Fire & Heist Readalong: Day 6

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Hi FairyLooters!

The final day has come! We had also revealed some exciting news over on our Instagram page, are you excited for the special edition box? We’re so pumped for it!

Hopefully your Saturday is relaxing and you’ll get a chance to finish our read; Fire and Heist. I’m in the middle of a couple of reads, but this is the first book I finished in 2019. What about you?

Let’s jump into it!

Please be warned, the following will include spoilers for Fire & Heist. Read only if you’ve finished those chapters!


I think the family aspect of this book is my favourite thing ever. Sky comes back and the whole family just hugged her, cried. I think it’s made even better because they are all males and so often in books their sensitivities are overlooked. It’s very heart warming, and the whole kitchen scene with the pizza is so normal Friday night other than the fact they are plotting another heist. Her father is finally all-in; this is the family heist we were waiting for! There’s no way he is losing his daughter again.

Gabriela joins in! She just enters the scene, all keen and unafraid, completely enchanted by magic still (maybe it’s not something you ever completely get used to). Speaking of being enchanted, Liam is very much intrigued by her because she is so different from what he expected a non-wyvern girl to be in this situation.

I didn’t even know I needed this ship so badly, but I do!

Oh and we also learned that the father knew everything about the mothers situation all along but obviously he was just trying to protect them from any further damage, and to be fair I think it’s mostly mothers fault even though she didn’t know what the consequences would be at the time. At the end of the day, the father was the one who was there for them. I don’t know why but I am so much more empathetic toward him than the mother. What about you?

Also this chapter really made me want pizza and I am considering ordering it now. Such bad influence. Been snacking and drinking hot chocolate throughout this readalong like crazy.

Sky teaches her brothers how to turn, which is just kind of funny because imagine if they just tried that before? It’s really odd how easily they turn, I suppose it’s believing it’s possible because you’ve seen it happen in front of your own eyes rather than just doing it to be silly. Maybe that’s the biggest part of it, maybe more important than believing in yourself? I love Gabriela‘s reactions and I also really really like how Benden (thank goodness we got rid of the nickname!) was fascinated by the human side of the world. He doesn’t even seem to want to turn into a dragon, he’s just so happy being human and getting away from all of it. Just wanting to know more about seemingly boring stuff like school.

Gabriella the Dragon Rider.

Can we please have another book just titled like this, where she is our main character? I would read that.

I’m so worried that the father might get hurt during this heist part.

Ryan’s father actually turns into a dragon and grabs Sky’s father, threatening to kill him if she doesn’t give to jewel. I don’t really know how he knows that she has it? Ryan pulls a pot twist and jumps into the other world so his father would be hesitant (or at least he hopes he would!) to destroy the Door. And then the biggest plot twist! It’s Ryan’s quiet mother who steps up and starts screaming at her husband that what he’s been doing has to stop. She’s the one who set this in motion from the start! 

She’s the informer who worked with Sky’s mother! She’s the brain behind this. Her husband has clearly lost sight of his original purpose for using the Door and got consumed by the power it provided and she had just about enough of it. How have we not seen this coming?

Oh that ending is very sweet. Everyone being reunited. Imagine losing a family member or someone disappearing in a very weird manner, and then finding them again.

The epilogue has probably provided me with the tastiest little gem from the whole book: Gabriella feeding a real unicorn a pizza roll.

I understand it’s ridiculous but I am so happy for her. Her goals are my goals <3

I also like how it’s mentioned that her parents marriage obviously will need work after all of the recent events. It’s not all just happily-ever-after.

Oh and she calls her family her treasure, her first horde of her first heist. This is such a sweet wholesome ending.

And that, my friends, is a wrap! What did you think?

Thank you so very much for reading together with us all, I have loved reading your thoughts as we move onwards & I am sure the others did too! Reading with you always makes the experience that much better.

Will you be participating in our next one?

Hope you have a wonderful weekend and until next time!



43 thoughts on “Fire & Heist Readalong: Day 6

  1. « At the time of the last reckoning, I led my first heist and gained my first hoard. It’s here all around me : Ryan, Gabriela, Benden, Novi, mom, dad, Charles, Tuck and Liam.
    My friends and my family are my treasure.
    They are my gold. » ❤️❤️❤️

    So I finished “Fire and Heist” one day earlier (because hey 40/50 pages isn’t enough) and oh what a great book it was !

    I loved today’s part : I loved the family reunions it was so sweet it even made me cried. I loved seeing them planing the new heist and training. I loved the relation Sky have with her family and friends.

    Sky was a great character, I loved her confidence in herself but Gabriela totally stole the book for me ! She was funny and her excitement about everything was awesome and contagious, I loved the scene where she met the unicorn ???. And I would totally read « Gabriela the Dragon Rider » too, give me that !!!

    I gave a 4/5 stars to this amazing stand-along. I want to thank the Fairyloot team because without you I wouldn’t even consider reading this book (I know, I said the same this for the “Skyward” readalong but that’s true !).
    And yes, I would be joining the readalong for the January box ?

    See you soon, guys ! ??

    1. I totally agree about Gabriela, she was the best ?

    2. I loved the nice family and friends reunion at the end. And the part with Gabriella and the unicorn was so funny!
      I do hope that the relationship with her and Liam blossoms ? x

  2. I finished the book a day early too and I was surprised how much I enjoyed it. I really didn’t think it was for me when I read the blurb but I always love the fairyloot books.

    I did really like the end, I love a happy ending. I really want to see more of liam and Gabriela though, they’re just too cute together.

    1. I agree I think the next book should have some fun love triangle stuff with Worm and Liam liking Gabriela 🙂

  3. I thought it was a tidy ending. I did like the fact that it was Ryan’s mother who was the informant, but I was really bothered by the fact that she never fought him face to face. It’s only when it’s *her* child that she absolutely freaks out? I get she was trying to be sneaky about it and he was a gigantic controlling jerkyface, but the whole line about the postcard at the end made me very angry. I felt like the “power made him BAD” trope was a bit of a cope out and there could have been some pretty cool villainy going on.

    I did like the Gabriela + Liam ship, but by the end, I still wasn’t a believer in Ryan + Sky, so it was at least something (after Maximus and all of his sass was removed from the narrative… He seemed very “Magnus Bane” to me!)

    Overall, not my favourite Fairyloot book, but it was an enjoyable super quick, super plot driven read! And I’m posting my #fairyheist photo tonight (with the handle @madamepincers ?)

    Thanks for an awesome readalong!!!

    1. I totally agree that I never got that right “vibe” about Sky and Ryan I just wasn’t invested in it at all :/

    2. I loved how it was the mum who was the the person behind Sky’s mum’s heist. I am so glad that she spoke up in the end though x

  4. I really enjoyed this book. It was my first time taking part of the readalong and it was awesome.
    The book was cute. But also a bit cheesy at times. But I enjoyed myself while reading this book.
    I really loved the family dynamic. And Gabriela is one of my favorites so innocent and pure ? and the unicorn love was everything! ??
    I gave this book a 3,5/5.
    Can’t wait for next month readalong! ????

  5. I’m glad there was a proper epilogue, it always feels satisfying when there’s a proper wrapped up ending, and I’m glad everyone ended up safe and happy! It was a shame Ryan’s father got away after everything he’d done, but he does get a taste of his own medicine by now having to hide away as an outcast, so that’s satisfying in a way. I’m glad Sky’s family was all reunited and is on a way to becoming a proper family again, especially since that’s what I wanted to happen right from the start! It was also great how Gabriela got to be a part of the heist again and basically had all her dreams come true when she met the unicorn, I thought that was brilliant! Overall I think I quite enjoyed this book. I might even reread it again some time.
    Thank you for hosting the readalong, it’s been really fun to take part and I’m definitely going to again when I next get a Fairyloot box!

  6. Another readalong over and it went by so quickly! And I really did like this book quite a lot! At the beginning I had some issues with it, to be honest, (especially the cheesy romance) but oh wow this just got better and better towards the ending! And that epilogue! SO CUTE! I loved the message about family and Gabriella with the unicorn was just so hilarious! It was kind of ridiculous even, but in a good way!
    I really enjoyed the humor in this book, and Sky’s sarcasm and commenting was on point! And also it was really nice to read a stand-alone once in a while with no dreading cliffhanger at the end haha! No need to wait another year to hear the end of this story, so glad! ?

    And I just wanna say that I really enjoy these readalongs! I’ve participated in all 3 of them so far and it really motivates me to actually read the book. Before that, my FairyLoot books had always been lying around for ages before I finally picked them up. Some I still haven’t read yet! (Shame on me!)
    Maybe it would be a fun idea to do a readathon where everyone finishes their not-read-yet FairyLoot books? ?

    Anyways, thanks for hosting this and see you all next month with another exciting book! ?☺️

  7. I love this book. Too bad it ended. Gabriela with the unicorn was so cute. I love it that the book ended so normally with them watching movie and eating popcorn after everything that happened. And that Sky realised her family and friends are the greatest treasure

  8. Gabriela is everything and I was obsessed with the way Liam was so interested in her human life. I need the next book with a story about them!

    Overall I really enjoyed this. I’m glad we had the read along or I don’t know when I would’ve gotten to it. And yes I’m absolutely participating in the next one!

    I feel very satisfied with the ending. The only wish I have with the whole book is that when they entered the other world they could’ve expanded more on all the training and magic. I could’ve read another couple hundred pages of what Home was like.

    Thanks for hosting this read along!

  9. This was such an easy read and I enjoyed it a lot. I didn’t ship Sky and Ryan AT ALL though. Their romance just didn’t seem natural. And I was really hoping for a spark between Benden and Gabriela…
    While I thought that most parts of the book were a bit rushed or dragged out, I really liked the ending.

    I’m already looking forward to the next readalong!

    1. Yay I shipped Benden and Gabriela too!

    2. I was shopping Worm and Gabriella but tbh I ship Liam and Gabriella ? x

  10. I just LOVE the familial love between the Hawkins family with the bothers and father. I’m not too crazy about Sky’s love life I just don’t feel that connection between her and Ryan but the family love is ON POINT.

    Maybe shipping Benden and Gabriela now? Or Kanye Liam? I need a love triangle somewhere! Sill adore the Star Wars references!!!

    I REALLY liked how the size of the dragon corresponded with how you saw yourself. Bringing the unicorn to earth for Gabriela was so sweet!

    I adored the ending how it really was a book about family and friendship!

    1. I loved the family too! I didn’t really shop the romance with Sky and Ryan but it was a nice ending x

  11. So sad this readalong is over!
    It was a lot of fun reading everyones thoughts.

    This book put me out of my usual reading so that is always a plus.

    Hope to be able to do the next readalong as well.

  12. I really, really liked this book.
    I do understand what some people are saying about it being pretty straightforward—Sky could instantly turn into a dragon, and everything went right where it had to, but you know what? Sometimes that’s refreshing to read!
    I thoroughly enjoyed the experience with Sky. This was fun!

    I’m still not sure I liked Ryan’s character much, he just seemed pretty flat to me, and I’m not at all comfortable with the way he treated Sky at the beginning of the book, even if he was doing it to protect her. Surely he could have gotten a message out to her or something?
    I just think Sky can do better.

    This was a great pick from FairyLoot and definitely not something I would have considered reading otherwise.
    I loved reading it as part of the readalong, it just makes everyday more fun to look forward to!
    Thanks again to G for hosting, and I can’t wait to do this all over again with the next book!

  13. Another read-along over and I enjoyed it very much. Book was good and light-hearted and there was nice balance of humour and action. Relationship between Hawkins family was great and I enjoyed their moments very much. I gave the book nice 4/5 stars.

    Also, please tell me I wasn’t the only who notice the author/editor mistake in chapter 22, when they were planning the heist, I mean the one with Tuck who went for Gabriela, but in the other sentence he was still there and then BAM he was back with Gabriela.

    I love the epilogue, it gave closure.

    I will go down with Liam and Gabriela ship, I would love to see them together.

    So overall, it was nice, quick reading and I really enjoyed it, though not my favourite Fairyloot book.?

    1. Ha. Not the only one who noticed the error. Mention it in my comment today too ?

      1. Yaaay.? Happy not to be alone.? I was staring at those pages and was trying to figure out what is happening. First I thought she just put a wrong name and thought Liam actually, but then Liam was speaking and I was like ? ?. But except fort this mistake it was very enjoyable reading.?

    2. I’M SO GLAD SOMEONE ELSE NOTICED THIS!! I got really confused when I read it and went back and started again incase I missed something but nope, just an error haha!

      1. Yeah, me too. I was so confused that I went back and forward with those lines few times and try to figure out what happend, until I was finally ready to admit that the author/editor missed this huge error in the book, but otherwise this, it was good book and I really enjoyed ti.♥

    3. Yay! Gabriella and Liam LOVE ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ x

  14. When I first started reading this one, although I was enjoying the humour I was worried that it was just a bit too cheesy for me! However I ended up enjoying this fun quick read and I liked that it didn’t take itself too seriously!
    I could have definitely done with more Gabriela – she is hilarious ? and of course more unicorns ?
    Another great readalong – thank you G and the @fairyloot team for hosting. I’m looking forward to the next one ?

  15. We’re finished. I m sad it’s over but I have to say that I liked the 1st half of the book more.
    The finale wasn’t as exciting as I excpected. It pretty much went smooth. The only thing that shocked me was Ryan’s mom! I never thaught she knew everything. Sky’s Dad also knew quite a lot… I don’t know why he didn’t help Anabelle.
    The transformation of Sky’s brothers was super quick but okay. Never mind.
    I loved that Sky and Ryan got their happily ever after. Too sweet. And hell yeah I was living for Gabriela and the unicorn.

    I enjoyed the book but it was too short at some scenes. But the humor was on point.

  16. I have to admit that this book surprised me~

    I wasn’t the biggest fan till Sky was banished. Once she woke up at Home, I started to fall for the storyline 🙂
    I rly appreciated the humour in this book from the start tho. xD

    It was a quick n smooth read and I mostly fell in love with Gabriela, like most ppl I guess *hehe

    And pls can we talk about her and Liam’s encounter? Like: I LOVE this pairing ♡

    I often happen to fall for the side charas. So, no wonder I fell for that nerdy Girl wearing a Shannara Shirt n loving HP lol.

    This was my first read-along and I found myself rly enjoying it! It pushed me to finish the book on time x)

    I finished it on the 10th bc I rly liked the second half of the book~

    Thanks for the awesome book box, Fairyloot! Thanks for hosting this read-along, G ♡

  17. First of all, I loved doing this with you guys, it was the best way possible to read a book, I will miss you with my next reads ?

    Second, I think that Gabriela definitely stole the whole show here. I adored her character, she was all of us nerdy bookish people who want to go and have an adventure. And how Liam looked at her, awwww. And the end with unicorn was just a cherry on the top ?

    I wished the book was longer, descriptions and worldbuilding were more lenghty and detailed and it wasn’t over so soon.

    It was light, fun and charming read. I loved all the references to things I love ? thank you fairyloot ?

  18. Just finished the book. Hats off first to you Fairy Loot. I felt like the way you had the book broken up by day was perfect. It left me excited for the next day but moved the story along enough that I was happy with the chunk I read.
    I was very surprised how much I liked this book. It’s very different than most books and I feel like it started out very juvenille but on day 2 found it’s stride. Sky grew on me as a character but I think Gabriela really was the character that made the book. I would definitely read a sequel with her as the main character. This was my first Fairy Loot box and my first readalong and I look forward to next month’s!

  19. I am surprised by how much I like this book really, and the whole readalong experience was just amazing! I am so looking forward to joining in on the next one!

    These chapters were truly amazing! Seriously, I’ve been glue to this book all day and I’ve also be incredibly antisocial, because the only people I want to talk to are Wyverns
    Gabrielle meeting the unicorn was the sweetest thing I’ve ever read. Talking about sweet… How lovely was that last line! I think my heart may have exploded.

    Thank you Fairyloot for putting this book in my hands and doing this fantastic readalong that prevented the book being stuck on my bookshelf and gaining dust there

    – outandabout.books

  21. I don’t think I’ve connected to Sky as much as when she demanded pizza and a pee on arriving home.
    The adults in this are rubbish aren’t they. Her Dad knew and did nothing. Glad to see the family’s love for her again.
    And Bendon has a name and respect. Hope either the family adopt him or Novi joins him.
    ??? had to laugh at how Sky gets Tuck cooking as his role in the heist.
    Bit of a continuity error tho when he leaves to get Gabriela, answers the question about the potion and comes back all in the same section!
    Ok so maybe it’s a Liam /Gabriela not Bendon /Gabriela love match.

    So we redo the heist again. Think that would have been better had there been a slightly different challenge.

    Ryan’s dad were-dragons out and Ryan put his faith in his father’s love (risky) by going Home. Love that his mum stands up to Mr Keene finally.

    Then we have the movie popcorn happy ending with Bendon getting adopted and the best bit was Gabriela getting to meet her unicorn and keep flirting with Liam.

    Really wasn’t sure at the beginning how I would like this. It was a little hit and miss but did have some good elements and it was different. Personally I actually feel a little more editing for pace and worldbuilding might have made it stronger. 3.5/5 stars.

    1. Oh yeah, the unicorn and Gqbriela scenes were everything. I was laughing because that would be me.?

    2. I think everyone loved everything about Gabriella and her finally meeting a unicorn. Also the ❤️ between her and Liam! ??? sooooo shopping them too! x

  22. Helloooo !
    Well this was my first readalong and I had a lot of fun! thank you for hosting! This was such a fun book too! Can’t wait to received the January box!

  23. I really enjoyed that the author got her inspiration for this book while eating pizza and talking about heist movies.

    I think we could have spent a lot more time on Home. I feel like we barely got a glimpse of it.. i felt like more the story could have been based here.

    I also picked up on a few typos throughout the book, but really the content is what matters the most.. it just makes it challenging to read during those parts.

    I had so much fun doing the readalong with everyone! There were a couple days i got behind because of work, but then I’d catch up and make sure to read through everyone’s comments. This was my first time participating and I definitely look forward to reading with you guys in the future!

  24. Time for last read along, I have enjoyed the read along but not much about the story.
    Sky managed to get home even if it was a crash landing. I am glad her family believed her about the door and everything she had been through. Plus that moment with her brothers and her dad hugging her just made me teary ? but now the fun really begins! They get to do a heist together as a family and to bring back their mum, lets hope everything goes to plan.

    Can I just say how amazing Gabriella is! I love how she reacted when she came to their house and she found out that Sky was alive!
    Also I have decided that Liam and Gabriella are going to be together, all those slight flirting going when they were planning and also when her brothers turned into DRAGONS!
    I loved how the twins were the same, and even though Charles had trouble he still managed to transform.
    I am finding that the closer we get to the end of the book, the more fun and interesting it is ??‍♀️

    Time for heist number 2 and this time it is a lot better, everyone is in their places. Sky and Gabriella have managed to get into Ryan’s room and informed him on what happing. After Mr Keene, Sky’s Dad and Ryan left to head downstairs, they all managed to get through all the traps (and much quicker too).
    I had to hold my breath when I was reading the part with Liam defusing the bomb, but it all turned out great in the end and they had the jewel.
    Of course everything was going great, until Ryan was trying his hardest to lie about his heist and people were getting suspicious ?

    Mr Keene has finally gone YAY! However, I was hoping for him to either be punished or killed. I am so glad that families were reunited, and Worm is now adopted by Sky’s family!
    Liam & Gabriella are going to be such a cute couple ? and I am happy for Sky and Ryan.
    It was so nice to know that they got their fortune back, the family is whole again and they are the owners/protectors of the door that anyone can come and go from.
    It is nice that Maximus is staying with his wife, but it just makes me wonder how that new guy who was hired by Maximus is doing lol ? I wonder if Sky’s mum would take over?

    Anyway, it wasn’t the best of books to be honest. It was a slow start, then it go good then it felt rushed with the planning of the heist and the actually heist and being exiled into Home. But once she came out of Home it got a little better. Still if I was reading this as an e-book I wouldn’t buy it physically. However, I have enjoyed my time with you all again, and I can’t wait for the next read along! ? x

  25. Ok, so I missed day 5 and I’m okay with that only because I don’t think I would have been able to stop and I need to sleep. The time difference is weird as well in 8 or so hours behind you G.

    OKay wow, I always knew she would end up being able to change into a Dragon!! or maybe iI was rooting for it and I was totally right when she asked worm/Brenden to use his fire on the fire beast… Gabriela is maybe one of my favorite characters I mean the whole unicorn thing and ready to help in a heartbeat knowing she has a disadvantage compared to everyone else and that didn’t stop her. maybe i like her so much because she is relatable and human just like myself…or am i. One thing i do want to say is I think Ryan and the other council member should have made a little more of a big deal about everyone having the ability to change into a DRAGON! when they thought the ability was lost long ago. I liked how Sky’s parents are leaving the door open to all who want to cross back and forth and I loved how the book wrapped up and how Sky got everyone back and more. I agree with others about the last few sentences about her completing her first heist and it’s all around her, Her friends and family are her treasure her Gold!
    I really did enjoy this book!! Thank You all and see you next month!

  26. Hello =D

    First of all, G, the Finale box news had me almost screaming at the park & talking like crazy to my mother (pretty sure I looked weird to the people walking around me xD) .. I am ever so happy that I am a subscriber so first dibs <3

    I completed this book yesterday & it is the 2nd after Lord of Shadows. Hoping this year will be as magnificent as 2017 was (been in a mega slump in 2018 =( ).

    So the book:

    Rating: 5/5 stars =D. For a standalone, urban fantasy, dragons, and even romance, this book delivered. Thank you guys so so so much for bringing it to us. I am a lover of dragon books and we got to see pretty cool dragon-ish stuff. Would have loved more of that, but it's one book so it was ok.

    I loved how it ended, even though Ryan's dad escaped, but he loved his family & it would've been a heartbreak for them.

    The reunion was so warm i felt like crying! and to have them do a heist together was just great =D

    Gabriella the dragon rider was epic, I was laughing like crazy at her madness for the unicorn! (it watched the movie with them!!!!). And i totally approve her & Liam.

    Maximus now, I was super pissed off that he couldn't wait for Sky to dismantle the bomb-ish alarm to THEN touch the jewel, but he helped her escape Home so .. meh

    Ryan <3 YES YES YES he did not let us down <3 <3 <3 thanks to him at the end (and really he was the start of everything) when Sky & Benden returned from Home that they weren't immediately caught by his wacko dad!

    I do wish that Bendon got to transform with the help of Sky's family, but maybe that'll happen eventually now that he is getting adopted by them & his confidence will build up =)

    Thank you for the read along & see you next month =D

  27. Forgot some things:

    1) I totally blame the mother like you G. She considered the right & wrong in the world, but didn’t add her family in the consideration equation. She only tried to get back to them, but it was too late. Their dad’s choice was correct, though maybe he could have said a bit more to keep them from endangering themselves. Then they could have planned the jewel heist all together & saved the world. Communication problems are in a lot of families. Thinking they are protecting each other when it could lead to more harm in the long run.

    2) I ordered myself a delicious pizza yesterday after finishing the book to watch k-drama wahahaha. Any mention of pizza makes my stomach sound xD

    3) RYAN’S MOTHER!! wow wow wow, I have no words lol

    4) “Oh and she calls her family her treasure, her first horde of her first heist. This is such a sweet wholesome ending.” .. it was an awwwh statement <3

  28. I really enjoyed this book, it was a nice, easy and quick read and I appreciate that. The ending was nice and easy as well, not always my favorite but very good every now and then =)
    I agree with everybody here, Gabriella and the unicorn was the absolute best. And that little blooming romance, yes I needed that bit.
    Still I didn’t feel the romance between Sky and Ryan, but okay.
    All in all a really enjoyable read, thanks @fairyloot for picking that book =)

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