Legendary Readalong Day 3

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Happy Wednesday!

Onto day 3 already, time does fly! How are you enjoying the book?

I hope your week has been a pleasant one so far, onto the second part of it after today. Always and forever counting the days until the weekend, aren’t we?! Only so we could read more, of course!

Today we’re getting to chapters 15-20! Are you ready?

Please be warned, the following will include spoilers for Legendary for chapters 1-20 by Stephanie Garber. Read only if you’ve finished those chapters!


Jacks sends her another dress with the note. The guy likes his dresses! If you could design your own magical Caraval dress, how would it look like?

It’s so disturbing how our future predicting card keeps flashing from her mother hugging Tella and her sister, to their mother dead. Imagine how traumatising that could be! No matter how illogical or risky some of Tella’s decisions going to be in the future, I’m sure we can’t blame her when this is what’s at steak!

“I never say no to wine or cake” me neither Tella. Me neither. More so to the cake though, if I’m honest.

So Dante was the one who scrolled out the hour on the note and made sure she’s at the place early there to talk. He’s asking her why is she pretending to be engaged still and we learn he know Jacks is Prince of Hearts. Interesting. I wonder if he knew that before he made up the lie to begin with? He better not forget the whole thing is his doing! Hmmm.

There’s a rumour that the fates reappear on Elantines eve and go to the ball with the masks to blend in the crowd as everyone dresses up. That is a ball I’d like to attend, even if a bit risky and creepy. That probably says things about me, but doesn’t that sounds so cool?? Or is that just me?

Tella chose Lost Heir as her ball disguise. I mean pretty ballsy but is it worth stirring the pot of trouble?

Scarlet is here! Oh no she broke off with Julian. I’m not surprised but still a bit sad, I’m sure they will work it out! She also came in through a secret tunnel! How does she know where it was??

She’s worried Tella won’t know what’s real and gets hurt with the type of wounds that do not close with Caraval doors. I bet someone’s speaking from their own experience. I always thought Scarlet has forgiven her sister a bit too quickly, don’t you think? I’d love to see this all come out later on! They need to talk it out!

Tella’s out and looking for Legends charge and stumbles upon Julian playing a role of a merchant and it’s so dang unsettling! The way he eyed her and pretends not to know her! How bizarre!

And here’s Dante! I feel like he always pops up out of nowhere, or some dark shady corner.

He tells her that Legend is sought after by the fates because he stole half of their power and the fates need to get that power back by hunting him down. Later when she meets two siblings with Caspar they seem to imply that if Legend does find the fates he could possibly steal the other half to himself.

Which would make Legend basically a God, no?

Who’s the bad guy then? Oh I quite like this turn of events. The more morally ambiguous the better.

Later on we have 4 cards that Tella picks as part of her challenge. First, of course, we have the Prince of Hearts. Unrequited love or just Jacks? What do you think?

Then the Maiden Death – losing someone close to you. Mother, of course.

The Shattered Crown- an impossible choice between two evils.

And lastly Lady Prisoner- double meaning. First of love and second of sacrifice.

So interested to see what you guys will speculate these mean! Hit me up with your theories!!



12 thoughts on “Legendary Readalong Day 3

  1. I’d love a night sky looking dress with special hold me in features for when I say yes to ALL THE CAKE

    I may have finished it yesterday ? but as ever I took notes at the pause places so no spoilers.

    Just as in Caraval outfits and costumes take centre stage and Tella finds herself being the one put on display. Dante pretends he invited her and notices her hand bleeding – Jacks’ Curse. He binds it.
    Tella chooses the Lost Heir outfit for the ball. She certainly likes annoying people.

    Scarlett thinks Tella is joking about the engagement and is worried about her.

    And then the game is afoot. Performers pretend not to know Tella except Armando who makes her play the Deck of Destiny. Something she promised her mother never to do. What will her impossible choice be?

  2. I love that Tella picked the lost heir, such a bold choice. And I want those gloves XD
    I would definately want to go to that ball, that sounds amazing.
    Scarlet seems a tiny bit lost and confused and she doesn’t even know half of it… The whole situation between the sisters breaks my heart….
    I really liked the twist in Legends story that would be quite the moral dilemma.
    I am not sure yet the maiden death meand her mother… it could still mean something or someone else… really curious what the Lady prisoner will mean. Can’t wait for tomorrows chapters

  3. First of I just wanna say… I love this book! I love the way Stephani writes her characters, the storyline and the the overall plot of this book.

    I’m so sad about Scarlett and Julian.
    And still the chemestry between Tella and Dante is so intense. I have a feeling Dante have something to do with Legend (maybe he is Legend ?)

    Something tells me that Jacks have something big coming for Tella later in this book. Maybe Dante and Jacks is connected someway.

    I love the way the dresses was described. And I loved that Tella choose The Lost Heir costume.

    Can’t wait to see what happens next!

  4. As far as the perfect dress goes, I think Scarlet already had that in Caraval. One that changes to match moods and situations would be incredible! I really can’t think of one that would be better. It would be different all the time! ?

    I really like the sister’s relationship. The way they both look out for each other all the time is awesome. Sure, they annoy each other sometimes, but I just think it’s really nice that they both know there’ll always be someone in their corner. It’s sweet. ?

    I love the Cards of Destiny so much! They add such a cool element to the plot. The fact that the cards can each have several different meaning means there’s so much scope to theorize about stuff. I just love the whole mythology that’s built up around the Fates, too. It adds an extra layer of depth to the world-building that just makes me want to know more and more.

    I honestly like this book so much more than Caraval. Don’t get me wrong, I loved Caraval, too, but I think Tella is a more interesting character to follow and there’s so much more going on in this book! ?

  5. my magical caraval dress should be white and sparkling like a wedding dress. dreaming of Prince Charming? haha, perhaps.
    I never say no to cake and tea. 🙂
    I want to know who is Legend. I see him in every character, today.
    Could Legend be a girl? what about Joven? She would be a fantastic Legend. I like this. Or Dante? Armando? Casper? Julien? Jacks…who is Legend?

    The meeting of the two sisters. Scarlet seems so passive. Is it because of her broken heart. Her sister was everything for her in Caraval….mmh.

    More of Dante and Tella, today. Yes!

    Hope tomorrow I will meet the prince of evil….hearts again.

  6. I liked how Tella chose the lost heir haha – I wanna see how Jacks reacts to that!

  7. I am really warming up to Dante. There seems to a softness to him behind his gruff exterior. I hope he’s not just playing the game, and actually cares for Tella. I am interested to see how far this goes, behind the back of Jack’s.

  8. I keep forgetting that Tella doesn’t have Scarlett’s amazing dress. Since we’ve read Caraval we kind of know how this works and I definitely don’t think it’s a game this time. I love the thing with the deck of destiny. Like Tella I am almost obsessed with Tarot cards. And love them, especially the ones she picks
    Also since this time it is not a game I love that there is so much at stake. If the Fates come back it would have unimaginable consequences for the world, not just Tella’s family.

  9. Feeling more and more like Dante is Legend. HOW DOES HE KNOW ALL THESE THINGS?? And how can he just cast a spell to bind Tella’s hand like that without being Legend?!

    In regards to the cards Tella chose from the deck of fates – prince of hearts totally means Jacks.

    The Maiden Death card is her mom.

    Shattered Crown could be the impossible choice of handing over Legend(/Dante if my theory is right) to Jacks, or letting her mother remain trapped in the card.

    Lady Prisoner could be that instead of handing Legend over to Jacks, she sacrifices herself to save the people she loves (Dante and her mother) and takes the place of her mother in the card.

    Just my thoughts! Can’t wait to continue tomorrow!

  10. My Caraval dress would be light purple, a kind of ball gown style, and glitter on the bottom of it and the neckline. I would also wear a garland of flowers, probably lilacs and lavender.

    As for the cards, I think they hold a bit of foreshadowing. The Prince Of Hearts is from Tella’s past, and it shows up again. Could it be that the past will repeat itself?
    As for The Maiden Death, it could mean that Scarlett and Tella’s mother is doomed to die in the card.
    The Shattered Crown is an impossible choice between two evils. I’m thinking those two could be Jacks and Legend and who Tella thinks is the lesser of two evils. It could also mean choosing whether to give Dante to Jacks or leave her mother in the card.
    The Lady Prisoner could mean Tella sacrificing herself to save someone she loves if she doesn’t win Caraval. Scarlett? The mother? Maybe even Dante?

    I’m really looking forward to the next chapters! The stakes just keep getting higher and higher.

  11. Hi G Hi all

    I’m a bit late for this part of the read along but I had my 1 year old nephew yesterday.

    I am loving this book better then caraval so far.

    There is lots going on now but I’m still not happy with Scarlet leaving her sister alone in all this (come on girl get a grip your sister is going to make some more mistakes).

    Danta is growing on me I feel really sorry for him trying his hardest with Tella but she cant do anything about it. I hate the prince of hearts.

    off to read next part of the book

  12. My cosen dress would be black with rad roses on the skirt and the bodice would be just coverd wit spiral roses that would strech a liitle on the arms as a hint of a sleeve
    It was so Talla to chose that mask if i’m onest i probably would to its so bold and it sends a message bring it
    Oh Dante he is becoming one if my favourute caracters to me his is soo alluring and I still cant shake the feeling that he is Legend more si now because when she feels week because of the curse he somehow gives her energy (magic that fights the princes one) or it could just be ther desire fir each others hmmm dont know
    Oh that Armando so full of himself and so arrogant it almost pisses you off but her feiths it think they mean that they beagin with princes request then the maiden represents her constant fear of loosing her mother and fighting to change that i think the choice will have to be something with Legend and the Prince of the desision she will gave to make but in the end it will work in her favor
    Will see and read

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