Lore of the Wilds Readalong: Day 3!

Beautiful photo by @readwithacapricorn!

Hello fairies!

I hope that you’re all loving Lore of the Wilds by Analeigh Sbrana so far! I love the story so much, especially because Asher has chosen to defend Lore against the other guards!

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Today we’ll be reading from chapter 11 to the end of chapter 16, let’s dive back in!

Please be warned, that the following section will include spoilers for Lore of the Wilds by Analeigh Sbrana from Chapter 11 to the end of Chapter 16. Please only read on if you have finished this section!


Somehow both Asher and Lore managed to run away from the guards, from the castle to the coast! Inside the cave they found, Asher builds them a fire to keep away the cold – they’re both soaked by the ocean spray. Even though Asher won’t talk to Lore, he still manages to treat her cut she got whilst running away.

The next morning, Asher is nowhere to be seen, and Lore tries to learn more about the book. The book’s not communicating with her anymore, but Lore just agreed to help the book! Why’s it not telling her anything?

Asher comes back with food for the two of them and asks her how she has magic. He seems to think she hid it all this time, Lore explains everything to him and states that she knows the book is telling the truth as it can’t lie to her and she can’t lie to it. Does this mean that the book is sentient?

Eventually, Asher agrees to take Lore home to Duskmere so she can help her people, but first they need to head south! Why do they need to head south? Does Asher have allies down there?

Lore and Asher head into the city of Veyesh, where other magical creatures are travelling, not just dark Fae. Before they can get into the city, they find guards doing checks. Asher brings down a massive tree along the river to distract them so they can sneak past!

They sneak into the city and find an inn, where Lore starts to get jealous when Asher flirts with the innkeeper! I know she likes him as more than just friends! There’s only one bed, so they come up with a cover story to be a married couple – I love the only one-bed trope.

Asher’s still giving Lore the cold shoulder and Lore apologises to him but ends up shouting at him to leave, but he stops her by kissing her! I want them to be together, but the Fae are killed if they’re in relationships with humans! I don’t understand why he’d risk it?

We find out that Asher only had 3 months left of his service to the crown and he threw it all away for Lore – omg he does like her! Even though there’s only one bed, they put a pillow wall between them! This isn’t how I wanted the trope to go!

Lore has a plan to earn them money, they’re going to carry on pretending to be married and protect the travelling dryad family on the road. They need the protection! Lore finds out dark Fae are going missing, before long other children will disappear too.

Around the campfire, the moonlight allows the book to reveal information. The magic book is a grimoire and it’s filled with spells, potions and elixirs. When Lore’s reading the book, bandits appear but luckily Asher defeats them before they do any harm! Are they after the children, Lore or the wares?

The bandits wanted Lore and they came to kill her! Lore believes the steward sent them, and I couldn’t agree more. He always disliked her!

Even though the book didn’t give Lore any magic when they were being attacked, she asks the book how to protect the camp, it gives her a spell that works! I have a sense she’s a witch, what do we think?

Lore wants to be able to defend herself, so Asher decides he’ll teach Lore with a dagger and even calls her ‘Lo’. That’s a better nickname than mouse!

They’re no longer in Alytheria, but in the Queendom of Rywanda! Asher takes Lore to his old friends Isla, who is a mixture of both light Fae and dark Fae and her twin brother, Finndryl. The other Fae look down on them because of this, just like the humans are looked down upon.

Finndryl doesn’t seem to like Asher, what happened between them? Lore decides to show Isla that she’s human after bonding with her, however Finndryl ends up seeing! He doesn’t seem to care which is good… I think!

Isla apologises for not knowing about the treatment of the humans, she just thought they chose to stay there not that they can’t leave. After asking Isla for help with the book, she gets her brother to help translate the old language, but he doesn’t seem to know old Alytherian. I’m not sure I believe him, he’s supposed to be very intelligent.

The stone that Grey gave to Lore years ago is an adder stone that allows her to see magic, so she can see the protection spells around the building! I wonder how Grey got the stone?

We’ve added new people to Lore’s team, Isla and Finndryl, and I can’t wait for them to become a little found family!

Do you think Lore will be able to harness the magic from the book?
What did you think of the kiss?
How are you feeling about Isla and Finndryl so far?

So excited to keep reading this one with you, fairies!


21 thoughts on “Lore of the Wilds Readalong: Day 3!

  1. Do you think Lore will be able to harness the magic from the book?
    I do think Lore will be able to harness the magic from the book. Lore seems very driven and determined.

    What did you think of the kiss?
    I think the kiss seemed kind of sudden. Again, I am not liking how quickly Asher and Lore started liking each other. Why would he give up so much for someone he barely knows? Especially if he only had 3 months left of service.

    How are you feeling about Isla and Finndryl so far?
    I like them both, but in different ways. Isla seems pretty genuine. Finn seems as though there is more to the story about him. He does seem uninterested in the group. I’m sure there’s more here though. I hope we learn what happened between him & Asher.

    I will be entering the giveaway. My instagram handle is @stardancer2014

    1. The more we read the more questions I have! Lore seems to figure the book out when it is needed. I was good with the kiss since they both seem attracted to each other. I agree with it happening fast. Isla and Finn are interesting twins. Hopefully they will help Lore and Asher.

  2. Isla is so cute I can’t even.

    I feel like Lore is very intrigued with this book at the expense of others. I think her determination will get her places with it though.

    The kiss! Honestly, sudden and felt forced lol. Could barely tell if they liked each other before the smooch. He was soooo angry at her, she could see it in his eyes raging. Then suddenly he kisses her to fix it. Also “Isla, haven’t you had enough?” Had my hackles raising.

    I find Isla very sweet and kind, potential for a real friend with unconditional love. Finn is sooo grumpy and I hope he develops to understand his depth and why he’s moody like this. I am intrigued that Finn couldn’t read the book. It makes the book more mystical and I have more questions about it lol. But also, starting to not trust anyone in this book. Doesn’t help there’s no depth to the characters to know their motives or expressions or feelings even if they’re lies.

  3. Do you think Lore will be able to harness the magic from the book? – yes I think it was meant for humans since only humans could enter the library. I think something about the humans past and why they are in Duskmere will have something to do with it.

    What did you think of the kiss? – I’m not a fan of kissing during arguments – I wish the kiss had a more nicer lead in.

    How are you feeling about Isla and Finndryl so far? – I prefer Isla more as she seems nice. I just hope one of them doesn’t turn Lore in. I only fully trust Lore at this point.

  4. I loved the introduction of the two new allies, Isla and Finndryl! They seem like a great duo already. I think it’s great that Isla immediately wants to help Lore and her family back home. What a kind soul! Finndryl is quite cold towards Lore but it seems like he is that way with everyone. And do Finndryl and Asher have beef?! It doesn’t seem like he is too happy that Asher is back in their presence.

    We are over half way now and I still am waiting for more information about Asher. Seems odd that Lore hasn’t asked more questions about him. They kissed before she even really knows him. Typical 🤣

    My instagram handle is @booksbeersbattlestargalactica I’ll be entering the giveaway once we finish the reading 💕

  5. I have been loving it so far and can’t wait to see what happens next!
    I just entered the giveaway on instagram, my handle is @readinginaplacelikethis

  6. I think Lore will be harness the magic of the book, she seems pretty stubborn and resilient.

    The kiss was okay, I’m not really sure if I am shipping Lore & Asher though.

    Isla seems fun and Finn will definitely warm up to Lore and love her like another sister.

    It’s interesting that Grey gave Lore a magical stone though, where did he get a rare stone like that?

  7. Entered the readalong giveaway! My IG is @marimoosereads

    With Lore focused on the book, yes, she will definitely be able to harness the magic within it.

    You know I’m one of two ways with Asher. On the one hand, he’s been a green flag to her throughout, and I will always love a dude who will feed a girl when she’s hungry. The kiss definitely came out of nowhere, since for the most part, I thought the attraction seemed one-sided on Lore’s part up until this scene. I do like Asher! I’m also just wary over love triangles, considering the MC almost never ends up with the first guy? And well, Finn…

    Do I love Isla? Yes. Yes I do. But u love the sunshine and cheery archetype. She kind of reminds me of a character in The Serpent and the Wings of Night, who also happens to be one of my favorite characters, so what’s not to like? Finn I can already tell is being set up as the other grumpy love interest potential in this book. And umm…as much as I dislike love triangles, can’t say I dislike this? I very much am intrigued!

  8. Do you think Lore will be able to harness the magic from the book?
    Yes I think Lore is very intelligent and savvy, she is determined to help herself and her people. I think she will definitely figure out what it takes to harness the magic in the book. She just needs to get out of her head, she tends to panic and overthink situations.

    What did you think of the kiss?
    I loved the kiss, I need more ! I think they have had quite a bit of chemistry since the day in the Fae Market and he just acted on it.

    How are you feeling about Isla and Finndryl so far?
    I love how Isla and Fin are opposite, she is sunshine and gold while he is midnight and moody. I do love a good moody man.

    One of my favorite micro tropes is a dingy dusty inn with one bed ! So far I am finding the story to be cozy and exciting. It is very fast paced. I will be participating in the giveaway, my IG handle is the_bookwh0re

  9. I definitely think that Lore is going to harness the magic from the book. Although part of me is still hoping that the book turns out to be evil, just for the drama. I’m just hopeful that we will get to know a lot more about the book, because at the moment I’m a little confused on how it works.

    I’m not really a big fan of the kiss between Asher and Lore. I still feel like I barely know anything about Asher so it’s a little hard to root for their romance at the moment. It also felt like it came out of nowhere. One minute he’s ignoring her while flirting with someone else, and the next they’re kissing. I wish there had been more of a build up to it.

    I don’t really care about Isla and Finn yet. My problem with them is the same problem I have with Asher, I don’t know them at all. I really want to like them though so I’m hoping that I’ll get to know more of their personalities as the book progresses. Isla does seem like she could be a fun character, but I’m not super interested in Finn. I’m not really a big fan of characters who are mean/rude to people they just met, but who knows maybe I’ll end up loving him.

    I’ve entered the giveaway. My instagram is @z.books29

  10. I think Lore will be able to harness the magic. I’m still hoping the book isn’t evil – I’m really worried Lore is going to harness it, and then be overcome by the book. 
    I still don’t get good vibes from Asher, and everything’s too quick and I’m just very sus of him still.
    Isla seems to be iconic. Finn… I’m getting enemies to lovers vibes here…. Is he the true love interest? I’m intrigueddddddd. However, he is intelligent and I think he’s lying about not being able to read the book. 

    I have entered the giveaway on @a_pixie_bookshelf

  11. I have entered the giveaway and my insta handle is @faefolkreads 🥰

    I’m enjoying this so far! I feel like these pages were a bit slower, but I’m liking the fact that we’re exploring a bit more of the world and meeting new characters. I was hoping for more of the whole ‘only-one-bed’ trope after that kiss 🤣🤣
    I’m hoping Lore will figure out the book, but I reckon she won’t begin to get it till towards the end unless it talks to her again!
    I’m looking forward to getting to know Finn more 👀 and want to know the story between him and Asher, for some reason I’m getting ex-feelings/relationship vibes 🤣🙈 maybe they were just real good friends and fell apart a bit when Asher got in to the army and Finn didn’t?
    Isla seems adorable and loving and it’s great for Lore to have a female friend!

  12. 1. Do you think Lore will be able to harness the magic from the book?
    I think she will eventually, but I also think she won’t be able to do this by herself and need help

    2. What did you think of the kiss?
    I don’t really know how to feel about it, it felt very sudden and I’m not really feeling or seeing the chemistry between the two. It feels a bit forced to me. Especially since there are quite some time skips and they hadn’t seen each other for quite a while, so it feels very sudden.

    3. How are you feeling about Isla and Finndryl so far?
    I’m liking them! Isla seems a lot of fun and I’m very curious what happened between Finndryl and Asher to create this vibe between them

    Entered via my account @lisashelves

  13. I’m a bit late to the Read-Along, but
    *I’ve already posted my #LoreFairy photo under @TupaKitty_Reads 🤞🏼🤞🏼*

    1. Asher appears furious & giving her the silent treatment while simultaneously cleansing & bandaging her wound & offering her support through the most painful of it. She told Asher about the book/magic. He says he’ll lead her back to her town & caused a huge distraction at the checkpoint with his earth magic for them to slip into the next city. ONE. BED. They kissed! Dark Fae younglings are going missing. 3 men attack them while she’s inspecting the grimoire to torture/kill her on someone’s orders (the Steward’s? the Lord’s?) & were even paid to do it. Asher kills them all, in the end, & Lore didn’t get any more fighting magic from the book even though it’s showing he information. She was able to cast a protective spell for their campsite afterwards though. They’re meeting with “a friend” of Asher’s in a shabby part of town just inside the Rywandall border & greeted by the beautiful Isla, who’s known Asher since childhood, while waiting for her father (Gryph). Lore told Isla about being human *&* about the grimoire within hours of meeting her … after being drunk. Isla’s twin, Finn, is a gorgeous asshole, but he recognized the stone Grey gave Lore as an Adder Stone which can see spells! I do think he might be hiding knowledge of what the grimoire said though/ that he understands more of the old/ancient Alytherian language than he’s letting on at present.
      Daily Q&A:
      1.) Do you think Lore will be able to harness the magic from the book?
      2.) What did you think of the kiss?
      3.) How are you feeling about Isla and Finndryl so far?
      1.) It seems like she’s beginning to get the hang of it, but she still has a ways to go.
      2.) Honestly, with their being only one bed, I thought it would’ve led to more. Lol. I’m thinking, if this is a Love Triangle with Finn, Asher would probably be the 1 left out in the end, so maybe it’s for the best. *le sigh*
      3.) They’re halflings (½ Dark Fae, ½ Light Fae), so they’re no strangers to prejudices (as mentioned in Finn’s rejection from joining Asher in the northern guard – which might be where Finn’s animosity towards Asher came in), but it’s way too soon for me to say if they’re trustworthy or not (I’m hoping they are because I’m hoping Asher is & he trusts them). Plus, Finn must be the other Fae male on the custom end papers. 😋

  14. Love Isla, she is so genuine, I kind of want her to be my best friend!
    Finndryl seems very mysterious, I wonder why he hates Asher. Could he be the character on the back endpaper? I wonder if he will become another love interest in the story.
    I think I liked the kiss. We don’t have Asher’s POV but we know Lore is very attracted to him, and the feeling seems mutual. They had become closer and friendlier over time. After such stressful situations, I can see the tension pushing for that scenario.
    I guess Lore will slowly learn how to read the grimoire and hopefully master it’s magic.
    I will be entering the giveaway with the username @susanalima184

  15. Do you think Lore will be able to harness the magic from the book?

    I think she will. I don’t think the book would’ve called out to her if there wasn’t potential. Although I’m a bit annoyed that it hasn’t spoken up since!

    What did you think of the kiss?
    I thought the kiss came out of nowhere tbh. It may have helped to have Asher’s POV.

    How are you feeling about Isla and Finndryl so far?

    I think Isla is really sweet! Finn is a mystery I hope is unpacked soon!

    I’m enjoying the book more now as it’s getting more fast paced. The start was a bit slow.

    I have entered the giveaway, my handle is @theroselectory.

  16. Im catching up on the readalong and have just entered my photo😃


  17. 1) Absolutely. There’s not much story without it!
    2) I dunno, it all seems so sudden, especially since Asher’s presence always felt kinda forced and odd? But maybe I’m just used to longer books where there’s more pages to work with? [Nothing against shorter books, just wondering if maybe I’m used to 450+ page books instead of less than 350!]
    3) I love them, and their presence doesn’t feel as forced or odd, though I’m intrigued to learn who their mother was and their true history/lineage. I imagine it’s significant, since it’s more-or-less hidden/a mystery.

    1. Entered under @SeaFox.Adventures!

  18. I loved this book absolutely brilliant I’ve left review on my Instagram I’m also joining in with photo competition my Instagram handle is @relax_with_a_good_book

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