Immortal Longings Readalong: Day 2!

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Hi fairy friends!

Welcome back to day 2 of our readalong for our July Adult featured book: Immortal Longings by Chloe Gong.

That was quite the opening section yesterday, wasn’t it? 👀 I hope you’re all loving it so far!

Today we’re reading from chapter 6 to the end of chapter 10. Let’s go!

Please be warned, the following section will include spoilers for Immortal Longings by Chloe Gong, from chapters 6 to 10. Please only read on if you’ve finished this section!


Calla ends up in a tousle with another player, and he’s flirtyyyyy! Is it Anton?

Ok, he escaped her by jumping to a child’s body. DEFINITELY Anton Makusa, right?

We can truly trust no one, if even the person responsible for sending out location pings to players has her own wristband ready to go in her bag. This world is brutal.

Calla has to tell August that she lost her wristband to another player. She’s lucky she has him on her side otherwise her wristband would expire and she’d be set for elimination, but he can keep it active. The last person I expected to have intel on who took her wristband is a little kid. This world is so interesting. Eno is 15 but gave away his birth body because he didn’t like it. That’s such a concept to think about!

Calla can jump, but she chooses not to. Any theories why? Do we think she’s just particularly attached to this body?

Eighty-Six took her wristband. It WAS Anton. I knew it. Eno only goes and drops him right in it and tells Calla his name as well, and she’s familiar with it. He even tells her where Anton lives. Is there no secrecy in this world anymore Eno? Oh, he knows a LOT more than he originally let on. He knows she’s working with August too. Poor kid. He’s telling Calla all of this in the hopes of striking a deal for her to help him in the games down the line. He’s playing to try get his mum out of debt and I want to cry because how can this 15 year old boy win against the likes of Calla and Anton. Opt out now Eno, pls.

Anton’s holding on to Calla’s wristband and becomes veeery suspicious when it doesn’t blink out. Oh dear oh dear. Calla’s game’s up. After Felo notes Fifty-Seven’s similarity to the Er massacre, Anton watches it and realises Fifty-Seven is Calla Tuoleimi… and he still has the princess’s wristband.

I don’t feel like I know August well enough to judge whether he will be a good King… but from what we know of King Kasa, he has to be better than him right? Although he could do with a backbone to stand up to the current King more!

Calla’s located Anton! He’s SO quick at jumping though… I’m starting to think it’ll be impossible for Calla to best him…

He tries to strike a deal with Calla. I don’t know if she even has much of a choice either. He has her wristband and knows exactly who she is. He’s got her under his thumb.

Very much do NOT like the sound of the Crescent Societies or Pampi in particular. Are they responsible for these weird drained bodies popping up?

More players have died from the supposed Yaisu sickness. Someone ask Pampi where they were last night please. 👀 King Kasa is insisting nothing is wrong. I’m not sure people being worried about numerous city dwellers mysteriously dying and being drained of qi is making something out of nothing but go off Kasa.

Calla tells August of his plans and we learn how Anton ended up as a criminal and how Otta ended up with the Yaisu sickness, it’s Otta Anton is trying to save. Does that mean there’s no romance between Anton and Calla? Cause I gotta say, there’s a whole lot of chemistry there when they’re not trying to kill each other…

Are you team Anton or Calla?
What do you think the Crescent Societies are trying to do? Is Pampi a double agent? Which side is she actually on?
Do you have any theories on why Calla won’t jump?

I can’t wait to hear all of your thoughts!


22 thoughts on “Immortal Longings Readalong: Day 2!

  1. This is a very interesting yet complex story. I feel bad for Eno, like this isn’t gonna end well for him. I can see a romance happening for sure between Anton and Calla!
    Team Anton because I just find Calla a hard character to root for, even though she’s our main character. I don’t have any emotional connection with her character.
    I feel like it’s very possible that Pampi is a double agent. I don’t have a good feeling about her and don’t trust her.
    I’ve been thinking about possible reasons why Calla won’t jump. Something bad must have happened to her when she jumped before.

  2. Team Anton X Calla (Team Canton? Team Anlla? :p)

    Crescent Societies are definitely trying to disrupt the current government in place and Pampi is helping them do that from the inside. I think the Crescent Society wants to use Calla or Anton in some way.

    Not sure why Calla won’t jump – maybe something happened to her or a loved one before?

    I really like the lore and writing so far – I hope the action picks up.

  3. At this point I cannot say I enjoy either protagonist. They are both kind of lackluster to me 🙁 I am hoping we get more depth to them.
    The whole Crescent Society thing is kind of strange. Like how did Eno know all this? Intel game strong 😅 Pampi has their own agenda for sure.
    Calla probably will develop some sickness if she hops, I am guessing she is attuned strongly to this one?
    I like the 90s cyberpunk vibe this world has to offer but I cannot become invested in these characters sadly 😭

  4. Are you team Anton or Calla?

    More team Anton at this point as he has a valid reason for needing to win (to keep on paying Ottas medical bills)
    The reasoning behind Callas motivation hasn’t been clearly explained yet I don’t think other than killing the king to try and make the city a better place.

    What do you think the Crescent Societies are trying to do?

    Other than also trying to bring down the king I have no idea.

    Is Pampi a double agent? Which side is she actually on?

    Not sure on Pampi yet but seems as though she has extra abilities that no one else seems to have.

    Do you have any theories on why Calla won’t jump?

    I’m not sure but I think there will be a bigger reason behind it other than just liking her own body. Perhaps something to do with why she killed her parents?

  5. I’m on no one’s team, but if I had to pick I guess calla, I think the crescent society is trying to collapse the government and I think pampi is on her own side. I think Calla won’t jump because she’s afraid she’ll lose her body.

  6. Still Team Calla!!

    I really can’t tell what Pampi’s deal is yet. It seems to simple for her to be working for either the Crescent Societies or a Sican agent. Maybe she’s working for King Kasa or someone else we haven’t considered yet.

    This feels wild to speculate about but is Calla… the real Calla? Could she have been someone who leapt into the princess’s body and just never left? The way she talks about her martial training and the apathy with which she killed her parents seems unlikely for a real daughter/princess.

  7. I am here for our two leads to work together, but I really want Calla’s plan to be the one they follow. I think Calla has a better reason for revenge.

    I think the Crescent Societies are part of some country outside of the twin cities trying to break down the walls. Pampi… She’s pretty sus. Something more is up with her, but clearly she is part of the Crescent Societies as she seemed to know what was happening with number 5, but… something still seems off. I’m really excited to see what happens next!

    I wonder if Calla’s reason is similar to Winter’s in the Lunar Chronicles. She doesn’t like the unfairness of the ability and how it exploits others who can’t do it or aren’t as strong as her at it.

    Overall, I’m enjoying my read and also couldn’t put down the book to make this post!

  8. Are you team Anton or Calla?
    Team Calla, largely because I want to see her off the king lol. I prefer Anton as a character though.

    What do you think the Crescent Societies are trying to do? Is Pampi a double agent? Which side is she actually on?
    I don’t super follow what’s going on with Pampi, but I don’t trust her! I dont trust August much either honestly.

    Do you have any theories on why Calla won’t jump?
    I honestly didn’t think it was any deeper than wanting to keep her original body. Do other people think there’s another reason though? I’m interested to see people’s thoughts!

  9. Loving this book still, every chapter keeps me pinned and furiously turning pages!
    I adore both Calla and Anton but I still have to stick with our outlaw Princess. I do love an aristocrat turned exile though. Anton has such great banter and the two of them together is a promise for chaos.

    I have no idea what the Crescent Societies are trying to do in the city. Maybe just distable it so they can attempt a takeover? It seems that these jumps may not only be part of a staging as a fake invasion but sacrifices to gain powers from qi more than just jumping. Powers similar to the gods if whatever telekinetic power Pampi demonstrated is just the beginning.

    I have no idea why Calla won’t jump. Maybe she is just comfortable in her body? I like that she has given herself a bit of a handicap(morals) to stick to.

  10. This was such a good section. We’re 40% of the way through the book and there are still so many mysteries: who are the Crescent Societies? Why did Calla feel she had to kill her parents? What’s Pampi’s deal? Is Anton still in love with Otta? Why is Calla so attached to her birth body? This book is just the first in a series so we may not get all the answers in Immortal Longings!

    I’m definitely feeling chemistry between Anton and Calla so I hope we see more of that in the coming chapters!

  11. Are you team Anton or Calla?
    Still team Calla!

    What do you think the Crescent Societies are trying to do? Is Pampi a double agent? Which side is she actually on?
    Maybe overthrow the king as well, Pampi is most definitely a double agent! Acting like she works for the palace, but actually working for someone else. I also don’t believe it is the Crescent Societies, so she might even be a three double agent!

    Do you have any theories on why Calla won’t jump?
    Maybe the reason she overthrew her parents has something to do with it? She learned her birth body was sacred or something like that, so that might also be part of why. In the end, I also think she just wants to kill the king in her original body

  12. 1) For the games? Team Calla. For this potential romance tension? Team Anton.
    2) I think the Crescent Societies are trying to topple the royal regime once and for all, and the ultimate goal is for them to become the leaders of San-Er. Oh, Pampi is for sure a double agent. Total sus.
    3) My only theory is that Calla has been in her body for so long, she doesn’t trust herself to jump. She can’t risk trying something she isn’t confident in, not with the games on the line. Yaisu sickness on the rise probably isn’t helping that feeling either.

  13. This book keeps getting more interesting, but still a lot of information to digest.

    I’m team Calla. She was brutal with her parents and I think this gives her an edge, obviously she’s good with weapons and knows what she does so I’m definitely on her side… for now. It would help her a lot if she chose to jump as well. Maybe she’ll surprise us and will do it at some point if necessary.

    I have no idea what the Crescent Societies are trying to do, there has been little information about them so I have no theories right now about them. Pampi is definitely suspicious, not sure if a double agent but something is definitely off. So far I don’t like her. At all. Not really sure whose side is she on but I’d love to know 😀

    Maybe Calla has had some bad experiences before and that’s why she won’t jump. Quite possibly she doesn’t want to leave her own body unguarded either, right? It sounds that she likes her body quite a lot so she probably doesn’t want to leave it wherever.

  14. 1. Team Calla hands down.

    2. I feel like the Crescent Societies are the sort of organization trying to make change happen within the government. My guess is they’re the revolutionaries, with their own ideas of how to use the games to their benefit, to somehow one-up King Casa in some way. Pampi is definitely working for the Crescent Societies, but to what extent, it’s hard to say.

    3. It was pretty self-explanatory why she won’t jump, but I think she’s also comfortable and controlled within the body that she’s honed for years. Losing a modicum of that kind of control–even if it’s a small amount of time for adjusting in another body–might be something she refuses compromise on.

    Enjoying Anton and Calla’s interactions! And ugh, King Kasa makes me sick.

  15. This section was so good!!
    I’m team Calla, I really like her. She’s quite interesting with all her past history and I want to know more about her morals by killing her parents. I do think Pampi is a double agent, she probably knows what’s happening to does player with the “disease”. I really don’t have a clue what the Crescent Societies are trying to do, probably they want to cause chaos in the cities so they can do something to the king, but I don’t think they have something to do with the empty weird vessels. I think Calla won’t jump because of her beliefs that a royal shouldn’t leave her birth body. Another thought that I have is that maybe she experienced something bad one of the times that she jumped so now she’s against trying it again. Maybe

  16. Team Calla! She’s doing great on her own. And Pampi is acting very sus, idk whose side she’s on. Still wondering why Calla doesn’t want to jump, maybe cuz of her values growing up or she just really hates the feeling/process of jumping…?

  17. The complexity of this story intrigues me. There are so many rules to this intricate worldbuilding it’s hard to keep track of them from chapter to chapter, but it keeps me immersed in the story. I’m def team Calla, she’s just too badass to not like her, but I feel Anton and her will make a great team in the next chapters. I’m also curious to learn Calla’s aversion to jumping; it’s either a past traumatic experience, either more of a preference perhaps, as she clearly stated she sees her body as hers and she’s simply Calla.

    It’s funny to think how many people want to take down King Kasa: August, Calla, Anton, the Crescent Societies, the Sicans. I’m sure the crescent Societies and the Sicans might be interconnected, and that mysterious person who jumped into Lusi’s body back in the first chpaters mught be involved. The plot thickens.

  18. I am still so behind haaaaa

    1) Are you team Anton or Calla?

    Definitely Calla. I do not like Anton. He seems like a selfish prick (yes, he’s trying to save Otta but that’s all he cares about).

    2) What do you think the Crescent Societies are trying to do? Is Pampi a double agent? Which side is she actually on?

    I have no idea but she’s fascinating. What are those powers?! Why is she hiding her participation in the games? Their aims to seem to line up with everyone else’s (aka taking down King Kasa)

    3) Do you have any theories on why Calla won’t jump?

    I wonder if she won’t be able to return to her body if she does jump out of it. There was that odd comment how it felt like someone was trying to jump into her but that it was impossible – that no one can ever jump into her. I wonder what’s up with that since she’s supposedly not of that other bloodline (Weisanna? I might be spelling that wrong)

  19. Are you team Anton or Calla?
    Calla I think. It sucks that Otta is ill but if there’s truly no saving her then even with the money there’s nothing Anton can do. Calla seems like she actually wants to do some good in the world – I feel like her winning is more worthwhile.

    What do you think the Crescent Societies are trying to do? Is Pampi a double agent? Which side is she actually on?
    I feel like they’re probably trying to do the same as August and Calla, but they have no idea that’s the plan behind Calla winning so things will come to a head there. They’re obviously very clever to have infiltrated the palace AND the games! I think Pampi might go rogue later on though! I normally don’t like lots of POVs but I’m really enjoying reading Pampi’s sections! I like having all of their views so that I can get a better grasp on what’s going on in San-Er!

    Do you have any theories on why Calla won’t jump?
    I genuinely think she just has morals. I think I read somewhere people can’t jump into her body, so perhaps she just doesn’t think it’s appropriate to jump into other people’s!

  20. Are you team Anton or Calla?
    I like Calla. I almost always likes stabby female characters and she has Mao Mao. However, I’m don’t like her motive for winning the games as much. I get that she wants to kill the king and create a better world. But is that the answer? I mean, don’t get me wrong, I’m not a fan of the king, especially after this section. But, at least Anton is trying to save a life.

    What do you think the Crescent Societies are trying to do?
    I don’t understand their part in this.

    Is Pampi a double agent? Which side is she actually on?
    I think she’ll be on her own side. I’m not too sure what to think of her yet either.

    Do you have any theories on why Calla won’t jump?
    Maybe something bad happened to her in the past? Or like, she doesn’t want to invade a body that has someone in it. This whole ditching body thing is weird. Like, every time you change bodies, you have to grab your wristband and house key and whatever else. I just don’t think it makes much sense. And then like…what about the soul that’s in that body?

  21. Are you team Anton or Calla? Team Calla.

    What do you think the Crescent Societies are trying to do? Is Pampi a double agent? Which side is she actually on? Not sure about this yet to be honest, she is very intriguing

    Do you have any theories on why Calla won’t jump?

    Maybe she doesn’t want to risk losing her body? Or something she has experienced/witnessed in her past we don’t know about yey

  22. Are you team Anton or Calla?
    I’m rooting for both of them for different reasons, even though neither are particularly likeable characters, they’re definitely interesting!

    What do you think the Crescent Societies are trying to do?
    Probably trying to overthrow the government in some way

    Is Pampi a double agent? Which side is she actually on?
    She’s interesting! I’m guessing she’s working with the crescent societies but is an insider to the government? I’m interested to see more of her powers and reasonings

    Do you have any theories on why Calla won’t jump?
    I’m not sure! Maybe she’s just attached to her body, if she spent so many years training and in a society that values their birth bodies then it would make sense that she’s just not comfortable jumping around

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