If I Have To Be Haunted Readalong: Day 3!

Beautiful photo by @erinsreadingroom

Hi fairies!

Happy Wednesday and welcome to day 3 of our readalong of If I Have To Be Haunted by Miranda SunI’m so excited to be reading this one with you, I hope you are loving it so far!

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Well, A LOT happened in yesterdays chapters didn’t it? 

Today we’re reading from chapter 14 to the end of chapter 19. Let’s do this!

When you’ve finished today’s section, catch up with me in the comments down below so we can discuss the beginning of the book. Happy reading!

Please be warned, the following section will include spoilers for If I Have To Be Haunted by Miranada Sun from Chapter 14 to Chapter 19. Please only read on if you have finished this section!


We kick off today’s chapters with Cara and Zach stepping through to a new threshold in the liminal world, leaving that cannibal man behind – phew! The entire setting has changed for this threshold and they are surrounded by plants, ferns, orchids and big fuzzy balls of pollen as well as a lot of sunlight; a stark contrast to the previous place. They guess that they must be in some sort of swamp with the river nearby. Cara thinks about how Zach was able to feel pain during the altercation and realises there is so much Laolao didn’t tell her; like how there are things that can hurt ghosts. As they continue on walking a giant dragonfly goes past and they hope it isn’t carnivorous but then things get peaceful and they have no further sightings of anything potentially deadly. That is until the dragonfly returns and is hovering above a cluster of cup-shaped plants which lunges, lips closing around the giant insect’s body. As if on cue another plant lunges at Cara missing her by an inch. Suddenly all of the plants around them are attacking them and they have no choice but to run to the forest ahead.

As they approach the forest the landscape begins to form a hill which they keep going up until reaching the top away from the carnivorous plants. As they finally catch their breath Zach exclaims “Why do things keep trying to eat us?” the ground underneath them begins to sway and a roar echoes through the air. The hill moved. Wow, these two really can’t catch a break! As it rises Cara is sent careening off the edge until strong arms catch her right before she hits the forest floor. She opens her eyes to find Zach’s looking directly into hers. As she looked behind them the ‘hill’ climbed to its feet.

What they had thought to be a hill was a four-legged creature with long matted grass covering its back; mushrooms sprouted along its skin and a grey film-like mould. Its eyes then settle on Cara and Zach and it lets out another roar. Gearing up to charge at them, they run as fast as they can from it; Cara still in Zach’s arms. 👀 Suddenly Zach drops her and she falls to the ground. Whilst years of horse riding taught her the best way to fall – especially to protect her head, every inch of skin that made contact with the ground was covered in scrapes. Zach has begun to go incorporeal again, not the best timing given their situation. They take off running again trying to find the nearest threshold when the hill creature starts shooting vines after her until one eventually wraps around her calf and begins to pull. Zach uses a sharp rock to detach the vine from her leg and she continues to run again until she ends up in a grassy space enclosed by rock. With her back against the mountain and the monster still barreling towards her she is trapped and out of options. Cara closes her eyes and holds her hands up, palms open, hoping her death will be quick. However mere moments later the hill-beast has stopped and she opens her eyes to see fire radiating from her outstretched hands. Scarlet flames that were intense but did not burn her.

The hill beast slowly lowers its head as if waiting for something. Cara inspects it closely and realises it is dying. Without understanding why but knowing it’s the right thing to do, she reaches out a hand and rests her palm on the creature’s skin sending flames leaping across its skin. The creature let out a joyful rumble and closed its eyes for the last time. She then crashes to the ground overwhelmed with what she has just done and exhaustion. Eventually, they walk towards the threshold Zach has found and Zach asks what on earth just happened. Cara exclaims she had no idea she could do that until now and her mother nor, Laolao has the ability and that she never knew her father. I wonder if her father has this ability and that’s why she does. And who is he?

Cara is worried now that Zach knows yet another secret about her that could be used against her and separate her even more from those she loves. She is also harbouring guilt that Zach knows a secret her best friends don’t even know. Becoming angry about this she snaps at Zach and tells him that they aren’t friends, they don’t even like each other and her magic is none of his business. I suspect Zach is taken aback by this but he hides it and says fine. They step through the threshold entering into a new place of sparse trees covered in ice and snow.

They find a clearing and set up camp for the night. Zach takes up residence outside of her tent saying it’s to guard her. Is anyone else kicking their feet and giggling at the fact even when they aren’t on the most friendly of terms Zach is always thinking of protecting her?

In her tent, the world begins to blur and she collapses. She tells herself it’s from exhaustion and her new fire powers but I suspect it is the Signet Snake blood doing something to her, or maybe that is responsible for these powers. What do you think?

The next morning they pass through another threshold that takes them to yet another forest with the river meandering by. Suddenly she hears a beep and looks up to find a girl staring at her from across the river, who then takes off toward them bounding across the boulders and arrives before them on the riverbank, drawing a knife from a sheath on her thigh. She demands Zach say his name and business and tells him she thought they made it clear spirits were to leave this forest, revealing that she can also see ghosts. She then tells them her name is Brittany and she is a ghost hunter to which Cara tells her Zach is her ghost and she can’t touch him. Brittany then spots the Ouroboros mark on Cara’s wrist and informs them that she too is trying to find one of the snakes and says that Cara can take her there since she has the mark. A large bird creature arrives and they all begin to run when suddenly it says “Please do stop your running Britannica.” It is revealed that Brittany has run away from home and stolen the bag of winds. The three of them then pass through a threshold where trees and mountains dot the landscape. Suddenly as they are walking fingers of grey creep toward Cara gaining speed, as white as a shroud and the fog swallows her up.

As Cara opens her eyes and calls for Zach and Brittany there is no response and the fog is so thick she cannot see anything. Then in the distance, she spots a figure, the grey curling back to reveal a ghost standing by himself with familiar blue eyes; Zach. She runs toward him. He begins telling her how short their time left together might be and how when he said he needed her he meant it. He moves his hand from her wrist to her waist and then up to her face telling her how long he’s wanted to do this as he begins to close the distance between them. Flames suddenly erupt from her palms reacting to her emotions and Zach asks her to put the flames away. Suddenly she realises that Zach wouldn’t have made that request and that this is not him. Planting both palms firmly on its chest she shoves it back and it begins to dissolve. A grey figure of fog takes its place and she realises it does not like fire. However, she begins to feel sluggish like her energy is being drained by this thing. The fog then conjures up Laolao to try and trick her which Cara falls for, following her grandmother until she steps on bone and realises what is happening. She realises the fog has access to her memories and is using them to show her what she wants messing with both her body and mind. Filled with anger Cara releases her fire, the thing screeches in pain and the fog disappears. Then Zach comes into view and this time it’s the real Zach. He notices she is crying and sweeps his thumb across her cheek. Suddenly they hear a scream which must have come from Brittany. Grabbing one another’s hand, Cara and Zach run into the fog in search of Brittany. That was tense.

Brittany is surrounded by fog and Cara uses her flames to try and make it retreat from her. She encases the three of them in a ring of fire trying to hold back the fog whilst her energy is beginning to flag. Cara comes up with a plan and they release Brittany’s bag of winds at the fog whilst shooting Cara’s flames into it at the same time and the fog screeches one last time before dissipating and revealing a clear sky. Zach’s face darkens when he looks at Cara’s hands and sees that the fog has hurt her; her palms are full of slashes and lines of red on her forearm, thigh, collar bone and hip bone. Zach begins to get furious because she is hurt. See! He definitely likes her and cares for her a lot. Eeeekkkkk it’s giving the ‘Who did this to you?!’ vibe (if you know, you know😉).

Zach begins cleaning and bandaging her wounds. They talk about his childhood and we get an insight into his family dynamic; he’s lonely and everyone doesn’t have time for him. Poor Zach. He also says he doesn’t think they’ll even miss him if he doesn’t come back. To which she replies “I’ll miss you.” Even though Zach is telling her she’s one of the smartest people he’s ever met and also always protecting her Cara keeps convincing herself it’s only out of his need for her as a ghost speaker and not because he genuinely cares for her. It’s clear to me that he does really care for her and has done so before he became a ghost. Suddenly black spots encase her vision, and blood roaring in her ears. Could this be the effects of the Signet Snake blood again, or something else?

Once Brittany returns she tells them that her knives are made out of ghost steel which shreds any attachments they have to these dimensions and can kill them. They are made with Ouroboros blood and as long as the ghoststeel is in contact with skin the person wielding it can see ghosts. They then go through the next threshold. Brittany later reveals that a week ago someone had broken into her house and stolen all their ghoststeel. Could this be connected to Cara, Ambrose and the Signet Snake somehow? Does anyone else think the timing for all of these events can’t be a coincidence? Brittany is now on this quest to acquire more Ouroboros blood so they can replenish their ghoststeel and also so she can preserve her Gran’s legacy. After hearing about Brittany and her family and their ghost-hunting business Cara starts to think that maybe being different isn’t such a bad thing and she shouldn’t have to hide this part of herself from anyone, including her mother.

Wow what an action packed few chapters! Our characters can’t catch a break and are dealing with all matter of monsters, feelings and hardships.

Do you think Cara and Zach have feelings for one another but are just in denial?

What do you think about Cara’s new ability? Could this be the result of Signet Snake blood she ingested?

What do you think of Brittany’s character? Could the timing of the ghoststeel being stolen be linked to a bigger plot going on? Could everything be connected?

I’m so excited to see what will happen in tomorrow’s chapters, see you there fairies!


33 thoughts on “If I Have To Be Haunted Readalong: Day 3!

  1. Since Ieft my book at home I can’t do the photo today, but I’ll make sure it gets done soon!

    What do you think about Cara’s new ability? Could this be the result of Signet Snake blood she ingested?
    It could be, though part of me wonders if its more inherent to her

    What do you think of Brittany’s character? Could the timing of the ghoststeel being stolen be linked to a bigger plot going on? Could everything be connected?


    Sorry for the short answers I’m typing at the Family dinner table lol

  2. Loving this book so far 🤍
    For the giveaway; @coleslitjourney

  3. I read ahead quite a bit but I seriously loved everything about this book and Cara and Zach. Such a cute duo and I love their dynamic.

    I am entering the contest under @mellas.reading.habits! I posted my full review of the book with my photo.

    1. Yes, I adore their characters and the development of their relationship through out is so fun to see unfold! So happy you loved it. 💜

  4. Cara and Zach are starting to grow on me as a couple…. Even though they’re not technically a couple yet.

    Oooh I didn’t even think about the power coming from the signet snake blood but I like that theory!

    I like the addition of Brittany’s character but could be biased because of her name 😉 I definitely think there’s a connection between her and the ghoststeel being stolen that link up with everything else happening…and there’s a lot happening!

    I entered the contest and my Instagram handle is @brittneywithabook

  5. Do you think Cara and Zach have feelings for one another but are just in denial?
    – I think the forced proximity of the quest is making them think and act differently towards one and another but they are still in denial Cara more so I think. I think she’s a little too judgemental towards Zach I like her one moment and dislike her the next.

    What do you think about Cara’s new ability? Could this be the result of Signet Snake blood she ingested?
    -Perhaps but we never got to find out about her dad perhaps he came from another line of fire magic perhaps?

    What do you think of Brittany’s character? Could the timing of the ghoststeel being stolen be linked to a bigger plot going on? Could everything be connected?
    – I so far like Brittany but why does she hunt ghosts for? I hope she’s not secretly a villain type of character. It could be connected and something to do with why the other ghosts were leaving town.

  6. I think Zach has known his feelings for sometime but Cara is just starting to realise her feelings.

    Right now I’m thinking Cara’s new abilities are because of the snake blood.

    I’m suspicious of Brittany. I really hope she doesn’t try to harm Zach. She seems nice but I don’t trust it. Cara thought Brittany’s family wes hunting ghosts who had gone rogue but she seemed pretty “trigger happy” when they first met.

  7. Wow so much going on in this part!
    Yes 100% they are in denial, it is actually driving me crazy that they’re keeping up this enemies facade! I don’t think they’ll admit feelings until Zack comes back to his body or is fading away completely.

    Who wouldn’t want fire powers?! I love elemental magic, although fire wouldn’t be my first choice personally. Possibly the snake blood yes, I don’t think it’ll work back in the real world though.

    Not sure about her yet, although this history repeating itself thing with the ghost, ghost speaker and ghost Hunter is intriguing. I honestly have no clue where this book is going!

  8. Still really enjoying this one!!

    Really liking how much closer Zach and Cara are getting, even if Cara is trying to fight it! They are both equally protecting and looking out for one another and I am here for it.

    I reckon Cara’s powers are something that she’s always had inside her but maybe something has been awakened now she is putting herself in positions to use them.

    Quite intrigued about Brittany and her family. Wandering whether any of this links to Cara’s gran somehow. Nothing is coincidental and i am still trying to figure out how it all pieces together!!

    Entering the contest under @readandramblewithme

  9. I forgot to jot down my tpughts yesterday after reading, but today really enjoyed the chapters. Im really enoying theor journey and it seems like death its at every corner waoting for them to mess up. Yesterday the old cannibal, today plants and dying beasts and even FOG!! I cannot guess what else will be after them. Also Zach and Cara are finally opening up to each other, despite knowing eachother for so long they dont actually KNOW eachother, and thats a bit sad. Bethany seems like a good addiction to the group and will be Cara’s other face when it comes to her ghost dealing side, possibly helping her heal and accept herself. Definitely a future friend. I cannot wait for tomorrow’s chapters.

    Also will def participate in the photo challenge on Instagram
    My user is itsspelledjoana

  10. I did not expect this book to go off the rails with these portal things and all the magic. I thought it would be an investigation of the mystery in Cara’s town while she kept everything under wraps!

    1) at this point? Yes definitely!

    2) maybe? Brittany didn’t seem surprised by it and I feel like she would know.

    3) I really want Cara and Brittany to be related or find out their families are old friends!

    I’ll be entering the giveaway as @sonata_ix

    1. It’s definitely full of surprises, it’s so fun! 💜

  11. Do you think Cara and Zach have feelings for one another but are just in denial?

    They definitely have feelings for each other, the way Cara stepped in front of Zach and called him her ghost to Brittany caused me to do my little happy squeals. And the way he’s become so protective of Cara is swoon worthy.

    What do you think about Cara’s new ability? Could this be the result of Signet Snake blood she ingested?

    I think her fire powers have to be related to the signet snake blood, it only awoken shortly after she was bitten. I’m curious to see where Cara’s health is going to go with her getting dizzy and getting nauseous.

    What do you think of Brittany’s character? Could the timing of the ghoststeel being stolen be linked to a bigger plot going on? Could everything be connected?

    I don’t necessarily like or dislike Brittany yet her character hasn’t really contributed to the story much as of yet. I’m not sure how she is linked but I definitely think she is it’s just to fishy to all of a sudden introduce another character that is a ghost hunter and just so happens to have weapons that could hurt Zach and she’s wanting to look for the signet snake. My question is why does she need to find the snake so bad what is her goal.

    I can’t wait to read tomorrow’s chapter and I’m super excited for the giveaway! Insta: @lexi.bear.6

  12. Carnivorous plants, hill monster’s, & she can shoot flames now? A ghost hunter tagging along as a 3rd wheel. Hold up, let’s not just gloss over how she analyzed the hell out of what Laolao & Mom said that made them the fog creature, but NOT how her deepest desires included Zach confessing his feelings for her (just that he wouldn’t’ve asked her to put her hand-flames out). 😂 Awe, he wanted to punch the fog for hurting her. Brittany wasn’t the same thing on opposite paths, it seems.
    Daily Q&A:
    1.) Do you think Cara and Zach have feelings for one another but are just in denial?
    2.) What do you think about Cara’s new ability? Could this be the result of Signet Snake blood she ingested?
    3.) What do you think of Brittany’s character? Could the timing of the ghoststeel being stolen be linked to a bigger plot going on? Could everything be connected?
    1.) She’s still trying to deny it, but he seems to have given up the pretense already.
    2.) I think her feeling unwell definitely is, but it would make sense that this flame ability is linked as it didn’t make an appearance until after she was marked.
    3.) It probably is connected, but I’m not sure how yet. Brittany seems alright, but I’m not sure how she goes around killing all ghosts (would’ve killed Zach without question before realizing he was traveling with a ghost speaker & what that meant for her) rather than just the mean poltergeist type.

    *I’ve already posted my #HauntedFairy photo under @TupaKitty_Reads 🤞🏼🤞🏼*

  13. I think they are starting to have some feelings for each other, but they keep pushing back on it and going into denial again and again.

    The new ability could be due to the snake’s blood, but I am hesitant to say yes because the snake noted it was poison. I like the idea that the ability could come from her father.

    Brittany is interesting and I am curious how her character will develop. This all could be linked together, as they get closer to Halloween and the strange things that have been going on in town and the appearance of the signet snake. This does seem to bit of history repeating itself with Brittany mentioning how her grandmother traveled with a ghost speaker and a ghost to obtain snake blood.

    For the giveaway @lost_in_a_view

  14. 1. Do you think Cara and Zach have feelings for one another but are just in denial?
    Oh yes, most definitely! It’s why Zach was the first to show up to Cara in the fog. Zach even said that you’d see that which you most wanted. I also believe Zach is no longer in denial or not as much as Cara is.

    2. What do you think about Cara’s new ability? Could this be the result of Signet Snake blood she ingested?
    I think so. I don’t think it’s part of her Ghost Speaker abilities, so it must have to do with the blood she ingested.

    3. What do you think of Brittany’s character? Could the timing of the ghoststeel being stolen be linked to a bigger plot going on? Could everything be connected?
    I think it is connected! I like her character and am curious to see what she’ll bring to the table.

    I’ll enter the giveaway via my account @lisashelves

  15. Ooohhhh I LOVE forced proximity. I think they are defo beginning to realise that they have deeper feelings for each other. I think Zach may have been aware of his feelings for a while, and I love his protectiveness. So much action on these chapters and they need to catch a break!
    I think Britneys Gran possibly went on adventure with Cara’s gran and Zachs grandad? We already know her gram has some his story with his family, so I feel this could be all come-full-circle thing and I curious to see how it works out!

    For the giveaway my handle is @faefolkreads 😀

    1. The forced proximity trope is the bestttt hehe! Yes I think so too!

  16. Added the photo to instagram and handle is @aleinaaareads

  17. This book is so fun! I entered under @cnclibrary 🦋🍂
    I was surprised when she got her fire powers. I thought that perhaps the reason she kept mentioning she was running hot and such was that she was going to get sick from the snake venom. But that is an interesting idea that the fire came from him, I hadn’t considered that.
    I love all the fun characters that pop up in this story! And I like that Cara seems to be jealous when Zach can be easygoing with everyone except her. Even if she won’t admit that she is. They are definitely still in denial but maybe starting to come out of it a little.
    I’m coming up with theories on how everything is connected but I will probably be wrong since this book is wild and chaotic 😂

  18. After that smoke monster scene? No doubt about it, they are 100% into each other.

    I think the Signet Snake blood might have unlocked her powers, but she had it in her all along. She just had to want to be herself and hold her ground instead of being beat back by her mother’s words all her life.

    She’s interesting… I think there has just been so much going on so far that Brittany is honestly the most normal characters around lol. Everything’s gotta be connected. I think Laolao is very much connected to the bigger plot as well.

    I’m entering the giveaway @valcellara.

  19. Do you think Cara and Zach have feelings for one another but are just in denial?
    I think they have feelings for each other, but don’t realize it. I can’t picture these kids in high school. I just picture middle schoolers. Again, but this may be because I feel this is geared towards a younger YA audience. But, I guess they’re okay together. They both get on my nerves at different points of the journey.

    What do you think about Cara’s new ability? Could this be the result of Signet Snake blood she ingested?
    Yes, but not in a good way? Like I think the power was already there. But, she’s becoming “sick” from the blood and the power is manifesting because it’s trying to help her or something. We know nothing of her father. Maybe the power came there? The snake mentioned how every part of him was poison and bad. Having a fire power isn’t bad. So, there has to be something else going on.

    What do you think of Brittany’s character? Could the timing of the ghoststeel being stolen be linked to a bigger plot going on? Could everything be connected?
    Brittany is okay. I think she will teach Cara a lot in terms of family traditions and being yourself. In these areas, I think she’s a little lost and unsure of what to do. But yes, the stolen ghoststeel could have something to do with the ouroboros snakes or something. Or why the ghosts were looking for a speaker.

    Instagram: stardancer2014

    Will enter giveaway.

  20. At this point, yes. There’s too many little things that can’t REALLY add up to anything else.

    It could be that or something she inherited from her dad. Not really sure which, to be honest.

    I think it’s too coincidental to be anything else. Definitely curious to see how Brittany’s presence plays into the “orginal” quest.

    Also, I entered under the handle: @SeaFox.Adventures!

  21. I’ve posted my photo and my Instagram handle is @onlybooksiveread

    Today was action packed but I can’t help feel a bit lost as to what the rules of the world are? I prefer to be slightly more grounded in a story but that’s not to take away the achievements of these crazy liminal spaces through each threshold.

    I am also getting to the just kiss already feeling regarding our little enemies to lovers. There’s a reason they feel so passionately about each other and it ain’t hate! All I’m saying!

  22. Do you think Cara and Zach have feelings for one another but are just in denial?

    Definitely! But I’m not sure how long those feelings have been there. I think maybe Zach has liked Cara for a while but because she’s so clever, and they’re both so competitive, maybe he felt a bit intimidated by her, and with her stubbornness that could be how their rivalry developed in the first place.

    What do you think about Cara’s new ability? Could this be the result of Signet Snake blood she ingested?

    I think so! Brittany said that her gran could see ghosts when she ingested it – Cara can already do that so it must have affected her differently! I wonder if this power will work back in their real world or whether it only works in the liminal places?

    What do you think of Brittany’s character? Could the timing of the ghoststeel being stolen be linked to a bigger plot going on? Could everything be connected?

    It’s definitely linked! I think her gran knows Cara’s! She said she travelled with the ghost and ghost talker before after ingesting the blood, and Cara’s gran said she had a friend that got bitten by a Signet Snake – I actually think the said ghost/friend was Zach’s grandfather, and this is all a strange twist of fate that now their descendants are in the exact same position!

    1. I have entered the giveaway and my handle is @amzie.reads

  23. I entered the giveaway but with a reel rather than a photo to show off those beautiful edges and end papers 😍
    IG handle: @thatbookishbeachgirl

    Wow, just wow 😮
    The flames, the ghost hunter, the killer fog. There was so much that happened. I’m glad she started to embrace those flames too. And what about that comment that maybe it came from her father? I need to know more about this.
    Also, just me or do any of you think that acorn is going to have some major importance? She did stick it in her pocket after all.
    I can feel the slow burn starting to ramp up with Zach here. It’s coming, and I can’t wait!!!

  24. I posted for the giveaway under @sammyizbookish

    Cara and Zach definitely have feelings for each other especially after the fog scene. I really feel like Zach saw Cara too but doesn’t want to say anything about it… Also him opening up about his family life and constantly trying to distract her from pain both physical and emotional <3

    I feel like she already had this fire power deep inside her but the snake may have helped awaken it. Like maybe it has something to do with being a ghost speaker because ghosts are cold maybe that's why she can make fire?

    I feel like the ghoststeel being stolen definitely has something to do with the bigger plot and the unrest of ghosts in Autumn Falls… Maybe they can sense that the snake has bitten someone again and something big is coming.

    Also so far stan Brittany she seems like a really interesting character and I can't wait to learn more about ghost hunters.

  25. Just posted my photo for the secret giveaway!

    IG handle: @gracefullywise

    1. Finally had the chance too fill you all in on this amazing story I absolutely loved it this was a one hundred percent 5 star read for me Jolie you were right if Jolie loves it I no I will amazing is there going too be a book too please 🤞ow and I’m entering the photo challenge on instergram my handle is @relax_with_a_good_book

  26. I’m a little disappointed the bag of winds thing was utilized so soon after it was mentioned? But I’m looking forward to seeing how Brittany’s ghost steel debacle ties into the greater story. The addition of the third character felt a bit rushed and forced though. Suddenly she’s here and part of the team without much of a build up.

    I entered the giveaway. My handle is @nymphie_reads

  27. I entered the giveaway @_bookishlovernicho.

    I do believe that Cara and Zach have feelings for one another but they won’t say anything any time soon. I find it interesting that Cara has fire abilities, it may be because of the Signet Snake blood that she ingested or it may have something to do with her dad who she doesn’t know anything. I think Brittany is okay. Maybe she will help Cara to understand and accept her gifts. I do think that the ghoststeel being stolen be linked to a bigger plot.

  28. Finally had a chance to post my photo on @brincollects!

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