Lore Readalong Day 2!

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Hello Fairy Folks!

I hope you’re all doing well! Are you ready to jump back in with day 2 of our Lore Readalong?

Get cosy, it’s sure to be a ride!

Please be warned, the following will include spoilers for Lore by Alexandra Bracken, chapters 11-21! Read only if you’ve finished those chapters!


Fast paced and action packed are surely the words for this one, as we’re given barely any time to process the big Castor is the new Apollo revelation before being flung right back into danger once again.

In an attempt to escape without notice, Lore finds herself hiding in Castor’s room, trying her best to avoid detection while still reeling from the news. But she witnesses even more than she bargained for – an attempted assassination attempt not only from Philip, Archon of the Achillides, but also Artemis herself.

Childhood instinct kicks in and Lore jumps to help Castor, the two barely escaping Artemis’ wrath. From this moment on we know Artemis has an arrow trained on their backs – how long will they be able to avoid her?

Escape attempt successful, they head back to Lore’s house, forming a wayward troupe of characters now including Van, Castor’s friend, and Lore’s roommate Miles, completely knew to the whole mythology thing. After a brief moment of tension between the two, Castor agrees to heal Athena, if only because of Lore’s connection with her.

This band of characters now together, they discover the meaning behind Castor’s previous “he’s looking for something” message – Wrath (the new Ares) is looking for the full inscription of the origin poem, which is said to tell you how to win the Agon. Information like that is invaluable, and so the hunt is on. What would happen if Wrath got hold of this information first? Can they get to it before him? What would they do with this information?

A clear path is ahead: Find the poem.

Easier said than done.

With a theory that more information on the origin poem can be found in the Odysseides’ archives, a plan to break in and collect this information is underway. Miles is brought up to date and sent to retrieve cash from an asset meet, while the rest of the crew break into the Odysseides base. Aiming for the vault, they find more than they were expecting – Lore’s childhood friend, Iro. Believing she has knowledge of the poem, they break her out…though not without causing a chaos of fighting first. Castor struggles to contain his power, and they miss their opportunity to kill Wrath, only upping the ante by making him aware of Lore.

So then we get a flashback, and a little look into the tension following Lore from her childhood. We see her at age 10, with her father taking her to meet the Kadmides at their invitation. Her family are in no position to refuse such an invitation.

But it’s tense, right? It can’t just be me feeling it. And as we discover Aristos Kadmou’s intentions…wow is that feeling justified.

He wants to marry Lore?! With adoption in mind until she’s of age, Aristos is determined to keep Lore as part of their bloodline. Why? For the Aegis, the shield gifted to Lore’s bloodline and inheritance of the Perseides. It can only be used by those within the bloodline, unless given freely to someone else.

Understandably, this proposition does not go down well.

And so we’re left with the knowledge that Lore has always been a target because of the Aegis. Why is the shield so important? What can it do? How do you think it will affect the plot?

So many questions!

As past and present start to tie together, I’m so intrigued to see how it all links! Let me know your thoughts and theories for the next section, and I’ll be back to chat again tomorrow!



37 thoughts on “Lore Readalong Day 2!

  1. This is where the plot really solidified for me! I can’t wait to see what comes next.

    I think the Aegis is the key to ending the Agon and might even have some power to overthrow Zeus.

    Am I the only one shipping Castor and Lore even though I can’t really see this having any romance? haha

    1. Oooh, the power to overthrow Zeus would be interesting! I’m also curious if he’ll make an appearance later, or any of the other gods that are not part of the Agon so far!

      And yes, I ship them too! There is defenitely something between them. I think it’s just a bit awkward right now because they haven’t seen each other for seven years, one of them turned into a god(!), and them being constantly in life threatening situations. Curious to see where their relationship goes!

    2. Yes, I can see Lore and Castor too! Childhood friends to lovers…I ship it! Intrigued to see how their relationship grows/changes!

  2. I’m really liking the readalong so far! It’s wonderful to see some other perspectives and thoughts, and that makes me feel like I’m experiencing the book in a more focused and aware way.

    Reading todays section made me tired. Not in an “I’m tired of the boring story”, the complete other way round! I don’t know why, but if I read about characters that never get any real sleep, my mind feels for them. Poor Lore has been awake and functioning for quite the while now and for all their well-being I hope they get some rest sometime in the future.

    I really like Van as a new character. And is it just me, or do I feel something might between him and Miles? A theory my mind made up is: Does Van maybe feel like he wants to get out of that world because he is gay? It was made clear in the book that the families don’t accept that. Is my mind wandering too much here?
    Also, the technical bird drones are incredible and I loved Athena’s reaction to them. It’s a nice way to bring the modern world a bit more into the story.

    Then there’s the end of todays section! Wow! Aristos is messed up… I didn’t need more reasons to hate him, but here we go. I’m afraid to find out more about their past, there is defenitely more coming.

    Last thing: Thanks to the addition of even more characters to Lore’s home, the mood has gotten really weird, and somehow, I’m there for it. They don’t really fit together, and that in addition to Athena’s general distance and distain for anything mortal related is just pure fun to read about.

    1. I’m so glad to hear you’re enjoying the readalong! 🙂

      I get what you mean about the tiredness! There’s so much happening too, it’s hard not to feel exhausted just reading about it, huh?

      An interesting theory about Van! I can see it – intrigued to see how it plays out! Would make sense with how restricting their society is from what we’ve seen so far too.

      It’s going to be an interesting ride in tomorrow’s section, that’s for sure!

    2. I was thinking the same about Van and Miles. There’s a snarky sexual tension! Or maybe that’s just because I love a bit of romance!

    3. I was thinking the same thing about Van and Miles/ Vans reasons for wanting to be out! Glad I’m not the only one who’s mind went that way hahaha

  3. Hi there!
    I love Lore’s feisty spirit, even as she was a little girl!
    My heart broke for her dad, I think hight have seen it coming, Aristos revenge…
    I’m wondering if Wrath now knows how to end the game?? Did he find out from Iro??
    But I think Lore is gonna end up with the Aegis in the end…. and for now I’m just hoping that Miles is all right, because the informant may have lied to Van…..? ?
    Can’t wait to find out! See you tomorrow!

    1. I hope Lore can get the aegis back. But its definitely not easy.

  4. How sweet is Castor? And how strong! I mean, a little boy with leukemia enduring the Achilleides training? Tough!
    I hope Lore will find a way for him to win the Agon (and am I shipping them? Obviously yes ?)

    The characters are all so varied and well nuanced, I love them all! …except obviously the new Ares, he needs to die a bloody death ??‍♀️

    1. I just wanted to protect young Castor when I read that part! He’s gonna be one of my fave characters in this book

      1. The strong must protect the sweet! ?

  5. Whew! I was super excited to see some heist elements when the gang went to the Odysseides. It was even better getting to see Castor and Athena wield some of their godly power!

    I knew the moment I read that Lore’s father and his “Eldest daughter” were invited to meet with Aristos I thought I knew what was coming. I was like “yea, yea, say you want to set up an arranged marriage. I know she’ll be upset, but I can totally see how it makes sense politically. Then the twist! I literally had to put down the book when I heard Aristos wanted Lore for HIS bride?! That’s sick, dude.

    Now that I got a taste, I find myself growing even more impatient to hear more of this juicy backstory! What did she do to betray Iro? How did Castor become the next Apollo? Will we see the answer NEXT TIME ON DRAGON BALL Z?!

  6. I’m really enjoying this book. It’s so action packed and gripping!

    I can’t wait to learn more about what Wrath wants with Lore, is it something to do with winning the game as well as the poem/shield?!

    I really like all the characters too. I can’t help but wonder if there was some kind of prophecy which meant that Ares let Castor kill him as this would mean the end of the Agon?! I don’t know, trying to figure out how a very sick child killed a God!

  7. Okay, so… miles and van!! I say YES! Omg the tension between these two gave me chills, I need more interaction, and also I need more “alone times” with lore and Castor, these are also endgame.
    The 7year flashback confirmed my theories that Wrath has some kind of unfinished business with Lore, but the fact that he wanted to marry her… cringe.
    I have a theory that the aegis is the key to everything, I yet haven’t figured out how.
    So excited to find out more tomorrow!! See u xx

    1. Yes to Miles and Van!! ?

      1. Yess! Both are so interessting characters

  8. Wow, that was a complex read…so many new characters and intricate layering of plot over some crazy action. I love the way the history is being slowly unfolded in the flashbacks. I really wanted to know if the shield would be a key element when it was first mentioned, and it looks like it may well be! On to tomorrow!

  9. Maybe the shield protects it’s wielder from death? Maybe it makes you immortal (again)?

  10. Is anyone else getting Van-Miles vibes??? Those two together would be soooo cute!

    What an action packed day 2. I’m with some of the other commenters here – I’m exhausted just reading about it ?

    Aristos is pure creepy – wanting to marry a 12 year old child for a Perseides heir to be able to wield the Aegis ? bad enough to think he wanted our Lore for his his son.

    So excited to get going with tomorrow’s chapters xx

  11. I’m loving how this is progressing! Everything is a little clearer now [I think?] with how things work, so it’s easier to enjoy now.

    I’m loving the interactions between both Lore & Cas and Van & Miles! It’s feeling like Van wants out because he’s gay, and there’s just been moments between that make me thing maaaaaaaybe . . .

    I wonder how things will unfold for Lore and Iro. I’m also curious to see how things continue to unfold for Lore and Wrath/reborn Ares. The history that just got told between them is really interesting. The fact that what Wrath proposed to Lore’s father was considered acceptable says a lot about their “society”.

    I’m hoping that there ends up being a way for Lore and Castor to be together – maybe the alternate version hunts at a way to “eradicate” Apollo from his body. Something that ends the Agon but also leaves everyone with happy endings. ?

  12. Ahhh the action is really kicking off now and I am so hooked! I love Lore, but Castor is the sweetest bean ever? And I already ship Miles and Van. Also, Lore’s dad honestly has some of the best, most inspirational quotes. So does Athena, actually – she kind of reminds me of Drax from Guardians of the Galaxy!
    Wrath is so awful and makes my skin crawl every time he talks. Seeing more of why Lore’s family died made me hate him even more and also feel really queasy. I really want to know what she did to Iro and her House now!
    Once again, so excited to keep reading tomorrow!

  13. Yesterday I was getting Shadowhunters vibes and today I’m getting Scythe vibes– Wrath is in such a ruthless pursuit of power in a (not so) slightly unhinged way.

    The last flashback was so interesting in that we see how there’s this disconnect of people living in modern times but according to the customs and rules of ancient Greece. It certainly does not make for a compassionate society. I would love it if a “new Pantheon” was formed with more new Gods like Cas, who I just want to hug. ?

    Also loving Van– but then I tend to go for the slightly snarky ones. ?

  14. Catching up at 2am is just my standard at this point ?

    I enjoyed this section much more than the first. I think there was so much worldbuilding in part one that I felt totally out of my depth, but now its less exposition and more plot I have totally clicked.

    First and foremost- oh boy. What is it that new Ares wants with Lore? Does she have some power yet unrevealed to us?

    My only theory is about relationships- chiefly that Van is so moody with Lore because he likes/loves Castor, and knows Castor loves Lore. Also Van and Miles I think will end up a thing. I thought that from the second they were totally separately introduced, and their bickering when they met makes me even more sure, haha.

    Did anyone else think something horrible was going to happen to the dog? I was SO worried about Chiron. Also, poor Iro. Heartkeeper’s death there was utterly brutal. I like that this book doesn’t shy away from violence, but bloody heck…. ?

  15. As I JUST finished reading the pages for today, I’m posting this quite late (9:34 pm where I’m at). However, it was totally worth staying up this late to read the chapters!

    First of all, we need to give a round of applause for the action Alexandra Bracken has given us today! The fight scenes are epic and I find it very interesting to see the bits of Lore’s backstory being revealed with each one!

    Secondly, I am really enjoying the fact that in the dialogue, we are getting bits of modern humor. It’s a nice break from all of the “we’re-about-to-die” stuff. ? I am also shipping Castor & Lore and Van & Miles. ?

    Thirdly, the POV time jumps are a nice touch. Bracken did a great job at making them noticeably different in wording than the main story. I CAN’T BELIEVE THAT WRATH (when he was mortal) WANTED TO MARRY LORE WHEN SHE WAS FREAKING 10!!! Does Lore have some other purpose/power besides giving their (possible) offspring the power to control the Aegis?

    How did Castor become the new Apollo? How will Wrath use the information of Lore being alive against her? How is Iro going to react about Lore? I also agree about the possibility of the power to overthrow Zeus.

    We shall see! Onward with the story!

  16. Why was I not surprised that Philip Achilleos was the traitor? Haha he was already sus from the start.

    At first I wanted to ship Lore with Miles, but after reading this section, her and Castor will be cute – childhood friends to stranger to lover? Yes please. And I can totally see the start of Miles and Van constant bickering, that will annoy each other in the beginning then miss it when they are gone.

    BUT I started to become suspicious of Miles because he volunteered to help so quickly when he was just introduced into their world. However, I guess that’s who Miles is, a helpful little charm 🙂

    And Aristos…gag…Lore was so young and he already tried to claim her as his future wife? Plus he’s ten years older than her dad?? NO THANK YOU

  17. I’m getting a better understanding of how everything works now as we go along. I’m very interested to know about this past that Lore has been keeping from everyone and what it has to do with her parents and this Wrath guy. Secretly I think she’s some sort of God and we don’t know about it and the shield has something to do with all this. Just no clue how or why.

  18. I really like Lore and Castor and obviously ship them, although I see we won’t see much on that front in the book. I’m still hoping though! 😀
    Aristos wanting to make Lore her wife makes my blood boil… Now I hate him even more.
    I wonder what happened when Lore left Iro’s place and will they be able to reconcile.
    I like Van so far, but he is a bit suspicious. I hope I won’t be right on that front.
    Looking forward to know more, especially about the Aegis! I’m sure it’s the key to end the Agon.

  19. I absolutely love Athena’s reactions to everything, she has some of the best lines. The author did an amazing job of making her seem kind of otherworldly and not like the mortals around her.

    This book is so action-packed and I feel like I never know what’s coming next – excited to read the next chapters!!

  20. Oh my this is getting intense wrath found his wife to be oh dear not good.

    Lore is so great all her snarky commentary and her ability to talk out of any situation awesome.

    I too want Castor and her to be together I need romance in every book hehe.

    I love little snips of her past and that we get to know her more this way.

    But dam the killings and hatred between them is scary but yet exciting to read I just need to know what happens next .

  21. Wow its getting so intriguing. And I absolutely hate Kadmides. Ugh I hope Athena kills him. Im guessing there is some legend which says that the person who wields the shield will win the Agon? Or something like that. Sp intrigued. I really like this book so far!

  22. I’m mostly enjoying this one, but there seems to be a little something missing for me? But can’t quite put my finger on it…

    I do really want to see more interactions between Castor and Lore and see maybe more of their relationship develop…

    And also, I also got some vibes from Miles and Van? Hopefully I’m not alone….!

  23. Finally the team is together! I really enjoy Van and Miles ? hope there comes more of these two
    And Castor and Lore!
    The flasback with Lore and her father meeting the cruel new good was so strange. Lores father declined the offer he wanted to pay for Lore so thats the reason he slaughtered her family. That’s so cruel!
    I really wish for Lore to get a hold of the aegis again

  24. Things are getting INTENSE and I cannot even begin to get my thoughts in order! My mind is whirling with everything that is going on!
    I‘m really liking the little flashbacks we‘re getting in order to comprehend Lore‘s past. They leave me with more and more questions and theories and I cannot wait for everything to finally fall into place!

    I‘m glad that so many alliances took place in this part – and do I sniff some tension between Van and Miles?? Really curious to see what future interactions between these two will bring!

  25. I really enjoy the book.
    I really love how the author mentions a lot of myths like Arachne’s transformation in a spider or the judgement of Paris.
    I also like the flashbacks because they give the characters depth and I love it when you learn more about their past.
    And I really love the dynamic between Lore, Castor, Athena, Miles and Van.

  26. I was glad we got a bit of a flashback in this part and was a little bit disgusted to find out Kadmos wanted Lore as a bride to be. I felt the tension really ramp up in this part and feel like the book will be all action.

  27. We stan Castor (▰˘◡˘▰) reading your comments is such a treat

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