Fire With Fire Readalong: Day 4

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Hello Fairy Friends!

How is everyone feeling today? Have we been enjoying the book so far?

We left off yesterday at quite an exciting part so how about we just dive straight in!

Today we’re reading Chapter 18 to the end of Chapter 25!

Please be warned, the following section will include spoilers for Fire With Fire by Destiny Soria, chapters 1 to 25. Please only read on if you’ve finished this section!


So I guess Calla did once care for the dragons but when her’s died and she lost her humanity, she stopped caring about everyone but the sorcerers.

I feel so sorry for Zephyr! He’s just resigned himself to being stuck here forever and used over and over again for his magic ?

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Eeee she’s teaming up with Kieran! He knows of a potential way to turn Eden back to human and decided to help her as long as they try to save Zephyr as well! I so hope they can manage both!

Kieran is so chill about breaking into the library and doesn’t even try to be inconspicuous…just smashes the window ? Ohhh I completely forgot that the soul bonded become immortal so Kieran is oooold! I would definitely be Dani in this situation, asking all the questions about the past!

It was nice to see Kieran opening up a bit and talking to Dani! It must have been so isolating not really having anyone but Zephyr to talk to and it would also be nice talking with someone else who has the soul bond!

I think Eden might finally be realising just how bad the sorcerers actually are…just a little late! There had been no accident in New Mexico though, the sorcerer had killed the Lowrys just because they got in the way. But omg, Calla actually wanted Dani because she wants to use Nox as their new magic source and Dani is going to walk right back in to get Zephyr ?

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I really wish she could tell Tomás everything as he must feel super left out but it would be a lot of information to just throw at someone…he’s a good friend though, still helping her even though he has no clue what’s going on!

Ahhh Kieran kissed Dani! I know they had a lil moment the night before when they held hands but I was not expecting that! Oop, enter Sadie ?

Oooo I thought she might be lying about having a boyfriend, especially as she did seem to be getting close to Tomás! If I was Dani I would probs find it super weird if they started dating but Dani actually took it pretty well!

Oh ma gaaawd! Tomás and Sadie followed Dani back to her house! Imagine just suddenly being face to face with a dragon you didn’t know existed ? I don’t even know how I would react!

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Its kinda nice that everything is out in the open now though!

Ahhh Calla shot them straight out of the sky! But at least this will hopefully be a good distraction! Oh wow Dani can actually become one with Nox and control his fire and make him fly, sending him away!

Noooo!! I refuse to believe Kieran betrayed her ? all that time he was trying to lead her to Calla so that she would release Zephyr! I’m so mad at him ?

No no no she did not just kill Zephyr ? But wait, does that mean Kieran will be a sorcerer now? Or did Zephyr not have enough magic yet?

Even while being tortured, Dani still manages to be sarcastic and clever! But Calla is going to do whatever it takes to get Nox back and I’m worried what that will be! Oh no, she’s using Kieran! Even though he did betray her…he is still there when he doesn’t need to be! Omg Calla is actually crazy! It’s kinda hard to even read about this torture, so horrific!

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A SWAT team!?! Now I definitely wasn’t expecting that was but it definitely worked! Giving them the distraction they need to get out and not only that, but Nox managed to get Tomás and Sadie there to rescue them! I’m so glad they made it out but it’s bittersweet since Zephyr isn’t with them.

And that’s it for day 4! We went through so much today and things definitely escalated! Do we think they’ll manage to bring Eden’s humanity back and how will they stop Calla once and for all?

I’ll see you tomorrow for the final chapters to find out!


21 thoughts on “Fire With Fire Readalong: Day 4

  1. Todays section hurt! I know Eden is struggling and still quite human, but I really hate it when she is so cold to Dani. It must be tearing Dani appart to see her own sister changed so much 🙁

    And that torture scene escalated so drastically. I had to stop reading for a while because it got so serious. I’m really glad that they managed to escape and take Eden with them! Hopefully they’ll get her back soon and beat Calla together!

    Oh, and their parents called Dani, so they might be coming back soon too? I do hope so.

    Anyway, I’m curious to finish this book soon and see how it all turns out. See you all tomorrow then!

    1. Love where this is going so glad that Danni has finally shared her secrets life with her friends. I didn’t really like the romance element with Kerien, the betrayal of a developing friendship would have been just as cutting. I feel that Eden has not lost all her Humanity though she has thrown herself into the world of the sorcerer Just occasionally there seems to be a fleeting moment of compassion or some other human reactions I dong thing she has gone over to the dark side 100% yest and still feel that she and Danni are going to have to come together to bring something about maybe the hatching of the dragon eggs and that there will be a new era as Carla wanted but an era where humans dragons, slayers and sorcerer start to heal and find ways to live in harmony

  2. I’m loving this story!! I think they can still bring back Eden because she sometimes seems to care, just a tiny bit before nit caring, if you know what I mean?? So I have hope. I’m so annoyed that Calla killed Zephyr!!! Hopefully she will be stopped in these last chapters and gets a taste of her own medicine. ??

  3. So 2 things….Zephyr broke my heart and I think I love Kieran! Still not loving Eden and now I’m not sure that will change unless something drastic happens. Nox is soooo fab!

  4. Honestly I can’t stand Calla. She is horrible. I thought she was a little predictable though.

    Personally I think they will bring Eden back but also I think she is too far gone in her desire to be wanted and be “enough”.

  5. How is anyone not reading ahead ??? the chapters were so good! I felt so much for Dani and to be honest, i also felt bad for Kieran!

  6. Ok, not to be that person, but squeeeeee! The hand holding. The kiss. The rescue. I live for this!

    I have a wild prediction. I think something will happen that kills Nox, for the briefest moment, but Dani will be able to bring him back. When that happens, she’ll get some of Nox’s magic but she won’t “break” and become evil like the sorcerers.

    –>Who else goes off on side tangents/day dreams what’s going to happen next while reading? 🙂

    It’s clear that the sisters are powerful on their own. We’ve seen glimpses of Eden acknowledging that she isn’t herself and wanting, against her new nature to help Dani, even if it’s just for the briefest moment.

    I’m digging the friends’ intervention! Your friends should always know what’s going on in a situation like this. There’s power in numbers!

    So sad about Zephyr and thar entire torture scene. I really hope they get Eden back to normal asap and somehow defeat Calla.

    This is a fun read! Is this a stand-alone? Or will there be another? So close to the end!!!

  7. Omg! I’m so interested to see where this is going! And I’m a little suspicious of Kieran ? hope they can bring Eden back to herself

  8. Omg I’m loving this book so much!! I really love Dani and Nox and their banter! The way they talk to each other is just amazing ?
    I’m so glad that her friends found out about Nox though! I think it’s for the best and I totally knew that they would be cool with it!
    However, is it just me or is Eden not very nice?? I really don’t like her and how she thinks that Dani is in the wrong and she’s chosen the right side. She’s completely turned her back in her family at the moment. I feel super bad for her but her decision to join the sorcerers still baffles me! I hope they can turn her back to a human again!

  9. Well, that escalated. I’m unsure that we needed a romantic angle with Kieran. It’s a bit of a creep factor as he’s like 220 or something. He could’ve done friendship and betrayal without romance…. I wouldn’t have had this gripe when I was younger. It’s just a now I’m old and crotchety thing.

    Anyway, I am pretty sure Eden will turn back human but I…am not overly invested in whether she does? She’s been the less enjoyable character for me from the start.

    Not long to go now…

  10. Kieran and Zephyr‘s story is so sad. I feel so bad for them. The torture scene with Dani and Kieran was heartbreaking too. I really hope Dani manages to save Eden as she seems so conflicted.

  11. I’m stressed with how the story is going, but god i love Sadie and Tomas xD Swating the sorcerers ?! Yes of course !!!

    I’m wondering is the spell for Eden will work… I hope the eclosion will happen too in a good way, and maybe all this slayer thing will stop and they’ll have understanding in protection each other ? Like an endangered species ?

    It was hard to stop right there, i’m waiting hard for tomorrow!

  12. Dani and Kieran’s romance seemed kinda abrupt to me, but whatever I’m here for it. xD But Zephyr! D:

    Tomas and Sadie are brilliant. I love the way they found out Dani’s secrets (on their own!) and came to her rescue.

  13. It was a hard part to read, how Dani discovers that Kieran betrayed her, that her sister is just watching her get tortured, although she stayed really strong.
    I kind of wish we could have had a change of POV to see how Nox communicated with Tomás, I think that would have been a fun chapter to experience ?

  14. So many twists and turns to these chapters. I like that Dani has someone to talk to about the soul bond. It did catch me when it looked like Kieran was betraying Dani, but what would you do in a situation like that? I’m just waiting for Dani and Eden’s parents to burst in at any moment.

  15. Omg, just taking a very quick break before I just finish the book.
    This book is so action packed. I love the relationship between Dani and Nox.
    So sad about Zephyr 🙁
    I should have seen Kieran coming, of course it was a setup! I bet they work it out though.
    Really don’t like Eden, I know her soul had now shattered but she is just not a likeable character.
    The parents really need to hurry up and get home.

  16. I have some complicated feelings for Kieran here.
    And Zephyr broke my heart! Not a fan of Eden thou. I really hope that can be fixed. Hopefully Dani and Nox can work it out

  17. Just caught up, what an emotional ride! They’re going to find a way. I don’t think they’d put any focus on it if they didn’t and she’s already showing small glimmers of breaking through it anyway.

  18. !!!!!!!! i REALLY thought that Eden was going to help them escape
    i know she’s knocked out right now, but i totally think this whole “their entire soul is shattered” thing isn’t really true, and maybe she will be able to overcome her sorcery-ness and become nice again through the power of her own will?? that would be cool
    plus then she could have her little boyfriend 🙁

    argh i don’t want to wait until tomorrow morning to read part 5, but i think i will savor it …

    i know it’s YA and also the call to adventure has too come after the parents absent themselves, but i really LIKED those characters, so i agree with someone above who said they need to hurry up and get home! hahahah

  19. A LOT happened in this section. Wasn’t really surprised that Kieran was there under Calla’s orders /threat against Zephyr. Totally understand why he did what he did after centuries of torture for him and Zephyr….Calla is EVIL.

    Sad and angry about Zephyr but glad the rest of them escaped. I used to like Eden so I’m glad they took her too & hope they can bring back her humanity.

    I’m enjoying everything about Tomas and Sadie knowing about Nox, coming to the rescue, sending the Swat team. Really want to read Tomas and Nox charades.

    How is this going to end? Will there be another show down with Calla? We haven’t seen the Aunt in a while…will she turn up before the end?

  20. I am loving this story so much! I adore Dani and Nox, they are so cute and adorable!

    I was sad that Kieran betrayed Dani but I understood too, he just wanted to save Zephyr, it was so sad what happened to him.

    I really don’t like the sorcerers, even Eden now. I hope they can bring back her humanity soon!

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