Forged by Blood Readalong: Day 1!

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Hi fairy friends!

Happy Monday and welcome to day 1 of our Adult readalong! We’ll be reading Forged by Blood by Ehigbor Okosun. I’m excited to be reading this one with you, I hope you all love it!

Before we start, how are you all doing? I hope you had a wonderful weekend and got some reading and relaxing done.

Since today is day 1, we’ll be reading from the beginning to the end of chapter ‘Broken’ (page 72). Get comfy and let’s get started!

When you’ve finished today’s section, catch up with me in the comments down below so we can discuss the beginning of the book. Happy reading!

Please be warned, the following section will include spoilers for Forged by Blood by Ehigbor Okosun from the beginning to ‘Broken’. Please only read on if you have finished this section!


Dèmi and her mother have magic. It seems like they’re healers! Her mother was a princess, now exiled.

Despite magic being illegal, AND despite this woman being absolutely horrible, Dèmi and her mother will help heal this woman’s son.

They saved him and Dèmi finds out he went into the forest and caught the sickness all for a flower. A violet. I was just about to say it’s not worth it when he – Jonas – says Edith is not his real mother, his real mother is sick and loves violets, he thought it might bring her happiness. That’s sweet. 🥺

Edith is a piece of work though, even making Dèmi’s mother complete a blood oath that he’ll be safe there before leaving. Dèmi’s mother leaves too and Jonas gets curious, asking Dèmi about her magic, and so she shows him.

This world is brutal. Dèmi’s native language, Yoruba, is banned by the new king, to the point where if caught the speaker faces a public flogging and is sent to the mines. Jeez.

Jonas wants to learn more and Dèmi tells him how all of the Olorun had magic gifts from the seven tribes. An Aje, that’s Jonas, is broken (don’t hold back Dèmi, you tell him!). They have no link to the spirit realm. They’re normal, human, just like me and you. (Just kidding I have lots of magic, I can make a coffee and a cake disappear).

The Oluso cannot kill without a price, but it was an Oluso who made Jonas’s mum sick. What’s the price they pay I wonder?

I do love that we’re learning about this magic and Dèmi’s world alongside Jonas! Dèmi seems lovely too, she wants to help heal Jonas’s mum but he doesn’t think his father will let that happen. He’s against magic apparently.

What a lovely little friendship! They’re bonding… until Edith returns. She’s not alone either, she’s brought guards.

Uh… who is Lord Ala-? I’m intrigued.

Honestly though how DARE Edith. They healed Jonas and now she’s turned on them, accusing them or sorcery. It initially seems like the Captain and their guard won’t buy it… but it was a trick. Dèmi’s mother knows the Captain from long ago and after a short fight with Captain Mari, Yetundé, Dèmi’s mum, is gravely injured. Oh this book is making me cry far too quickly.

Dèmi tries to heal her to no avail, and wakes up back in her home. Yentundé used the last of her magic to transport Dèmi back to safety.

Jonas is here as well and he wants to help Dèmi back to safety. Can she trust him though?

They visit Mama Aladé but she has no wise wisdom to give Dèmi, so they’re off. They’re caught again by the captain all too soon and… wait why is she calling Jonas my liege? Who is he???

Dèmi is quick and she hurts – potentially kills – Mari and runs. Jonas doesn’t follow this time. She ends up in the forest, surrounded by the Aziza and at risk of catching the same sickness that plagues Jonas.

Nine years later, we rejoin a 17(ish) year old Dèmi in her new home at Benin. Will and Nana took Dèmi in as their ward and have cared for her for the last nine years. Wonder what this spooky vision Nana has is about???

Dèmi’s going into the market, she has to be searched but she seems to be doing a good job of passing herself off as Aje. She seems a lot more cynical now, though who can blame her?

She finds her friend Amara which leads her to a trader who’s keeping and selling caged children. The children are Okri – foresaken. They can shapeshift. Dèmi threatens their keeper and when that doesn’t work she loses her cool and knocks him out, breaking out these children.

Amara and Dèmi somehow have to get the children out of the market unnoticed, no easy feat with guards stationed… everywhere. Gideon – Amara’s friend, has a boat so Dèmi comes up with a plan to store them on his boat until he can get them out with his wares in the evening. Dèmi promises she’ll get the children out, or she’ll die trying. I like her!

What are your initial thoughts on Forged by Blood so far?
Do you think we’ll see Jonas again?
Do you think Dèmi has a chance of helping these children escape?

We’re off to an interesting start! Can’t wait to read more with you all tomorrow. 🥰


11 thoughts on “Forged by Blood Readalong: Day 1!

  1. What are your initial thoughts on Forged by Blood so far?

    Whilst I’m enjoying this, I’m kind of surprised it’s classed as adult rather than YA. Does anyone else feel the same? The content is dark, but no worse than I’ve read in other YA books, and the writing style itself really seems younger than adult.

    That’s not a criticism, mind. I’m largely enjoying it, even if that one thing is unexpected! The only criticism I do have is that I’d like the magic system to be explained better, as its coming across as a kind of “whatever, as and when” type of build which I’m not a huge fan of. I like magic systems, but I think setting structure and limits on them is an important part of making them memorable.

    Anyway, Mari sucks. Edith can rot. All the men in this are wet blankets at best and monsters at worst. Démi’s cool though, so I’m ready to keep reading for her! I’m desperate to know how she ended up with her new family, and what she learned about her biological father.

    Do you think we’ll see Jonas again?

    Oh for sure. I hope he steps on a lego when we do, useless guy.

    Do you think Dèmi has a chance of helping these children escape?
    I really hope so! Dèmi tries to ve proactive as a character even though a lot of things happen out of her control, so I’m sure she will do her best, and it’d be nice to see her succeed in a mission after how her failures and subsequent traumas of the first few chapters, but I also worry it’ll be out of her hands too.

  2. What are your initial thoughts on Forged by Blood so far?
    I’m enjoying learning about this world and its characters so far! I do think it feels a lot more YA than adult though which isn’t what I was expecting.

    Do you think we’ll see Jonas again?
    Definitely! If the guards were answering to him and calling him “my liege” I’m thinking he must be the son of the Lord Ala- that was mentioned, maybe in charge of Eingard?

    Do you think Dèmi has a chance of helping these children escape?
    I don’t think it’s going to be straight forward but I really hope she can help them!

  3. What are your initial thoughts on Forged by Blood so far?

    Enjoying it so far was not expecting the time jump.

    Do you think we’ll see Jonas again?

    Yes I trying he is possibly the kings son / heir.

    Do you think Dèmi has a chance of helping these children escape?

    I hope so. Her world seems very cruel and unforgiving so far.

  4. 1) What are your initial thoughts on Forged by Blood so far?

    I’m intrigued! I can’t wait to find out what happened during the time skip and learn more about the magic and history of the world.

    2) Do you think we’ll see Jonas again?

    If he doesn’t come back as the main love interest I will be shocked.

    3) Do you think Dèmi has a chance of helping these children escape?

    A chance, yes. But a good chance? Probably not because it’s about time for some high-stakes suspense to occur.

  5. Nothing like losing a parent to shape a child. I’m super interested in the magic system so far. I love that there are checks and balances, that iron hurts them and there are some sort of consequences for killing with magic. I can’t wait to see how those repercussions unfold through the story.

    Demi will definitely see Jonas again. He has to give her her fathers ring back! Its pretty much confirmed he is the son of Alistair the new ‘King’. I’m interested to see how Alade’s vision for him has shaped him since his fateful meeting with Demi.

    I think Demi will be able to get the kiddos out but something is gonna go bad since she cant swim. There is just no way, a storm is coming and she is gonna be sitting on a boat for hours waiting for Gideon with the children. Maybe the guard from the gate that wanted to help her will come through this time. Maybe she will make it to her name day and whatever chaos that might bring.

  6. 1. What are your initial thoughts on Forged by Blood so far?
    I’m very intruiged by the bits of magic already shown and the politics that seem to play a big role in the world created!

    2. Do you think we’ll see Jonas again?
    Most definitely hahaha, if not, I don’t think an adult version of him would be on the end papers! (At least I believe that’s’an adult version of him!)

    3. Do you think Dèmi has a chance of helping these children escape?
    Yes, I think it plays into what Nana said to her that she would get a choice and go with her heart, saving the children is going with her heart I believe

    1. Hi!

      So after reading the section, I am super shocked how brutal this world is. Like common, I will flip out towards the end of the book I am sure😰
      Cannot wait to learn more about the magic!

      I have a hunch, Jonas is gonna be important and return later 👀

      I hope so, Dèmi seems pretty fierce and determined to help the children, so I am crossing fingers she can get them out!

  7. What are your initial thoughts on Forged by Blood so far?
    It’s so good! I’m really into fantasy books based on different mythologies around the world at the moment so this is the perfect pick for me! It’s nice to get back into fantasy through mythology after I’ve had a month of romance, and a good break from my classic books for uni, so this book is perfect!

    Do you think we’ll see Jonas again?
    Definitely! He’s clearly someone important, based on the way he’s been addressed. I don’t think he’s the son of just any old soldier!

    Do you think Dèmi has a chance of helping these children escape?
    I hope so! It seems to be what their little group does, based on what we’ve read so far in the last chapter.

  8. Little Demi and Jonas were so cute! Seems like they’re being set up for a future love interest. I love when fantasy worlds are a parallel for real world issues and I’m looking forward to more thought provoking material on issues of colonialism, race and class.

    I definitely think we’ll see Jonas again (I’m guessing he’s the guy in the character art on the end pages).

    Demi seems smart and capable but I don’t know if she can beat the odds, given that she can’t swim and the storm is coming. Maybe she’ll get some help.

  9. 1) I’m honestly…not really into it. The plot and world isn’t resonating with me and I’m rather bored. I don’t feel the same pull to return to the book after I put it down that I had to last month’s selections. It’s also written like a YA. Everything about this book screams classic YA. I don’t mind YA, but it just isn’t what I was expecting from the “adult” selection. Maybe I’ll get into it more as we go along? Fingers crossed!

    2) Jonas will definitely be returning and I look forward to seeing how the 9 years changed him as well. I’m certain he’ll still be holding onto the ring. And I suspect that Mari won’t be taken out so easily either. She seems like a fierce, unstoppable woman. An 8 year old girl won’t be the death of her.

    3) Dèmi made a promise to help these children or die trying, and she can’t die yet. So she’ll definitely help them. Maybe the couple who took her in will take them in as well and the big happy family can keep growing.

  10. What are your initial thoughts on Forged by Blood so far?

    I like it so far! I don’t have too many comments yet. Though, I’m having some trouble understanding the magic system. I thought it was something similar to blood magic. But maybe I’m just getting it confused with something else.

    Do you think we’ll see Jonas again?
    Absolutely. He’s probably the prince that she kidnaps. He’ll also probably be one of the love interests.

    Do you think Dèmi has a chance of helping these children escape?
    I really hope they do escape. If not, I feel that their demise will drive Dèmi further down into her plot of revenge. But, since Mari is dead her anger is shifted towards the king and the people in power.

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