If I Have To Be Haunted Readalong: Day 1!


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Hello fairy friends!

Happy Monday and welcome to day 1 of our readalong ofIf I Have To Be Haunted by Miranda SunI’m so excited to be reading this one with you, I hope you all love it!

Before we get into the book, how are we all doing today? I hope you all had a wonderful weekend full of great books and relaxing vibes!

Since today is day 1, we’ll be reading from the beginning to the end of Chapter 7. It’s time to get comfy and cosy with our book and get started!

When you’ve finished today’s section, catch up with me in the comments down below so we can discuss the beginning of the book. Happy reading!

Please be warned, the following section will include spoilers for If I Have To Be Haunted by Miranda Sun from the beginning to Chapter 7. Please only read on if you have finished this section!


Did the first line of this book have anyone else immediately intrigued? Who doesn’t love a good ghost story? We start with a captivating but slightly sinister first chapter where we are introduced to our protagonist Cara, who can see Ghosts. The fact that her birthday is on Halloween is truly iconic, I love this character just for that reason alone. Although I’m not sure I’d like the ability to see ghosts…

We also get introduced to Cara’s friends and their plans to visit a new haunted house on Halloween, where spectres are very likely to be found. Halloween is a day when the veil between the planes of the living and the dead thinned, enabling all kinds of ghosts to possess the ability to act upon the breathing – even pulling out your beating heart… Okay, Halloween in this world is genuinely scary. Where is Casper the friendly ghost when you need him?

In just a few pages we are introduced to Zacharias Coleson; Cara’s nemesis and soon to be Ghost boy. The first interaction we see them have is an argument that really sets the tone of their tumultuous relationship. Cara has torn down Zach’s swim team tryout posters and put them in the trash because he put them over all her cross-country posters. Naturally, they begin to insult each other – I just know this will have a good hate-to-love romance. And I am already excited for it!

“Do you ever think about anyone else, or does your ego have a monopoly on all your brain cells up in there” I get the sense that only does she really not like Zach, but she is also fierce and very funny. (I kind of want her to be my fictional bestie.)

During their little argument, we do get an insight into the kind of life that Cara and Zach each lead. Cara is known to stay at home all the time and study due to pressure from her mother, whereas Zach comes from a very privileged background and uses it to his advantage. This obviously puts them at odds with one another. Zach and his family are very financially secure and I suspect Cara is maybe a little jealous and this is part of the reason she dislikes him so much. But let’s circle back to the fact their town is named Autumn Falls because that sounds like my literal dream town and I love the fact that their town is named that. My autumn-loving heart is very happy.

We also find out that Cara’s grandmother Laolao is a ghost too and I have a sneaky suspicion that she will have a big part to play later in the story. What do you guys think?

As Cara and Zach continue to argue she suddenly sees silver out of the corner of her eye in the cafeteria. Two new ghosts have entered the room, a woman and a man. They stopped at each table observing whoever was sat there almost clinically, conferring with each other before moving on. Cara realises they are testing to see if people can see them which is highly unusual and very creepy… Do you think they are looking for Cara specifically?

Are you all as obsessed with the setting of this book so far as I am? “On either side of the avenue, trees stretched into the crisp blue sky, their crimson leaves so brilliant it was as if they’d been enchanted.” I cannot get enough of the descriptions. “Enough warmth still haunted the late October air that patrons could sit on the patio, enjoying the last of the season’s sunshine as they sipped their coffees.” AND it’s set in October?! 10/10 level perfection. I am also very intrigued by the ‘Wildwoods’ behind Cara’s house, it sounds very eerie and magical. Do you think it could be haunted or maybe even magical?

Cara observes two ghosts sitting at the coffee shop together who she assumes where high school sweethearts. We then learn that her grandmother Laolao had told her about the ‘red string of fate’ from Chinese culture, and that the threads of blood in your body have a string which connects from your heart to the heart of the one yours is meant to be with. The Chinese mythology woven into the story is so interesting and I wonder if maybe Cara and Zach will share that thread? What do you think?

“To be a ghost speaker was to push that curtain aside. To look into the dark and see something look back.”

As Cara observes the ghost couple the man suddenly says “It’s a bad time to be a ghost in Autumn Falls. Now that you’re here we should go elsewhere – until all this blows over. Until they find the ghost speaker.” The only living ghost speaker Cara knows of in Autumn Falls is herself, so could they be looking for her? and if so why? I have a bad feeling that Cara is going to get caught up in something dangerous…

After Cara witnesses a fatal car accident on her way home from the grocery store with her mother she seeks comfort from Laolao about it who uses a term of endearment “xiagoui”- little ghost – to which Cara remarks her mother had never called her. It seems that Cara and her mother do not have the best relationship as her mother disapproves of being a ghost speaker. She tries to enforce this belief onto Cara and also forces herself into losing the ability to see or speak to ghosts. Therefore Cara’s mom does not speak to Laolao, nor participate in anything about ghosts and wants Cara to do the same. Hiding the fact she does see ghosts as well as Laolao must be really tough for Cara when it comes to her mom.

The next day to their absolute horror Zach and Cara are paired up together for an assignment and they then agree to meet at Cara’s old treehouse to work on their project together. Zach remarks it’s an unforgettable place since it’s where Cara had set his shirt on fire but she claims she threw a pinecone at him and it caught fire all by itself at the same time. Is anyone else wondering if this is foreshadowing something or magic-related somehow? 👀

They agreed to meet there that night at five. Suddenly all of the windows shatter in their classroom as a swarm of terrified bats invades the room. In the chaos of it all Zach grabs Cara’s hand and tugs her down under a lab bench to safety. She ends up in Zach’s arms pressed against his chest. I just love seeing the forced proximity trope in a literal way… Cara suspects that this is no coincidence with the strange way the ghosts have been acting and something more sinister must be at play. Her suspicions are confirmed when she can see one of the bats up close, finding that it has a raised perfect circle on its back. She then notices it on all of the bats and it seems it’s related to ghosts as only she can see it on them and not Zach.

Cara waits for Zach at the treehouse and when it passes five o’clock and he still hasn’t turned up she sends him a barrage of texts. Eventually she gives up on waiting and begins the walk home through the Wildwoods. “Even in her anger she could appreciate how the Wildwoods rose around her like an oil painting, a palette of ground-level browns and greens and, up above, ruby and sulfur and amber. Leaves crackled in her wake, the crisp bones of fall splintering under her soles. A late October zephyr suffused her lungs with what could only be described as Autumn: the aroma of loam, sun-dried, sun-warmed earth; cider, somehow; cedar and pine; and underneath it all, the bite-the cold, coming.” The descriptions of the setting in this book are so well done that I almost feel as if I too am walking through the Wildwoods on a late October today. If only! Anyone else want to take an autumnal stroll in the Wildwood?

Cara suddenly realised she had been walking in a totally different direction from where she had intended. She spots the familiar oak tree used as a marker on her path home but a few minutes later she walks past it again… there is trickery afoot! It is also then that she notices a trail of crushed leaves and wonders if it could have been where Zach had walked and gotten lost. As she walks following the same path the forest begins to morph into something else, the trees stunted and crumbling. She then arrives at a clearing where both the sky and landscape appear to be different too. It is here she spots a boy asleep under the largest oak tree. Cara recognises him immediately to be Zach and gets angry thinking he decided to go for a nap. Right before she goes to shake him awake she hears a voice behind her say “What are you doing?” That voice belongs to Zach but he isn’t solid the way she is. She puts her fingers to the sleeping Zach to find out there is no pulse.

Zach realises that Cara can see him and tells her that he got lost on his way to meet with her and a snake bit him on his ankle so he had decided to try and get help but stumbled out of this clearing and somehow back out of the forest. He then tried waving down cars but no one seemed to notice him so he came back to this clearing and saw her. He asks why she can see him and she informs him that he’s dead which he laughs off and doesn’t believe at first. She then also reveals that the reason she can see him is because she is a ghost speaker meaning she can see, talk and even control ghosts. “How are you literally dead and still this insufferable?” even in death they still bicker but I have to say I love their almost aggressive banter and dynamic. Zach then begs her to help him as he thinks his death is some kind of mistake to which Cara says she can’t do anything but inform the police – Zach threatens to haunt her.

“I’ll haunt you for the rest of your life”. “You wouldn’t dare”. It’s official, I love them.

Cara notices his form isn’t like a usual ghost and she wouldn’t even believe he was dead if it wasn’t for his body on the ground. He is also able to touch her without her hands passing right through him. She decides something isn’t right and takes him home with her where she hopes Laolao can help. When they arrive back at her house she tells her grandmother that she found him in the Wildwoods and that she can touch him. Zach begins to explain what happened to him and at the mention of a snake Laolao stiffens. She asks him to draw the snake that bit him and begins to tremble once the sketch is finished. Laolao places a book on the table with the same snake Zach had drawn on the open page. The Signet Snake: an intelligent agent of chaos leaving death in its wake, every time it appears destruction occurs in due course. The book also reveals that a flower called the ‘analyx’ is thought to be a potential antidote but it is not confirmed. It is also rumoured that whoever is bitten gains enhanced powers. No one bitten by the Signet Snake has ever returned from death. It doesn’t merely kill its victim but turns them into a ghost, their essence cut loose from their body by the venom. The victim has seven days from the exact moment of their death to be re-tethered before they fade away completely with the help of a living ghost speaker. Cara agrees to help him when he says he will pay her a large sum of money and get a letter of recommendation from her father to whichever dean she chooses. I find it kind of mean that she won’t just help him anyway. Cara, Zach and Laolao then head back to the Wildwood to hide his body.

What a beginning! So much has happened already, I am so excited for what’s to come in tomorrow’s chapters.

Do you think it is a coincidence that the ghosts seem to be looking for a ghost speaker/Cara and then Zach suddenly gets bit by this Signet Snake?

What do you think of the dynamic between Cara and Zach?

What is your favourite thing about the book so far?

See you tomorrow for another day of reading!





  • Cosy Coffee Reader

    Ahh I’m loving this so far! I love that it’s very suited for October reading, Autumn Falls?! Perfect!

    I definitely don’t think it’s a coincidence, I’m really intrigued to see where this is going and how the two intertwine.

    I love the dynamic between Cara and Zach, enemies to lovers is the best trope and it’s obvious they both have a soft spot for one another!

    My favourite thing about the book so far is Cara’s ability to see ghosts, I hope she takes on more of her powers soon. I also love the little hints to spooky season and all the autumn vibes. Those little bats sounded so cute!

    Very curious to find out why her grandmother and her mum don’t talk to each other, and if they will reconcile towards the end of the book.

  • mari.rolo95

    Hello! Just wanted to say that it is my first readalong and I’m already loving it!

    I really like how the author introduces the characters so good that immediately you can empathise with them. Also wanting to know how they are going to evolve through the book. I’m expecting a lot of growth from the two main characters. And also some explaining in the relationship between the protagonists and their respecting families. Something tells me that Zach life is not so perfect as it seems, kind of feeling bad for the constant absence of his parents.

    The atmosphere is insane. So good to be reading this book almost at the same time of the year the story takes place in.

    My favourite thing so far is the mystery. It was difficult to put down the book. Really hoping Cara gets to save Zach at the end (fingers crossed).

  • Alexis Yount

    Do you think it is a coincidence that the ghosts seem to be looking for a ghost speaker/Cara and then Zach suddenly gets bit by this Signet Snake?

    I don’t think its a coincidence its got to some how be linked I’m just not sure yet how or why.

    What do you think of the dynamic between Cara and Zach?

    I love their little feud they have going on I’m already rooting for them, although that could be because I’m a big fan of the enemies to lovers trope.

    What is your favorite thing about the book so far?

    My favorite thing about the book so far is all the mystery with the ghosts looking for a ghost speaker.

    I’m also curious to find out why Laolao and Cara’s mother don’t get along and why her mother is so against Cara being a ghost speaker.

  • Tasha

    Do you think it is a coincidence that the ghosts seem to be looking for a ghost speaker/Cara and then Zach suddenly gets bit by this Signet Snake?
    – I’m guessing no it’s not a coincidence perhaps someone pushing Cara out the shadows for her to embrace her powers – could it be the grandma??

    What do you think of the dynamic between Cara and Zach?
    – I’m loving it so far and felt a connection to them both straight away although I was surprised to see how calm Zach seemed when Cara said he was a ghost 👻

    What is your favourite thing about the book so far?
    – I love the spooky setting with the ghosts and Halloween even the bats 🦇

  • Bryony

    Do you think it is a coincidence that the ghosts seem to be looking for a ghost speaker/Cara and then Zach suddenly gets bit by this Signet Snake? Absolutely not! I think there’s more to Zach than he’s letting on.

    What do you think of the dynamic between Cara and Zach?
    It’s fun! I can find bickering characters a but grating sometimes, but they have a good rhythm.

    What is your favourite thing about the book so far?
    How perfect it is for autumn/Halloween!

  • Brittney Wright

    I love how perfect this book is as an October/pre-Halloween read! I hate super scary things so fun teenage ghost speaking is the kind of spooky I like!

    I definitely don’t think that everything happening is a coincidence but I have absolutely no idea where things are headed or how the storylines will converge.

    I can’t wait for the moment Cara and Zach actually fall for each other – that’s the best part of enemies to lovers right?

    My favorite part of the books has to be the descriptive scenery – it feels so fall! I also love her grandmother and can’t wait to get to know her more.

  • Samantha Moody

    I am LOVING this book so far! It’s giving me dead romantics vibes with a fantasy twist and I am SO intrigued as to how it is all going to pan out.

    I was in love with Zach as soon as he pulled her under the table to shield her from the bats!! *swoon*

    I love the comedic banter between the two, that hate-to-lovers vibe just hits the spot!! I can’t wait to read more tomorrow!

  • lulu.james2712

    Omg I am loving this book it’s amazing and I’m totally hooked and what a perfect time too read it in October over Halloween I love cara and zach and there relationship dynamic I’m so intrigued how this is going too go I can’t wait too read more I’m so excited too day 2 at the moment this seems like it could be a five star read for me loving it

    • Jodie

      So happy to hear you’re enjoying it! Yes, they have such an interesting relationship, very fun seeing their dynamic shift! 💜

  • Joana Neves Pereira

    I was actually scared of reading this book since I dont deal qell with afterlife and death topics. But so far so good. Cara is a well described character and we can get in these first 7 chapters how she wishes her life was different and how she struggles between her grandma and her mother and feeling like she is a disappointment to both. Zach is your typical rich, entitled, highschool boy, not a bully, since I dont see their relationship as of a bully and a victim, but definitely one of two people who cant stand each other more likely due to lack of wanting to understand each other. I do like Laolao but who doesnt love a grandma?

    Im also happy to know that Zach will come back to life, I really hope that this makes them closer to eachother and makes them understand eachother and becomes a hate to love romance, but that Zach actually is a living being by the end of it.

    The snake is intriguing and I wonder how they’ll manage to reverse her venom.

    Cant wait for tomorrows chapters specially after Laolao’s sentence, cause indeed, they have a body to hide.

  • Nymphie

    1) It definitely isn’t a coincidence, but I don’t have theories yet. I’m sure it will become more apparent as the story progresses.

    2) I’m kind of 50/50 with this couple at the moment. I find them both insufferably immature. I get that they’re teenagers, but an adult wrote them. I guess I didn’t expect them to act so young. It’s almost painful to read some of these interactions because it feels like I’m being dragged back to high school. Cara is very mean and incredibly self-centered. I don’t love her as a protagonist. Zach is obnoxiously boyish and needs to grow up, but I do like him better than Cara. I have hopes they’ll shape up as their characters develop.

    3) I’m not sure. I don’t like the characters or the writing, and the plot is up in the air right now. But I do really enjoy the setting. Autumn Falls sounds like a beautiful place I would love to take a vacation to.

  • Jasmine FaeFolkReads

    Oh my 😍 I am LOVING the autumn vibes is this book!
    It’s been a while since I’ve read a YA in and actual high school, so took me a moment to get in to the story and look past the juvenile behaviour and setting 😅
    I am however enjoying the idea of ghost speakers and something suss is 100% going on with the ghosts being jumpy and wanting to get out of dodge, bats attacking and him being bit by a legendary snake and I can’t WAIT to dig deeper into this world and find out all about it!

  • Karoliina Laakso

    There is clearly something bigger brewing and all of it is part of that. So no, I don’t think it is a coincidence.

    I liked how this beginning really introduced Cara to the reader. I get her hesitation and I think she was going to say yes without the money. It came off a bit cold. I think she was just sorting through who her mom wants her to be and how can she can be herself. I don’t like how controlling the mom is.

  • xglxtched

    No way is it a coincidence! Maybe the ghosts looking for her died in relation to the snake as well, and they wanted to be re tethered too, but I don’t know how they’d know about it. They could just know something is happening and know that only she can help. Might be misremembering but wasn’t there a conversation between ghosts about leaving the town? They must know somethings happening.

    I want to know what was happening with the deer and the bats too, it must all be related.

    Love a good enemies/hate to love, not sure why but I’m kinda hoping he’s always had some kind of feelings for her, but I’m fine if that’s not the case too. Just hope it’s a happy ending!

  • Sarah Feuerborn

    This book has me hooked so far! Cara mentions that powerful ghost speakers can control ghosts and I’m dying to see where the author goes with that.

  • ladymeg

    1) NOPE I think there is definitely something going on.

    2) Real enemies to lovers vibes there. Oh teenagers.

    3) I love that so far it’s spooky without being horror. Perfect for Halloween!

    • Jodie

      Yes I agree! It’s the perfect book to read during October. 💜

  • Sammy Ronayne

    This book is so interesting so far…. I love when urban fantasy books have a magical world just out of sight for most people, it’s always so exciting when someone accidentally learns about it.

    I feel like something BAD is coming and the ghosts need a ghost speaker to help or maybe protect them from what is going to happen. I feel like Zach being bitten is maybe a bad omen for things to come.

    I love the rivalry between Cara and Zach and I can’t wait to see them have to come closer and work together. I genuinely think he can’t be that bad of a person apart from the flaunting his wealth but maybe that’ll stop happening as much when he learns to empathise with how most people live.

    I am loving the writing style of the book and the vibes are great for October.

    I really hope we some other magical families as they try to save Zach.

  • Anna Parks

    I was wondering if someone else has been bitten by the snake and that is why the ghosts are looking for a ghost speaker.

    Love the dynamic between the two so far. With both of them, there were moments when they were caught off guard by each other, which may be underlying feelings.

    Honestly, my favorite part of the book so far is Laolao. I want to learn more about her and why she fought with her daughter.

    • Jodie

      Yes! Laolao is such an interesting character and seems to have a mysterious past!

  • Lisa Spanu

    I’m really loving this so far! It’s so easy to get lost in the pages and keep on reading! I really had to consciously stop myself from continuing on!!

    1. Do you think it is a coincidence that the ghosts seem to be looking for a ghost speaker/Cara and then Zach suddenly gets bit by this Signet Snake?
    Nope! I don’t think it is a coincidence at all! It might even be so that the ghosts had spotted the snake earlier and thus were looking for the ghost speaker as a prevention for what might come and later did happen.

    2. What do you think of the dynamic between Cara and Zach?
    I really like their bickering a lot and am a BIG fan of enemies-to-lovers! But I do wonder what made them “hate” each other so much that they’re at each others throats constantly.

    3. What is your favourite thing about the book so far?
    As of now I really love Cara’s ability and the vibe this book has!

  • Jodie Cross

    My first readalong and I am LOVING IT!

    Firstly im a huge fan of the show Ghost Whisperer… and this book is giving the same vibes and I am HERE FOR IT!

    I get the feeling something more sinister is going on and I can’t wait to dive further in! Im enjoying the relationships so far and looking forward to seeing where Cara and Zach go from here!

    Such a good autumn/fall read and it’s currently fixing my book slump I’ve been in recently!

    • Jodie

      So happy to hear you’re enjoying your first FairyLoot Readalong, we’re so happy to have you join us! 💜

  • Eugenia Capitaine

    I am in a such a Autumn/Halloween mood so when I read the synopsis I picked it up right away.

    I’m loooving the setting and ambiance it’s perfect for Fall and exactly what I was looking for!

    The book has started out strong and I’m hooked 🍂🍁🌰🥮

    • Jodie

      Yay! So happy you’re enjoying it. I definitely agree it’s perfect for October. 💜

  • TupaKitty_Reads

    So, this was an interesting start to the story. It was easy to read & get into. There’s a “Enemies”-to-lovers (juvenile rivalry) vibe already with it softening them more since his death.
    Daily Q&A:
    1.) Do you think it is a coincidence that the ghosts seem to be looking for a ghost speaker/Cara and then Zach suddenly gets bit by this Signet Snake?
    2.) What do you think of the dynamic between Cara and Zach?
    3.) What is your favourite thing about the book so far?
    1.) Nope, but I’m curious what the connection is & what event is supposed to be happening that has ghosts talking about fleeing.
    2.) Juvenile rivalry mixed with physical attraction, a splash of “we’re not so different after all,” & a bit of not-quite-forced proximity/common goal 😏
    3.) I actually really like the descriptions as well as the general Autumnal/Spooky Season vibes & the little things that set these ghosts apart from others (other media).

  • Lyndsay Durbin

    This is my first Fairyloot readalong so far and I’m really enjoying it! I’m super intrigued in how all of the weird spooky pieces will end up connecting to one another and I’m especially curious to learn more about the tension and broken relationship between Cara’s mother and Laolao

  • Valley

    First off, I really appreciate the low(er)-income, second-generation Chinese American (with a single mom) representation here because that was basically my experience growing up. I actually cringed during Cara’s interactions with her mom because I could almost hear some of the words in my own mom’s voice, though my mom was way worse lol… I think the level of representation and realism of Cara’s family dynamic is my favorite thing about the book so far, even if it does kind of suck to be reminded of the bad parts of my childhood. Hopefully Cara’s mom mellows out more by the end of the book :’)

    As for the plot, I don’t think any of the weird events are coincidences. There’s something bigger afoot. Maybe Zach’s death was a ploy to lure out Cara. Also I think Laolao knows more than she’s letting on about this whole thing.

    I think Cara and Zach’s dynamic is rather funny to read. Even in death, they bicker endlessly. On the other hand, Zach reminds me of some annoying group project partners I’ve had to deal with before so I’m currently not the biggest fan of him.

  • Katie

    I’m really enjoying this and I’m planning to catch up before the end of the week.

    I think Cara and Zach are both quite mean to one another and I wonder where it all started. Anyway, I’m finding the world building good and the descriptions of the autumn are just so nice. It’s a very cosy read and a perfect book for this time of year so far.

    I think they’re definitely looking for the ghost speaker in connection to the other bad stuff going down.

  • Graciela Quinones Weiss

    Zero coincidences! There is a reason for everything!

    Not only that! I SUSPECT Laolao for everything.
    Mom is very pushy and strict, but we don’t really know what went down between her and grandma and that act of Laolao tipping her daughter off about Cara’s fight… Laolao has not so hidden desires of getting Cara to speak to ghosts.

    She needs an heir who will do the work so she can move on to the afterlife.
    I don’t know. This story hasn’t quite captivated me yet though.

    Happy reading everyone 📖

  • SeaFox.Adventures

    Highly unlikely, I think.

    Obviously enemies-to-lovers, though why they’re enemies when everyone else loves him is interesting enough for me to want to dive in deeper!

    The ghost speaker role, the way this author has done it, is really interesting to me, and I want to learn more about it! Plus, Cara’s love of fall is lovely to rest about, at a fellow fall-lover! 💙

  • Cheyenne Aguirre

    Hello, this will be my first read along and I’m super excited! I loved that this book picks up pretty quickly and was easy to get into. Academic rivals has to be my favorite trope and that tension between Cara and Zach even in the first chapter was excellent. I just know I’m going to love their story. I am intrigued by her mothers and grandmothers relationship and can’t wait to find out what tore them apart.
    Mr. Ursan was delightfully likable. I enjoyed how he put Zach in his place when he once again tried to use his money and family to get out of something. And then when Zach pulls Cara down during the bay attack, I feel like he might be a bit more aware of the sort of feelings he has for her.
    I find it interesting that Cara got lost in the forest she hasn’t been lost in since she was a kid. Almost seems like an outside force caused that to happen and I cannot wait to unravel this mystery. I really hope the is a hea 😅

  • DeeAnna Sparks

    Oh how I love that this book is the October pick! It’s perfect for this time of year!
    I absolutely agree that the descriptions are amazing. I truly feel like I’m in Autumn Falls with Cara and Zach. And the Wildwoods 😍 I just want to live in that treehouse.
    My prediction for this book is that the ghosts in the cafeteria were definitely trying to draw her out and already have a suspicion that someone at the school is the ghost speaker. I think someone or something had to know Cara is the ghost speaker and has something to do with the signet snake that bit Zach. I think he is unknowingly being used as bait.
    I really like all the spooky vibes in this book. It’s spooky but not disturbingly scary, which I love. I’m not a big fan of horror or really disturbing things, but I love cozy, lightly spooky, halloweenie things 🎃 This is perfect for right before Halloween. I hope the same vibes continue through the entirety of this book. I’m really enjoying this book so far!

  • Amy Kosta

    Do you think it is a coincidence that the ghosts seem to be looking for a ghost speaker/Cara and then Zach suddenly gets bit by this Signet Snake?

    Definitely not a coincidence! Did they know about the snake and was looking for a ghost speaker in case one of their living relatives got hurt? I’m not too sure about that one BUT I’m looking forwards to everything unraveling and getting answers!

    What do you think of the dynamic between Cara and Zach?

    It’s sometimes a little bit cringey but I’m not sure that’s a bad thing! Maybe it’s just because it’s been a while since I was their age! I definitely smell enemies to lovers!

    What is your favourite thing about the book so far?

    I wasn’t sure about the book at first! I think maybe because it’s YA but almost seemed a little aimed younger than that (despite the ghosts!), but now that there’s a quest I’m completely drawn in! It’s a perfect read for October spooky season!

  • Alex Shaffer

    Do you think it is a coincidence that the ghosts seem to be looking for a ghost speaker/Cara and then Zach suddenly gets bit by this Signet Snake?

    I do not.

    What do you think of the dynamic between Cara and Zach?

    Honestly, they seem kind of childish. I think this just one of those younger YA books.

    What is your favourite thing about the book so far?

    I like that it’s fast paced. I’m trying to read more spooky books for October. Really the only thing spooky so far are the ghosts. This isn’t a terrible thing for me, but I wouldn’t mind just a little scarier. But I think they just have a younger audience in mind.

  • nicholle2000

    I’m a little bit late for the readalong but I have a feeling I’m going to like this book! I don’t think it was a coincidence, maybe Zach’s death was a ploy to lure out Cara. I’m loving the dynamic between Cara and Zach so far and felt a connection to them both straight away. Enemies to lovers is the best trope and it’s obvious that Zach has a soft spot for Cara! My favorite part of the books has to be the descriptive scenery – it feels so fall! I am LOVING the autumn vibes is this book!

  • Mya Ellis

    I’m seriously late to the party, but I’m determined to follow through with this readalong. I’ve been a member for a little over a year, and this is the first one I’ve been apart of! I won’t lie, it really took me a minute to get into the story, but it’s safe to say I’m hooked now! || I DON’T think it’s a coincidence that Zach gets into this predicament at the same time the ghosts are looking for a ghost speaker. I don’t have any solid guesses on the connection, but there is one, for sure! One guess is that maybe there are others who were bitten by the snake as well, and there may be a limit on who/how many ghosts Cara can help. || I’m loving the dynamic between Cara and Zach. I feel like Cara may have some unfair opinions about Zach, based on his parent’s financial status. It seems like she’s easy to write him off because he’s “rich.” But I don’t know that much about what Zach’s done as a person. I’m excited to see their relationship transform. || I think my favorite thing about this book so far is the season it’s set in! It makes it a perfect read for right now!! (I’m already loving this readalong. It’s really nice to read someone else’s take on a story AS I’m reading it. Loved your thoughts! I hadn’t even questioned the incident where Zach suddenly caught on fire after Cara threw a pinecone at him!)

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