Legendary Readalong: Day 6

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Welcome FairyLooters to the very last day of our Legendary by Stephanie Garber readalong!

Are you ready for this?

I hope you are all having a wonderful and relaxing Saturday, full of reading, tea and biscuits. And if not, then I hope you steal at least an hour or a half to get away from all the chores and escape to your favourite fantasy world, whatever that might be!

I think we all have to know what happens next so without further a do, let’s dive in to the last chunk of this book!


Please be warned, the following will include spoilers for Legendary by Stephanie Garber. Read only if you’ve finished those chapters!


Just to quickly recap, the last thing we saw yesterday was Scarlet with Jacks!

Unfortunately, after some clumsy accident she loses sight of her sister but she does catch up with Jacks. She launches herself at him and mid fight she realises his heart beats!

But we know his heart didn’t beat before even after the kiss! What if it’s Scarlet?! Or what if it just took a while to start beating from Tella? I suppose we shall learn it as we go today.

Oh guys what if the loophole is for Legend to free the mother by swapping places and then he’s just stuck there so even with his name Jacks can’t drink his blood.

But this is Legend, so probably not.

Oh the empress sends her a letter about how lovely her mom was so we go to see her. She’s dying. Apparently the previous night was curtesy to Legend’s healing potion. That’s awfully nice of him, maybe he’s less selfish than we thought?  Also her heir is found. I’m thinking what if that’s Dante? He’s a guy with a missing mother and she’s a woman with some parental regrets.

The ring suddenly is changing and she knows Dante has succeeded! Which means she can get the deck.

And now she thinks her mother might have wanted to lock these up before without anyone ever getting access to them in which case her promise to give Tella away is not important – as she never wanted her to try and get these cards. Maybe in a way that kind of deal ensured that Tella was unable to reach them! That makes perfect sense since she did flee their home in order to hide the cards from Tella better.

She really ought to have counted them beforehand!

But then maybe we shouldn’t get the cards if the mother didn’t want them to.

The lack of Scarlet scares me. Something ain’t right.

Tella finally reaches the vault and we learn that she can only open it once! What if she leaves some cards behind? But then I suppose her plan wouldn’t work.

I like how hard this choice is for her. Either free her mother but also free all the fates again too, or sacrifice her mother and still have Legend as the most powerful human in the world. Neither solution is without sacrifice. This is definitely what our last card has signified!

Okay so the first person she sees is Dante. Dante is Legend!! I repeat, DANTE IS LEGEND!



I think. haha

Did you predict it?

It’s heartbreaking when he thinks she’s going to pick her mother. Then she sort of chooses neither yet both and gets herself into a card.

We jump into the starts perspective for a brief chapter where we witness Legend rage and release all the fates upon the world to save her. They also say he’s not entirely human? What deal did he strike with them?

When she is freed, she feels painfully weak. Dante hugs her tight but then turns around and says he has to hurry. She thinks: “she wanted to get up, to walk away with her head high, as I’d he mattered as little to her as she apparently mattered to him”. 

The guys just released a crap ton of evil gods just to save your skin,  how in the world do you get to the conclusion he doesn’t care? Or is that just me? I know it must sting that he just walked away, but I’m sure there’s a reason!

Although it is Legend that we speak about, so maybe not? Maybe she’s right at being upset. What do you think.

Jacks carries her to Scarlet and Julian. She lies that she didn’t see who Legend really was, but I’m surprised that Jacks believes her and even more surprised that he’s going to find her mother. After all, it’s not like she filled her end of the deal! Interesting.

And the very last reveal we are served here is that Legend is pronounced to be the next Heir!

Whether he really is or if he’s just pretended to be due to some deal (maybe in exchange for providing those healing potions?) is to be seen!

I’m mostly curious to see what their mother says once she wakes and how will her relationship with Scarlet will evolve in book 3, as it’s really complicated.

And that is it! You are all caught up with the series and ready for the conclusion!

Please share your thoughts down below: what was your favourite scene, what did you see/did not see coming? Favourite character? Predictions for Finale?

Tell it all!

I really really hope you had a good time reading this together with your fellow FairyLooters, thank you so very much for joining and I’ll see you in the next one!



14 thoughts on “Legendary Readalong: Day 6

  1. I cannot wait for Finale! ?
    This book leaves off with so much still going on that it’s torture to wait much longer! Thank goodness we’ll all be able to read the conclusion next month, right!?

    I just… I just don’t know what to think about Dante/Legend now. I need explanations! About everything! ?

    I really enjoyed this readalong refresher course with you guys, and I’m so excited for Finale I can hardly breathe! Thanks for hosting again, G! ❤️

    1. Thank you so much for joining, so glad you enjoyed it! 🙂 I definitely know what you mean by needing answers! Thankfully that’s soon now!

  2. Jacks says Scarlett cane to him and when they are fighting Tella feels his heartbeat. ? He has found his one true love. Tella, who is no longer cursed – so what was with the bleeding when she was kissing Dante?! She decides she no longer needs to win Caraval if she doesn’t need to save her mother. I have a feeling if she’d listened to the end of the memory she wouldn’t feel that way.
    It turns out Elantine knew her mother. But there are rumours Elantine’s lost heir has turned up and that she has fallen ill. Tella’s costume breaks so it looks like she is wearing the shattered crown.

    Elantine is ill. Legend has been helping her hide this from Jacks.
    She believes Paradise will have loved Tella and then the ring starts glowing. Tella thinks Dante has found the loophole or is it because of Elantine’s speech giving her hope again?
    The crown breaks and shatters.

    She runs to the Temple and learns Dante has made a bargain that if he doesn’t fulfil ends in his death. The Deck is in there and she thinks about calling Jacks but Theron doesn’t let her. It’s going to be close. Who will get to her first. Legend or Jacks. And who is Legend?

    Dante. It is him. I thought I remembered it was but it’s so clever that I kept doubting my admittedly weak memory.
    Tella decides she can’t not save him or her mother so she writes her name on the card and vanishes.
    We switch to the stars POV and they see Dante/Legend break the curse to get Tella back. They want whatever it is he promised.
    Then Tella is back but Dante is cold and he is leaving. What?

    Jacks shows up, the fates are still weak and he still wants Legend’s power. He takes her to Scarlett and Julian. Jacks said Scarlett had asked for his help to find someone. I’m guessing the Count. Jacks goes to find their mother as per their bargain. Julian looks worried and goes off to find Legend. Tella admits to Scarlett she’s in love with him.

    Paradise is back and asleep. Scarlett has found the Count and is giving Julian some competition. Cheeky mare. The empress died and her lost heir is Legend. Dante did tell that story about the boat! I’m guessing that’s what his bargain was – taking up the crown?
    Tella has just turned 17 (I forget she’s that young) and she gets a rose and a note from Dante.

    And now we wait for Finale.

    I ship Dante and Tella and Scarlett and Julian. Will we see a showdown with Jacks and Nicholas!

    Their father has got to come back into somehow.

    Wonder how their relationship with their mother will be.

    Will everything go very very wrong when the fates wake up.

    1. I just love the fact you were able to read this book as if you didn’t know the twists! That’s so cool! I wish I could re-read Harry Potter in the same way haha

  3. I predicted that Tella would put herself in a card and trade places with her mom! I never predict anything in books so that was exciting. Going forward into Finale i feel like I have more questions than answers. Jacks probably is not going to let it slide that he didn’t get Legend’s name and now Scarlett probably owes him something to do. Also what is she thinking giving the Count a shot. Craziness. I love the letter from Legend at the end. I think he really does love Tella and I didn’t understand her jump to conclusions either. I think the Dragna sisters should give these boys a true chance. Less than a month I hope that all of this is answered. I really hope it’s not a cliffhanger!

    1. Sometimes it’s fun to predict things correctly, you have a little “hehe told ya” moment 😀

  4. I loved this book but I have loads of questions (Is it May yet)

    Dante is Legend, hansom and the heir and I think he is in love with Tella. I hope they get together back together in the next book.

    I’m looking forward to meeting Tellas mother. will Tella forgive her? and what will scarlet do about her.

    I think her dad will be in the next book and the trouble will start again

    My favourite character has to be Danta/Legend. But i also like tella

    Thank you for this amazing read along looking forward to the next

    1. Oh interesting, I completely forgot about the father! Intriguing

  5. Thanks so much for hosting this G! I enjoyed reading Legendary so much and I’m happy I’m ready for Finale now!

    Like you, I don’t think Tella should be so upset about Legend walking away. If he didn’t care he would have just let her in he card.

    1. Thanks so much for participating! <3

  6. Omg legendary was sooo good I liked caraval but the second book for me was way better
    Yeees I knew it Dante the sexy mischievous god of a man is Legend oooh and his scenes with Tella I need a gallon of ice water
    Oh the young love so foolish and brave but now the faiths are free this is going to one epic batle in the finle book
    Man am I curious about why her mom did what she didt and how did she get traped
    Scarlett hehe Julian need sone competition thats going to be fun I wonder what the count will be like
    She is his the prince of hearts one true love I wonder if she will be able to use that somehow in the final book
    Oh the moment when she says he will regret living her I have a feeling that the scenes between them will be hillarously steemy cant wait
    Dante aka Legend is the knew heir that little bastard oooh I can’t wait to see how this will unravel it self
    My favourite scene in the book will have to still be when Tella and Dante went to the pary and she says to him you shoul ve a unicorn than everybody would pet you or every girl would pet you either way that scene was hilarious
    OH FAIRYLOOT I NEED THE THIRD BOOK NOW I CAND WAIT UNTIL MY but I am excited about the finale box

    1. So glad you enjoyed the book so much! May is not that far now, you wont even notice and it’ll be here! 🙂 x

  7. Thanks for hosting G. I had so much fun reading with all of you.
    Now I just have to survive untill the next book… I mean that ending I have a million questions now :O
    I’m actually glad Dante is Legend and I am so so curious what deal he made and about the heir thing and… wah… I need to know >.<
    Her Mom needs to clear up a lot of stuff… That woman has some explaning to do.
    The ending is so not fair… I need it to be may. But on the other hand I probably will be on vacation when Finale arrives. So I'll have to wait till june T^T

  8. Thanks for hosting the readalong G!

    I really didn’t want Dante to be Legend and it turned out that he was. The choice she made to go into the card was one I was dreading, but I’m so glad she was able to be freed from them. But Legend had to release all the Fates into the world to do that. Who knows what havoc they’ll wreak?

    By the end of the book, Scarlett and Tella’s mother is free, Dante is Legend and Tella fell for him, all the Fates are loose, Legend declares himself the lost heir, and Scarlet is going to make Julian and Count Nicolas/Armando fight for her hand. We’re in for quite a ride in Finale.

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