Kingdom of the Wicked Readalong: Day 5

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Hello everyone and welcome to the 5th and final day of the readalong! I’m sad it’s coming to an end already but I’m so excited to find out what is going to happen!

I have really loved this readalong and reading your comments and theories each day has really made my week! I hope you have all enjoyed reading this book with me!

Today we’re reading chapters 39 – the end!

Please be warned, the following will include spoilers for Kingdom of the Wicked by Kerri Maniscalco! Read only if you’ve finished the book!


Envy reveals that he was behind the attack on Nonna! And does that mean he killed the other witches as well?
With Envy holding her parents hostage, Emilia doesn’t have much choice but to entertain his request to join him for a drink.

So envy wasn’t behind the attack? Since he doesn’t have Emilias cornicello? But either way, Emilia has 24 hours to find her amulet and no clues as to where to start!

Wait Wrath needs to collect a soul to free him of the underworld whaaat!

Ahhh she kissed him! And things are getting saucy! Ohh but was it all a ruse to distract him before asking about the soul he has to collect? and he doesn’t deny it!

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Emilia plans to find the horn of hades and strike a deal with Envy when giving it to him…deals can go very wrong though and I am concerned with this plan ?

Emilia is braave telling a demon prince what to do! Omg Nonna! She’s healed and used a silencing spell on Envy and magically sewn him to the ground so he can’t speak or move!

Okay so much is happening! Nonna was a total badass and banished Envy back to hell and has now noticed that Wrath marked Emilia so that she can summon him whenever without needing his dagger!

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Wow there was a prophecy that twin witches born into this line would signal the ending of the curse and Emilia and Vittoria are the only twins! 

But Nonna just wants her to run away and hide?!? 

Emilia talking about all the things she gone through in the last month or so shows how much she’s changed from the timid girl she was at the beginning.

Well Emilia isn’t going down without a fight! She’s gonna find some ancient warriors and rid the city of demons…hopefully!

Ahh a secret room! Is Emilia going to find out what the ‘it’ was that Vittoria was talking about? And will she understand more than Vittoria did? 

Anyone else a lil suspicious that her amulet just happened to be lying there…or a, I just too much of a pessimist ?

These two just don’t listen to each other ? Wrath followed her but lucky he did since there are 40 Umbra demons following her!

Ahh envy is back! And he seems to be focused on Wrath for some reason even though Emilia has the horns? 

Omg he just split Wrath open and all his organs fell out! This is crazy!!

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I thought Wrath would just be banished to hell but he isn’t moving! How can that be, he’s literally immortal!

Ahh she put the horns together and that seemed to scare Envy off, at least for now! But what does she do now? 

Emilia nooo I don’t think making a bargain with the devil is the best plan ?

I forgot wrath said there was something in the dresser if she got bored! 

A gold ring that he knew she would need to summon him ?

No no no wrath can’t be dead! Emilia has lost all hope and has absolutely no ideas of what to do and to be honest, same!

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Ohh Emilia had the wrong Domenico! Domenico senior is a shape shifter and was who Vittoria mentioned in her journal! Vittoria had been working for Greed?

Vittoria is so deeply imbedded in this that she brought the wolves and Greed together to fight a bigger evil and I can’t believe she kept it all a secret! 

Everything does seem to be leading back to the monastery! What are they hiding!?

Oh no, she’s walked straight into a containment spell, she’s stuck!

Ohh Vittoria has found La Prima’s grimoire and had hidden it in the monastery!

Antonio no!! I can’t believe he’s the one who’s been killing witches!

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He doesn’t seem so brave now that Emilia has shown him what she can do!

Antonio thought he’d been visited by an angel who had told him how to rid the world of evil but it seems more likely to have been Envy influencing him to help. I kinda feel a lil bad for Antonio ?

She actually just summoned the devil, Pride in all his glory…or in all of Antonio’s glory ? 

She wants to meet him in the cave and she’s planning on striking a bargain! I have no idea what her plan is but i hope she can pull it off! 

No no no I refuse to believe that Wrath was putting on an act. But he is here to collect her soul and make her the Queen.

Whaaat she’s agreeing to be the Queen of hell? But only if the Demons stay in their realm and no longer hunt humans. 

Ahh she’s going to infiltrate them from the inside and find out who the true murderers are and take her revenge!

Wow, wow, wow that was just crazy and so amazing! So what do we think about Wrath? Was he really tricking her this whole time? And how is Emilia going to fair being Queen of Hell?

Let me know aaalll of your thoughts!

Thank you again for joining this readalong and all of the other ones this year, it has been so fun! We’re so excited for even more in 2021!


20 thoughts on “Kingdom of the Wicked Readalong: Day 5

  1. Awww thank you for featuring my picture! ? you made my day ?

    Congratulations to everyone who guessed right about Antonio! But he only seems to be the perpetrator of the murders, not the mastermind behind them…this book left me with more questions then answers, and a craving for more. The sequel can’t come out soon enough!

    My rating for this book is 4.5 stars, because I would have preferred a little more answers, but it makes sense it’s like this considering it’s part of a serie.

    See you all for the next readalong, bye~

  2. Wow, just finished and I longing for the next installment! So, much so that I’m writing a comment for the first time.
    I haven’t read the comments yet in this readalong, but I’m looking forward to hearing about other people’s ideas.
    I found it interesting that there was no mention whether Emilia still had the betrothal tattoo after he was gutted and returned to hell. If she’s still got it and Wrath’s mark can she truly become Pride’s Queen? And how is she going to get her soul back? What about Sloth & Gluttony?
    Please say FairyLoot will be coming out with beautifully matching editions of the next books in this series.
    Until the next readalong…

  3. Noooo. Where is book too? I need answers
    First of all: Nonna is amazing! Silencing a demon princ and sending him back to hell. Not for long but it was amazing
    But what happened to Wrath? That can’t be it. He can’t collect Emilias soul and give her to pride like nothing ever happend ?
    I’m not surprised Antonio was the bad guy! I really would like to see his reaction when he realizes that his angel was a demon.
    It was such a good book! I can’t wait for kingdom 2

  4. I am SHOOK. SHOOK I TELL YOU. This book got me flabbergasted. I want book two right now.

    She’s getting married to Pride?!?!?!? WHAT NO, my ship Wrathilia/ Emirath, it HAS TO SAIL. WHY IS SHE MARRYING PRIDE. NO, I DON’T LIKE THIS. I DON’T SUPPORT THIS. Kerri better fixes this in book 2, because I need my Wrath and Emilia (Witch and Demon) moments, I NEED THEM TO SURVIVE.

    I refuse to believe everything that has happened, like I don’t care about Antonio, but Emilia and Wrath?!?! No, I refuse to believe that Wrath was ‘acting’ and ‘putting on an act’. I really don’t like this at all. My heart really broke into tiny pieces when I read that.

    The final sentence in the book was epic tho, best final sentence ever (don’t agree with everything else tho).

    By the way, I knew Antonio was a dickk, the asshole. Never liked him a bit.

    1. I didnt include all my shipnames for Wrath and Emilia in this comment, so here they are again:

      And I saw someone else suggesting #Ewrath yesterday.

      WE NEED TO GET A SHIPNAME FOR EMILIA AND WRATH (and pretend Emilia never agreed on marrying Pride ok )

      1. I know I agree we need them together but I think that he fell n love with her but of course he is hurt right now and is hiding his fillings for her I mean she is merrynig his brother but I would not mind the being lovers hehe Having to hot demons why not hehe. I personally cant wait to read the description of pride hehe. And did you notice on the map of hell the Pride and Wrath houses are the only one connected so they could have secret meetings if they wanted to

  5. OMG ok seriously WTF you cant do this to me and the book at all and with such a good cliffhanger

    Go Nonna such badass witch I like her and how she took on the prince of hell soo cool

    As for Wrath and Emillia I don’t think their story is over I think he is in love with her or at least cares for her deeply but is hiding his feelings. Oooo I cant wait for book 2 to see what will happen between them and to meet pride.

    As for Emilia I feel bed for her not seeing her family again that is horrible and I do hope she makes better movies in hell than she did on earth if she hopes to stay alive.

    I knew Antonio was working with Envy but I did not fully ecpect him to be the murderer but the thought did occur here and there that he might be. I cant wait to see what Emillia will do to him.

    Its going to be an interesting story in book 2 and I cant wait to read about hell this book was so good for me is right there with ToG wich was soooo goood.


    I refuse to accept that Wrath was putting on an act, NOPE. He totally started to fall for Emilia and now he‘s just hurt so he‘s hiding his true feelings behind his mean demon mask, that’s the only explanation I‘m willing to hear. *soft sobbing*

    They could have just talked their problems out but now Emilia‘s off to marry the devil and things might have gotten a little out of hand? The anxiety in regards to the second books is real!

    I‘m all here for Emilia‘s plot for revenge though! It‘s gonna be amazing to see more of the kingdom and it’s gonna be even more amazing to watch Emilia burn it down, haha!

    I was hoping that Antonio wouldn’t be the murderer – I found it pretty obvious and I don‘t like guessing mysteries so easily, but that’s honestly the only thing in the whole book that put me a bit off.

    Overall, it was an outstanding story with amazing characters, awesome banter, and great food ? I‘m so glad it was featured in the october box and now I can‘t wait for book two!

  7. I finished it on time even though I was way behind everyone else.
    I have so many questions that I need answers to. That kiss tho!
    And Nonna is a sneaky little badass, she’s been pretending to be weak then just straight on took on a Wicked!
    I found Emilia extremely unlikable tbh, sometimes I felt bad for her, but most of the times she annoyed me too much. I hope her character gets better and matures in the next one.
    Wrath, I wish we got more of him, cos he’s very intriguing. He has his own agenda and I have no idea what his deal is with all this. Though I do believe that he cares about Emilia. But she’s too blind by her own emotions to see it.
    I expect her to become Pride’s bride, it wasn’t shocking since that’s where it was leading up to. I’m interested to see more of him especially how he’ll handle Emilia and Wrath together. A Pride’s pride hurting is not a good thing.
    And all that stuff Claudia said, I wanted to know more about it. She said something about Ravens and then we saw a raven when Wrath summoned her contract. What exactly is this prophecy?
    I wanna know more about what Vittoria was doing and what she wanted to happen. I wish we got some of her pov too.
    We all knew Antonio was gonna be the murderer. I was going back and forth with him and Domenico. I was disappointed that she didn’t torture him and murder him since that’s all she had been wanting for the whole book. But I guess taking him to hell is better. I hope she doesn’t spare him tho. That was her biggest motivation, it’d be anticlimactic to let him go.

    All in all, it was a good start. There’s a few plot holes that I couldn’t get over, and I haven’t warmed up to Emilia yet, but I’m hoping it will get better in the next book. The mystery was great and I liked that there’s so much to uncover and shocking reveals are my fave!
    I wasn’t that impressed with the writing, it wasn’t bad, but I did feel a little detached for it, I couldn’t connect with the narrator and most of the time, didn’t feel any excitement or shock at the reveals, it was too worded. Idk, I hope the narration will be stronger in the next book.

    I give this book a 3.75 stars as a story, and extra 0.25 for all the food that made me hungry.
    All in all, a mild 4 stars.

  8. That ending! How?! How can it end like that?
    i need the next one, yesterday.
    So I don’t think Wrath was putting on an act – I think he is now because she’s made a deal with the devil. I’m hoping together they are gonna bring the whole thing down because I want more of that romance.
    I didn’t trust Envy or Antonio from day one and with historical links to witch hunting and religion I felt that might be the case
    I want to know what Greed has in this and what Vittoria’s plan was. Was she trying to trick the devil with greed on her side?

  9. Thank you so much for featuring this readalong! I love it so much, it was a very pleasant and exciting experience. ?

    Wow this book!! ?I have so many questions and I want the second book right now!! I am so glad at least I was right about Antonio, I didn’t like that guy from day 1 LOL. Can I say I still have faith in Wrath, he stole my heart I can’t see him doing anything bad. Also what do you guys think the ring he gave to Emilia is for? And the Mark and tattoo? Just because now she sold her soul to Pride, does that mean she is no longer engage to Wrath? Also what was Victoria’s plan? And why did Emilia agreed to marry Pride? How can this end when I have so many questions!! ?I want to know now!! But alas we have to wait for one more year ?

  10. Wow wow Wow I need book 2 ASAP!!! So many questions I need answered!!! Like what has happened to Emilia and Wrath’s marriage bond is that null and void that she sold her soul to pride??? Nonna why didn’t she teach the girls more if she knew all this powerful magic!! Antonio always knew there was something fishy about you.
    It was a fantastic book!! Cue the book hangover and long wait for the next one

  11. Just finished…. I LOVED badass Nona!! I was afraid she couldn’t be.
    Why did the summoning of Wrath didn’t work?? He was alive, I’m glad for that. I don’t think he really doesn’t care for Emilia.
    So….we finally get to the kingdom of the wicked!! I want to read more!!!
    I really enjoyed this book and read along. Thank you en ‘see’ you next time! X

  12. Hello fellow Fairylooters!!! I hope you all have had an amazing day!

    I agree with Lara! Wrath HAD to be in love with Emilia. I refuse to accept otherwise. Nona is AWESOME – I wish my grandmas were like her – witchy, sweet, and kick-butt.

    I think the thing with Antonio was supposed to be a twst, but I saw it from a mile away.

    The ending was . . . okay. I think she could’ve made it better – I’m excited for the next book, but I don’t need it immediately like most people. Sorry. I just didn’t connect with it entirely, just as sadia_155 described.

    So many questions left unanswered . . .

  13. Ok so:

    1) Nonna is a badass
    2) I refuse to believe Wrath is bad no matter how thus book end. I need him and Emilia to be together has to be more
    3) Antonio might have killed the women as many of us assumed, but I feel there’s more to the killings. Who really took out their hearts and whose the “Angel”
    4) I admit I forgot about the shapeshifters and that was a good twist with Domenico sr and Jr
    5) Vittoria working with Greed makes me wonder whose really evil and whose really good. OR can really say any of the ones we’ve met so far are so black and white maybe there’s a gray in-between.
    6) Finally I need book two immediately!!!! Pretty, pretty please!!!

    Thank you for hosting this lovely readalong jts been fun.

  14. I WAS RIGHT ABOUT ANTONIO! 😀 Wow, he even sunk that low that he said that Emilia enchanted him to love her, wtf…
    I still ship Emilia and Wrath, I want them to be together. ? I wonder how ruthless will Emilia be as Queen of Hell.
    I did not foresee the mix up with Domenico Sr and Jr! That was a cool twist! Also, I hope we’ll see more of the shapeshifters in the future.
    I loved the book and readalong, can’t wait to have the sequel! ?

    1. Oh, forgot to mention my rating, it was a 4.5 stars read for me. <3

  15. Ohhhh my bad feeling about Antonio throughout the whole book is now explained ? And damn, Nonna went all badass, I loved it!!

    Though please let there be a major turn around about Wrath in the next book, he can’t have tricked Emilia all this time ? That end is killing me!!

  16. I absolutely loved how no one saw the grandmother recovering in time AND managed to get her voice back to be able to send the prince back into his world ? Envy looked so shocked when the grandmother put him in his place! I seriously cannot wait for the next book!!

  17. I just finished this book last night. I absolutely loved it. I’m anxiously awaiting the next installment.


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