what to feel about him/her – don’t kiss the person. It’s just as easy as that, well maybe not but I hope you get what I mean.
      Thinking about Ryan, it is strange that he tries to contact her a month later. I’m pretty sure she wasn’t locked up at home for a month.

    2. Oh yeah I was also wondering if there’s more to the talon and they’re just going to burn it for magic? Suppose we will see!

  24. Omg that was even more fun than the first four chapters!
    I craved chocolate while reading so you better believe i grabbed some!!
    I dont know what to say lol i just loved it so much!
    And i kinda saw this coming, Sky, Ryan and Maximus m(maybe Gabriela lol)
    Somehow Maximus reminds me of Magnus(TMI) idk why but he does lol and obviously it makes me love him more and more!!
    can’t wait for tomorrow’s chapters!!

    1. I totally craved chocolate as well!

    2. This book might be a bad influence as far as snacks go because I too had some chocolate haha

  25. Interesting, interesting…

    I don’t trust anyone in this book, like it’s impossible. They’re wyverns, I mean it’s logical to find them suspicious. The only character I already trust is Gabriela ( and Sky of course)because I love her personality and all. I really don’t know how to feel about Ryan and the romance is sweet but so cheesy at the same time (omg the kiss was so awkward but lovely too. They act like a couple in love no?). And for Maximus, he’s totally suspect. I mean, for the very first time, he looks so … Idk! But I think I can like him.

    The plot is becoming more complex and intriguing (?) and I hope so much that Gabriela will be part of the heist too. Sky, please, don’t lie to her!

    I really love to read all the theories! Like, how do you guys can have so great ideas just by reading 8 chapters?

  26. I’m really liking it so far! Stopping at chapter 8 was a struggle so I may or may not have read ahead a tad (no spoilers though!).

    Funnily enough I trust Ryan but I really hope he’s going to do something very shady at some point, that would make him so much more interesting. I’m also very intrigued by the Dad.

    1. It’s definitely not easy to stop especially since we read a bit less each day for this book than last time. We are book hungry! ?

  27. Books have definitely made me paranoid !! Do not trust Ryan !!!
    I think the talon amulet is important or is worth alot more than Sky realises and I think maximus definitely knows more than he is letting on. Although I do really like his character.
    I really want Sky and Gabriella’s friendship to evolve and hopefully Sky treats her better as the story goes on.
    Can’t wait to read the heist !!!

    1. Haha! I think by the end of the book we are all going to be paranoid lol xD x

    2. I’m glad I’m not the only one who doesn’t trust anyone because of books now!

  28. I really like Gabriela! I think she will be a loyal friend and help Sky a lot in the upcoming chapters!
    I don’t think Ryan has an ulterior motive, I think he just loves Sky and wants to help her have her family name restored.
    Maximus….. I like him. He is very eager though and obviously there is something sus happening with him but I’m not sure yet.
    I also think that maybe Sky’s mum found the Door to go Home. That’s why she has disappeared and maybe she can’t get back for some reason?

  29. So far, the only one I trust is Gabriela ? she is so pure, I would love to be friends with her ? I am not sure about Ryan yet.. and it is defibitely weird that Sky’s familu trusts her not to do the heist. Maybe there is some hidden motive ?
    I would still love to see one of her brothers to help woth the heist, but they probably wont ☹️

    and I am still for my theory that mum’s dissapearance has something to do with home and being abe to go there..we will see.

    Otherwise, it reads almost itaelf and I love the humour, can’t wait for tomorrow’s chapters ?

    1. Very well said, the book reads almost itself! I agree personally. Such a fun experience.

  30. Another good part. I am really enjoying Sky, writing style and the story. I also like, that the characters actually do what they say will do and not just talking about it for 200 pages and than do it. The book is perfect mix of humour, relationships and action, so I hope it will continue. I do not know about Ryan, he just seems like meh for a main love interest, on the other hand we did not get that much of him, so….I will wait with other judgments but I also thought that there is something off about him, I do not completely trust him. Maximus seems like a great character and Gabriela too, looks like we going to see them more, yay.
    Also, I know that Sky wants to do the heist, but honestly, if someone who I am trying to sell gold starts to talk like Maximus, I might actually change my mind and not sell the talon, I think it is going to be important later and Sky might regret selling it, although I know, it is her only option. Also, how her brothers knew, she is ther? :-O Also, I want more scenes with them. Curious what happens next.

  31. I’m really loving Gabriela so far. Sky is a good MC but she’s definitely my fave. I really love that they’d friendship seems to be based on food. I’d buy her two pots of I’ve cream too XD

  32. I really enjoyed these chapters! The humor of the story is the best ? I like Gabriela; I think she will have an important role in the story. I even think that she will take part in the heist ? I’m still suspicious about Ryan; I still don’t trust him, although he doesn’t have areason to lie. But I think he will fail somehow in gaining Sky’s trust, but in the last moment, he will choose his side and help Sky anyways. Maximus kind of remembers me of Magnus from The Mortal Instruments ? I don’t know why, but he does. So, in this case I think he will help Sky with the heist. But not sure, if he wants the treasure all for himself ? about Sky’s family, I just can say, they are annoying with all of the “Leave it, don’t think of it, forget about it” things ? I sometimes want to punch them in the face for being so negative and hopeless ?

    1. Right?? How is the dad and brothers expect her to forget the mother?? It’s not some minor life part!

  33. I think Gabriella is so cool ^^ and Ryan helping Sky is interesting. I do trust him, I just also think there’s more than he’s not maybe not saying? Not sure.
    Also not sure hat I trust Maximus. I think he’s really interesting but idk. Not sur what he’s up to.
    Loving this so far though.

    1. So glad to hear you’re enjoying it!

  34. This Maximus character is giving me weird Magnus Bane vibes for some reason ?

    I also think that perhaps Sky’s mother was trying to find out the secret about her Dragon heritage. In the first section of the book it mentioned that they lost the ability to change in to their Dragon form and I have a feeling she was trying to find out a way for this to become known again as well as finding out a way to get back to their home before the dragons generations before them were banished. It’s a long shot theory but it’s what I’m getting currently.

    I like now how we seem to be getting a team together here and I feel there will be more people to come, Gabriella included despite her being human I know she will have a part to play. Sky said she was smart, perhaps that will be a part of the her talent that they will need when it comes to it.

    About Ryan I’m not sure what’s going on there, he seems to know about this jewel. I have a feeling that it is something else. Something big. A portal to their old world? Who knows. Seems kind of funny considering Sky’s mother disappeared whilst trying to steal it as well as the lengths the other family have gone to to protect it. We all know dragons love their boards but I don’t know. Something is very fishhhhy here!

    1. Your not the only one! I find that Maximus is similar to Magnus Bane lol xD x

    2. Oh someone else said that it reminds them of Magnus! You guys maybe on to something!

  35. I enjoyed this chunk more than I did yesterdays but I’m still not meshing with Sky’s character. There are just times when she says or does something and I’m left looking at the page like, “HUH?” I don’t understand why tabloids would be writing about her. There’s this really weird dichotomy in the book where it’s somehow trying to convince us that dragons have been part of society for a really long time and thanks to PR humans have mostly become accustomed to them. However, they are also somehow treated like celebrities. I know they tried to explain this in the first section we read yesterday but it didn’t really satisfy me. Just for some reason, there are humans obsessed with wyverns who run their own tabloids and basically stalk these random families who happen to breathe fire? If we ignore the whole trained since they were young to pick locks and work security systems for their eventual first heist the wyverns are raised like regular people. They go to school, they have hobbies, you’d think after literal centuries of them being on our world they wouldn’t be treated so differently. I don’t know, it’s just something really bugging me and every time the celebrity type thing pops up I get twitchy.

    I love Gabriella’s character. She’s a lot of fun and I love how she puts Sky in her place. Maximus interests me. I’m hoping he’s a good character and not going to end up double-crossing Sky during the heist. I’m not sure about Ryan, he seems like he’s being earnest but who knows maybe everyone is evil!

    1. I agree with you that some of the worldbuilding doesn’t quite seem to ring true.

    2. I totally understand what you’re saying although I feel it would defiantly be in the tabloids and in the news if anything other than ordinary would happen; someone breathing fire? You bet all the paparazzi and the press will be on it ??

  36. At this point I don’t really know which characters to trust. I think that maximus is hiding something about the amulet.

    I am actually really enjoying this book and have not read a book as enthusiasticly as this in a while. I am really looking forward to knowing what’s in the vault.
    Also was I the only one to pick up on the shannara chronicles refrence.

    1. Oh I haven’t picked up on that no! So glad you’re enjoying the book!

  37. I don’t know if Ryan’s behaviour is dodgy because he doesn’t want to risk getting seen with Sky or if it’s because he’s up to something, they were best friends for years, why would he suddenly not be on her side? I get why he turned his back on her, if his father threatened her, that makes sense, of course the love-sick teenage boy is going to protect his girlfriend. But there’s something, I don’t know what it is yet, either he knows something more about her Mom or maybe this is his moment to prove to his father that he’s a good Wyvern or whatever. Maybe that’s how the author wants us to feel and he’s going to be the only trustworthy one out of them all in the end.

    I love Maximus, he’s got this attitude about him that made me like him instantly. I don’t like comparing but he definitely has a Magnus Bane feel to him. What’s up with the talon? If it’s as valuable as he made it seem why didn’t her mother do a better job at hiding it?

    Gabriela is really nice, the poor girl doesn’t know what she’s gotten herself into. Her house is going to give me nightmares for damn sure. I don’t like that Sky is ultimately using her. Asking her to lie, dropping her off, picking her up, being her look out and her thought of repayment is a tub of ice-cream? How about do something genuine with her instead?! Bah, so yeah, Sky isn’t my favourite character which makes it a little frustrating at times, being first person narrative and all but the mystery element and the other characters, like her brothers, and father, make it worth-while.

    1. I totally agree. I am abit 50/50 with Ryan as I’m not sure if he is a good guy in all this or a bad guy. To me he might be a bit more paranoid since the way his father treats him, so he is trying to protect Sky from him?

      Yes I am definitely getting a Magnus Bane vibe from Maximus. I know you don’t like comparing but I feel the same way! And I too think he is hiding something about the talon necklace.

      I love Gabriella too! She is sweet and innocent and probably just wants to have a friend, but Sky is using her all the time. I don’t like that. It just reminds me of my past when people used me and not actually being a friend. So I feel sorry for Gabriella, I would definitely be her friend if I was living in their world x

    2. Hopefully Sky will also grow and change over this heist!

  38. Enjoyed this section a little more. I like the inclusion of Gabriela as a human character and have an idea she’ll be joining the heist team soon.
    How did her brothers know she was going to be at the shop?
    Very interested to know why Maximus is so desperate to be in on the heist.
    Ryan seems like he means what he says but I’m suspicious he’s going to double cross. I wonder if the jewel is either something that will induce flight or open a door to Home.
    I’m still not totally sold on the voice if I’m honest.
    Is this a standalone or the start of a series does anyone know?

    1. I believe it’s a standalone!

  39. I like Ryan but then I don’t like Ryan…ya know what I mean?

  40. Today’s chapters were a lot better than yesterday’s. I find that I am enjoying it a bit more but we will see what happens next.

    I am loving the awkward friendship between Sky and Gabriella, i felt bad that Sky was using her for excuses and alibis but I am hoping that their friendship will grow past that. Also I loved how the author added another Hogwarts snippet by having Gryffindor house symbol on Gabriella’s bedroom door 🙂 Did anyone else notice that too?

    We have finally found out the reason why Ryan and Sky broke up. And I feel a little bit sorry for Ryan, the only way he could protect his girlfriend was to break up with her??? I mean his dad is horrible! who could do that to their own son?

    I really would like to know why Sky’s mum had that talon necklace??? I think Sky’s mum made a bargain or something with Maximus??? What happened if he tricked her and gave her a spell that she thought would help but it was something completely different???? I think Maximus is a very sneaky guy, I am going to keep my eye on him. And also he is getting more suspicious especially how quickly he was on accepting the talon necklace from Sky, and what gave him the right to ask to join her crew/heist thing? I think he is hiding things, just like her father and her brothers. I am even thinking that Ryan is hiding something too! Why can’t anyone just be truthful to Sky for once???

    Again why do Sky and her father have to have those little moments, it always tears me up when I read them! But they are sweet moments and it looks like he stayed with his rain check when he came in with a hot chocolate 🙂

    Now the heist with Ryan, I love how is helping her but something isn’t right??? I have a bad feeling that his father is forcing him to do this, maybe to get Sky’s family more into the bad books and to lose everything else they have???
    However, I do feel sorry for Sky seeing that video of her mum. It must be very difficult to watch. But what happens if that is a fake? a trick to trick Sky??? So many possibilities.
    And then Sky was thinking that she can’t forgive Ryan so quickly in yesterdays chapters but then ends up kissing him!!! I mean seriously?!!! What is going on in her mind? Don’t get me wrong it would be nice to see them together again, but Ryan is very suspicious to me at the moment.

    Well tonight’s chapters have been a little more exciting than last night, so I am intrigued to see what happens next x

  41. I love Gabriela! I don’t have many friends myself so when she was willing to help Sky but said ” You’ll have to tell me what to do” I just connected to her so much. I also don’t really trust Maximus but I feel like maybe he’s meant to feel untrustworthy right now if that makes sense?
    I am still sticking with my original theory that the jewel is somehow possibly a portal to Home since the topic of Home continues to be brought up.

    1. I connected with Gabriella too! I know the feeling all too well! I just wished that Sky wouldn’t use her like that and just be her friend. Gabriella stuck by her even though she read all those things about her. That’s got to me something?! x

  42. Sky makes it seem like she sneaks out a lot. How exactly is that possible with their house security being so advanced? Maybe her Dad pretends like he doesn’t know.

    I kind of feel like Maximus’s shop was modeled with Borgin and Burkes in mind.. making shady magic transactions.

    1. Muahhaa maybe she just knows the security system enough to trick it.

  43. I think the only character I trust is Gabriela!

  44. I am really enjoying the sense of humor and dialogue between characters, its getting better in every chapter. I love that the author doesnt waste anytime getting right into the action while also managing a great balance of information and back story.

    1. Agree, the humour is really fun!

  45. My prediction is somehow this jewel that the mother stole is part of the “Door” and her mother is either trying to get back to “Home” or somehow got whisked away there anyhow.

    I also ship Gabriela with one of the brothers although not sure which yet but that would be awesome juicy bit to the story.

    Maximus is a very interesting character and I can’t wait to know more about him and his background.

    I do wish we got to be at the beginning of Sky and Ryan’s relationship though because as of now I don’t feel very invested or attached to it. Anyone else feel this way? I still don’t fully trust him but only time will tell I guess!

  46. I thought today’s chapters were better than yesterday’s. It is starting to pick up now. I do have to agree with what some of the others are saying in that some of the writing is awkward and at times juvenile. In some ways Sky is more concerned about getting her boyfriend and “friends” back than about doing this to help her family.

    I actually like Gabriella better than Sky. She is like a cross between Hermione and Luna. Quirky, brainy and couragous enough to break rules for a friend. Maximus is also interesting and mysterious. I think he definitely knows more about that gold talon amulet and what happened with Sky’s mother than he is letting on. He is definitely not to be trusted but I also like how sarcastic and sly he is.

    Based on what Maximus said about the Wyvern detection spell, I also agree with others who suggested that Gabriella is going to be in on the heist too and be the decoy for the spell while Sky slips through.

    I haven’t really formed too much of an opinion about Ryan yet. He is mostly a bland character that we don’t know a lot about yet and we haven’t really gotten a good sense of his characteristics or motivations. He mostly seems to be in the story as a means to get Sky access to the vault where the jewel is being held.

    I think that Sky and her crew will steal the Jewel but it is going to cause more trouble for them than they thought. I definitely think it will lead them to the Door to Home, Sky’s Mother and how they can get their transformation powers back.

  47. I really enjoyed the chapters this time as well. I can’t wait to see what happens next!

    Sky is kinda juvenile at times. And she is more interested in getting her boyfriend back and lussing him. And she is kinda using Gabriela as well ? Gabriela is quirky and brainy and I adore her. And Maximus is so interesting and I can’t wait to see more from him.
    I dont know about Ryan, I think he has some ulterior motive, but I dont know what yet.

    I’m excited for the next chapters!

  48. These Chapters were better for me/I liked them more, but I also managed to get through them quicker than the ones before.
    Honestly, I don’t really like Ryan, I don’t trust him and I don’t really care for the relationship/love between him and Sky…
    I don’t trust Maximus either, don’t get me wrong XD But I like him.
    Most of all I really love Gabriella (honestly she needs a Nickname, don’t want to type this long name every time). But I feel sorry for her that Sky right now is just using her. That has to become a real/better friendship or I will be mad.
    I get a more or less typical older brother-younger sister relationship from here (okay additional no talking and weird behavior because the mother is gone), but for me they still seem somehow protective of her. I’m curious how that evolves.
    One of the things I enjoy most is that Sky and Gabriella are very aware of their character “flaws” (even though I don’t consider Gabriella’s as flaws).

  49. Okay I have a theory here: the big gem in the vault of Ryan’s parents is the key of the Door, and that’s were her mother is too. Or at the least I think we’ll see more of Home. It’s still a very mysterious place. Or maybe the gem triggers transforming into dragons again. That would be pretty cool too. I feel like there’s more too both the gem and the talon amulet than just treasure.

    1. It does seem possible that the Door will be a big part of this!

  50. Hello Looters!

    It’s Day 2 of the Readalong and I’m feeling extremely lonely because… I’m probably the only one that likes the book less and less as we go deeper into the story.

    The characters seem flat and indifferent to me, the plot doesn’t unfold as I expected it to, the info-dumping hasn’t stopped, instead it’s gotten worse, and I still get the feeling this book was originally written for a younger audience.
    Also, I feel really annoyed by the fact that Sky practically manipulates everyone and lies to everyone.

    The only character that I think I may like if I read a bit more is Maximus. But, and I’m not saying this lightly, I think that if things don’t improve during today’s chapters, I’m going to DNF “Fire & Heist”. Because, honestly, I’ve seen anything but fire up till now.

    1. Aw I’m sorry you haven’t liked this book – can’t love them all! Hopefully the next one will be more to your liking! I’m always encouraging DNFing as we should try and spend our time with things that we adore.

      Have a wonderful evening and we hope to see you next time!

    2. I know the feeling, I was (I finished the book today) going through that too! Your not the only one who didn’t like it x

  51. I am so suspicious of everyone!! I don’t think anyone is telling the truth; most of her crew have other motives and I’m convinced her family know what happened to her mother and don’t want to tell her.

    I’ve got a theory that her mother has found the Door back to Home and that is where she has disappeared to. It feels like the Door to Home is a major plot point.

    My favourite part of today’s chapters, was when Sky was talking about her favourite lessons. They were the same as mine. I loved maths and science as there is right or wrong answers but with English it’s about hidden meanings and interpretations that I could never understand, it never made any sense!!


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