Incendiary Readalong: Day 5

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Hello everyone and welcome to the 5th and final day of the readalong!
I’m sad it’s ending already but I’m so excited to find out what is going to happen!

I have really loved this readalong and chatting to you all in the comments has been so fun! I really hope you enjoyed the book!

Today we’re reading Chapter 26- the end!

Please be warned, the following will include spoilers for Incendiary by Zoraida Córdova! Read only if you’ve finished the book!


Margo works on fixing up Sayida with the hollowed Mendez slumped at their feet. They can’t decide on a plan of action but do agree that they need to get out of the palace first and foremost! 

They make their way along the corridors until the come to a dead end a hooded figure, Leo!!

Leo had been a friend and ally the whole time, I really hope he’ll be okay! I’m so glad they’ve managed to escape the palace!

Oh wow, the King removed the heads of those he tortured and killed to make himself look better than he is but the people will not forget!

So Mendez was telling the truth! Someone broke and told him how to get through the mountain pass to Angeles! 

The unit have made it back though, to a place Ren used to call home but how will she be treated in her return?

It’s so frustrating that they won’t listen to her and don’t believe what she has gone through so Ren tells them everything that happened while she was at the palace in an attempt to convince them to believe her. Finally, they decide to go through with her plan.

Nooo they’re under attack!

The hall is in chaos, both whispers and Kings guard slain and Esteban is hurt! Ahh it was him that told Mendez how to get through the pass! But Ren already knew that and forgives him anyway.

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Yesss Margo shows up just in time and Ren has a plan to create a distraction using their magics! Margo and the illusionaries create an illusion to scare the soldiers while Sayida and the persuaries try to bring out the good in them and get them to surrender. In the end, it works and only one guard is freed to take their message back to the King.

Noo not Illan! Ren still has so many questions for him but he has one last memory for her! Wooow so Queen Penelope and Illan basically framed Castian for killing his brother when really Illan took him away! But where did he take him too?!?

The whispers make it to the safe house and begin working to make it liveable for them all if only for a little while and Ren finally gets some time alone. But too soon she is hit with another memory! 

Omg!! The weapon is a person!! And Castian was trying to stop him!!  Mendez would have used her as the weapon eventually as well and someone still could and so Ren decides the only way to save everyone else is to leave them.

But Sayida catches her before she can and convinces her that there is more to her than causing pain and hurt and stealing memories, she can be good as well and they work together to help Ren remember her own good memories.

I’m so glad the others took her news well and decided a group should go and save Cebrián!

They make it to Soledad and have a carefully thought out plan to get them in! Omg the guard had a memory of Dez! But how could it be an old memory if his ear was missing?!? He had both ears before he died right!?!

OH MY GOD they used Ren as bait?? I feel betrayed! I thought her and Margo were finally on the way to being friends! And the other whispers too! Oh this hurts!

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Ughh of course Alessandro is here and has taken Mendez’s position.

Prince Castian has been taken! Did Margo settle for him when they couldn’t find Cebrián?

Ren is deflated and doesn’t want to feel left behind and hated anymore and thinks she’ll never get out of there anyway so asks Cebrian to take her magics. Except when they touch she instead sees his memory of Castian playing with dice, making them disappear like the boy in the library used to do!

They were friends as children and it was Castian that saved her the night of the fire!!

Castian is a Moria!!

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I think a few of you had guessed this so well done if you got that right!

Cebrián escapes and in doing so also gives Ren her escape route! She needs to get to Castian before Margo tortures him!

I can’t believe how harsh Margo is being! She has no remorse for leaving Ren behind! At least Sayida wasn’t part of it. 

Castian is bound but not too hurt and they make it out the window! I’m so sad she didn’t have time to explain to Sayida!

Ahhh Dez is alive! Castian created an illusion and only cut off his ear and not his head! I can’t believe it! 

I love that she punched him.

Dez is Castians brother!!!! The one that Illan took away, he raised as his own!

Now Castian and Ren need to find Dez and the Knife of Memory so that they can stop another war. And then kill the King! Easy….

That was insaaane! I can’t believe Dez is Castian’s brother and Castian has been good the whole time and also a Moria!

Let me know all your thoughts!!

I really hope you enjoyed this readalong and we’ll see you next time for another one!



17 thoughts on “Incendiary Readalong: Day 5

  1. The ending was insane! Seriously this book is so good!
    Weapon is a person, wow it was a surprise for me. I was thinking more about this room with alaman stones can hide something.
    When Margo’s unit used Ren as bait, I was devastated because after everything what Ren did to proof her loyalty to Whispers they don’t trust her and afraid. It wasn’t fair but she stole them Castian, so YES for Renata!
    Castian is a Whisper and Dez brother welp it wasn’t a shock for me because I expected that. The same that Dez is alive.
    I’m really curious what will be happened next, so I’m wating for 2nd book…but why in 2021 🙁

  2. I was right!!! I can’t wait for book 2 but I still can’t get my head around the plot twists. I needed a moment after the end to go back and think if anyone had actually died and then I remembered Illan ? Such an amazing book though ❤❤❤

  3. I still love Castian so i don’t like how Ren punches him when he is already injured.
    I am also disappointed that Ren wouldn’t get revenge on Margo and the other Whispers who betray her. I think they lied to Sayida by not telling her Ren was used as bait. I think they made it out that Ren was left behind. When Sayida sees Ren saving Castian, will she blame Ren when technically they did leave her behind?
    Margo and the other traitorous Whispers can go to jail for all I care. Right now they can only escape to Luzou since Ren has saved Castian. They have no hostage, and right now, a hungry Cebrian is on the loose.

  4. I’m so glad Castian turned out to be better than we originally thought. And from yesterday’s pages I had an inkling about Dez being the ‘murdered’ prince and still being alive. I love it when I’m right ? but I’m so sad that she didn’t get to explain to Sayida ?

  5. This book honestly took me by storm! I’m still reeling but oh my gosh, how long till the next one? I saw it coming with the fact that Dez and Castian were brothers, got my hopes up that Dez was somehow still alive and I STILL cried when Castian confirmed it. I love books with a good ol’ plot twist and this one was the perfect twist. I knew Margo couldn’t be trusted but I feel a little bad for Sayida 🙁 I hope she forgives Ren at some point and I hope Ren realises that not all The Whispers are the same.
    I knew the weapon wouldn’t be what Ren thought, but I didn’t expect it to be a person. This is setting it up so nicely for the next book, There are still questions I need answering (unless I’ve looked over the facts. I tend to do that). I gave this book a 4.5 out of 5 stars and I can’t wait to recommend it to literally everyone I know XD

    1. And, I understand Ren’s “hate” for Castian, but even after she finds out they were friends, she doesn’t actually have to hit him. It got annoying that she randomly started punching him and stuff :/ but I reckon their friendship will grow again.

  6. Called it!! So glad Castian came out as good. Really enjoyed this book and all its twists and turns. Really looking forward to the next one!

  7. What a great read?! It was sooooo good. I was happy with how it turned out in the end but I need book two like now!

    I want to know more about her past now she can’t get some memories back.

    CAS! A tortured pretty boy with a complex about saving the world at the expense of themselves – did someone just tick all my fictional boyfriend boxes ?

    I am hooked and really hope the sequel doesn’t take too long to come out.

  8. I loved the ending and can’t wait for the second book! I was guessing before it was revealed that Dez was Castian’s brother. And I knew Castian couldn’t be that cruel. He acted like it, but never really participated. I get why everyone didn’t trust Renata, but she was as honest as she could be with them. I’m glad she went back to save Castian even though she hated him. I’m assuming she felt like she owed him because he saved her when they were younger.
    Hopefully the king is killed in the second book and Castian takes over ruling (and thereby creating a better home for Moria and non-Moria alike). Is it bad I’m rooting for Castian and Renata as a couple more than I am Dez and Ren? I think Castian and Ren would be great for each other.
    Fingers crossed it’s not a long wait until the next book!

  9. I really enjoyed this book!!! I can’t believe Margo betrayed Ren!! I really thought they were becoming friends!!
    And yes!!! Dez is still alive ??
    I’m wondering what Cebrián is going to do…. I think he may be a huge problem for the Moria, seems like he’s got a real craving for magic!!
    Hopefully Ren will see Sayida again and gets a chance to explain everything!
    I really don’t want to wait for the next book, I want to read it now!! ?

  10. I am so mad at the whispers! They constantly give her grief, then complains she doesn’t trust them, gives her more grief, she trusts them and then the betray her!! I hope she does turn on them! I think she needs to become a lone wolf, don’t support either the crown or the whispers! Just herself and maybe Castian. I don’t know what I think to Dez now. He was portrayed as sweet and the perfect boyfriend at the start but he lets her believe he’s dead and then just splits without a second thought? NOT OKAY!

    I’m glad Castian isn’t as bad as he was made out to be. I can’t say I ever saw any of the behaviour he was rumoured to show. I do wish Renata would stop being so aggressive to him. Stop hitting him and let him talk!

    I enjoyed this readalong. I haven’t been so emotional / angry at a book in a long time and I’ll definitely be reading the sequel

  11. The ending was great! I was disappointed that they used Ren as a bait, but I’m glad Castian is actually a good person and Dez is alive. I wonder if Ren and Castian’s friendship will be rekindled or it will be something more. 😛
    Want to have back Sayida in the next book and hopefully she’ll understand Ren’s reasons in the end.
    Can’t wait to have book 2!

  12. Called it! I KNEW Dez wasn’t dead!
    Really disappointed in Margot for using Ren as a bait, though.. But not surprised Esteban and Sayida disagreed with her. I hope that they will understand why she freed Castian but I doubt it..
    I loved the book and can’t wait to have the second book!

  13. finally finished and yes called it about dez and castian being brothers. i’m glad this book picked up in the end, it was a real struggle. i still found myself skimming through parts of the book so overall i’ll be rating this one three stars. I knew there would be more to castian than this front of being pure evil especially as the contact with him was really minimal, even at the end. I don’t like/trust the majority of what is left of the whispers, margo particularly, she seems driven by selfishness despite saying she wasn’t jealous of renata and dez…

  14. I was really surprised that Dez was also kidnaped just like Renata not so much that he was Castian brother but the story behind the situation was what kind of surprised me. Especially how the queen treated the situation and just knowing how she treated Castian afterward that’s what kind of got me. I also think that Castian and Renata working together in the next book will be interesting and I can’t wait to read it to find out what happens.

  15. These last chapters were amazing! So much was going on. And Dez is alive! Yay! But i didn’t see that coming. Castian saved Ren and was her friend. And hes a moria. And he never killd someone. Well he will kill his father. Im a bit hurt, that Dez ran away. Why can’t he face his past? So excited for the next book! I want so see Ren and Cas become friends again. And what happens to Nuria and Leo? Oh and i really want Ren and Margo to meet again! Margo yust used her as bait. And poor Sayida.
    It was a really good book. I wasn’t so into it at the beginning but at the end I’m amazed!

  16. I really liked the book! I saw it coming that dez was still alive and already figured out they were brothers when she had the memory of someone running away with him.
    I didn’t know this was book one of a series. Can’t wait for book 2!!! Really curious ?

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