Legendary Readalong Day 1


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Hi FairyLooters!

Oh I have missed you! Welcome to another round of reading with me! I feel like it’s been a while and I cannot wait to read your thoughts on the chosen book –  Legendary by Stephanie Garber! This is in preparation to our Finale box, where Anissa will host the readalong for the very last book in the trilogy! It’s exciting times over here!

This is my very first time reading this book, I really enjoyed Caraval and how twisted and disorienting it was, never knowing what is what, and who is who, and what is real! Sometimes even for the reader, it was difficult to remember that it was only a game.

It might however be a re-read for you, or you might be coming along to get a refresher from the posts to remember exactly how the story goes in preparation for Finale; regardless, we are so happy to have you here! Please make sure to share your thoughts in the comments and chat to one another. Please be cautious not to spoil anything further from the section of the post if you have already read the book.

Naturally, anything in these posts about Legendary will contain spoilers for the Caraval, first book in the series, as this is its sequel. Speaking of, who was your favourite character? Who is your main suspect as Legend??

But enough chit chat (is it?? is it ever? I could chat with you all for hours), let’s begin! This will go on for 6 days, so we still have lots of time! Today we’re reading chapters 1-7 (inclusively).

Let’s go!

Please be warned, the following will include spoilers for Legendary, chapters 1-7 by Stephanie Garber. Read only if you’ve finished those chapters!


In the prologue we meet the mother for the very first time. She seems extremely sweet and caring. Young Tella finds these oracle cards and we learn that mystic forces known as Fates can set your future in motion when you use these cards, and it’s very hard to change the course of your destiny afterwards. After the scary chat, Tella of course promises to never touch a deck like this again, but it’s Tella we’re talking about, and even as she’s saying these words she holds one card hidden.  She doesn’t seem to be the only person with secrets however, as her mother also doesn’t say where she got this deck from nor does she elaborate as to why this one in particular got such a reaction from her.

Intriguing. Lying to one another looks like a family trait.

Can’t trust anybody these days.

Oh yay this book is from Tellas perspective! I’ve been really curious about her.
I’m glad to see her death is addressed and not just brushed off as some thing that doesn’t scar you. More often than not, when a character is resurrected they seem to move on really quickly. It has always bugged me a bit. I just know if that stuff happened to me it would definitely take some mental work to get over!

We’re invited to the capital city where yet another Caraval will take place. We still don’t know what Tella is after but I’m glad to see that Julian and Scarlet are giving it a go. Still flustered over the fact he’s Legends brother! I mean, as far as we know.

Tella as a kid hoping her mother was dead because otherwise it would mean she doesn’t love them enough to come back is some sad stuff, man!

When we know that Tella has made a deal with somebody who’s tracked her mother, now to get her location they will require something additional. It makes me feel it’ll be like a picture of Legends true appearance or something along the lines.

Oh okay so we actually do know the request is for his real name. Close enough! 😀

Tella slipping on, and shouting at the rocks is so innocent! Even if it’s with a threat to make the rocks be used by mermaids to wipe what I can only assume is their backside!

Dante informs Tella about the luckless coin. We spin it and get the Prince of Hears! The same card she has picked as a kid. Is he the one who she owes a favour? Does she have to keep the coin and if she does, will he find her? What does he want Legend’s true name for? Seems like his only objective is true love, in order to feel again. Are those two connected? Is the Prince actually Legend?! Everyone is always Legend to me haha!

Oooooh so Scarlet has never actually met her fiancé!? It was this actor pretending to be him, some Armando. Oh yikes my dude, Julien knew, he be in troubleeeeee.

Tella is making a deal with Nigel.  Nooooo I smell trap!

Okay, crisis temporarily averted! All things considered it’s not too bad, she’s just basically going to sleep for a while. She hallucinated her father taking purple gloves off, assumingly before a beating, and maybe that’s why Scarlet hates the colour purple?

Not all is well. We see her predictive card change and it now shows her mother dead.

We dock.

She gets separated.

Meets an incredibly irritating man on the way there that I feel we haven’t seen the last of.

Arrives late to the entrance and is not in the list!

With that we wrap up the first day. What do you guys think?

If this is your first time reading, do you have any predictions? Do you think Fates will be real? Is Tella’s destiny predetermined?

Are you excited to be reading from Tella’s perspective or would you like to have a second book from Scarlet’s point of view as well?

Chat below and until tomorrow!






  • Nikki S.

    I am really excited to read from Tella’s perspective. Scarlett was fun and I loved Caraval but knowing how much more impulsive Tella is make me think we will get a better show and a lot of bad decisions. I’m intrigued to meet the “strange friend” she has rhis deal with, I have a feeling he might be Legend himself playing an even bigger game.

  • Emily (@emilyshelves)

    The chapters so far were very intriguing, and I love reading from Tella’s perspective. She believes she will never have a steady love with anyone because of what she saw as a child, and because of the image on the luckless coin. That makes me feel for her so much, along with her believing her mother died rather than leaving and never coming back. As with Caraval, I love the descriptions and magic that I’ve read so far in Legendary. I’m looking forward to seeing where it goes!

    • G

      It’s really sad, imagine living a life without ever opening up for love. Many people do! It’s really heart breaking.

  • Verena

    This is my first time reading Legendary. I can’t wait to learn more and get to see things from Tella’s perspective. More than anything else I am so curious about this Caraval. What will happen, how Tella will do at that game. Also I hope the card will keep changing and show different things, that thing is so interesting and fascinating.
    Last but not least i would love for Dante to be Legend. It would be so grest and I really like him so far (even more so in this book) and the way he interacts with Tella, that would be a fun reveal. We’ll see who will be the real Legend and what will be his real name *so curious*

    • Verena

      I think I forgot half of what I wanted to say (note to self, never write these in the middle of the night running on 2 hours of sleep from the night before) and apparently it shrinks my vocabulary down to like 10 words and bad grammar >.<
      But this is important and I forgot. Welcome back G, happy to have you with us on this 🙂

    • Allrion

      Yeah, I feel the same about Dante.. Thinking about Julien and what he would do for Dante is giving me the feeling that Dante could easily be his brother!

    • G

      I love Dante in this book much more so far too!

  • zoejjensen

    Hi all. This is my first time reading legendary and its great to be back in the world of caraval. I loved hearing Scarlet in the first book but as I like Tella i’m really excited to hear from her. It’s good to see Scarlet and Julian trying to make a go of things but I can see trouble a head for them. I hope to hear more about Dante in this book I think he will be a good character. I’ve had a few thought about who Scarlet and Tella’s mum really (but I don’t want to say just yet). oh no how is Tella going to get into the game if her name is not on the list. I wonder if she has to find Scarlet in this game.
    Looking forward to tomorrow.

    • G

      Good guess! They seem to get separated a lot so would make sense! Do you think Scarlet is in with the game this time?

  • Nika

    Hello, it is my first time reading Legendary. I read Caravan in my native language (German), but now for the readalong I chose the English version of Legendary. Damn(sorry) it is so much better to read it in English. Although I am a bit afraid I will miss some hints or important facts of the game.. And I will re-read Caraval in English in the near future. My thoughts about Caraval were a bit twisted: Love it or hate it? But I was fascinated. So I was looking forward to read legendary with you all.
    I didn’t really like Tella or Dante in Caraval but in Legendary they are so interesting. I have the feeling Tella to get to know, only now. And Dante is a nice character. I like their dialogues. Could he be Legend or “the Friend”. For me is everyone Legend, too.
    who is the irritating man? the count? legend? the prince of hearts? all in one? who is the prince of hearts?
    and she is not on the list, ahhh so good!!! I love this.

    • G

      Yes, I always prefer reading the books in its original language if possible! Some things you just can’t translate! Well done on reading it in English, I’m sure you’ll do great!

  • Darcy

    I am actually sad that the book is not from Scarlett’s perspective because there was so much going on with her and Julian. I have never read Legendary either and read Caraval for the first time last month with the read along. But i definitely see why this book is from Tella’s perspective as she has so much story to be told too. And hopefully she finds her mom!

  • Claire (@love.the.villain)

    I actually just read Legendary last month, but I’m definitely down for a refresher! ? I just can’t wait for the Finale box! ?

    I love the fact that the book is from Tella’s POV. I enjoyed Caraval so much, but Scarlett was just a bit too goody-goody for me, and I think we got an unfair representation of Tella from Scarlett’s POV. Scarlett thinks her sister is irresponsible and childish, but now we get to see things from Tella’s side and it’s a whole new way of thinking! Love it! ❤️

    Nice to have you back doing another readalong, G!

    • G

      Hahah Scarlet IS very goody-goody, that’s a perfect way of putting it! She did grow on me by the end of the first book though! 😀

      Nice to have you back too!

  • @kirstyes

    This is my second read and I remember liking this book more than Caraval and Caraval improves for me on a second read so hoping this does too. My memory is shocking as ever so any guesses/predictions are that. The only thing I really remember is being Dante trash and giving myself props for picking the Aracle cover.

    Young Tella was just as troublesome. Loved this opening chapter describing her sneaking around in her mother’s jewellery box and finding the Deck of Destiny. Do the three cards she already saw predict her destiny?

    Tella and Dante and Dante’s fingers!! We still don’t know who gave her the note. Good to see Julian and Scarlett happy and we get a second Caraval. Will the Count be invited? I hope their father doesn’t find out Tella is alive. I’m guessing they get pulled into the game again despite Scarlett not wanting to.

    A quest to find their mother sounds like a great idea for a book.
    I love the scene of Tella shouting at the rock and Dante chuckling. Has he got the coin?

    The Prince of Hearts again. Sad that Tella feels she isn’t destined for love. Intriguing that the dates were believed to be real.

    The game is still afoot. The count isn’t the count! Julian asks Tella to keep it a secret. Not good guys. Where’s the trust.

    I’m confused. Wasn’t Julian Legend’s brother or was that part of the game? If he is surely he’d know his real name. Ah. But Caraval performers can’t speak it.

    Nigel is such a funny name for a highly tattooed fortune teller.
    Tella. Don’t bargain ?‍♀️ she finds out she has to win the next Caraval to come face to face with Legend then falls asleep for the rest of the journey. A witch gave Legend his powers and defeated the fates. Will we meet her!

    Sisters teaming up to win Caraval but will that work if they aren’t bring honest with each other. I love when Julian calls Scarlett Crimson. Love the image of Dante as Angel of Death too.

    Flying carriages. Castles. Empresses who sound like a young princess Jasmine. And who is the snotty noble? Scarlett’s count?! Tella isn’t on the list for the ball but she does have the invite from her friend who supposedly we get to meet. Who is it? Will they help her win Caraval?

    • G

      I LOVE when that happens, it’s like reading the book you liked twice without knowing what will happen, possibly the only great thing of a poor memory! 😀

  • Danica

    I am reading legendary for the first time 2 and I cant wait to read more of the book in Tallas pov it will probably be so much fun as she is so impulsive
    I love getting a glimpse at Talla and Scarletts childhood I hope there is more of it
    Dante would be a good fit for Talla as she is impulsive and strong minded and he is alluring and mestrious and I just love the dynamic between them and I have this feeling that he is Lagend if he and when she wins (im pretty sure she will) I cant wait for that reaction (if it is him)
    Oh Talla swearing sooo funny I have a feeling ist going to be a funny book
    The man in the carrige I cant shake the feeling its the prince of hearts will see
    Ooooh the Armando secret I can’t even imagine if/or when Scarlett finds out how will she react
    Julian and Scarletts romance sooo precious
    And now the twist she cant get in must read on now I have to know what she’ll do

    • G

      Oh yes Armando secret seems so dangerous!!! Why would Julian lie, I wish he didn’t! The stress haha I just want them to be happy 😀

  • Caroline

    I can’t take yet another book with the “WHO IS LEGEEEEEND?????” thing!!!!! I want to know now, guys!
    Who am I kidding? I love it. This story is simple, but it is so good so far. And I ship Tells and Dante so bad. I love the way they bicker with each other. The age factor is not ok, though, so I don’t know how I should feel ?

    I’m really enjoying the story and I love the fact that I can come here to read the overview of the chapters for the day.

    I was finishing today’s part and didn’t notice the audio kept going on chapter 8, but I’m not as far ahead. I’m waiting for tomorrow so I can read the next ?

    • G

      aw yay love that you’re waiting for tomorrow haha sometimes it adds to anticipation, having to stop 😀

  • Kristy

    This will be my second time reading Legendary, and this time I’m listening to the audiobook! I like that this book is from Tella’s perspective. I enjoy reading from Scarlett’s POV, but it’s nice to have a change!

    So am I the only one who really, really dislikes Dante? I just honestly don’t understand the appeal…

    • G

      I know some others that do too, don’t worry! 😀 How is the audiobook ?

  • Angela Bycrofy

    I re read Caraval with the readalong last month and finally weakened on Saturday and started Legendary for the first time. Nearly finished but still loving participating in the readalong.

    I love how Stephanie Garber totally expands the world from the first few chapters. This isn’t just Caraval part 2 but a completely new world and set of new and old characters.

    I always love a story that drops me into the world almost immediately. And Legendary did just that.

    Can’t wait until May for all the answers …..even though I have no idea how many Legendary will answer and how many it will propose.

    • G

      We will just have to wait and see, at least it’s not far away now!

  • Charlie (xxreadwithcharlie)

    I am loving the story from Tella’s perspective. I can see a lot of rebellion, trouble, and mistakes…because that is who she is.
    I still don’t know how to take Dante. Good, bad, or just one of Legend’s henchmen? Time will tell I think.
    Curious to know who this stranger is.


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