Fire With Fire Readalong: Day 3!

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Hello Fairies!

We’re halfway through the week and its day 3 of our Readalong of Fire With Fire!

Before we get into today’s section, we have a semi-secret readalong giveaway to tell you about!

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So, with that all that being said, let’s jump on in!

Today we’re reading Chapter 13 to the end of Chapter 17!

Please be warned, the following section will include spoilers for Fire With Fire by Destiny Soria, chapters 1 to 17. Please only read on if you’ve finished this section!


Eden arrives at Stonecrest and it honestly sounds like some sort of fairytale castle that I would love to visit ? and Calla’s office sounds like the most cosy reading room ever!

reading read GIF

Well that escalated quickly! Calla wants to turn Eden into a sorcerer?!? Which must have been the true reason she had wanted Dani to go to Stonecrest, she was going to offer her the same thing! Anyone else really not trusting Calla? She seems to only conveniently give info when it’s needed and not a moment before…and the way she convinced Eden by basically saying she’s broken cos she has anxiety? I am not a fan! Eden, don’t make a rash decision!

Omg!! I knew Calla couldn’t be trusted! She just threatened to hurt Eden if Dani didn’t go to Stonecrest! I still can’t figure out her true intentions though…does she really just want rid of all the dragons? But why are the Riveras so wrapped up in it?

Oh wow! A sorcerer is made when they are bonded to a dragon but the dragon dies first and the human takes all of their magic, basically in exchange for their humanity! With Calla being the first, how could she have turned on her dragon when they’d once lived in harmony!

Sad Face GIF

Dani doesn’t even make it inside Stonecrest and she’s already in a fight! Why did this man, who was once with the imprisoned dragon, tell her to leave though when Calla had told her to come?

Oh no Eden, only once the dragons throat has been slit and the plan well underway does she finally question whether what they’ve been taught about dragons is actually right! And now she’s going to wake up a sorcerer! Will she lose her humanity too?

Oh wow!! Their secret weapon is that they can transfer the magic from a dying dragon to someone other than its bonded! How many times have they killed this poor dragon only to bring him back to life so they can do it again ?

Dani must feel so alone and that she has nobody to turn to and it must hurt even more knowing that the one person she usually would turn to is now on the opposing side! Anyone else also find it very convenient that their parents had to go out of town this weekend? Did the sorcerers have something to do with it to get them out of the way?

Turning into a sorcerer has completely changed Eden’s personality! Everything that was important to her no longer seems so important and all she can think about is getting Dani back and pleasing Calla! I really hope there’s a way for Dani to help bring her back to how she was!

Beg Please GIF by ROZES

Oh wooow! It was Nox’s friend that had killed the Lowrys and in turn, Dani’s parents that had killed her! It’s crazy how intertwined they all are!

Uh oh, is Eden going to use Tomás to get to Dani? Okay I know Eden is bad and all and not herself right now but I kinda like savage Eden telling it how it is ?

I’m not sure how I feel about Dani’s plan to get information from the truthers…not sure they’ll be the most reliable source…and Richard seems to be spouting some amount of nonsense ? Omggg but Kieran is here!! I kinda have a feeling he might help Dani? He did want her to leave Stonecrest…maybe so she didn’t get hurt!

Dani was so lucky that Kieran was there otherwise she would have fallen straight into Eden’s trap! But she has bested Eden yet again and it sounds like Calla isn’t happy!

And that brings us to the end of today’s chapters! Dani keeps managing to stay one step ahead of Eden but how long can she keep this up for?

Do we think Dani will somehow succeed in helping Eden get her humanity back? Let me know all of your thoughts in the comments and I will be back tomorrow for more!


38 thoughts on “Fire With Fire Readalong: Day 3!

  1. I think Dani is bull headed enough to find any way humanly possible to save Eden.

    Kieran is giving me some feelings. I’m enjoying his character. What do you think good or bad?

    1. Will you delete this one? I accidentally posted twice and the second one is the one I meant to post.

  2. I think Dani is bull headed enough to find any way humanly possible to save Eden.

    Kieran is giving me some feelings and I’m not sure about him. Despite this I’m enjoying his character. What do you think good or bad?

    I entered the giveaway. My Instagram handle is @mangapenguin

  3. We knew Calla was evil!

    Nooooo, Eden! I hope that’s reversible!!! Maybe Dani’s love can “break the spell!”

    Who is Kieran!? I feel like he’s a babe. Potential love interest? I hope, for his sake, if the sorcerer making is reversible that Zephyr can also get his powers back.

    I definitely thought Dani’s first call would be to Frankie. There’s still time. I think her unique relationship with Eden will put her at the front of the line to want to help. Maybe Frankie is super powerful and has skills nobody even knows she has!? Fingers crossed!

    My insta is @Jesicas.cozycorner. I made the post with the hashtag. I didn’t realize I had to have your version of the book to participate. I’m on the waitlist for a subscription now… ?

    I can’t wait to see what happens next!

  4. I love the dry comments Nox is sending Dani!!
    I’m so sad for Dani, Eden has changed so much….will they ever be close again?? Eden’s such a stupid girl!! So jealous of her little sister so she doesn’t mind that they kill a tied up dragon for her!! ?
    Can’t wait for Dani to tell Tomás the truth!!
    Way to go Dani!!! : ‘She rammed her knee into his groin’??

    I’ve entered the giveaway, I’m @beppie125

  5. All I’m saying is wow! That’s was a few chapters of madness! Eden didn’t even hesitate to become a Sorcerer and with the cost! That poor dragon is so over it ? I hope dani finds a way and helps Eden as well as Kieran and zephyr ??

  6. I also entered the giveaway my handle is @__kennedyshauna__

  7. First, i would say that ‘I Knew it!’. Calla is despicable, and the sorcerers look like an army of puppet, except maybe Kieran, and now Eden… (but she’s so manipulated it’s hard to tell…)

    I pretty like Kieran, and I’m wondering if he will be able to help, and i just hope they could save zephyr, poor dragon ;(

    Dani will have a lot to tell to her friends… Sounds complicated this story!

    I’m participating too, and instagram is @alicelibrarian

  8. Posted my photo I’m @laurasbookishjourney

    Lots happened in today’s chapters and we finally got some answers. I feel really bad for Kieran and Zephyr and I really hope Kieran turns out to be a good guy. I also wonder where he learned his martial arts skills.

    I think it’s really nice that Dani has her own little group now but I do feel for Nate.

  9. I love that this book is so fast paced!
    That poor dragon being killed and brought back so many times. It’s strange that when it’s brought back it has magic considering that was taken to create a sorcerer.
    I’m so annoyed at Edna for benign such an Idiot at the moment.
    It does seem very suspicious that her parents just happened to be called away right now and they are out of touch.
    Can’t wait to see what happens next.

    My Instagram is book_fairy__
    I also only have the normal version of the book as I’ve only just managed to get a subscription starting August.
    I will post a pic anyway 🙂

  10. I love Nox so much, he should give me Drogon vibes but I’m getting Mushu vibes instead ???

    Kieran is interesting!! I like.
    I also really like Nate!
    AND i like Sadie BUT i feel that she’s hiding something and she is involved in some way or another – good or bad, i can’t tell.

    My moral compass is way off but i don’t like Eden anymore and I’m not sure how she can come back from this… and where are their parents!!???!! Feeling very anxious for Dani.

    Entered the giveaway @reemareads will post my picture on Friday ?

    1. Yes! I feel like Sadie has got some secret going on as well. She seems very well versed in dragon stuff, and sometimes she’s too calm for all these strange situations that Dani finds herself in… I’m here for it!

  11. I entered the giveaway too, my handle is: lady_5ofia

    Eden’s complete character change is not something I like reading about to be honest. Now it’s truly the two siblings against each other. Okay, the book kind of has that in its blurb, it’s not surprising, but Eden is so cruel right now! I hope Dani changes her back soonishly, so that we get “normal” Eden. I also hope that she resolves her problems in a healtier way.

    Kieran is strange but in an intriguing way. We still don’t have an explanation as to why he knows Dani’s name and what is going on with him and his dragon (the poor thing….)

    So many answers to come. Hopefully more dragons too 😀

  12. I said, I said yesterday I thought the dragons made the sorcerers and the relationships soured! I knew it!
    Uh, way to make us turn on Eden, she was ki f of annoying enough with the whiny jealousy and now this. Some serious redemption required and there are enough pages left in this book for us to get it!
    I shall enter the giveaway this weekend and be back with my Insta handle.

  13. I knew we couldn’t trust the sorcerers!!! Eden from the start has always bothered me, that’s her sister and still she said she couldn’t trust her, was always jealous of her and now..well. I do love Nate though! But also Sadie came back at JUST the right time??? Coincidence? I think not! And a new character, Kieran. Not too sure how I feel but I’m hoping he’s good haha!
    I entered the giveaway at @reading_with_cynthia 🙂

  14. I’m a little behind but super excited to get in to the book.
    I entered the giveaway (@carlmarl_ on ig).

  15. I’m really enjoying this book so far!

    I entered the giveaway, I’m @jossieandme

  16. Whoa, so much happened so fast! On Day 1 I worried about one of the sisters going evil and I think with Eden this qualifies. I was just going noooo the whole time today.

    And on Day 2 I worried about the war that no one remembers why they’re fighting, but we got some good info in these chapters from the dragons’ perspective and about how sorcerers are involved. I feel like the author waited just long enough to get into the details!

    I find it encouraging that Dani’s primary focus is now un-sorcerer-izing Eden and that some of the people she’s talked to haven’t immediately shot down the idea. There’s GOT to be a way to undo it! And oh many their parents are going to totally flip out when they finally catch up on all of this…

    I’ll be posting on IG after I finish the book, sometime before the deadline for sure. I’m @sonata_ix.

  17. I’m loving this book so far!

    Nox and Dani are starting to trust each other and learn more about one another. I was shocked to find out about all the ways the two are tied together with their histories.

    I’m really hoping the Eden is able to recover from this. I think the longer she stays a sorcerer the harder it will be for her to recover.

    Not sure yet about Kieran, but Dani needs more help, not more problems.

    I entered the giveaway. My Instagram handle is @bookchik15

  18. I thought it was a little weird that Kieran snuck out of the castle the day afyer his dragon gets killed and resurrected, I would think he would want to stay close.
    But lucky he did otherwise she would have been trapped by Eden and who knows what she would do right now to please Calla, she already tried to shoot her out of the sky!

    I am definitely participating in the giveaway, just have to take a more pretty picture than the ones I tried yesterday ?
    My Instagram handle is @reading_is_joyce

    Not very original, but that’s me

  19. Entered!! @journeythroughthechapters

  20. I’m loving this book! I can’t believe I almost missed reading this because I had no idea it existed till my box came it.

    Also can not wait for the next book and to see how this one ends!

    (I entered the tag, my Instagram is @bookish_westie)

  21. I’ve entered the giveaway my Instagram is @onlybooksiveread

    So, this section was great as I loved being surprised by where it took us. I really feel like there’s been a lot packed into this book so far. It’s been a great balance of world building, plot and character for me. I do think Sadie is leading Tomas on if she had a boyf like she said.

    I feel like it’s compelling how Eden is such a great baddie now she has no… Feelings or worries.

    I’m assuming this will have a happy ending but I hope it’s earned.

  22. I can’t believe that Eden let Calla get into her head so much that she convinced her to become a sorcerer. I don’t love Calla’s drive to create sorcerer minions, which it sounds like she’s doing if she can summon them telepathically. I loved Dani’s moment of girl power when she need Dick in the balls ?.

    I entered the giveaway and my handle is @rygurl

  23. I am loving the book so far and have posted my picture for the Readalong on @charbooksx ☺️

  24. Super intrigued by Kieran – and he’s hard to read
    My best guess/hope is that he isn’t truly working with the sorcerers, but is forced to because they have his dragon trapped and under constant threat

    Eden has started to fall into “unlikeable” territory for me now though – though that is in part because she’s lost her emotions, so feels intentional!

  25. I like Kieran so far, I hope they’ll be able to rescue his dragon!
    The way sorcerers are made is close to what I expected and it is so horrible! 🙁
    Eden weirds me out without her emotions, but it looks like she’ll fall apart and might be ready after a while to accept a reversal process.
    I like Dani and her ragtag group, I’m a bit sad about Nate, he deserves better.

    1. Oh, I forgot, I’ll post by the end of the week, my handle is @serenity87hu

    2. I can’t wait to finish this book it’s getting good.

      Instagram handle is: @Abbs21owo

  26. I’m continuing to love the relationship between Dani and Nox. The banter, the team work, the keeping her warm at night.

    I’m very interested to see what will happen with Kieran’s character. I genuinely hope he is now working against Calla etc but I’m not totally convinced as yet. Definitely want to see Zephyr free by the end of the book.

    Eden loosing her humanity, going over to the dark side etc is painful to watch. I was really liked her in the first half of the book. Hope we see a redemptive arc for her character.

    I will post my photo to my IG Jenthebookishbakernz

  27. I have just finished this book and loved it ?. Just done a review on Instagram and entered the readalong photo challenge ? my Instagram handle is @bethlovebooks

  28. Oh there was some hard content in these chapters!
    But Calla being evil was not much surprise was it?
    Edin turning bad/mad is not good thou. Hopefully that will change again and Dani can do something about it

    I’ll post a photo tomorrow. Instahandle is lunas_book_page

  29. I waited to finish up the read along before joining the giveaway, and WOW, I’m glad I did.
    Everything about this book put me on a whirlwind of emotions and feels. I’m still reeling from… All of it, honestly. I closed Fire with Fire and stared at it like “Holy Gods!”

    my handle on instagram is @sanctuaryguardians as well!

  30. Definitely turning out different than I thought it would be, but so good!

    Will be posting tomorrow a photo of the book. IG: Icelandicbookworm

  31. hoooooooooo boyyyy do i regret what i posted the other day…. LOL
    i was conVINCED i knew what was coming with the romance, but now !!! i have no idea!! i still love the pacing, though.
    i hope Eden becomes nice again reeeeally soon :'(

    i’m immediately going to start reading day 4, because i am so behind!!!

    will post my pic for the giveaway this weekend, i’ve finally given in and make a bookstagram so this will only be my second post ever….

  32. Events certainly took a big turn in this section. Will be interesting to see where this goes.

    I entered the photo competition, my Instagram name is @upsidedownmissjayne

  33. Wow, things definitely escalated quickly but I quite like the pacing of this it keeps you hooked!

    I cannot wait to see what happens next ?

    I have entered in the giveaway, my Instagram handle is @robinlea1218

  34. Came back as I just managed to take my photo! Used my handle @hiddeninthelibrarybookstagram

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