Legendary Readalong: Day 5

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Ah Friday, one of my top 3 favourite days (can you guess the other two?). What do you guys have lined up for the weekend?

We’re only a little way from finishing the book! It’s only today and tomorrow that’s left, but at least the 3rd book will be out soon! So not much time to “suffer” in between! 🙂

We are on the chapters 29-34!


Please be warned, the following will include spoilers for Legendary for chapters 1-34 by Stephanie Garber. Read only if you’ve finished those chapters!


We meet Elantine!

It’s interesting how much of a boy Jacks seems next to her but we know he is a good actor already. It’s just such an unusual role for him! She’s also noticed Tella’s ring and apparently it’s a key from the temple of the stars. Looksie that! Wonder where we’re going to be going later 😉

We have Legend send us a play to show how cruel the Prince of Hearts is. Jacks also tells us that he wants more from Legend. He wants to drink his blood straight from his veins to get the power. Um…

Tella has a silent revelation while sat next to him after he says this. What if he wants to free all of the fates and that’s why he wants the throne too. So then the fates can rule again and he, Jacks, can rule them. The ultimate power and control, really. It’s not a bad plan! I mean it’s not great for us, mere mortals, but you gotta admit it makes sense for him!

Elantine fakes a spill of her water and while Jacks is gone she makes an ultimatum for Tella. Lie and get tossed or tell the truths and gain an ally.

What is she doing with this maniac who wants her throne.

After what’s probably a 20s ponder, she admits it all. She had to make a quick decision but at the end of the day, it’s her mother – the decision has been made long ago. She will do everything in her power not to risk losing her again.

When back at her room, for the first time while holding the Aracle card Tella thinks that maybe it just shows her what it wants her to do not what would actually happen. Good!! Girl, I was waiting for you to consider this since the first day! Anyone else? I’m not saying that’s the case, but I am hella suspicious of everything and everyone here in this series!

Tella visits the church place and uses her blood to see the message about her mother’s vault. Her mom promised her second born!! That must have been sp devastating to see, especially as we know it’s a real memory, not some forged tote. BUT I will say that she must have interrupted the message before some type of explanation or loop hole was established, because I just don’t believe it for a second that her mother would promise her daughter just so, especially after what we have gathered about the woman so far. Just doesn’t seem to fit the character? But what do you think?

Aw Dante is all protective of her. But why did she steal that cloak?

Dante tells her a story about the statue and the fountain of forgetting. But Tella doesn’t pick forgetting. Smart girl. Instead Dante tries to tell her not to judge her mom from the little singular isolated memory she’s seen there. Maybe she’s a better mother than the one Dante had.

And Tella thinks that people do not tattoo stories they no longer care about. I like that sentence. That’s why I’m so cautious about tattoos. What if I don’t care about it later on? Hm. Do you have any tattoos?

Oh no Dante’s mom slept with his father to steal something. What if this was Tellas mom?? What if he’s the second born? I hope not, seeing what followed that conversation.

We have her revelation that she’s the one who’s ran from love and just chose to blame fates for her misfortune

Oh no but she’s bleeding. Dante basically has had enough of her secrets (hey, Scarlet, take notes!) and after some little persuasion she spills all the beans! Don’t get me wrong, so far I’m sure am team Dante but even then I would NOT tell him all of this because the game is still on. This can’t be good. Or can it?

And just before today’s section ends, Scarlet is spotted with Jacks! What??? Why? Maybe she IS part of the Caraval after all?



9 thoughts on “Legendary Readalong: Day 5

  1. And, oh glory, he was shirtless.

    I was going to leave my comments at that but…

    So Empress Elantine looks like she’s fallen for Jacks charms until she fakes a choking episode. What part will she play in his undoing? She also tells Tella about the ring she got from her mother being the key to the Temple of Stars.

    He wants to release the fates from the cards. Which also releases Paradise.

    Then there’s the shirtless scene… sorry where they find out that Paradise gave up Tella to protect the Deck of Destiny. Tella runs from the temple and Dante saves her again.

    “Judging her based on a moment like that is the same as reading one page from a book and assuming you know the whole story.”

    Dante and Tella and the kiss at the fountain. And he’s still shirtless.

    She tells him the story. He tells her to trust him but we still don’t know if he’s Legend. She heads back and sees Scarlett with Jacks. Is Scarlett playing Caraval?

    1. „‚you should never wear a shirt‘“
      Thank you Stephanie Garber! Finally a character says it out loud!

      Yes! He was shirtless!

  2. Hi G Hi all

    Elantine I don’t know what to think, will you side with Tella or Jacks?

    I’m not happy at all about Tellas mother how could you even think about giving a child away? I couldn’t do it.

    I was thinking the same about tellas mum being Dantes (please no)

    Dante and Tella together at last (claps all round) Lets hope he does NOT let her down.

    I new there was something about Scarlet in the game or does Jacks no about the cards and is trying to use Scarlet to get them.

    I have a tattoo saying Just Breathe. when I was having a panic attack at a supernatural convention one of the actors helped me out by cuddling me and helping me breathe. He told me to always remember to just breathe. My tattoo story.

    until tomorrow I can’t beleave where going onto the last day already.

  3. Dante and Tella sooo steamy yes finally girl she caved to him with all her heart
    The empress to me is a bad ass the way she acts bravo
    The ring opens the vult that holds the card and Tella is the only one who can get them of corse the impossible decision she’ll probably gave to make talk about pressure
    But her mother giving ip her daughter thats just wrong no wonder she is so angry that bitch I really want to know why she did it poor Tella
    The story about the fountain hmm interesting what greed abd jealousy will do and if faith are in the mix thats what you get

  4. I really don’t think the whole second born thing was right. No way was that the whole explanation. There must be some sort of clever little loophole, or some info we don’t have yet. I just can’t see their mom promising one of them away so easily. It’s such a wicked witch sort of thing to do. XD ?

    I love Elantine so much. She’s such a role-model! On the surface she plays the part of Empress beautifully, being nice to everyone, even people she clearly hates, but underneath the skin she’s a real bad-ass! She’s so cool! ?
    I still don’t quite trust her, though. ARG! I don’t trust ANYONE! ?

  5. The Elantine/Jacks/Tella meeting was so interesting, and I loved Chapter 31 so so much! All the tension was just…wow.

    But the next one was devastating to Tella. She found out that her mother had a debt with the Church Of The Stars., and her ring is cursed. It turns out that she promised the Church her second born child in exchange for them storing the cards in their vaults. Her mother mentions she’ll have great power, and she has the cards to prove it. I’m not entirely sure what this could mean, and along with that the vision is cut off. Could Tella and Scarlett’s mother really be that cruel, or did she have no other choice?

    Dante and Tella (finally) get together and she tells him everything. Lastly, Scarlett is seen with Jacks. She and him have to be up to something.

  6. I cant discuss the book – I’ve finished, and am scared I’ll give something away!! I’m saving my thoughts till the end.

    But tattoos – yes, I have a few. One book-related. The Grace and the Sword, from Terry Goodkind’s Sword of Truth series ?

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