Girl, Serpent, Thorn Readalong: Day 3

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Hey friends!

It’s day 3 of our readalong! I can’t wait to dive in, how about you?

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With that said, I know everyone struggled to stop reading yesterday, I know I did after that cliff-hanger! So let’s dive into today chapters! Today we’re reading Chapters 13-17!

Please be warned, the following will include spoilers for Girl, Serpent, Thorn Chapters 1-17! Read only if you’ve finished those pages!


We pick up immediately where we left off yesterday with the shocking reveal that Azad is actually the Shahmar! And Soraya having the awful realisation that she just kissed him..

With the curse lifted for the first time in her life she’s completely defenseless, I thought she would be a goner for sure but the Shahmar says he’s fond of her, hmmmm

Oh noooo, she hears screams! A horde of divs are crashing this wedding and with the fire out her brother is uprotected! “He had made a traitor of her, and she hadn’t even known it”

Oh wow Ramin died already?

The raids had seemed as if the divs were practicing for something bigger, was this their plan or is there more to be revealed?

Tahmineh takes her daughters hand in fear then realises she doesn’t have any more poison in her veins, she looks horrified. Oh no has Soraya’s choice doomed them all?

It seems the Shahmar and her mother have met before?

Oh oh, he will only end the violence if they accept him as the new Shah. Sourush refuses to bend the knee, as has faith the creator will protect him but the Shahmar assures him that the simorgh will not be returning. Did he kill the simorgh?

OH YESSS are we finally going find out why she was cursed?!

So it’s revealed that Tahmineh took Soraya to the divs to grant her protection by placing the curse on her. Protection from what? From him, maybe?

They’re all kneeling to their new shah, what other choice do they have?

Okay so he hasn’t killed her family…yet Maybe he does want to kill them later in secret, so as not to upset his new subjects like Soraya suspects?

Ooooo here we go confrontation time! Wait by breaking this curse she’s fallen for another curse?

Okay so the real story is that Tahmineh saved a div from a trap but was found by the Shahamar. He told her he would wait until she had a daughter, and when that daughter came of age, he would steal her away and make her his bride. Ooooh plot twist!!!!

So that’s why Tahmineh wanted her daughter untouchable! Soraya had been the one Tahmineh was trying to protect all along.

She kept Soraya hidden away in Golvahar because she didn’t want to draw the Shahmar’s attention to her in case he ever sought out Tahmineh. Wow if only she had told her sooner but understandably she was afraid Soraya would hate her and that if Soraya knew the truth she would be living with a shadow over her.

 But by trying to protect her daughter from one kind of danger, Tahmineh has left her completely vulnerable to another. Oh we have a cute moment where Soraya forgives her and they embrace for the first time, there is hope for this relationship!

Soraya needs to be the one to end this and she has a plan! She will try to escape with her mother’s help and seek out the div that made the deal with her mother so long ago, maybe she will help them again?

Yes she’s going to speak to Parvaneh! Maybe she will help in exchange for the feather?

Soraya remembers too that Parvaneh had urged her not to take the feather at all, to live with her curse in peace. Maybe she can trust this div after all?

Ooh Pravaneh knew and was part of the Shahmar’s plan! He is her captor and he has her sisters too. Oh god he hunts them for sport?

Ugh the Shahmar completely slashed her wings. So that’s why she wanted the feather! I sense something between these two as Soraya heals her wings!

With Pravaneh’s and the other parik’s help can she undo what she has done? There may be some hope yet!

Oh no maybe I spoke too soon! A div finds her and Parvaneh has just disappeared?

She’s taken to the throne room to meet with the Shahmar. Oh nooo he’s going to kill her brother! He can’t risk being overthrown by her family again.

Ooooh her brother can’t accept her betrayal even when she tells him how he could never understand her loneliness. He didn’t distance himself from her because he wanted to but because he has responsibilities as Shah of course! Damn he can’t forgive her for her betrayal, just when we thought these two could grow close once more.

And now the Shahmar has changed his mind and doesn’t want to kill her brother, maybe to gain her favour? He wants to “keep” her?

Oh god does he actually want her to be his bride!? At least her brother and mother are safe for now but where is he planning on taking her?

This guy tries to kiss her? After attacking the kingdom, locking her up and threatening to kill her family-the audacityyyy!!

Turns out he was never going to follow through with the threat he made to Tahmineh, he was never going to pursue Soraya until he heard of her power. So her mother cursed her for no reason?

This guy is so slimy and manipulative telling her the things she wants to hear but it’s not going to work this time mister!

I can’t help but wonder if he has truly fallen for her though. She is powerless now the curse has been lifted so what does he gain by keeping her alive if he doesn’t actually have feelings for her?

There’s no lock on her door but she is trapped inside a mountain, can she find a way to escape?

The div are performing drills in the cavern but what are they training for, he’s won hasn’t he? His army sounds terrifying but he doesn’t trust the pariks. Interesting, maybe they are the good guys after all.

He is attracted to her rage, not her power. This guy is deluded if he believes she wants to be with him! But hopefully she can keep him from killing her brother with her threat, will it be enough?

She explores the tunnel and just as she’s about to be attacked  Parvaneh shows up and simply snaps the div’s neck?! That was brutal but I was hoping she would be back!

Oh wow she can turn into a moth! Handy especially for a spy! She followed her the whole time!! There’s definitely some chemistry here!!

The Shahmar had taken the feather from her before bringing her to the mountain but Soraya lies to Parvaneh and tells her she still has it. Ah man, she’s going to need to get that feather back because that’s the only thing that can transform the Shahmar back into a human. And only when he is human again, can he be killed!

 We get to see the Duzakh, the home of the Destoyer, in the mountain. We find out that the div can never truly die, they are just re-made from the pit. Woah, his army is literally unstoppable then? That bodes well for them!

Oh and the Shahmar can regenerate too, so he can’t be killed!!! Unless he’s human first at least.. she needs that feather!

Will they be able to escape together to find Parisa and can Soraya truly trust Parvaneh? Eventually she will have to own up to not having the feather right? Could this be a friendship they are developing, some trust? Or something more?

I hope everyone enjoyed today’s chapters and please let me know your thoughts in the comments!

I’ll see you again tomorrow when hopefully we’ll get some answers!



70 thoughts on “Girl, Serpent, Thorn Readalong: Day 3

  1. I love Soraya’s humanity: she’s flawed and has good intentions, but they end up in poor consequences. She makes mistakes, but she doesn’t give up. She’s not a super badass heroine ready to take over the world wielding a sword of flames, her weapons are stubborness and resilience which, in my opinion, makes her a better character because she’s so relatable.

    While Azad is a talking and walking contradiction. One moment he’s the cruel villain who slaughters and is manipulative and revels in bloodshed, the other he seems only a desperate, caring (even if in a twisted way) and lost boy. I admit that I can’t bring myself to hate him, and I’m curious about his story. Why did he became like this?

    I had high expectations for this book, and I’m glad to say it’s surpassing them all ?

    However I already posted my photo, my Instagram handle is Sputnik.books ?

    1. I completely agree! Soraya is such an interesting character and I can’t wait to see her full arch. Can’t wait to learn more about the Shahmar too and his back story. Yay i’m so happy to hear that! I must admit I feel the same way ?
      Thank you so much for entering the giveaway my love ?

  2. I always get stressed when people in books lie, because I KNOW it will come back at them. And it did. Whoops! Hope she finds the feather soon. If only her mother never lied to her, this wouldn’t have happened in the first place! That said: in that case the book would be too short, so I guess I have to thank every character in the book for making drama xD.
    Also, Ramin died too quickly if you’d ask me. Maybe he’ll get resurrected as a demon too D:

    Also entering the hush-hush giveaway xD. This is my very first Fairyloot bookbox, so I made a boostagram especially for my subscription (I’m not obsessed xD). @the_b00kish_elf

    1. Hey! I entered the giveaway! I love readathons as I am sure I’ll read my books! ?

    2. You are right: lies always come back, but I guess that if all the characters in all books suddenly stated to have only honest and transparent conversations we would have a significative less amount of books available ?

      And also welcome to the community! ?

      1. Thank you :D. And agreed. I guess we need more lies in our lives xD

    3. oh my god same, so many lies! Yes we need the drama ? Ooooh demon Ramin?! That would be cool! Thank you so much for entering the giveaway, an account just for your subscription?! That’s so cool!! ?❤️

      1. Yes 😀 And I’m going to try to make it into a bookstagram, but I’m fair(l)y new to this, so it might take a while, haha! I love reading, but I always procrastinate. Readalongs are a good motivator to not procrastinate and read more :p. So thank you 😀

  3. I knew this curse was an issue that could have been solved by just talking to each other. But then we wouldn’t have a story, would we?

    When the mother said she would help Soraya escape the room, I seriously thought she would throw herself out of the window. It’s nice that she didn’t.

    And as predicted, Soraya goes to free Parvaneh. I loved the scene where she was healing Parvaneh’s wings. There is definitely some chemistry between these two and I love it. Parvaneh would obviously be a much better romantic choice than Azad.

    The scene with Sorush was heartbreaking. He must feel so betrayed and hurt. I think he actually loves her very much, but his responsibilities as the Shah and maybe Ramin’s influence (oh, yes, he’s dead, yay, I guess) just were too much for him to handle.

    So now they need the feather to defeat the Shahmar. And why does Soraya always decide to trust everyone except for Parvaneh. I wonder how long Parvaneh will put up with being lied to. But I have the slight suspicion that she knows Soraya doesn’t have the feather anymore.

    instagram handle:

    1. Hahah yeahh it’s frustrating but all the lying makes for an intriguing story I must say!
      Yesss I can’t wait to see Soraya and Parvaneh grow closer 🙂
      Parvaneh does seem to know more than she lets on so maybe she does know that Soraya doesn’t have the feather? hmmmm
      Thank you so much for entering the giveaway and for sharing your thoughts!

  4. Parvaneh had previously known (with some special lie detector sense – or her spy powers) what Soraya is doing and what she’s really saying. So I suspect she knows that Azad has the feather… But why doesn’t Soraya just say so and then they can come up with a new plan. She’s surely already learnt that communication could have solved a lot of the issues up to this point.

    Really curious to learn what Azad’s bigger plan is here especially where Soraya is concerned.

    I feel bad that her brother is still mad at her. I wish he could see things from her perspective and how desperate she must have been. She just needs a big hug – quite literally!

    1. I was thinking the same thing about Parvaneh – how does she know so much? She knew what Soraya was doing and thinking while trapanned in that cell.

    2. “She’s surely already learnt that communication could have solved a lot of the issues up to this point”-THIS hahha
      Yes I sense Azad has a bigger plan too. Right? She needs the biggest of hugs or ya know someone in her life who hasn’t lied to her. I was hoping it would be her brother but sighhh
      Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts 🙂

  5. It’s so hard to stop reading every day! The suspense!

    Photo posted! Instagram handle is @mandalyn1326

    1. I feel that! ?
      Thank you so much for entering the giveaway my love and I hope you continue to enjoy ?

  6. Accidently read on too much today without realising! Loving this book! Have entered the competition @penguinograce

    1. So happy you’re loving this book! That’s easily done right? Especially as each day’s section keeps ending on a cliffhanger ? Thank you so much for entering the giveaway! ?

  7. So….. I still dislike mom for lying to Soraya and I wished her twin would be kinder to her instead of using those harsh words when he could be killed soon…. I really felt sorry for Soraya.
    I’m wondering how Parvaneh is gonna react when she finds out Soraya doesn’t have the feather anymore. I’m glad she followed her but I’m not sure she would help het escape when she knew about the feather.
    I’m really enjoying this book and look forward to reading the rest of it ?

    I,ve entered the giveaway on Instagram, I’m beppie125.
    See you tomorrow ?

    1. Same I truly feel for Soraya, everyone she gets close to just lies to her! ?
      So glad to hear you’re enjoying it! Thank you for entering the giveaway and for sharing your thoughts ❤️

  8. I’m surprised Ramin died already, that was quick!
    Now I can understand why Tahmineh cursed her daughter but at the end she is the reason they are in danger because he had forgotten about the threat he made.. :(.
    I feel bad about Soraya, she did what she thought what the good decision and at the end she unleashed the Shahmar..
    I knew Parvaneh would not have left her! But I don’t get why instead of becoming a moth she didn’t try to fight the div? Even if it was stronger than her she had the element of surprise.
    Uhoh, what will happen when Parvaneh will realise Azad/the Shahmar has the feather?? I’m pretty sure he is going to destroy it anyway. So I’m curious to see how they will kill him!
    The Shahmar seems to not be too happy about being the Shahmar.
    I really can’t wait to read what’s next! And hopefully Soraya’s family will be alive when the Shahmar comes back!

    I entered the giveaway with the handle @french_booklover on instagram! Thanks for this!

    1. Exactly! By trying to protect Soraya, her mother just made the whole situation worse. I can empathise with Tahmineh though and oh boy I feel so bad for Soraya 🙁
      Ohhh yes what if he does just destroy the feather before she can retrieve it? thank you so much for entering the giveaway and for sharing your thoughts too! 🙂

  9. Very entertaining book. Looks like this will turn into a love triangle of sorts.

    1. So happy you’re enjoying the experience so far! Ohh there is definitely potential for a love triangle 🙂

  10. This book has done a 360 degree turn! Very intriguing mostly in the chapters we cut off to the next day.

    1. Right?! haha yes it seems to be we get a cliffhanger at the end of every day’s chapters. Makes it very hard to not read ahead ?

  11. The fact that Ramin died quickly just adds to the notion of how strong the divs are. They aren’t a joke! I did like that Soraya’s mother finally told her the truth about the curse. It seemed like a long time coming. Communication! It works!

    I totally though Parvaneh was going against her word and just leaving Soraya. I guess she has a soft spot for Soraya, unless she just really wants revenge on the Shahmar for everything he’s done to her and her family. He’s seemingly done some awful things to the Pariks.

    I’m really enjoying GST. I like that it’s evenly paced with the amount of things going on. I definitely want to learn more about what is going to happen to Soraya’s family and how she’s going to get the feather back.

    1. I forgot to add my Instagram! I’ll be posting a picture tomorrow on @alwaysbookishlovers.

      1. Thank you so much for entering the giveaway too! ?

    2. hahaha yesss communication works!
      I’m hoping it’s both, that Parvaneh wants revenge and also that she is developing feelings for Soraya 🙂
      I’m so glad you’re enjoying it! thank you for sharing your thoughts my love ❤️

  12. I really think the tag line for this book should be “Communication is KEY!!!!” So much could have been avoided if people just talked to each other. And am I the only one who is curious about where Laleh is in all this?

    Anyways, I entered the giveaway and my ig handle is @flippingpages365

    1. OMG yesss, i forgot about Laleh.

    2. Good point, I forgot about Laleh! I wonder what she knows about everything that happened.

    3. 100% agree hahaha. All these lies certainly have me intrigued by the story though! 🙂
      Oh my! I think we all forgot about Laleh!! I hope she has a part to play in this too.
      Thank you so much for entering our giveaway and for sharing your thoughts!

  13. Woah, what a ride with today’s chapters! There’s just so much going on, and I’m loving every bit of it.

    So, maybe an unpopular opinion, but I kinda like the Shahmar / Azad. I feel like something happened way back, that made him the way he is now, and I think he feels a little bit like Soraya – alone, unloved, no friends….I feel bad for him! Like, if he just got a hug now and again, he wouldn’t be so bad…..?

    My Instagram for the comp is @tinasparkle04

    1. So happy to hear you’re loving it! 🙂
      “if he just got a hug now and again, he wouldn’t be so bad” ?? I love this! I’m hoping we find out more about his origin story and they can certainly relate to one another! Maybe he’s not that bad after all? hmmm
      Thank you so much for entering the giveaway and for sharing your thoughts on today’s chapters my love! ?

  14. I just really like Azad a lot, idk why. I hope he becomes human again. And I’m glad Ramin is dead. ?

    1. I think he might end up using the feather on himself to become human again? But I must admit I ship Soraya with Parvaneh over Azad, still would be cool to see a redemption arch for him ?
      Same, he was the WORST ?
      Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts my love!

  15. So we start chapter 13 with the Shahmar and Soraya looking at each other and recognizing each other and the Shahmar and other div decide to raid the wedding of Soraya‘s brother and all the truth basically comes out. Which is really exciting because I’ve been looking forward to knowing the truth. And the Shahmar is once again the shah. Which is crazy. Of course this was his goal, to rule again.
    No we start the next chapter where Soraya and her mom are finally trapped in a room together and she ends up telling Soraya why she went to the divs and got her cursed. And I am inclined to believe her, her actions finally seem sincere as if she has nothing else to lose anymore by telling her the truth. I also wish that Soraya hadn’t given up her powers so early on in the book- that she would’ve learned to live with it instead of giving it up. Said character development I’ve been hoping for that I think is lost, unfortunately.
    I wanna jump to 16 because the Shahmar has built himself a whole world. United the divs and no one else has done that. That’s a pretty cool accomplishment lol he has some characteristics to admire.
    And he’s showing Soraya the caves he’s built in the mountains. I feel like there could’ve been potential for a series right here. Like Soraya going undercover pretending to love him like he wants. And totally backstabbing him or him turning good. I don’t know lol
    So in the final chapter we learn how to defeat Shahmar. And it kind of does make sense to revert him back to his original form as Azad. I still feel like there was so much potential for the standalone to be a series though. I am liking it either way, maybe my expectations were too high however because I feel let down by several scenes, cuz I see different potential. Or I’m just picky!

    Entered the semi hush hush giveaway though!

  16. Still catching up but want to enter on IG handle @katcandyfloss will be back when I’ve read these chapters!

  17. Still catching up but want to enter on Instagram so handle is @katcandyfloss will be back when I’ve read these chapters! Enjoying immensly so far!

  18. So glad we got an explanation from Tahmineh!
    Very interested as there is definitely a human side coming through whether the Shahmar is in Azad form or not. If he’s been working with the divs for years then he must be craving human touch as much as Soraya has all her life.
    Soraya’s got some serious honesty issues she needs to work through, but living life as a secret herself probably lends to that problem!

    1. Also now posted my Insta pic on hiddeninthelibrarybookstagram

  19. Part of me is now terrified that the butterfly that Soraya had killed was a Parik after finding out more about them today lol, but, oh man, I’m digging the vibes between her and her little ‘Moth.’ But…how are they getting out of that mountain?!

    I was so glad to find out more today after that cliff hanger yesterday! Also super curious to what Azad was like before he became a Div! STILL NEED ANSWERS lol

    I’ve entered the semi hush giveaway today, my IG handle: @thecaffeinated.reader

    1. I hadn’t thought about the butterfly Soraya killed, hasn’t she killed more insects? I wonder if any of those could be pariks. But why would they be within reach of Soraya if they knew what she was? Maybe that’s too many questions. “Her little moth,” cute! I agree, something seems to be happening between them.

    2. Right?! I’m totally on board with the Parvaneh + Soraya ship already, which just leaves the question about whether its gonna be a “tempted into ruling as a villain queen” or an “I am a Good Heroine!” kind of book. ???

  20. Am I the only one who is already behind in the readalong? I had to work almost all day and couldn’t read much and feel so bad for being behind everyone else???

    I joined the semi hush giveaway!! My Instagram name is @bookswithjayjay

    1. Same here! By the time I have time to read and post after work, it’s already the next day in the readalong so I definitely feel you, don’t feel bad! It’s still nice to come back and see everyone’s thoughts on the chapters even if it’s a bit late.

  21. Wow we gor so much information in today’s chapters I’m feeling a little overwhelmed. I predicted some of what was going to happen in these chapters but I’m not really sure whats coming next. I’m definitely enjoying this one though!

    I also entered the giveaway on IG! My handle is @bloodyherondales!

  22. So Parvaneh was telling the truth, for the most part. That’s a good sign for Soraya if they continue to work together. Soraya and her family need to practice being more honest. Before it was the truth about Soraya’s curse and now it feels like Soraya won’t be able to tell Parvaneh about the feather, at least not right away. As they try to find a way out, I wonder what Shahmar’s plans are for Soraya’s family or is he just planning on killing them. Maybe he’ll keep them prisoner like the pariks. I’m also curious to know what else the feather can do. Can’t wait to continue reading!

    For the semi hush hush giveaway my IG handle is @bookishdeseos

  23. The twists this story have taken is crazy. I new her mother had to have gotten her cursed to protect her, but I wasn’t expecting what she was trying to protect her from. The Shahmar is creeping me out so much. I need him gone like now. Soraya needs to get that feather back ASAP!

    Entered the giveaway ? My instagram is @natalie_thevoraciousreader.

  24. This is been a wild ride so far and am so impressed with how it has kept me guessing.

    I’ve entered the giveaway my handle is @jodiesbookishposts

  25. So much happened! I’m glad noone important was killed so far. ?
    Let’s see what the two girls can do. Soraya is learning a lot about divs. But why is she lying about the feather ? I don’t understand. Hopefully everything will go well.

    I will enter today! IG handle is lunas_book_page

  26. I didn’t shock me at all when Ramin died. I didn’t like him anyway…

    but We finally know the truth about the curse!!
    and I can not hate Soraya’s mom!!

    And i’m glade the Feather can help others people too.

    But Sorush is too firm when he believe she did this against Him.
    He knows she just wanted her curse away… If he thinks a sister had a grudge against him couldn’t he be near her more often, or trying to keep her some company sometimes ?

    And Azad built a whooole army of div… using their talents like a smart stratege…

    Can’t wait to see Soraya and Parvaneh win!!!

    I enter the giveaway, my instagram is @alicelibrarian
    *return to her books finishing her batch of today’s pages*

  27. Oh man. I have SO MANY FEELINGS about this, friends. So I’m gonna say straight away that I tend to hate the. “I was only lying to protect you from a different date” kind of trope because it ALWAYS plays into the hands of self-fulfilling prophecy. Like the fact that none of this would have been instigated if the mum had just ignored the Shahmar and his words or if she had just told her daughter the truth (and had probably saved her a whole bunch of emotional trauma she’s gonna spend years getting through).

    To me, there are two possible plot paths: she goes with the Shahmar emotionally and becomes the villain queen (sort of like Forest of a Thousand Lanterns where it’s the development of a villain in some ways) OR she figures out a way to outsmart him and ends up with Parvaneh.

    I do love a good villain arc but based on how the author described this as an original fairytale, I’m guessing she’s gonna play his game and outsmart him. There has to be some kind of tipping point because….she was so thoroughly tempted by everything he offers from the get go and he’s a mater manipulator.

    I don’t think Ramin is dead tbh. She saw him get injured or severely wounded. Basically unless I see a character lifeless ooor they’re decapitated I’m like….HM this seems like a ruse.

    I’m so here for the chemistry between Parvaneh and Soraya though. Soravaneh? ? Anyway this book is so so soooo excellent!

    I’m adding the tag to an old photo just in case I can’t take a new one before the 20th. The handle is @madamepincers ?

  28. I’ve posted my photo – Alwaysbookishbecca

    I felt like these chapters read a bit rushed for me, like there could have been more roadblocks and more slow development of the relationships. I’m not sure what it is exactly, but things just felt a little too quick and easy?

    Aside from that I do love Parvaneh and Soraya and think they’re really sweet together, I hope they develop this a bit more so it’s not just Parvaneh being pretty and them finally being able to touch and we see more of things that bond them and them growing closer. That’s my favourite part of relationships, seeing people open up and share interests and dreams. 🙂

    Also I don’t know why Soraya is being kept around now she doesn’t have poisonous skin any more, does she really have a purpose past that with the div army? I’m really interested to find out if she does!

    I’m looking forward to the next chapters!

  29. Things got really interesting I admit, can’t wait to read more!
    I still continue to ship Soraya with Shahmar, maybe because I hope he really does love her? Don’t know, not only Soraya is confused with her feelings. ? The ship with Parvaneh is nice too, but I can’t fully trust her either, since she is a spy. I wonder if there are still stuff she doesn’t tell Soraya. Ugh, I hope she won’t turn to be a bad person in the end.
    I’m glad that Soraya reconciled with her mother as much as they can given the current circumstances. If neither of them die, they’ll have time to bond more after the crisis is over. I wonder if Soraya’s brother will survive and is there any hope to them reconciling too, guess we’ll see.

    I enter the giveaway and will post soon, my instagram is @serenity87hu

  30. This is my first Fairyloot readalong and I’m so happy it’s this book, very intriguing and with twists at every turn! It’s not what I expected it to be at all, so curious how it will all end! My Instagram is @dianapetrut15. 🙂

  31. I’ve entered @read_as_a_dodo

  32. Ah man…. I think I know which direction the story will take from now in and I’m a little disappointed to be honest. ?

    I wanted that dark love story, but it looks like Soraya will now team up with Parvaneh and try killing Azad…

    I hope it won’t turn into a love triangle with Soraya and Parvaneh though. I think that would be too rushed now and also I kinda grew fond of Azad even though he’s the Shahmar now.

    I wouldn’t have thought that Soraya’s mither actually had good intentions, but I still feel like her family neglected her. Just the fact that her mother was so happy to have a real daughter through the wedding.. and also Soraya’s brother had like no sympathy for her in the end. I mean its bot like she planned all this, she just wanted to be free!

    I am a little apprehensive now, because I really really want Soraya and Azad to end up together… but yeah, don’t think that’ll work out.. ?

    ALSO: I uploaded a photo with the # and my Instagram handle is @bookfairy95

  33. Continuing to really enjoy this one

    I loved the discussion Soraya was able to have with her mother. Something about it just felt so right. That Soraya knew the mistake she had made, and was sorrowful for it. And her mother didn’t resent her for this though, because her reasons for doing what she did were true.

    It’s got me thinking a lot about the protection that being poisonous would bring though, and c an really understand now why Parvaneh insisted on calling it a gift…

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