In The Lives of Puppets Readalong: Day 1!


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Hi Fairies!

Happy Monday and welcome to day 1 of our Adult readalong! We’ll be reading In the Lives of Puppets by TJ Klune. I’m so excited to be reading this one with you, I hope you all love it!

Before we start, how are you all doing? I hope you had a wonderful weekend and got some reading and relaxing done.

Since today is day 1, we’ll be reading from the beginning to the end of Chapter 5. Get comfy and let’s get started!

When you’ve finished today’s section, catch up with me in the comments down below so we can discuss the beginning of the book. Happy reading!

Please be warned, the following section will include spoilers for In the Lives of Puppets by TJ Klune from the beginning to Chapter 5. Please only read on if you have finished this section!


We’re beginning with a curious dwelling and I’m already loving the vibes! Giovanni, an android I assume, has found a home. He builds his home until it feels right. Then one day a couple appears, frantic, and they leave their baby with Gio, for safety. Gio calls him Victor and this little baby helps his loneliness disappear. I’m crying already.

Fast forward, and Gio and Victor have found more family. Nurse Ratched (a medical robot) and Rambo (a roomba). Their vibes are impeccable! Nurse Ratched is rather sadistic, Rambo is very anxious (relatable) and Vic has the ability to balance them all out. What a quirky trio!

They’re searching the scrap yard, but it all goes awry when one of the ‘Old Ones’ catches Vic. They have a pretty easy escape from it, but Nurse Ratched still takes the opportunity to imply that he’s an idiot, and says maybe if she found idiocy impressive, she’d flirt with Vic. Vic, fascinated with androids and robots, says he didn’t know she could flirt. Bad move, Vic. This leads to Nurse Ratched demonstrating her flirting abilities and I am cackling! She’s not holding back!

Vic tries to convince both Nurse Ratched and Rambo not to tell Gio of his metal yard escapades. Nurse Ratched is adamant she will tell him, but thankfully they begin to hear music coming from their home and it seems to distract her. Unfortunately, though, it doesn’t distract her for long enough. As she lectures Rambo about death and Victor’s humanity, she slips in that he was almost squashed by an Old One.

A week passes and they return to the scrap yard. Things are different this time, though… Nurse Ratched is sensing an active power source six feet under the heap. ? Vic, naturally, tries to locate it but it doesn’t really go as planned. Whilst Rambo and Nurse Ratched are calm and collected (well, as calm and collected as an anxious roomba and sociopathic medical robot can be) this android… isn’t. It’s immediately on the attack, despite threats from Nurse Ratched that I fully expect she would follow through with. In the end, they get lucky and the android’s power source runs out. Honestly, I kind of expected them to leave the murderous android there, but Vic wants to take it home! This feels like a very bad idea.

They brainstorm how they could bring the decommissioned android back to life, with Nurse Ratched suggesting sacrificing Rambo. I think she loves him really though, like, deep deep down.

Vic needs time to think… but he doesn’t have time! Gio is knocking on his door. Obviously Vic doesn’t want Gio to know he’s brought a decommissioned android home yet… but Nurse Ratched is on it. Kinda. She tells Gio Vic can’t answer right now because he’s masturbating!

I love how supportive Vic’s family were in helping him learn more about his sexuality and teaching him that being ace is completely normal, it’s so nice to see!

Slowly, but surely, Vic begins to repair the android. Adding in new parts has Nurse Ratched considering that they were all made for something, her for healing, Rambo for cleaning, Gio for creating. She tells Vic he was made to bring happiness. I’m sobbing. She may have an unsettling passion for drilling, but she chooses her words well!

Vic tells them he likes to fix things, because if we can fix what’s broken, we should always try. Wise words to live by!

Do you think bringing the decommissioned android back to life is a good idea?
What do you think will happen if he does wake? Or when Gio finds out?
Do you have a favourite character so far?

I can’t wait to hear all of your thoughts!





  • Brittney Wright

    I think I was saying out loud “This is NOT a good idea. This is how every evil robot movie starts!” as they were debating bringing the decommissioned android back to life.

    I absolutely love Nurse Ratched! I thought Rambo would be my favorite based on things I saw before reading the book but Nurse Ratched’s sense of humor is just too good.

    • Shannon

      It’s the quirky comments that appear on her screen for me! ?

  • RuneFencer_Ronan

    First time posting ahhhh.
    I am totally loving the ridiculous comments from Nurse Ratched. Also Rambo’s personality is adorable.
    I love the little family so much already and the whole conversation about Vic and his identity was done well I thought. I was and wasn’t surprised they took the android with them but I am kind of surprised they’ve managed to keep it hidden from Gio this long. Cannot wait to see what happens next! I really hope Vic knows what he is getting into.

    • Shannon

      Right? ? I’m absolutely petrified of Nurse Ratched and her need to drill but at the same time I really want to befriend her!

  • jakob.karin

    This is already everything I want from a TJ Klune book! Found family, quirk and sarcasm and soooo much heart. And nononono no bringing androids to life OMG

  • Amy Kosta

    I was very nervous about reading this book. I’ve seen so many people getting excited about its release and it has really good ratings but I’m just not a robot kind of person. However, I told myself I’d stick to these readalongs and branch out of my comfort zone – plus its a Pinocchio retelling and I’m a sucker for fairytales!

    Turns out, the book is really good so far and I’m really enjoying it! I’m actually laughing out loud at some parts, so it goes to show I really should read more books that I wouldn’t ordinarily pick up!

    Do I think it’s a good idea to fix the android? No, but the best parts of stories tend to come from bad decisions!

    I have no idea what will happen when he wakes up, but I’m wondering if Victor will use the heart he’s building for his dad to power him maybe?

    I think Gio’s reaction could go either way. He’ll probably be mad that they spent so long in the scrap yard to get him out, but he has been on board with Vic fixing Rambo and Nurse Ratched in the past so who knows?

    Nurse Ratched is definitely my favourite character! It’s her comments that have made me giggle and she’s everything I’d want in a robot friend – I love a sadistic character! I do love Rambo and his anxiety though, as he reminds me a bit of myself.

  • Ava Bodogh

    Nurse Ratched cracks me up. And Rambo is the cutest!

  • Bec @Booktineus

    Easy question first: Who is my favourite? Nurse Ratched, hands down. I laugh so much at her sociopathic murderous commentary. I love it.

    As for the mysterious android? Gio is definitely not going to be happy about it. I reckon this android is going to threaten Gio and Vic’s way of life somehow. (I also have a theory that Vic might end up using the secret heart power source he’s been building to power up Mystery Mandroid which would make an interesting point of conflict when Gio’s power source gives out…)

  • sreekumar sreelakshmi

    I really excited about this read along as it’s first one for me.. I think it’s right nudge I needed to start reading … and it’s so fun to when there is group to discuss the beauty of the book…
    This is general nit my type of book but I am so happy I did start reading it ! I love the way author has built the world and the characters.. we start to fall in love with them slowly and how every character has its own persona …
    Although I love the sarcasm n quirks of nurse Ratchd my fav character is actually Giovanni Watson … such a character of depth … and yes bringing the decommissioned Android seems like the turning point we all been waiting for! I think Gio will not be happy to find out but I have a feeling he might know more about this Android !

  • Lauren Stewart

    I absolutely love this so far! The writing is so up my street and the characters are just brilliant. I love the banter they have with each other. Nurse Ratched is amazing!

    I’m not sure if bringing the decommssioned android back to life is a good idea, but I’m so invested. I have a feeling that Vic will get quite close to it and end up getting hurt some way though. And I think Gio will be a bit disappointed that Vic didn’t want to tell him.

  • Holly Groves

    Do you think bringing the decommissioned android back to life is a good idea? Yes I think so, the android might have some more details about what the rest of the world is like.

    What do you think will happen if he does wake? Or when Gio finds out? They’ll probably be confused, waking up in a random place can’t be fun. Gio might be impressed that Vic was able to bring the android back to life, but might have some concerns. He must be living in the forest and away from the world for a reason.

    Do you have a favourite character so far? Nurse Ratched is by far my fave right now, love their personality/programming!

  • Moana

    I was so excited when TJ Klune announced this book and it was a challenge to wait until the readalong to start it, I’m so happy we’re finally reading it.

    I read the blurb before starting the book so I know waking the android isn’t a good idea but I can’t wait to see where this all got us.

    I love them all for now but, I have to admit Nurse Ratched is so funny I can’t stop this robot to be my favorite right now.

  • gloominosity

    I adore the character interactions between Ratched and Rambo! They are both so funny and together they make a perfect storm. I also really love how complex of a character Vic is, like how he deals with his overwhelming frustration and anger in chapter four. I am really looking forward to reading more about all of these lovely characters!

  • SeaFox.Adventures

    Not me over here, keeping up with the readalong, but not commenting here. Oops!

    1) I think it’ll end up being something Gio is upset about, but, ultimately, I think it’ll end up being the thing that saves Victor [from what, I don’t know, but isn’t that how it normally goes?], so hopefully it ends up being a good thing! [Either that, or he/it becomes The Big Bad, so I guess I’ll see!]
    2) I don’t think it’ll be sunshine and rainbows, but I’m not exactly sure what to expect. I do think the blood drop donation is going to influence the new robot, but I’m not sure HOW.
    3) That’s always a toughie for me! I would say it’s a tough call between Rambo and Nurse. I love Rambo and his optimism but also silly behavior, and I love the detached-but-not-detached, unhinged-but-not-unhinged behavior of Nurse. [I can’t put my finger on a better way to describe her behavior, but I know there is one!]

  • Lisa Spanu

    1. Do you think bringing the decommissioned android back to life is a good idea?
    Of course that is never a good idea hahahah, it reminded me a bit like in horror movies, they always split up and it always ends bad. Like bringing the decommissioned android back to life is a bad idea.

    2. What do you think will happen if he does wake? Or when Gio finds out?
    Chaos will erupt I believe haha. Gio will not be happy about it and Vic will probably get close to it.

    3. Do you have a favourite character so far?
    I am loving the robots, nurse Ratched (American horror story hahah) and Rambo are adorable and I really like the two and their vibes/reactions. Not really feeling Vic and Gio as of right now

  • hbaileyw17

    I am excited for this book, and I read the first bit in one go! I love the forest setting, the funny banter between the characters, and the house in the trees. I am excited and nervous to see where the story goes from here. I am worried about this strange new android and what kind of trouble he might bring with him. Ratchet and Rambo have the best little back and forth dynamic.

    I am worried about the blood, it is strange that the robots in the junk yard stopped moving when Vic got blood in the ground.

  • mikaylazm

    So immediately when they began to bring the android back I was like “I’m pretty sure this is how ever robot horror has ever begun” especially with so many descriptions of Vic being so curious.

    Obviously I think Vic is having a lot of complicated feelings and I’m excited to see where it goes.

    I think Gio is going to be very angry with Vic– not necessarily just because of the android but more because of whatever happened with the blood (as Vic had been given a warning about it) and the two things will probably be conflated when Gio finds out.

    I am absolutely loving the heck out of Ratched– she is hilarious. I think my favourite is when she turns on empathy mode ?


    Do you think bringing the decommissioned android back to life is a good idea?
    I think it will bring a lot more excitement to Vic and his androids lives. Whether that is good or bad I’m not sure but that android does seem pretty feisty so it’s going to get good.

    What do you think will happen if he does wake? Or when Gio finds out?
    Gio is going to lose his mind I think. Especially since the driod showed anger tendencies prior to have one their battery run out so it’s not going to go over well.
    Do you have a favourite character so far?
    Rached hands down. When she turns on empathy mode to go “cure” a squirrel that has rabies then comforts Rambo by saying it went off and lived happily ever after. Honestly, this sociopathic robot has had me cackling this book!

  • Amanda Dage

    I was crying before chapter 1 even started ? I am LOVING all the personalities, and just absolutely laughing out loud at Rambo and Nurse Ratched. I’m thinking rescuing and fixing this new android will be a good idea hopefully, even though it’s making me nervous!! I’m sending a very big journey of self discovery for Vic!

  • TupaKitty_Reads

    Well, I like the robots so far. We’re getting to the Pinocchio part, I guess, with the wood making up (part of) the robot. That little bird thought, probably there since before he thought of the wood, is probably his replacement heart for Gio & wanting to use it to bring this android back to life but warring over the ramifications of giving that away considering he wouldn’t have anything to help Gio with, if needed. Plus, as Nurse Ratched pointed out, he could be “a terrible machine bent on destroying everything it comes into contact with.”
    Daily Q&A:
    1.) Do you think bringing the decommissioned android back to life is a good idea?
    2.) What do you think will happen if he does wake? Or when Gio finds out?
    3.) Do you have a favourite character so far?
    1.) No, but finding out why, precisely, is sure to be a trip.
    2.) When he wake up, shit will probably hit the fan. As for Gio, he seems to be particularly concerned about Vic’s Scrap Yard excursions, & considering his birth parents were fleeing & hiding him from someone, I’m sure there’s more to it than just his general safety in a hazardous area or even the Old Ones. My guess is that he will know more about this android than Vic might guess (he may be older than Gio, but could still have been a model type Gio was familiar with before he sequestered himself in the wilds), but Gio will also be hurt that Vic lied.
    3.) Nurse Ratched, but Rambo isn’t far behind her.

  • nicholle2000

    This book is making me laugh. I have a feeling that I’m really going to enjoy it.
    I do think is a good idea to bring the android back to life, I think because of the android Victor will know more of the world outside the forest. I think some bad things will happen, maybe he has like an alarm and some bad androids are going to find them. I think Gio is going to be very angry with Vic because he didn’t told him and specially when he sees the hearts that Vic made. Right now I like every character but the one who makes me laugh the most is Nurse Ratched.

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