Incendiary Readalong: Day 4

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Hello FairyLooters!

I hope everyone has been enjoying the readalong so far! What have been our favourite parts?

Tomorrow is the last day of the readalong and I can’t believe it is almost over! But let’s not jump ahead as we’ve still got today’s chapters to read first!

Today we’re reading chapters 19-25!

Please be warned, the following will include spoilers for Incendiary by Zoraida Córdova Chapters 1-25! Read only if you’ve finished those chapters!


After finding Castian’s hidden vault behind a painting, Ren is sure the secret rooms he and Nuria had been talking about must be behind other paintings and searches each one whenever she can.

I wonder what Davida did that was so bad that she had to be punished for it!  It’s so obvious that Hector and Davida still care deeply for one another :(. Omg, could Davida be the magpie???

Ohh so it wasn’t Castian that hurt her but the King! Castian cared for her and trusted her and the King resented that she treated him so well and allowed him to feel his emotions. 

So she’s not the magpie, she just stays to watch over Castian as she remembers the way he’s used to be and the kindness that must be somewhere deep down 🙁 

Oh no! Alessandro has finally caught her 🙁 will whatever he captured in the stone be able to prove she’s been lying? Ahh she stole his memories of the whole day and made it look like he passed out drunk! So he’s been the one stealing the stones from Mendez!

Uh oh, the sun festival is tomorrow and she’s no closer to finding the magpie or the weapon!

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Ren walks through the gardens of the party and comes across a hidden area which holds a statue of the standing guardian that protects the Moria…why would that be in the gardens of the palace, a place that only uses Moria as weapons?

Whaat Illan had a plan to save the boys from the King? But why would he want to help the queen and does that mean Castian didn’t kill his brother?

Hmm now who could Leo have been talking to?

Whaat there was a queen that was Moria?? Why is Nuria trying to help her? She knows she’s up to something and doesn’t want to necessarily stop her, just wants her to be careful but why?

Is anyone else surprised we still haven’t seen the prince?

Omg Sayida and Margo are here, they came back for her and are trying to kill the King but Ren can’t let that happen because then the weapon will be used before they have a chance to destroy it! She can’t tell them that though so they’re not going to understand why she stopped them and they’re going to think she’s a traitor again!

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Ahhhh they had to cut the dagger out of her in case it’s poisoned!! That must have been agony, no matter what pain she has endured in the past! 

Oh nooo, they want her to use her magics on Margo to figure out her allegiance! This isn’t going to go well!

Omg her dress is lined with platinum, the material that helps her control her magics!!

Ooooo Castian cut in to dance with her!! No matter how much I want to hate him for all that he’s done, I must admit he is charming! So Castian remembers her from when she was there as a child but Ren didn’t think they’d ever met…

Reaction GIF

There’s a secret room between hers and the library!! That’s where Dez appeared from the night he saved her!

The box is there…but the weapon is not inside!! And Castian has found her! Found her way back? So she’s been there before!

How does he know the nickname her father gave her?

Ren has managed to beat him though and she could take all of his memories if she wanted…but somehow he has managed to block her magics!

What is going on!! Castian didn’t seem to want to kill or arrest her and only had to because Leo and the other man caught them! 

And leo said “she told you not to” WHOOO? I feel like we’re missing something!

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Ahhhh and now she’s locked up with Margo who thinks she’s a traitor!

Nuria is the magpie!! That’s why she was so kind to Ren and why she wanted to help!

Someone, possibly Leo, brings them some food and a weapon and before long, Ren gives in to the exhaustion and has to sleep.

When she startles awake, Margo is being bound and gagged and a guard does the same to her before they are taken to Justice Mendez.

Oh no Sayida and Esteban have been captured too!

Lina? Who is Lina? Nooo he’s moved the weapon to Soledad!

Poor Sayida won’t be able to handle the torture and Ren won’t be able to handle seeing her friend tortured ? 

Ahh she’s managed to break free! The platinum had given her magic more power and ohh is Mendez in trouble! After everything he’s done she won’t hold back! 

Oh no, Lina must have been his daughter who died and Ren reminded him of her which must be why he took a shine to her.

And just like that one of the most feared men is turned into a hollow.

Wow, wow, wow! So much just happened, I’m going to need a minute to process it!

We learned so much today but I still feel like there’s a piece to the puzzle that we’re missing! Anyone have any good theories on how it’s going to end?

See you tomorrow to find out!



28 thoughts on “Incendiary Readalong: Day 4

  1. I never hated Castian, possibly because I spoiled myself a bit. But also because I really do have a weakness for princes, even if they are evil, I find them attractive. The exception is for lazy, incompetent, shallow princes, aka Ravkan Prince Vasily, Calormene Prince Rabadash, Adarlan Prince Hollin.
    Anyway, even after what the lovable Davida and admirable Nuria say about there being goodness in Castian, Ren still attacks him, even when he doesn’t really fight back until she forces his hand. It infuriates me. She has no discipline and is too blinded by rage to even consider others opinions on the prince, who was actually pleading with her. Ugh…if Ren wasn’t a main character, I wouldn’t ship her with Castian, but she is, so I do.
    Something confuses me. Ren was wearing her platinum dress when she attacked Castian and Mendez, why didn’t her powers work on Castian but on Mendez only?
    I actually feel sorry for Mendez. Sure he stole Ren and made her do horrible things, but he was kind to her. I didn’t want this to be his ending. But war gives Ren hard choices. If she lets him go, he will continue to hunt her kind.

    1. I was afraid she got the chance to use her powers on him and would turn him into a hollow before he got a chance to let her know he maybe isn’t the/a bad guy!?

    2. I feel like from Mendez’s point of view, he feels like he was doing the right thing but he also forced Ren to torture people when she was so young!

  2. Yes!! I was waiting for this post because I want to continue reading!!
    Nuria being the magpie didn’t come as a surprise to me and I was wondering when or if we were gonna meet the rest of the Unit again! So glad we did!!
    I kind of feel sorry for Ren, must be difficult not having someone to confide in, having to make those hard decisions on her own.
    I’m still hoping that maybe Dez is still alive….. Castian is his brother and maybe he is an Illusionári?? Perhaps he fooled everyone on that square?? I’m probably just wishful thinking ? Also…otherwise Castian would’ve killed his brother……
    Can’t wait to find out what happens next……

    1. So many good theories!

  3. Imagine if Castain and Nuria were working together as informants to try and stop all the bloodshed. Castain might be the greatest spy of all and actually want peace because if his childhood best friend is the spy surely he would know! They might have been best friends with Ren when she was at the palace before and that’s why he hasn’t killed her when he had the chance.

    1. Oooo that would be amazing!!

  4. I don’t know how to comprehend everything that just happened. There is so much knowledge that was thrown out. Wow I love this book. I’m desperate to find out what Castian needed to tell Ren when they were fighting; and why he changed his mind so quickly. I’m curious as to why Castian seems to have several personalities. Also, the two letters Ren found; C&A… please don’t tell me A stands for what I think it stands for. I had my suspicions that Dez was somehow royal, but I couldn’t see how it would be possible. I guess I need to carry on reading ?
    I KNEW Nuria was going to be the Magpie! I’m curious to see what gets done about that now though.
    And you can guarantee every time a Villain dies, I end up feeling bad for them. I don’t know if I’m just softhearted, or authors are just so good at twisting emotions. I wanted to cry for Mendez and his “Lina” but it all makes sense now. I think we’ll for sure find out more about her in the future.
    As for predictions for the future, I honestly couldn’t call it. The twists that have happened so far have literally been out of the blue. However, I did spoil myself slightly, but it’s left me more confused than surprised ?This book has honestly taken me by surprise in terms of how much I love it.

    1. I’m so happy to hear you have loved it so much! I love that Nuria is the magpie! It was such a good twist!

  5. What was just happened?! Davida’s memory was warm and devastated for me in the same time. The King hurt her, not the Prince!
    Lady Nuria is a Magpie and I expected that from the moment when she asked Ren to take her memories about Castian. I was sure that is some another purpose in that, not only broken heart. I love Leo, he’s so cute and loyal.
    Queen Penelope memory about her meeting with Illan made me sure that it’s highly possible that Castian and Dez are brothers, have a Moria’s magic. I’m curious how Castian is able to resist Renata’s power and showed her nothing. I’m not sure how to understand his behavior in secret room. He doesn’t want to fight and arrest Renata but later do it. I think he has a lot of secrets and wants to keep them far from Justice Mendez.
    What Renata did with Mendez and made him a Hallow. I totally understand because he was a really bad man without good feelings.
    I don’t want to predict the ending but I hope that Dez is alive.

    1. There is sooo much mystery around Castian and I need to know more!

  6. Definitely thinking that Castian and Dez are brothers now – C& A – Castian and Andre’s.
    Really loving this, can’t wait to see how it ends.

    1. Definitely!

    2. OOooo that would be interesting!

  7. Wow! this book is like a rollercoaster speeds up more and more the closer to the end we get. I think I’m more confused the more we find out. What was Illan’s plan and why were they working together? What really did happen to Castian’s brother? Why Ren doesn’t remember him from her childhood? I hope Ren will get her childhood memories back but now I wonder why she can’t remember things? I’m glad Ren didn’t have to use her powers on Margo. I wonder what Castien wanted to tell Ren when they were finding? Is he on her side perhaps?

    1. There are literally so many questions now and I hope we find out the answers before the end!

  8. Renata really annoyed me by attacking the Prince. Why!? He didn’t do anything and wasn’t aggressive. He just greeted her. I don’t know why but I like him. I feel like he’s on her side or has some information which will be invaluable to her but she just won’t listen! Stop being so stubborn Renata!

    Feel kind of bad for Justice Mendez. He wasn’t a good guy but he was always like a father to Renata so it makes me sad that it was her that killed him. I wonder how that will affect her going forwards.

    I was shocked when Margo turned up, and then her other friends too. I’m not sure if they’ve come to help her or just kill the king. I hope it was to help her and that Renata finally realises that she needs work as a team, and trust others, if she’s going to get anywhere

    1. I kinda like Castian too! But maybe I just love a Prince! Yeah I really hope Ren learns to let people in at some point!

  9. Wow what a roller-coaster. There is no way I’m going to be able to put this down before bed tonight.

    I know it’s leading up to Nuria being the Magpie but am I bonkers for thinking its Castian and that Dez (who is definitely his brother) might be alive and in Solebad?

    Cannot wait for the final part – dreading a cliff hanger.

    1. Ahh hope you enjoy the end!

  10. Nuria is the Magpie! I finally guessed something right. I’m guessing that Dez is Castian’s younger brother. Why else would Castian seek him out? And Illan said he could save the boys, but maybe he could only save one.
    I really want to know more about Ren and Castian. I was trying to figure out how the two knew each other and what was going on with them. There’s got to be some history there that hasn’t released from the Gray yet.
    I also can’t believe that Ren turned Mendez into a hollow, but good for her. I’m intrigued to find out where the next few chapters will go. Annnd is going to be so ready for the sequel when I finish!

    1. Well done for guessing that! I had no idea! Oooo that would be so interesting!
      There definitely is something about Ren and Castian that we don’t know and I’m excited to find out!

  11. Guess Justice wasn’t that creepy, just saw his daughter in Ren. Ouch. 🙁 He did terrible things though, so I’m only feeling mild pity for him.
    I felt the Magpie had to be either in high places or very low, so Nuria and Davida were high on my list. Glad at least half my guess was good. 😀
    The hunch about Castian not being that bad of a person was good too, at least for now, guess we’ll see.
    Not much is left of the book, I wonder what new stuff will I learn before the waiting for the second book starts!

  12. I’m almost caught up! I’m still not sure about how I fell about Renata but i guess she’s growing on me a bit, I think I’m just not a big fan of her trying/ taking peoples memories? And then once again I love Leo I think he’s a really good person. I definitely was a little sad when it came to Justice Mendez’s death just because I always seem to have a soft spot for the villain’s and the whole Lina thing didn’t help that fact. But I’m excited to finish this book so I can see what happens at the end.

  13. So much happening in these chapters!! I knew Nuria was the magpie!
    I think Queen Penelope was the Moria, and that would explain the weird behaviour of Castian and why she was talking to Illan. But what exactly were they talking about??
    C&A, would it mean Castian and Andrez?? That would explain the change of behaviour in Castian after Riomar. If so, I’m now sure Dez is still alive by some miracle.

    1. Oh i hope he’s alive! But that means there is more to the hole story. Why doesn’t Dez know that hes the prince?

  14. Finally we meet castian again! I was waiting for that. But it’s not what i expected. It seems that he wants to talk to Ren. But that doesn’t work out. At least she’s with her friends again and know’s who magpie is. So excited what they will do next!

  15. So I don’t even know. So many twists and turns. I am loving it! Amazing! I kinda think Dez is the lost brother at this point

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