Kingdom of the Wicked Readalong: Day 2


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Hey Fairy Fam!

Its day 2 of our readalong of Kingdom of the Wicked!

We left off yesterday just as Emilia had summoned a demon and I’m so excited to see what chaos this is going to bring about!

Today we’re reading Chapters 10-19!

Please be warned, the following will include spoilers for Kingdom of the Wicked by Kerri Maniscalco Chapters 1-19! Read only if you’ve finished those chapters!


Emilia holds nothing back while attacking and she probably would have managed to kill him if he wasn’t a demon!

Umm so why do they now have matching tattoos?? A cute idea for bffs but maybe not something I’d get with a demon I just met? 

Also is anyone else loving how sarcastic they both are ?

Ahh it is Wrath! I can’t imagine Emilia bursting out laughing was the reaction he’d expected! And the way she makes fun of his titles, he won’t be happy about that I’m sure! I can already tell this is going to be fun!

Ohh so Wrath said he didn’t kill Vittoria but that she had made a deal with his brother and he was there to collect…so did one of the other Princes of Hell kill her or is there someone else completely involved?

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They need to perform a blood trade to complete the protection part of her spell so that she will be protected from other demons but that means temporarily becoming a member of House Wrath…what would that mean for Emilia? 

Ooo so the blood trade would allow Wrath to feel when she was in danger and could then come and help her and he wants the deal to last 6 months! 

It’s interesting that he actively wants to help stop the murderer from killing again! I wonder what he has to gain from that?

OMG no way she didn’t accept his trade! I bet he’s gonna be mad about that!

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Once again Nonna seems all knowing but also super savage! Even if Emilia hadn’t summoned one of the wicked, it had only been a month since she had lost her sister so surely you’d expect her to still be distracted!

Ohh so Claudia sees visions and has been having ones about a darkness arriving…I wonder if she sees details and just isn’t telling Emilia or if it’s just more of a feeling!

Whaaat Emilia is hearing voices again! It can’t be Wrath cos he’s stuck in the summoning circle so another of the Wicked? Or some other entity? 

Hopefully Claudia can figure out the spell on the diary and that will give us some answers!

I love that Wrath would literally rather be stabbed than put on the old shirt ? and the way he teases her! Oh my!

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Whaaat Vittoria wasn’t lying when she had said she had summoned the devil and she’d agreed to marry him as Pride needed to marry to break a curse that was put on him! But what was Vittoria to gain from this arrangement?

Ahaha Wrath was plaaayed! He answered all of her questions but never got the blood trade!

Oooo hello Envy! What’s he doing to her now and how does Emilia keep finding herself alone with Princes of Hell ? She should’ve done the blood trade so maybe he’d think twice about hurting her?

Oh wow Envy seems to be controlling her feelings and turning them against her! But somehow the tattoo snapped her out of it! Can wrath protect her even without the blood trade?

Oh jeez now Envy wants Emilia to join his house! If she said no to Wrath I can’t see her agreeing to Envy!

If the stories are to be believed, the devil is looking for a witch queen so he can keep ahold of his power! Do we think that’s what Vittoria agreed to? And if so, how did she end up dead?

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Okay so the gambling chip with the frog and the word greed on it is from a secret club that is constantly moving and some sort of magic leads Emilia straight to it! I’m going to assume Greed has something to do with the club! Are all 7 princes just wandering around just now?!

Greed wants her amulet? I swear that’s not the first time it’s been mentioned…I wonder if it means or does more that Nonna let on…aaaand he wants her to join his house, of course ?

I have so many questions! Why would Vittoria give Greed her amulet and what spell does he want to do with them?

Ahh Emilias blood opens Vittorias diary! And we learn that Vittoria has been hearing voices, of what or whom we still don’t know! 

Omg! Their cornicellos are the horn of hades split into two! But why would the twins have them?

Okay wow we just learned so much! The amulets are the horns of the devil and they can open and close the gates of hell but also summon the devil himself! And Emilia comes from a line of witches called star witches whose job it is to keep the wicked from interfering in the human realm.

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Omg no Nonna!! I’m so glad they managed to help her in time and I hope she’s going to be okay! 

Uh oh! Emilias Cornicello has been stolen!

This just keeps getting better and better! Who do we think took Emilia’s Cornicello? Let me know all your thoughts and theories and I’ll see you tomorrow!





  • Sputnik.books

    ok, theory time!

    First: what almost killed Emilia’s grandmother wasn’t a demon. Wrath said that they can’t enter houses unless invited, and I’m pretty positive no one invited one.

    Second: what if Vittoria was actually killed by witches? I know it’s too soon to make real theories but demons had no actual reasons to do that, while other witches could use her heart for dark magic or could have killed her to prevent freeing Pride/the devil.

    • linda_weier

      Ok, I love your theories but what happens if Vittoria invited someone (thing?) into their house before she died? Would the invite still hold?
      I totally agree that it still may be witch hunters, especially since Em keeps going back to the idea that they’re somehow still involved.

    • Laura

      I don’t belive Vittoria was killd by one of the demon kings either. But killed by a witch sounds reasonable. But who was ist? Vittoria sure can defend herself so her killer musst be a strong witch

      • Sandy

        Or someone she didn’t expect…. because she’s her (sister’s) friend or the aunt???

    • sadia_155

      I agree. I know it’s too early and she hasn’t given any reason to doubt her but I don’t fully trust Claudia and that guy Vittoria was involved with. Besides it’s too obvious to be demons

  • beckettastic

    I loved seeing more of the world-building.

    When I saw the map at the start I thought perhaps Emilia would be traveling to Hell (and I guess she still might), but it’s a great way to keep track of our seven deadly devils!

    I’m so surprised that after believing they didn’t exist Emilia sees 3 in less than as many days!?!

    I love the court intrigue. I bet the killings and the search for the Horns are both being done by whatever party (or parties?) are vying for the throne.

    • Laura

      So much is happening! And i love it. I’m a bit dissapointed that is was so simple to open the diary. I mean Emilia summoned a demon to help her with that and in the end she only needs blood.
      At the Moment 3 demon kings are in Italy. And i believe they are not the only ones.
      And who or what is this ghost thing that stole her amulet? Who’s her working for?
      So many questions! I hope Emilia can get her sisters amulet back. With the help of wrath…

      • Bookcat20

        I agree if I was in Emilia’s position and I went through all that to get answers and all I had to do was bleed I’d be kicking myself. If course when we are told something is shrouded do we ever really think the easiest action is the key.

  • linda_weier

    Emilia is so naive with so many things, though none of it is her fault. Have to love her for tying so damn hard to seek her own answers, she’s being so brave. It annoys me so much how ignorant to her own magics she has been because of her blind obedience. Nonna has put her in so much danger by wanting to protect her by keeping the truth from her. Really looking forward to getting some answers.
    Wrath is so freaking luscious, of course he’s my favourite sin but I have been loving meeting the other sins and seeing the ways they manipulate Emilia’s emotions. Wrath really didn’t do that at all.
    Better the devil you know lovely, going to have to align yourself with one of the sins, going to have to choose Wrath, cannot wait!

  • Laura

    So many questions and new characters/ suspects.
    I hope Nonna is alright and can tell Emila more about star witches. And about the horn of hades. Im so ready to meet the devil. I habüve a feeling at the end of the book the dores to hell will be opended

  • Curlies.Stories

    I wonder why Nonna has told the twins so little about the dangers she tries to keep at bay. I like how the princes are introduced one by one and show a little bit of their wickedness. At the time I didn’t noticed it but I think Amelia’s attack on Wrath was maybe caused by his magic. I am curious how she will meet the other princes and what will make her accept Wrath’s blood bond. I didn’t expect the amulets to be the horns of hades but I wonder why the twins worn them. Did it protect them for certain things or did it surpress certain abilities that needed to stay hidden…

  • Anna Szarek

    Wrath and Emilia together are so sarcastic. She tries to be a witch and he tries to be the Prince “I don’t care”. XD

    Nanny attacked by this creature. It was a horrible moment because It pretty sure that she knows everything and try to protect her granddaughter.

    Interesting idea to show readers the rest of the devil’s courts. Everyone will try to take Emilia for themselves. I’m curious that she will agree to join to some house. I hope not or maybe only to the Wrath House. XD

  • Sandy

    I’m really wondering who this ‘ghost demon’ is??? I haven’t got a clue ??

    I kinda like Wrath but don’t trust him at all.

    I hope Nonna gets a chance to explain more to Emilia.

    Why do all the Princes let Emilia go so easily…??

  • Lara (@moonlessreader)

    Okay I am obsessed with Emilia‘s and Wrath‘s dialogues?? They made me laugh so hard already and I am truly amazed by how natural their dynamics go together! Can‘t wait to see more of these two idiots together haha

    I loved to read more about the world building as well and I’m loving the execution of the whole story so far! And there are so many questions! Although some things are starting to make a little more sense – I‘m so exited to see what’s next!

  • castergirl18

    Does any else Wrath is the hottest of brothers? Ok theory time I don’t think it was a demon that attacked Amelia’s Grandmother I think it’s maybe an evil spirit or the aunt of her friend. God I love Amelia’s and Wrath banter with each other. I can just feel the underlying current of sexual tension? she have not taken her necklace! I can’t believe it is one half of the key to hell? and that she and her sister have been wearing them since they were little, and their grandmother know the whole talk being Shocked ? I did not see that coming at all! I wonder if that’s Wrath brother’s want her in their house so badly or if there is more to it?? I would chose Wrath’s house if I were Amelia. I guess I have to read and see what she decide to do!- McKinley

  • Blissam

    Hello, guys!

    So many things happened in these chapters!

    Firstly, I love Wrath and Emilia. I love me some sarcastic I-hate-you-but-sexual-tension conversations xD I also kind of trust him more than any of the other two Princes of Hell we already met. I expected her to accept the bargain too, tbh, and was quite surprised when she didn’t.

    I don’t trust Claudia, and somehow, I don’t like Fratello Antonio either… I just think they are more likely to be involved in the murder than the actual Princes of Hell (which is hilarious, really, considering how bad they supposedly are).

    I guessed about the amulets being the Horn of Hades and about how she had to open the diary beforehand, but it was well executed anyways. I also imagine the things Vittoria found following the voices were the pages of the grimoire of La Prima, maybe?

    I want to know more about the bargain Vittoria accepted, about the several courts of Hell, about what is going to happen with Wrath and also about the star witches. I didn’t expect the incident with the grandma at the end! But Emilia was a fool again by taking off her amulet…

    I’ll meet you all tomorrow for next part!

  • Bookcat20

    Coming from a book with very little descriptive quality to its character to a book filled with characters that jump off the pages, food that fills you with hunger, and a world that you can easily walk into from you mind is a breath of fresh. Kerri Maniscalco is definitely a master world builder.

    I love Emilia because even though she is naive and a bit timid at times she’s going up against some powerful Princes and coming out stronger. I mean not only has she told all three of them off she’s also bested two of them into giving her information.

    I’m with everyone who is the ghostly “demon” of sorts and how is it able to enter their home??? Also is it just me that gets some weird vibes off Claudia that second time we met her? These powers they have also get my wheels turning because it doesn’t seem to be normal witchy magic.

    I’m loving where the book is hidden and I love that while some things seem so obviously clear there are still mysteries to figure out. I feel Vittoria nd Emilia’s story is going to be twisty.

  • Teresa (bloodyherondales)

    Loving this story so much! I’m thinking the person who stole the amulet works for Greed but at the same times its too obvious. I’m curious if its someone else entirely that we haven’t me yet. Hmm…

  • JayJay

    Ugggghhhh im so in love wit this book. The description of Wrath is just ahsgajagajagah drool worthy. I want matching tattoos with him to TT lmao.

    Anyways i live the dynamics between Emilia and Wrath, the sarcasm + sexual tension.

    I also looooove that Wrath keeps calling Emilia “witch”.

    I love how brave Emilia actually is, if i were her, i wouldnt be able to do 4his all. Id be scared as heck hahaha .

    I like how Claudia helps EMILIA, BUT sooooooo do not like Antonia. Hes such an annoying b.i.t.c.h. there I said it. I dont like him.

  • Serenity

    I agree with Teresa that the thief might work for Greed.
    I like the story so far, especially the bickering between Emilia and Wrath. 😀

  • SleepyLlama

    Oh my god, those chapters have me on the edge of my seat.

    I love Wrath and Emilia’s interactions and honestly wish there was more of it during the chapters. They’re both so sarcastic and precious and I love it so much.

    Damn, it’s kind of crazy that she’s met three out of the four Princes she’s been told her family has to fear and each one of them seems to want her to join their houses. When Greed mentioned her perhaps becoming queen, it made me think that maybe Vittoria agreed to Pride’s terms to protect Emilia.

    I also have a strong feeling Nonna still has a lot of secrets that she hasn’t told and I’m beginning to wonder if their family has any personal ties to La Prima. I really hope that Nonna is okay though, because I would hate for Emilia to lose another one of her family.

    Right now I’m truly curious who could’ve killed Vittoria, I have several suspects but I honestly don’t think the Princes have anything to do with it right now.

    I’m so excited for the next chapters!

  • danica.brnot

    Oh so many theories are going on I do agree with the one the ghost must be a witch because of what Wrath said that they cannot enter without being invited. That makes me think that there is more to the story of them being star witches and being connected to the devil himself and maybe they can control him or something and the other covens don’t want Emilila to know that. Or mabye it has something to do with them being twins.

    It has to do something about why the order of the witches fell apart Nonna isn’t telling us everything. I don’t think the only reason was because some of them wanted practicing dark magic.

    Someone wrote why the demon princes are letting Emilila leave so easily I thing it has something to do with the keys and maybe with her also because they all want her to align with their house she has to have more power than she knows of the underworld or maybe the other brothers want to have control over Pride aka the devil.

    If I think about witch house I would choose hmm why not choose the devil himself and be queen of the underworld and I he looks like Lucifer from Netflix series why not.

    Wrath seems to be hot but so are all of them its just that wraith was the only one without his shirt so far hehe. But man are hey all mischievous hehe I love it and especially the dynamic that they have with Emilila.

    This book is seriously good It makes me want to order the Stalking Jack the Ripper series now because I like the authors storytelling. Soo good

  • Jenifer Long

    Hello Fairylooters! Okay, so I’m late another day, but no longer! This book is just getting better and better to be honest.

    It’s a much different writing style than Stalking Jack the Ripper. I like it, don’t get me wrong, but I liked Jack the Ripper better.

    It still has everything I love about Kerri’s books though – the hot romance (if there is going to be one?) and the darkly beautiful setting and characters.

    So many theories . . . Too many questions to right them all down. All of you other Fairylooters already said what I had questions about, and I can’t wait to read more tomorrow!

  • Kayleigh Woodland

    I was really surprised she didn’t accept the blood trade to be honest it was nice to see a bit more of a breaking the mold on a character with this kind of trope. I love the matching tattoos. I found the meeting with Envy incredibly creepy and I don’t trust him at all, I don’t think he killed Vittoria but I think he has more of a role to play deeper into the story. I really want to know more about Claudia’s visions and what they mean too.

  • Alexandra Heksch

    I’m just here trying to catch up on comments rn lol

    Alright so, I’m like way ahead! And I got to juicy bits.

    But going back!!!!

    Wrath is just about the sexiest thing on this planet. His attitude and him showing up HALF NAKED. Delicious.

    I still wonder why he was half naked. But I love it.

    Their banter and communication is honestly to die for lol

    I’m enjoying all the clues left in places throughout the book, looking back some are making sense and some I still don’t have answers for and I like it!

  • sadia_155

    Ngl, I was finding it hard to keep reading, I just felt a litt uninterested but the tides turned now! Who would’ve thought they were wearing the horns all along?? I’m thinking that she is a descendant of the first witch who cast the curse and she has a major role to play in all of this. I was screaming at her when she took her necklace off. I wanna see more of wrath

  • Jen

    I definitely like all the little twists and turns though curiosity about who took that cornicello is killing me!

    Some scenes, and especially that old shirt scene made me giggle a lot ? But the scene with Nonna’s attack ??

    And is anyone else wondering why Antonio hasn’t made any appearances if he’s such a long term friend?

  • Jennifer

    Such a lot happened in these chapters. We got some answers but also a lot more unanswered questions. After initially meeting Wrath we then had several chapters of not seeing him at all which was kind of frustrating…. also does he need to eat? Because he’s been stuck in that circle for a few days now & she hasn’t feed him & I’m a bit concerned that he will starve or dehydrate. Also also the parents are sooo under developed. The dad has said one sentence all book “I’ll get bandages” & the mum hasn’t said much more. I still don’t trust Claudia or her aunt…. not that I really trust anyone. We better get more Wrath in the day 3 chapters….

  • punky409

    I think mysterious ghost took the cornicello, it’s not wrath, greed, envy or pride. I feel like wrath and pride hold themselves to high to not play by the rules. I feel like envy and greed are to blinded by their emotions. So one of the other 3 brothers. I kinda feel like the grandma kept too many secrets. That at one point in time their family burnt over the princes.

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