Fourth Wing by Rebecca Yarros

We are so thrilled to present to you… the ‘Fourth Wing’ Exclusive Edition, brought to you in collaboration with Piatkus (@yourswithlovex) and @rebeccayarros!

High-stakes, epic fantasy and an enemies to lovers romance – what’s not to love? Fourth Wing had us completely enraptured from the very first page!

What is special about this Exclusive Edition?
✨ FOIL ON THE HARDCOVER: Exclusive foil design on the hardcover by @no0nedesigns
✨ STENCILLED EDGE: Stencilled fore edge with a solid top and bottom sprayed edge
✨ REVERSE DUST JACKET: Artwork on the reverse of the dust jacket by @giannyfili
✨ SIGNED BY THE AUTHOR: The books will be signed by Rebecca Yarros

This is NOT part of our normal monthly subscriptions and if you wish to order a book, they will be available in the Fairy Trove (we ship to many countries worldwide).

The ‘Fourth Wing’ Exclusive Edition will be available for £22 GBP / $30 USD + shipping and is expected to ship around September/October.

Early Access emails will be sent on June 21st at 1pm BST to UK/INT active subscribers and 4pm BST to US/Canada active subscribers. If we have books remaining, they will be available to the public on June 22nd at 1pm BST for UK/INT customers and 4pm BST for US/Canada customers from the Fairy Trove.

Are you as excited for this book as we are?

Beautiful graphic by official FairyLoot designer ?

33 thoughts on “Fourth Wing by Rebecca Yarros

  1. I am sold at Dragons!

  2. YESSSSS. I love Rebecca Yarros’s romance novels and I cannot wait to see how she tackles fantasy.

  3. yes please!

  4. Oh yeeeees I love it !!!

  5. Usually I am not particularly found of books with dragons, but I can’t wait for this one! I’m ready ?

  6. Is it going to be limited to one copy per account so that everyone gets a chance???

    1. Yes, our Early Access sales are always limited to one order per person! ?

  7. I ADORED this book and cannot wait to get my hands on this. The fact it’s released on my birthday, is clearly a sign ??

  8. I can’t wait for this xx

  9. I hope there are a lot of books available being on the wait list I’m not and active subscriber and I really want this book.

  10. Does anyone know the dimensions? Would this match with the dimensions of the hardcover of The U.S. Version/ the hardcover of Iron Flames ?

    1. Hi there! The dimensions are the same as the UK trade hardcover. ?

  11. I am SO EXCITED for this!! I read the kindle version, but I really want a physical copy and have been having trouble finding one. My orders keep getting canceled saying they are out of stock when I do find a physical copy.

  12. Will you be doing a special edition for Iron Flame and the books that will follow that in this series?

  13. Do readers on the waitlist count as ‘active subscribers’? Or are waitlisted readers considered ‘public’?

    1. Active subscribers are only those who currently have an active subscription! ?

  14. I just ordered mine! ? I’m so so sooooo happy it went through lol I was nervous it will sell out fast. I even set an alarm five minutes before the email was due to be sent and I’ve never clicked an email so fast in my life ? I’m so excited for this SE of one of my top reads of this year! ❤️‍? And it’s signed by the author aaaaahhhh here’s some spoiler-ish emojis for everyone who’s debating whether to purchase this SE or not! ??⚡️???

    1. You’re lucky. I waited for 1h16 minutes to a sold out page… I’m devastated…?

      1. That was insane ? it didn’t occur to me until after FL posted on IG that most people had to wait that long in queue ? I feel for you ???

  15. Hi !
    I received the email at 1:01 and click on it immediatly (never done it so quickly in my life ^^)… After 1h45 of waiting (I never refresh the page), I was informed that it is sold out…
    I am so sad 🙁
    Do you think there will be a re-stock ?

    1. Hi there! We are looking into a reprint for unsigned copies. We are just waiting to get everything confirmed with the publisher and will have more info to share soon! ?

      1. So then those of us with subs that didn’t get a book but were in line, will not get the same opportunity again for one with the same features?

      2. Thanks for your reply 🙂

    2. Me too!!! ?

  16. Hope some copies are still available tomorrow ?

  17. My sub has been on pause till today and this is the first special edition that I’ve not received an early email for.
    Hoping there’ll still be a few available tomorrow to get

  18. Super sad, waited on the digital cue for 2 hours and was faced with an Out of Stock 🙁 Even woke up early to try and snag one. 🙁

  19. I never received the email for the order. Will more be sent/released?

  20. I really wish there were enough copies for at least every one of your active subscribers to actually get the chance to buy this book. I’m kinda disappointed. It took forever to be able to get in to just be sold out.

    1. I agree, this was super disappointing.

  21. Do you plan on doing an exclusive edition of Iron Flame as well??

  22. Hi, will this book be restocked?

    Kind regards

    1. Hi there! We’ve announced a reprint already the details can be found here 💜

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