Immortal Longings Readalong: Day 3!

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Hello fairies!

I hope that you’re all loving Immortal Longings by Chloe Gong so far! It’s now day 3, I trust no one and I’m having a great time!

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Today we’ll be reading from Chapter 11 to the end of Chapter 15, let’s jump in!

Please be warned, the following section will include spoilers for Immortal Longings by Chloe Gong, from chapters 11 to 15. Please only read on if you’ve finished this section!


This business Yilas is brought into by her brother definitely makes me very wary of the Crescent Societies, mainly just because if they’re just receipts and nothing sketchy is going on why is Matiyu scolded so badly for inviting her in?

We’re a week into the games. Calla and Anton are working together and the CHEMISTRY? It’s strong, fairies. I don’t know what Anton’s deal is with Otta but there’s something between him and Calla for sure.

I love Anton. What fine daylight we have today is their code phrase, an identifier in a city of darkness.

Hm. Why is August so hell bent on Otta dying? Is she really that bad?

Calla (and August’s) theories that the lightless jumpers are Sican’s does make sense, but how are they getting into the city? And what exactly do they gain from killing players in the games? I’m wondering if they mean to whittle the players down and add their own player in towards the end.

Have to say, seeing Anton and Calla evasion (🌶️) and fight against Seventy-Nine’s crew, they make a really really good team!

Wow she’s not messing about, is she? Straight in for the kill to ask what he liked so much about Otta.

Before Anton can get too angry about Calla calling Otta a manipulative sociopath… cause San-Er is flooding.

Oooooh, after something very weird happens to Yilas and Chami resulting in Chami getting hurt, Calla goes home (to Mao Mao) and tries to work out what exactly just happened.

How, when Anton is the one who came up with the code phrase, is he the one that forgets to use it and nearly gets killed paying Calla a visit.

With the talk of rural invaders and lightless jumping, Calla tells Anton she first jumped when she was eight. She tells him how she hated it and he assumed that’s why she won’t jump now. She doesn’t confirm it though. Could there be another reason?

August is still rooting for Galipei to kill Otta. Turns out if Otta wakes up, she has some evidence that’ll show August has always been after the crown but… is it not a given that the heir would be after the crown? Feels like there’s more to this.

Yilas heads back to the Crescent Societies, she wants a pendant that’ll protect from jumping. Instead of her brother or pendants or receipts though… she finds log books of the players and 57 and 86 are circled. Before she can take it… SHE’S taken.

It seems clear the Crescent Societies are behind the lightless jumping and sickness affecting the players, but I still can’t work out why!

What do you think they’ll do with Yilas?
Do you think there’s more to why August doesn’t want Otta to wake?
Are you rooting for Anton and Otta or Anton and Calla? 👀

This book is blowing my mind. I still don’t trust anyone (except Mao Mao of course), I still can’t work out what anyone’s real motives are, and Calla and Anton’s chemistry but lack of acknowledging the chemistry is hurting my soul! 😂

I cannot wait to read more of this with you all tomorrow!


30 thoughts on “Immortal Longings Readalong: Day 3!

  1. What do you think they’ll do with Yilas? I think they’ll use her brother to get her to work with them, or get closer to Calla.

    Do you think there’s more to why August doesn’t want Otta to wake? He said it will ruin his plans to become king, but I’m not sure how?

    Are you rooting for Anton and Otta or Anton and Calla? Anton and Calla. duh.

  2. Deeply enjoying the fact this book doesn’t shy away from its protagonists just up and offing a lot of people. I don’t know what that says about me… I think I just read a lot of books lately where the protagonists were sold as ruthless and really weren’t at all, so it’s refreshing lol.

    What do you think they’ll do with Yilas?
    I don’t know but I’m SO upset how much she and Chami suffered in this section. They don’t deserve this leave them be. 😭

    Do you think there’s more to why August doesn’t want Otta to wake?
    Yes! I originally thought maybe Otta and August had swapped bodies and that’s why August didn’t want Otta awake, but then the last bit of his perspective he was very clear that he was in his birth body so 🤷‍♂️
    Maybe he doesn’t want her to wake up because she’s powerful enough to take over his body? I definitely think Otta was involved in Calla’s first jumping somehow. Part of me wonders if they did a body swap and that’s why Calla looked upset when Anton asked if it was easier jumping back.

    Are you rooting for Anton and Otta or Anton and Calla?
    I mean Otta sounds like a huge jerk so Calla for that reason, but tbh I’m struggling to get behind their romance so far in general!

  3. Oh I totally forgot to say I posted my photo @brincollects!

  4. What do you think they’ll do with Yilas?

    Hopefully just keep her somewhere until she is rescued 🥹

    Do you think there’s more to why August doesn’t want Otta to wake?

    Maybe a bit of a jump but perhaps someone else is in Augusts body and otta knows or the other way round.

    Are you rooting for Anton and Otta or Anton and Calla? 👀

    Neither to be honest – we haven’t had much background on otta and Anton – even though I think it’s weeks he’s been paying for her medical care. With calla it’s too soon they barely know each other 🤷🏼‍♀️

  5. There are a lot of twists and turns in this book for sure.

    I hope they don’t do anything bad with Yilas, hopefully they’ll just scare her a bit so that she won’t come back later, even if it’s just to visit her brother. But at the same time she could be a liability for them so… let’s hope for the best, I quite like Yilas.

    I’m more than sure that there is more to why August doesn’t want Otta to wake but I have no idea what it could be. Something to do with Anton as well?

    I’m rooting for Anton and Calla, they’re quite similar in a sense so they would fit together I guess. I don’t think I could be rooting for Otta because she has been in a coma for so long and even if she wakes it will be an adjustment, also so much time has passed for Anton that I believe their relationship could never be the same anyway.

    I will also enter the giveaway, my instagram handle is @theadventuresofgerda

  6. I think they’ll hold Yilas hostage and use it to bait Calla to them only to try and ambush her. I don’t see Yilas’s odds of survival being too high right now.

    Otta has evidence to prevent August from ascending the throne and the possibility of her being next in line for the throne is Kasa is gone is why August wants her out of the picture so bad. And because of last history with Anton. Clearly some beef going on.

    I think Anton and Otta should be the pairing. I don’t see a lot of connection between Calla and Anton, both of them are just using each other for a long term goal.

    Instagram handle is @ronansnextchapter for the giveaway contest

  7. Entered the drawing @tweetybugshouse on instagram

  8. I really liked these last few chapters! The excitement is so great and everything we are learning about the characters is so interesting!

    I really hope nothing bad happens to Yilas, but I could also totally see the Crescent Society killing to keep their secrets!! I’m so worried! I always feel like the parts broken up for the read-along are left on the worst cliffhangers!

    August must be in deep with his plan against the King, but I can’t think of what Otta may know that has him so scared… I can’t wait to find out. Also, I’m so here for the slow burn between him and Galipei.

    I’d be shocked if Otta is killed before she wakes up. The drama of her waking up would be too great not to do.

    I wonder after Calla revealed she jumped once, is she someone else? Like she wasn’t born the princess but she stayed in the body and merged with her. That’s just my theory! But it feels like there is more to the story with her and jumping so young.

  9. Entered! My instagram handle is Kittykatz96

    I think they are holding Yilas hostage as a trap for Calla. I think August doesn’t doesn’t trust Otta and is glad she’s out of the way. I think it’s to early to decide who I want Anton with because we really haven’t gotten to see all that much of Otta.

  10. 1. I do kind of worry for Yilas. But I also think the Crescent Society might end up somehow brainwashing her or jumping into her. Whatever the case, if she returns, she probably won’t do so with whatever information she uncovered at the storage room.

    2. I feel like there’s a lot of things that August is leaving out in his story. Otta might have known quite a bit more that could incriminate August and that’s why he’s very afraid that she will turn on him before he can enact all of his plans.

    3. From how August describes her, I’m not a fan of Otta at all. Even with the way Calla describes her, she doesn’t seem like the best person to have around, and I feel like Anton is feeling the guilt and shame that came with backing her up the first time around when she messes up and goes into a coma. He’s sticking around for this purpose and not letting go, but I’m not sure if they’re still any deep feelings left, at least in his case. So I’m on board with shipping Calla and Anton together, because there’s definitely chemistry there (I did not expect the escalation–but I’m also not complaining!), and I need them to admit it!

  11. I forgot to add: I posted a pic on IG! Handle is @sakuramae

  12. I entered the giveaway, my handle is @_bookishlovernicho !

    My original comment was erased so I would try to write the same things 🥲

    I think they would do something related to the weir empty vessels, like maybe whey would try to make her into one. I’m pretty sure there’s more behind the reason that August doesn’t want Otta to wake, maybe she has a lot of deep and important secrets of him, or his scared of loosing his line for the throne. I’m 100% rooting for Anton and Calla, they have chemistry and it seems they understood each other They work well together in general. We haven’t seen or heard a lot of the relationship between Anton and Otta so they may be only friend with respect of each other. Is probably that Anton feels guilty to what happened to Otta and he wants to make amends by no loosing hope on saving her.

  13. What do you think they’ll do with Yilas?
    I have no clue haha but it can’t be good!

    Do you think there’s more to why August doesn’t want Otta to wake?
    Yes, just Otta knowing and having a bit of evidence of August trying to overthrow the king seems as to little. Evidence can be found and destroyed. I think she knows something or found something out and while in a coma she can never tell.

    Are you rooting for Anton and Otta or Anton and Calla? 👀
    Anton and Calla duh!

    Entered the giveaway on Instagram with my account @lisashelves

  14. The only thing I trust is Mao Mao haha.

    1) Pretty positive Yilas is going to be killed for trespassing into a “secret” society’s location even if her brother is part of the Crescent Societies. At the end of the day, she is not one of them and she was found without him.
    2) I think Otta is the older sibling? So if typical royal regime rules are in play here. Otta has the initial birthright to the throne versus August. But with how Chloe Gong writes her books, there’s probably another scenario at play that I couldn’t fathom lol
    3) Anton and Calla!! We don’t even know if or when Otta will wake. And if she does wake, will she even be the same person she was? It’s been so long since her consciousness. It’s obvious Anton and Calla have instant chemistry despite wanting to kill each other at first meet. They make a great team.

    I entered the giveaway, my IG handle is @itsphilly20, thank you!

  15. I have entered the giveaway 😁 @sami341reads

    I think August is upto no good! And I am so routing for Anton and Calla! I kinda don’t want Otta to wake up.

  16. I really really hope Yilas will be okay! She has too many people that care about her for something truly bad to happen to her right? Right?!?!

    I think Otta only knows about August and Leida’s original plans to overthrow Kasa, however she might be cunning enough to get the council to support her instead. Taking over everything he has been working towards for years. From his and Calla’s descriptions she sounds a bit unhinged. Whats better than a person in power that is off and on all the time.

    I am 100000% rooting for Calla and Anton! Even more so after that hotel escape.
    I am super invested in Calla telling him about the time she jumped, did she never jump again? Is the body she is in not her original birth body but one she jumped into at 8yrs old and never left again?

    Posted on insta @ramble_reads

  17. I’ve entered the giveaway on insta as

    This section was wild and I enjoyed every page of it. Of course it had to end right when Yilas get kidnapped.
    The Crescent Societies are definitely the ones meddling in the games and I’m curious what their endgame is and if they’re the ones that sent those empty vessles after Calla. It’s possible they’ll use Yilas as a double agents if they discover her connection to Calla.

    I find Otta a very shady character from all the characters’ descriptions of her. Calla and August aren’t the best guys around, but I find it weird they’d share the same (bad) opinion of Otta. The backstory between August, Otta and Anton are also an indicator that if Otta ever wakes up, she’ll be trouble to August, so no wonder he wants her dead for good.

    I am, of course, rooting for Anton and Calla, especially after their fine banter in this section (I’ve lost track of how many times they’ve tried to kill each other). There’s a reason ‘nemies to reluctant allies to lovers’ is the best trope around!

  18. I’m slowly catching up! This keeps getting more and more intriguing.

    1) What do you think they’ll do with Yilas?

    She’s going to be killed or tortured so they can find out what she knows. Or maybe even take over her body or brainwash her into the cult.

    2) Do you think there’s more to why August doesn’t want Otta to wake?

    I think Otta knowing and being a big risk to his plans is a pretty good reason. But I also think he wants to destroy Anton and Calla’s alliance – if Otta is dead, Anton has no reason to be in the games, which means he can’t win. August’s plan is dependant upon Calla winning so she can kill King Kasa, keeping August’s hands clean so he can take over the throne.

    3) Are you rooting for Anton and Otta or Anton and Calla? 👀

    Anton and nobody. I don’t like him at all, haha. Otta is probably dead (and sounds horrible). Calla can do better.

    Also, yes I have posted a photo with that hashtag to enter the giveaway 🙂 My handle is @booktineus

  19. I just posted for the give away 😍 my bookstagram is jenlovebooks

    I’m not so invested in the characters but I find the story very interesting, especially Pamp’s story!

  20. *I’ve already posted my #FairyLongings photo under @TupaKitty_Reads 🤞🏼🤞🏼*

  21. Still can’t decide if I can trust August… I think they’ll use Yilas as one of the bodies they’re setting up with the Sican salute, sadly. Maybe Otta knows something about August that could dethrone him and turn the people against him. Idk why he wants to take her out even though she’s been in a coma forever and is unlikely to wake up. I’m rooting for Anton and Calla all the way, they work so well together and are both just trying to win the games for something they love. But what if they fall in love with each other…will that be enough for them to give up the whole reason they joined the games…? Very stressed right now.

    I also entered the giveaway: @unprofessional_bookworm

  22. I have so many questions at this point! Like, why is Anton’s birth body held hostage but his mind is allowed to roam free — did he jump before his body was imprisoned? Does King Kasa know that Anton’s mind is free?

    We’re starting to learn more about the Crescent Societies and so far what we’ve learned isn’t good. They clearly don’t want people poking around their business. Is Pampi affiliated with them?

    For August and Otta… I wonder whether she was King Kasa’s favorite child and if that’s an additional reason August doesn’t want her to wake. After all, August has been careful to ingratiate himself with King Kasa for the 7 years Otta’s been asleep… why would King Kasa believe Otta over August otherwise?

    And it’s hard to root for Anton/Otta when we haven’t ever seen them interact! Otta doesn’t seem great, though, and Anton/Calla had some interesting tension in that one scene. Keeping my fingers crossed we see more of that!

  23. What do you think they’ll do with Yilas?
    I have a feeling they’re behind the empty bodies attacking players, so maybe they’ll turn her into a vessel to attack Calla? I hope not though, I love Yilas and Chami!

    Do you think there’s more to why August doesn’t want Otta to wake?
    Definitely! I’m not sure what it is yet though!

    Are you rooting for Anton and Otta or Anton and Calla?
    Anton and Calla! I love their chemistry, and given that there can only be one winner of the games it will make it very interesting! I don’t have much hope that Otta will wake up after 7 years of being in a coma – I think Anton’s hope for them is a lost cause!

    I have entered the giveaway and my instagram handle is @amzie.reads

  24. I’ve posted my #FairyLongings photo on Instagram @sakurablossom95


  25. Things are getting interesting! This book is much better than these violent delights. (I know, very unpopular opinion)

    What do you think they’ll do with Yilas?
    Poor Yilas! I really hope they don’t turn her into one of those empty bodies. But, I have this looming feeling of dread. She definitely doesn’t deserve that. But then like…do they keep her qi stored somewhere? Or does it just…pass away? I really hope Yilas ends up fine though.

    Do you think there’s more to why August doesn’t want Otta to wake?
    August definitely seems paranoid about something. Maybe he has a whole plan for the kingdom once his father is dead? And aorta knows what this something is. And whatever it is, is worse than the situation everyone is in now. I don’t particularly like August. He tells a lot of half truths. To me, that is still dishonest.

    Are you rooting for Anton and Otta or Anton and Calla? 👀
    I’m definitely routing for Anton and Calla. (And Anton and Mao Mao! How can you awkwardly hold a precious kitty??!!)

    My instagram handle is stardancer2014.

  26. What do you think they’ll do with Yilas? Nothing good I can imagine

    Do you think there’s more to why August doesn’t want Otta to wake? I think so yeah, not quite sure what though

    Are you rooting for Anton and Otta or Anton and Calla? Anton and Calla for sure!

    I’ve posted at @echotheeleopardgecko

  27. My #FairyLongings post is on Instagram
    @sophiaheartsbooks 🏮

  28. I’m really hoping that Yilas will be okay! I really like her and Chami. I hope they are both alive and well by the end of this story; they’re such a sweet pair.

    I think there is definitely something else going on between August and Otta. There has to be more to the story. I really hope we figure out what that is soon.

    I’m 100% rooting for Calla and Anton, but I still want Otta to live and wake up so we can figure out what she knows. Anton has been living without Otta for a long time, and it would make sense that he would move on from her. So I hope that she lives, but that he chooses Calla.

    I entered the giveaway! My Instagram is @nymphie_reads

  29. Anton and Calla for sure, their chemistry burns my fingertips while reading. But I‘m hoping that we will see Anton *choosing* Calla—not just being with her because Otta is in a coma. 🥹

    I entered the giveaway with @booksizedfantasy 📖

  30. What do you think they’ll do with Yilas?
    Use her to get closer to Calla and Anton, why were they circled in the document she finds?

    Do you think there’s more to why August doesn’t want Otta to wake?
    Hmm probably! I’m really not sure what though

    Are you rooting for Anton and Otta or Anton and Calla?
    Anton and Calla, purely because they have some chemistry and we haven’t really seen anything of Otta yet.

    I entered the giveaway on @readbyannie_

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