Incendiary Readalong: Day 2

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Hello Everyone!

Its day 2 of our readalong and I feel like this story is just getting started! I’m excited to see how it’s going to develop today! So without further ado, lets read!

Today we’re reading chapters 7-13!

Please be warned, the following will include spoilers for Incendiary by Zoraida Córdova Chapters 1-13! Read only if you’ve finished those chapters!


Ren struggles to fall asleep and it seems she questions herself quite a lot and about why Dez would like her…

She looks into his dreams and sees a series of different memories, the last one is a memory of her! He’s dreaming about her!

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Oh no, who screamed?!? Someone is caught in one of the traps but was it them who screamed or one of their unit?

Ohh so she doesn’t actually know the prince, just seen him in stolen memories but did they both not live in the palace?

We still don’t really know why Castian is searching for Dez? He’s a whisper, yeah, but why is he specifically looking for him? Because of what happened between them at the palace?

Dez distracts Castian while Ren attempts to free the others and eventually succeeds but Dez is having a hard time holding off the prince! Soon, all of them are overwhelmed by the number of guards surrounding them.

Nooo Dez can’t drink the poison!

So Dez thinks Castian is after him because he is the son of an elder and the leader of the whispers but Castian said he overvalued himself? What does he want!!

And now Dez won’t let the others help!! 

Ohh so Castian wants to take Dez hostage to use him as leverage to get the whispers to stand down…

What did Dez mean by “remember everything I said” I’m intrigued!

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Omg the poison knocked her out for 2 days?!? That means they only have one more day before they’re supposed to surrender, right?

I had a bad feeling that Illan wasn’t going to risk the whispers for one person, even if that person is his son but I am still a little shocked! 

Whaaat, Dez is supposed to be at the palace, he meant to get captured?? Ohh so he’s gone to hopefully find out what exactly the weapon is, that’s what he wasn’t telling the others! But if he’s a prisoner, how does he expect to find out anything?

Okay so he does have a plan, but I’m not sure how he expects not to get caught…

OH MY GOD Ren stole the memory of the code Dez needs to get out of the cell!!! Ohh he’s in trouble now!!

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And now she has to go alone to save him!

Aww I’m so happy the others followed her to help her save Dez, it’ll be so much better having them by her side!

The crowds for Holy Day will make it harder to get to the palace but it also might help give them a bit of cover! 

Oh no, Dez is due to be executed today?!?! They’re supposed to have more time!

They’re not going to make it! How are they supposed to get him away in front of everyone?

Ren makes a break for it, ignoring the pleas of the others but they still help her out by creating a fire illusion! That could be just the distraction she needs!

She finally makes it to the dais and Dez sees she’s there!! 

OMG no, Dez can’t be dead ? they were so so close to getting to him 🙁 

And Castian got away!

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When Ren wakes she finds out they’re in Esteban’s grandmothers boardinghouse and that she was one of Illans spies! 

I need Ren to rest a little and eat before they move again but she doesn’t want to!

So Ren has decided that she needs to go back to the palace alone to kill the prince and sends the others back to Angeles without her.

The prisoners are taken to the dungeons and split into different cells, leaving Ren till last, but not because they’re taking her to Justice Mendoza like she has asked. They put her in solitary.

Oooo but she’s not alone! It’s another whisper, one long forgotten and left behind 🙁 that’s so sad, he’s been through so much to help them! 

Aww he’s showing her Dez ? my heart can’t take it.

He manages to convince Ren that she can’t just kill the prince but must find and destroy the weapon as well. He also asks for mercy, for her to kill him 🙁

Ahhh Mendez believes that she’s come back to him willingly, that she wants to stay with him again! I’m hoping he’s not faking it like she is…

So that’s how Ren ended up at the palace, she simply got lost in the woods and was found by the wrong people.

Did it infuriate anyone else that Alessandro called Ren “It”?? 

I wonder if being back at the palace will unlock the memories she’s tried to suppress for so long? 

Ah yes. The full memory of the night of the fire comes back to her but it only fuels her need for vengeance!

Soo much just happened and I am loving it!

Do we think Justice Mendez believes she’s come back willingly for him? I’m very curious as to how this is going to play out!

We’ll find out tomorrow!


34 thoughts on “Incendiary Readalong: Day 2

  1. I’ll be honest, I disliked Ren for not asking Sayida for help. Sayida has proven herself just as much as Dez. Why does Ren accept Dez but not Sayida…Ok, so just after she accepts Dez, she believes she caused his death, but it’s unfair of her to treat Sayida like that. Ren says she wants to be accepted by the Whispers. Sayida accepts her, but does Ren show her the same respect? No.
    And I absolutely hated her plans. She doesn’t think clearly. She rushed headlong to rescue Dez without forming a proper plan and not working with her team.
    I can excuse her splitting up from them later since she blames herself for Dez’s death, but I truly hate her plan here.
    What kind of idiot would believe that she would willingly return to the palace? And there have been posters of Ren all over, surely she would be recognized? But nope. The justice soldiers are blind idiots, who either welcome her back or don’t recognize her from the prince’s wanted posters.
    I’m sorry that my comment is negative, but Ren has disappointed me as a protagonist.

    1. I agree with your take on Ren, it can be quite frustrating to read from her perspective. I’m hoping that as she finds more memories in the gray and investigates in the palace she becomes more likeable and less impulsive

    2. I feel like Ren has always felt like a bit of an outsider and finds it difficult to ask people for help as she doesn’t think they will help her! She does seem to rush into things without truly thinking them through but I think she would do anything to try and save the person she loves

      1. But Sayida has proven before her friendship for Ren. Why can’t Ren let her in?

  2. I’m starting to enjoy this more now that things are happening! Ten is making some truly stupid and infuriating choices which leads to others becoming hurt. I am loving how she’s in the palace now though! I don’t think Justice Mendez trusts her but I think he’ll use her as long as he can while keeping a close eye on her. Keep your friends close and your enemies closer! I know she’s loyal to the Whispers but what will happen as her memories start to come back to her? Might she start sympathising with the royals, seeing as she did grow up in the palace? Can’t wait to see what happens next!

    1. That’s what I’m wondering too! If Ren is gonna change sides when all her memories come back. ?

    2. Oooo that’s such an interesting theory! Would be a very good twist if her allegiance shifted! I’m excited to find out!

  3. I’m starting to enjoy this now that we have gotten a bit further into the plot line! But I was so shocked that Dez was killed off like that, I really thought they would pull something out the bag last minute and save him! But I have a feeling that something may happen with Castian, maybe there are some memories with him trapped inside the Gray from when she was at the palace and they have a bit of a history?? Idk but I’m getting a bit of a vibe, I feel like Córdova is pulling a Sarah J Maas on us, the first relationship is never usually endgame ?

    1. I really didn’t see that coming, Dez being killed!!

    2. I really thought they would save Dez so I was really shocked! Oooo interesting theory! I’m excited to see if you are right!

  4. Seriously, that book is as a rollercoaster! Dez cultured and executed when they were so close…Ren’s plan sounds risky but if somebody can survive at the palace is Renata. Omg, Lozar and his wish devastated but I understand his point of view.
    No, I don’t think that Justice Mendez trust Ren and truly welcoming her.

    1. I wished Ren could’ve saved Lozar ?

      1. Yes, me too. It was so sad but from another hand I can imagine that Lozar was exhausted and don’t want to feel this pain longer.

    2. I was heartbroken for Lozar! I can’t decide how I feel about Mendez! Is he just trying to trick her?

      1. I’m pretty sure he isn’t so grateful and happy that she back. He’s really mysterious for me and he showed that he doesn’t trust Ren when he ordered to locke her down in the room for night.

  5. I really didn’t like it when Ren looked into Dez’ dreams and stole them! It annoyed me ?
    When Dez died it happened so quickly I couldn’t believe it!!! Didn’t expect that to happen!

    In the memory of Dez rescuing her, she heard a woman warn Illan, so I guess magpie is a woman!! I’m curious if Ren’s gonna recognizes her voice when/if she meets her!?!

    I really don’t know if Justice Méndez believes Ren, it could be he has a soft spot for her ?

    I like this book, I just can’t read as fast as I’m used to (which isn’t that fast at all) so it takes longer to finish a pages but I’m gonna try to keep up ?

    1. Oooo that was a really good spot and a good clue! I wonder if Ren will be able to recognise the voice!

  6. I feel bad for Ren because she thinks it’s her fault Dez died. That was the worst part. Why they couldn’t save him? It’s good that others followed Ren and also that they let her go on her own to the palace. I feel sorry for Lozar for being all alone and forgotten in the darkness. I don’t trust Justice Mendez. He might just be up to something. Will the prince regonize Ren when she meets him and the king?

    1. I know I wish she knew that it wasn’t all her fault but I guess that is hard to look past when its the person you love! I’m not sure how to feel about Mendez yet…

  7. This Book truly is a Rollercoaster, I kinda love everyone (almost) and I kinda hate everyone (almost). Also I’m still in a bit of a slump, so it’s hard to really connect.
    I was really shocked when Dez was killed just like that in like what… 5 sentences? Also I understand Ren is grieving but that plan is stupid…. you can’t even really call it a plan.

    On a much more positive Note (since it’s sounding worse than it is) I’m really intrigued by what kind of memories Ren has locked away. I feel sonme plot twists coming, I have a few guesses but I am hoping for surprises. I truly hope we haven’t seen the last of the rest of the team.

    1. I’m hoping we get to find out more about her time at the palace! I was so shocked about Dez!

  8. So much has happened! I’m shook. Like literal open gob shock at the events in these chapters.

    I don’t know where this is going. It has a very game of thronesy vibe where anything is possible. But not gonna lie loved Dez and was hoping for a new book boyfriend so little sad he’s gone.

    Saying that I bet in a few days time I’ll be saying something completely different.

    1. I loved Dez as well so I’m so sad about him! I’m so, so glad you’re enjoying it though!

  9. I’m not quite sure if Mendez believes Ren came back on her own accord. I think they are both playing each other. He seemed to accept her too quickly. Now, I didn’t see it coming that Dez would die. But it makes sense; something has to fuel her rage against the prince.
    I do like that we are learning a big more about Ren’s pst finally! And in a way that I really like. I can’t do an “information dump” as I lovely call them. I love learning about characters as we go. And learning about her past through memories surfacing at possibly inopportune times is a cool way to approach it.
    I’m excited to continue reading tomorrow. But I’m curious about what is going to happen when she goes before the king.

    1. Yeah its so hard to tell what Mendez is thinking! I totally agree that the memories is such a cool way of giving us information on Ren’s past!

  10. I just KNEW I shouldn’t have gotten attached to anyone! This always happens to me and I honestly need to just start hating every last character XD but on a serious note, I’m really loving the way this book is going. I’m not sure what to think of Ren. I like her, but it can get a little annoying when she continuously blames herself for Dez’s death. Sure, she stole his memories, but he was executed a whole day early. So their plan was in tatters anyway. I don’t believe that Mendez trusts Ren. To me it feels like a front right now, pretending he trusts her to get what he wants. There’s something not right about him. Other than the obvious, I mean XD
    Also, going back to the memory Dez gave Ren. I honestly feel like there is some sort of meaning buried within it that Ren needs to figure out. I’m not quite understanding at the minute why he chose to give her that memory of all the bad memories he has. Unless I’ve read over something. I think that particular memory will play an important part in the rest of the story.
    But so far, I’m loving it!

    1. Yeah I feel like she can’t keep taking all the blame but I guess she could be blinded by her love for Dez! I’m so glad you’re enjoying it!

      1. Yeah, I agree! I really feel for Ren, it’s just awful to see her blaming herself. Good writing on the authors part though! I really love her style of writing.

  11. I don’t like it when I’m right, damn, poor Dez is dead. 🙁 I wonder if Ren really can’t use her ability without actually stealing the memory, just sharing it..? Would be useful. Poor girl will blame herself forever now.
    I don’t think Mendez really believes that Ren is back on her own accord and I think she will be closely watched.
    Can’t wait to read more!

  12. Still late but wow, so many things happening!!!
    I knew something bad would happen with Ren and Dez not in the camp… But this bad? Nope.
    I hope Ren is wrong and she didn’t take Dez’s memory for the code, otherwise she will never forgive herself for his death.
    DEZ IS DEAD!!! I can’t believe it. A part of me doesn’t believe it. Ren didn’t watch the beheading and didn’t look at the corpse afterwards, I want to think that by a miracle Dez escaped and Castian beheaded someone else instead. But the others probably saw everything so if Dez escaped, they would have told her.
    At least, with all of this, Ren start to remember her childhood.. And I hope that she will find the “cure” and destroy it before it’s too late. And that she will not become the Justice’s muppet once again, I’m scared of that.

  13. I couldn’t believe it that Dez died, I kept reading and reading and reading the same paragraphs looking for a clue that he didn’t really die, that it was perhaps an Illusion. Pfft. I had imagined that the romance with Renata wouldn’t flourish but come onnnn!

    Although, I must admit that I’m a sucker for those kinds of plot twists now, hihihi.
    However, all this hate and obsession with Castian has made me TERRIFIED that something romantic will come out of all of this! And, guys NOOOO, he seems like an arrogant psychopath.
    Going back to my reading because I just have to find out!!!

  14. I wasn’t ready for this ? Dez can’t be dead. Poor Ren. And then she meets Lozar and kills him.
    I don’t like Justice Mendes and I definitely don’t trust him!
    Does he really belive Ren needed 8 years to come back?
    I’m not sure if i want to know whats happening next. But i will find out anyway
    Will the prince recognise her?

  15. I’m still struggling with this book but I’m trying to keep going as I don’t like to DNF and this section did have more action going for it. I’m still not sure how I feel about the MC and whether I like her much or not. I was very surprised that Dez was killed as I was worried the rest of the book was going to be a rescue mission and in a way I’m kind of glad it’s not, I feel being back in the palace is going to unveil more memories.

  16. I honestly think with a ego a big as the justice he will let his guard down. That everyone except the prince will let their guard down. But I still feel like there is some sort of family connection we are missing. And there was something hidden in Dez message. Something she was supposed to get and didn’t.

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