Immortal Longings Readalong: Day 5!

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Hey fairy friends!

Welcome to our fifth and final day of the Immortal Longings readalong! Grab a snack (or a few!) and let’s dive in and see what happens. Are you as nervous as I am?

Today we’re reading from Chapter 23 to the end of the book.

Please be warned, the following section will include spoilers for Immortal Longings, from chapter 23 to the end of the book. Please only read on if you’ve finished Immortal Longings!


Calla’s not wasting any time, she’s up and straight to Anton’s apartment. He doesn’t know what she’s talking about though?

Despite her not letting up, Anton is convinced she believes him. She eventually drops her weapons and they enter a different kind of tousle.

During their argument Calla noticed the body he currently inhabited was from the Crescent Societies, she thought him a traitor but now realises he went back to get her sword. Oddly romantic…

Calla asks Anton if he loves Otta… he doesn’t really say yes or no, but he won’t pull out of the games. Doesn’t think Calla can trust Anton either. She has a plan to get rid of Kasa without having to kill Anton. Let’s hope this works!

Wellllll, a few of you said we shouldn’t trust August and you were right! Always trusting your judgement from here on out. AUGUST sent those people after her, not Anton.

She leaves August with a warning, when it comes to Anton, it’s not love, it’s obsession. Hm. How do we feel about that? Whether or not it’s obsession, I’m not entirely sure Calla’s feelings are any different. When Anton abruptly declares he has to leave to go to the hospital, she tells him she loves him, when he says it back she wants to know how much. It’s giving jealousy and slight obsession but isn’t that what Antony and Cleopatra were all about? Captivation and fascination!

At the same time, I get it. Calla is falling for Anton, who whilst falling for her in turn won’t leave Otta behind, and Calla has heard nothing but bad things about Otta.

Leida has been behind the Crescent Societies, the attacks. Did not see that coming! She’s arguing that San-Er needs to rid itself of the monarchy altogether, replacing Kasa with August is not a fix. August in turn is worried that Calla is bailing on their plan and orders Galipei to put a stop to it all. Suddenly Anton’s missing and someone with Weisanna silver eyes is in front of Calla forcing her to kill her.

August’s plan worked. Calla’s wristband begins to buzz with the congratulatory message that she and 86 have made it to the end and will now go head to head in the coliseum.

August asks Calla to think on whether she’s more important to Anton than Otta, I think Anton proves it’s Calla when he tells her they could leave. Go through the crowd, jump over the wall. August’s in her head though and she tells him it’s too late.

Calla’s got a new plan. Kill Anton, kill Kasa and then turn the blade on herself to join Anton. With a whispered apology she plunges her blade into Anton.

Calla got what she wanted. She kills Kasa… and on the other side of the city, Otta wakes.

Calla is a mess but she’s readied to crown August king. August seems furious with her, she doesn’t know why but they don’t have the time to discuss it. Did she mess something up? Do something wrong? Or was it his plan all along to get what he wanted and then turn cold on Calla?

Either way, Calla places the crown on his head, and he’s accepted as Talin’s new ruler. He’s gripping Calla way too tightly and when she tries to move away, August tells her this day will be remembered… and what fine daylight they have today.

Calla just crowned Anton Makusa as king of Talin.


I thought Calla’s plot twist would be the thing that shook me most but the second I read the words ‘what fine daylight’ I became UNHINGED.

Did you see that coming?
What do you think Otta wants at the palace?
Any book two theories?

As always, thank you so much for joining us for another FairyLoot readalong, I hope you enjoyed it!

See you very soon for the next one.


16 thoughts on “Immortal Longings Readalong: Day 5!

  1. OMG cliff hanger! Want the next book NOW. Can’t wait to read about Otta X Anton X Calla.

    Calla is going to have to beg for forgiveness and prove her love to Anton. I think Otta will exploit Anton’s devotion to her – for what? Not sure

  2. Okayyyy so in general I enjoyed this book, but I thought that at times there was too much information all the time so it was a bit difficult to keep track of everything. But it was still good. And oh my god, that ending!!!

    I totally did not see that ending coming. I hoped that maybe Anton jumped into somebody else, but it was not mentioned that there was the light that indicates someone jumping so I thought it unlikely. But never ever would I have thought that he jumps into August! And I kind of hated that move from Calla, stabbing Anton from behind, that sucked. Even though she planned joining him later, still does not make it okay!

    I honestly have no idea what Otta may want at the palace, this book had so many twists that it could be anything. Maybe she thinks that Anton is there or August or anything and she can just go back for some time, to learn what has happened to her and the world since she has been in a coma or something.

    I don’t have any specific theories for book two but I was just wondering whether Anton jumped into August to get back to his birth body or he actually intends to be a better ruler or something since he told Calla that even when August takes the throne it wouldn’t change much. I’m definitely intrigued and can’t wait for book two!

  3. Anton wasn’t going to slip away that easily. Plus no light when he jumped so homeboy has some secrets of his own. But is August still in there is the big question.

    I feel Otta awakening was just some attempt to make her relevant and set up an enemy for Book 2 as she’ll probably be the focus villain. Sis wants her rule 😂

    Also the fact they let Calla into the palace WITH HER WEAPON like either they were all in on this plan or their security force is just bad. Either way I felt the death of Kasa was really anticlimactic. All this build up just to get a quick death, I was expecting a little more grandiose ending 😔

    I hope we get more cyberpunk vibes in the sequel, but we got some things to wrap up and clarify as well

  4. Hmmm, that sure was an ending.
    I wanna preface by saying I love Chloe’s other work so I definitely went into this expecting to love it but honestly… I think the ground work was there and its a fantastic idea, but it could have done with more workshopping and a stricter editor because it felt like there was a lot of plot discrepancies to me. Like, the King is SO well protected for the entire book that we scarcely see him on page, but then the victor of the games is allowed to approach him infront of a ton of people whilst literally holding a sword? Like, what did the man think would happen, LOL. Also, I found the sex scenes really uncomfortable to read with all the body swapping going on. I know Calla said that people considered bodies as accessories so that kind of thing was normal, but then she herself early in the novel says she won’t leave her body because its shape and scars are part of who she is… so What’s the truth, yknow?

    Anyway, I like I said I think this is an amazing idea for a book and there’s some scenes I absolutely loved, but I guess overall I’d describe it as something that felt rushed to be published because there were so many things that should have been caught by an editor and weren’t, yknow? That said, I really wanted to read it anyway and I’m glad I did, and I’m happy Fairyloot included it since it was definitely gonna be on my TBR anyway! Thank you for hosting this readalong too 🩷

    Did you see that coming?
    I did see it coming from the moment August was like having a word with Calla right before her final match with Anton. Which is another thing… since having your body jumped is a very real possibility, why was August even hanging around in that scene? That was not smart of him.

    What do you think Otta wants at the palace?
    I’m not sure, and this is the one thing that makes me tempted to pick up book 2. Part of me wonders if maybe Anton or August is responsible for her being hospitalised and she wants revenge.

    Any book two theories?
    Only really the above. Honestly, I think it’s unlikely I’ll read it though. 😅 This was by no means the worst thing I’ve read even in the last month but i have way too much on my tbr to be adding sequels to books I think id only rate like 2.5 stars. Sorry!

    Again though, thanks for hosting. I’m still happy I read it! I think I learnt a lot about my taste books from having read it, which is a positive!

  5. Did you see that coming?

    What do you think Otta wants at the palace?
    I don’t know, but it must be important if that’s the first thing she thinks about after waking up after seven years!

    Any book two theories?
    Political intrigue at its height and hopefully we’ll learn more about the body jumping! How it originates and how they did it without light; because that must be how Anton jumped at the end! If not the people would’ve noticed that!
    I’m also curious to see how Anton and Calla will be around each other. I hope Anton won’t be to mad at Calla, because he seemed to understand why she did it.

  6. Yes, honestly I knew Anton wouldn’t be killed, I think Otta wants she life back, and I really don’t have any theories on the next book.

  7. I have such mixed feelings about this book. But anyway, questions:

    1) Did you see that coming?

    Yep. I figured this would happen when Gong described August leaning over the palace railing. I expect Anton figured out the qi manipulation and managed to transfer without any light flashing.

    2) What do you think Otta wants at the palace?

    That is an excellent question. She probably wants to go back as it’s her home, but why did she wake up now? Was she truly in a coma this entire time, or just in someone else’s body watching events unfold?

    3) Any book two theories?

    Non specifically. I’m still trying to decide if I’m going to continue — i feel like the romance angst and drama will increase (with will frustrate me), but I also want to learn more about the jumping and qi manipulation because it was barely developed in this one.

    I also want to know what will happen with August – is he inert in there? Will he manage to fight Anton for control? That will be interesting to read about.

    I also have a lot of questions about plot holes that need answering, namely why Calla has the “royal yellow” eyes if this current body isn’t her true one. Even if it was similar, how did no close attendants or anything not pick up it was a different shade? Or why does some random village girl have the royal yellow eyes.

    1. The eye thing is really bothering me too! And the no-light-when-jumping. I’m really hoping there’s actual reasons for those things in book two and they’re not just massive plot holes, but given I spotted a good few plot holes in this I’m nervous. 🥲

  8. That ending had me drop the book! In my lap, my copy is safe y’all haha. Chloe, whaaaaat???!! Oh my gosh, now that was an even bigger plot twist than I could have ever fathom!

    1) I definitely did NOT see that coming. The ending was completely worth this whole book.
    2) I don’t really know what Otta wants at the palace, but I’m sure it has to deal with bringing August down.
    3) I hope we get more Otta and begin to explore her story between August and Anton. I also would love more Calla and Anton tousle(s) 😉 haha

    I really enjoyed this book! Those plot twists blew my mind. I can’t wait for book 2 to get more of Calla and Anton.

  9. That ending. THAT ENDING. This was one of the very, *veery* rare occasions where a plot twist actually takes me by surprise. I 100% expected Anton to get away unscathed from the fight (it is a trilogy, after all) but I DID NOT expect him to jump into August’s body. Anton has been weirdly interested in lightless jumping throughout the whole book, so my best prediction would have been Anton lightless jumping into one of the spectators from the Colliseum, then book 2 would have consisted in either August or Otta seizing power, being as bad as King Kassa, with Anton and Calla again trying to topple the monarchy. But having *them* in power at the end of the book? Impeccable plot twist.

    There are still many variables that will come into play in book 2, I assume. Otta’s awake and heading for the palace, and she knows something August wanted to kill her over. Anton’s original body is still kept in the Palace of Union (so this might mean we have not seen the last of August), and there is a whole unexplored magic system in regards to qi and its applications. It’ll be especially interesting to see Anton and Calla grappling with the corrupting power of the monarchy after spending the whole book fighting against it.

    This might be in my top 3 reads this year, solely for the immaculate vibes.

  10. Did you see that coming?

    I didn’t see it coming but honestly I didn’t think Anton was really dead. I just wish it was explained how it happened!

    What do you think Otta wants at the palace?

    I still think it’s something to with either her or August not being who they’d at they are.

    Any book two theories?

    Hopefully it delves into otta more, how Anton became August, why calla killed her parents so much was left unanswered in my opinion.

    Overall I rated the book 3.5 stars. I was slightly disappointed in it being my first Chloe gong book as she has so much hype. I will still read book 2 but it won’t be high on my priority list.

  11. Anton jumped into August!?!?! I did not see that coming at all! How did he jump without flashing? I have so many questions! How has Galipei not realized that he is not really August? Does this mean that Otta will reveal whatever she knows about August’s plans to Anton? I need the next book now.

  12. Did you see that coming?
    Again, I should have seen that coming, but I didn’t. This whole body jumping thing is weird. I’m not used to it. And the logic of it still confuses me. Like how do their wristbands stay on their body? Like, it would be such a hassle to bend down and take it off off the old body in the middle of a fight? And then there’s the morality of it. Especially if it’s double occupancy.

    What do you think Otta wants at the palace?
    Maybe…somehow…Otta is the real Calla? Like she body jumped out of her own body in this body while the girl from the town was occupying her? I have no idea. But she’s probably upset.

    Any book two theories?
    We’ll probably learn more about the crescent society and “August’s” reign. I still don’t understand what happened to Leida. Like how they caught them for being the mole. I’ll read book 2. I gave this book 3/5 stars.

  13. In general I enjoyed this book just sometimes it was to much information that it was hard to grasp everything, I had to reread somethings. At the end I liked the book, and oh my god, that ending!!!
    I had the feeling that a Anton didn’t die but I never imagined him taking over Augusts body. I didn’t like that Calla stabbed Anton from behind. I’m not sure what Otta wants at the palace, but it must be important if that’s the first thing she thinks about after waking up after seven years! I have a feeling it has something to do with why August wanted to kill, she must know a secret from him. I have zero theories but I’m really curious to see how Anton and Otta will react to seeing each other and especially the interaction between Anton and Calla after the ending of book one. I need to know if they make out after Calla stabbing him. I still have a lot of questions about some plot holes that need answering, namely why Calla has the “royal yellow” eyes when it supposed to be special for the royal family, that only the king and Calla had it

  14. First off I wanna say that I loved this book and thank you for hosting this readalong!
    I did not expect Leida behind the Crescent Societies and I definitely did not see that ending coming, but it makes me so excited for book 2. I wonder if maybe Anton and Leida were somehow working together and this was their plan b since she stayed so calm like she was sure it‘ll work out in her favor regardless. And she could have teached him the lightless jumping, too.
    I have no idea what Otta is up to (how did she wake up suddenly in the first place??), but I‘m sure it will cause more questions and *drama*.
    No book 2 theories, I‘m just curious to see more of the world Chloe created and learn more about the magic (how the lightless jumping works for example) and the characters (like “Calla‘s“ royal yellow eyes—they were mentioned so many times that I am sure there is more behind it).

  15. AHHHHHHHHHHH that ending!!! I couldn’t believe Calla would let August get to her (although I guess she already did once, when she thought it was Anton who sent the assassins after her), but I was NOT expecting that twist on the last page! Not at that point, anyway — we’d been told over and over again that Anton is the strongest jumper by far, and I’d been wondering if he’d ever consider jumping into August.

    I have no idea what Otta wants and am wondering how she woke up. Was she tied to August somehow? Did Galipei actually have a way to cure her and did that instead of killing her?

    Very curious about book 2 now, and so glad that Chloe Gong seems to write quickly! Presumably August is still in there in his body with Anton, but the clock is ticking…

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