Lore Readalong Day 4!

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Hello Fairy Friends!

Welcome back to day 4 of our Readalong!

How’re you all doing today? I hope you’ve been loving the book so far! It’s time for our next section – let’s go!

Please be warned, the following will include spoilers for Lore by Alexandra Bracken, chapters 33-43! Read only if you’ve finished those chapters!


Our forth section of the book starts with a good old heart-to-heart with Lore and Athena on the roof, questioning society and all that came with it. It’s in this conversation we learn why Lore left, being entirely frustrated by their patriarchal society and the lack of control over her own life. What can be done, except to break away from it entirely and claim back control for yourself?

The nice moment of openess is cut short, however. It doesn’t take long for the crew to discover Miles has been kidnapped – and by Artemis, no less.

Using him as bait, Artemis draws them all to a park and quickly surrounds them. With animals and arrows, she has the advantage of distance between them, and the odds aren’t looking good. At least, that is until the favours turn, and Artemis swiftly meets her death. Everyone can breathe a sign of relief…

…until Castor is wounded, and falls into the water without surfacing again. Just when they were free, Iro takes down Castor and enters a battle with Lore, the fight between the two gaining intensity. Only, there’s a distracting noise nearby…what is it? Lo and behold, Castor is back again. Does the man stay down at all? Apparently not. I can’t say I’m sad about it!

Happiness aside, it does raise some questions. Castor seems to be immortal? How is this possible during the Agon? What really happened that day with Apollo?

Confronted with these questions, Castor is at a loos. Seeing Lore is on Athena’s side and not knowing what else to do, he simply walks away.

Before there is even time to call him back, a huge tidal wave sweeps the city. A freak storm, they say. Sights like this have never been seen before! But Lore knows…this is no freak storm. Only one thing could cause this; Tidebringer.

So the hunt for Tidebringer and the False Ares begins, leading them to a series of tunnels and other questionable areas. Instead of finding the false Ares and Tidebringer together though, they are instead met with Tidebringer chained to a cell wall. she has promised power in exchange for life, and yet she has been limited to this.

Chained does not mean powerless though. With Athena distracted for a second, Tidebringer does her best to warn Lore away from her. Understandably, a moment of confusion crosses Lore – Athena has been helping her all along, right? Just like those heroes she guided?

Cue the villain monologue. All is revealed after a swift disposal of Tidebringer…how Athena has always wanted the Aegis. How she was the one to kill Lore’s family. How she has been manipulating Lore all along. Woven into this monologue is a series of flashbacks to Lore’s childhood, the missing pieces finally making sense. It’s heartbreaking, and devastating…and now a huge problem, with Athena stood before her ready to fulfil her plan.

How do we get out of this situation? Trapped in a tunnel with no one but Athena around, it seems impossible. But then Lore remembers: the bond. In a last ditch attempt to stop the tyrannical Goddess, Lore turns the knife on herself, knowing it will take Athena down with her.

What a cliffhanger moment?! As if the stakes weren’t high enough before, they really took a turn in this section. Do you think Lore’s wound will help bring down Athena as planned, or was the bond all a ruse too? How much of what we’ve learned is false information? Where are Castor, Miles, and Van amongst all this? Are they ok amongst the storm?

So many questions, and soon to be revealed in tomorrow’s section! Do let me know your thoughts and theories for the last part of the book, and I’ll be back to chat tomorrow!



34 thoughts on “Lore Readalong Day 4!

  1. This part was so intense! Really excited to find out more tomorrow

    1. Right?? What more can possibly happen?!

  2. Hello everyone ?

    I thought Lore would be betrayed but didn’t think it would be by Athena ?? How she killed her family ??
    Strange I didn’t even think of her as being a villain…… ?

    How is it possible that Castor can’t be killed…. maybe he was given Apollo’s power freely? I don’t think he has killed him, not on purpose anyway.

    I don’t think Lore’s gonna die, but I don’t know how she’s gonna survive either….. I guess we’ll find out In tomorrow’s pages!!
    See you tomorrow! Love Sandy

    1. Her villainous ways were hidden well!

      There’s so much mystery behind the whole Castor/Apollo situation! Surely we’ll be finding out soon…

    2. Yes, I also think the power needs to be freely given. I guess that’s the way to end the Agon.

      I hope Castor can save Lore, he has the power to do it and I really doubt she’ll die immediately.

      PS: I’m secretly hoping for her to chat with Hades… That would be awesome!

  3. Oh boy, today’s chapters were intense!

    So I was right: Lore had stolen the aegis. What I totally didn’t see coming was Athena’s betrayal…but everything now clicks in place: she was the one who told that the new Ares slayed Lore’s family, she pulled Lore back into the agon by stirring her dark side, and she has been trying to create a rift between her and Castor since the beginning.
    However I completely fell for it ?

    1. I completely fell for it too! I suppose that’s what we get for being so trusting of characters, eh? The heartbreak when I realised what happened! Ugh. What a good plot twist!

  4. What a ride! Todays section ended perfectly on a cliffhanger… I’ve gotta go finish it soon!

    I know I wanted more of Iro, but her betrayal hurt. I hope she still stands on Lore’s side. After all, she didn’t seem to be doing it to hurt Lore. More female friendships in this book would be awesome, since there seem to be none right now. Athena’s betrayal was not fully unexpected but I had hoped that it wouldn’t happen. So Belen only told Lore about how his family killed hers to gain advantage in their fight? Or is Athena playing an even grander game? I doubt that though, even while waiting for it.
    It’s really sad, because I was very happy with their conversation at the beginning of todays section… It was my favorite part of the story so far. Medusa stuff!

    Now that we know about Castors – hopefully – complete invincibility, I came up with a theory: What if the only way to free a gods power from the Agon is by the old god giving them their power willingly? (Or killing, obviously). That way, the killing of the new gods would stop, and when all power is gone, the Agon would be too. Maybe Apollo realized that and gave his power to Castor. The gods do seem to be tiring of their situation further and further.

    What also had me worried was Lore being dragged back into the Agon and her old life of rage, honor-seeking, and revenge. If she survives all this, I’m hopeful that she learns to let go of that all, the hints are there: The feather-necklace and Hermes sayings – I refuse to belief he put on a complete farce -, her family, and Castors positive input.

    I can’t wait to finish it, see how it ends, and talk with you all about it!

    1. Iro really surprised me! I was so hoping for the female friendship to run strong. I still have a teeny bit of hope aha.

      The heart to heart with Athena, followed by betrayal? It hurts, it hurts…
      Well played though, I have to admit that.

      An interesting theory! I can see how that could be the case. I suppose we’ll find out soon – we must be reaching the big reveal about Apollo soon!

  5. What a cliffhanger! I was not expecting the betrayal to come from Athena at all! Selfishly glad it wasn’t Castor though. Ahhh I’m so excited to read the last set of chapters!

    1. It would have hurt so much more if it was Castor! I was internally yelling for him to come back when he walked away!

  6. I KNEW something fishy was going on with Athena! The schemer and strategist couldn’t NOT be planning something.

    What’s going on with Castor kinda feeds my original theory that something “more”/unusual happened when Castor gained Apollo’s power. I didn’t know if it was somehow freely given or if Apollo took Castor’s weakened hand, wrapped it around the right weapon, and used Castor’s hand to kill himself or what’s going on there – but it’s something special, and I can’t wait to find out more!

    I can’t wait to see what happens with Lore and her decision to kill herself to kill Athena – or what’s going on with Van and Miles!

    The desire to just finish it ahead of the readalong is unreal. ?

  7. Whatttttt!?!?! I truly did not see that Athena betrayal coming. I was really hoping that Athena wasn’t going to be the one betraying her because I really like Athena, especially after that heart to heart earlier.

    When Castor and Van were upset with Lore I was really frustrated. Miles chose to do that task and Van was the one who gave him that very first task anyways. I don’t know and then when Castor seemed very hesitant and angry when Lore attacked Belen, it was pretty uncalled for. That’s why I was rooting for Athena so much because she was giving Lore strength.

    I can not wait to see what happens with Castor though. Yesterday I guessed that maybe Apollo sacrificed himself to Castor due to a prophecy but I am not sure. Maybe that’s how he’s truly immortal because he didn’t kill the god to purposely get his powers.

    Also that ending was such a cliffhanger, I wonder what Athena is going to do next.

  8. I wasn’t trusting of Athena at all, the way she kept trying to get Lore away from the others. She even said that the gods shape humans choices without them even realising….was all a bit fishy.
    I was shocked it was her who killed Lore’s family tho!! That was so gruesome and horrific ???

  9. I was so sad about Athena, especially since her and Lore seemed to be getting closer and I really liked her character. I’m really curious about why Castor is immortal and see how everything is resolved. I can’t wait for the last chapters!

  10. Omg! Omg! Have many twists and turns. I did wonder about Athena but then she seemed so genuine.
    I think Apollo gave his gifts freely and then returned to his home… Seems very mysterious!
    Can’t wait for tomorrow. It was hard to stop reading today!

  11. Also… The Van and Miles moment ??

  12. Holy crap… I honestly can’t even begin to process everything that happened! So freaking much happened and I’m kind of weirdly sad Athena is the villain?? Like don’t get me wrong, that betrayal is legendary and the fact SHE killed Lore’s family is horrible and my Gods the long game she was playing is impressive… but they were bonding! She was being all wise and mentor-y! And I knew I shouldn’t trust it but I totally totally did. I have trust issues now. OH! And Iro attacking for a god’s power was also really sad! So much betrayal.
    But I’m super interested in WHY Castor is so different, why he’s seemingly immortal. My theory is Apollo CHOSE to die and give Castor his power, because it’s weird that Castor can’t remember it and he was obviously really weak when it happened and I can’t see a dying child taking down a god if the god didn’t allow it. Maybe the key to winning the Agon is for a god to choose to die, to realise they’re only doing more harm than good and try to end it all.
    I’m so desperate to keep reading on because that cliffhanger was brutal! Today’s chapters have kind of broken me, though! My head is still reeling from everything that happened.

  13. I finally caught up with the redalong last night. The initial sections took me a bit to settle into, but the book definitely has me hooked now. I was very glad Castor came back, but SO curious as to how that happened. I did want him to give her a moment to process his return from the dead before walking off, but hopefully fences will be mended. I wasn’t anticipating Athena’s betrayal. Definitely eager to finish this up tonight!

  14. Ok so my heart basically stopped at the end of this section of chapters… my mind is realing and I am in shock … between Athenas betrayal which I’ll admit caught me off guard, and than that last moment of her sliding the knife in her own chest??!?

    I’m just so emotionally destroyed.. that Athena could torture those baby girls makes me so sick to my stomach… I can’t wait to read more!

  15. I was devastated to hear what happened while she was living with the Odysseides. Of course, this kind of thing would come up in the culture they’ve created. They see women as lesser, as items to be traded, and it’s gross.

    I feel the same sort of surprise that I did with the Hermes reveal. I was shocked at Athena’s plan and actions, but I probably shouldn’t have been: she is the master strategist.

    I’m so upset about Artemis! I was sad she wasn’t part of the team, but it made sense why she wouldn’t want any part of a group “false Apollo” was in. Then the poor thing was betrayed by Athena! My girl can’t get no love.

  16. It’s 9:13 where I’m at, but I FINALLY caught up!! This book is action-packed and very well paced! Each scene is definitely building up more tension and there is symbolism that I noticed (the rainstorms)

    First of all, WOAH. YOU DO NOT TAKE AWAY CINNAMON ROLL MILES AND LIVE TO TELL THE TALE. ? AND THEN when Castor “died” I was like NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. ??? But then his power is different, so he can’t be killed. Theory about this: Apollo GAVE Castor his power.

    AND THEN freaking Athena over here had a master plan the whole time and was really the betrayer. I usually love Athena, but dang do I hate her right about now.

    AND NOW Lore turns the dagger on herself. Nooooooooooooooooo. She won’t die though, because then the MC would be dead and that’s just not how YA books work. Soooooo . . . I’m now dying to see what happens in the final chapters tomorrow! I look forward to finding out!

    Also, I am entering the giveaway on my IG @the_ya_assassin ?


    Castor staying alive was the first thing that shocked me. It made me wonder if Apollo lended or extended his powers to Castor, that way, if Castor was killed, Apollo still has his original form to keep Castor alive.

    Athena being the villian was the second! I had my doubts about her but I casted that aside because Athena doesn’t seem like the person to double cross everyone.

    And Lore trying to sacrifice herself to kill off Athena!! She’s such a brave character. Castor, you better pull up quick and keep her alive without keeping Athena alive, find that loophole, honey!

  18. Wow, today’s read really cut deep! Athena seemed to be softening as she mentored Lore and heard her back story. But there was always a darkness and anger simmering in the old god, and she was stoking that same fire in Lore all along to use it for her own ends. It makes me really go back over Lore’s character…at the beginning she didn’t want to be shaped by anger or revenge, and then as the book progressed she seemed to just be falling back into the old hunter mould. So what is the true Lore like outside of Athena’s influence? And what of Castor…how much of him is mortal, and how much god? And then the ending…I was really hoping for a brush with the Underworld…will this be it?!

  19. ATHENA, WHY??!! T_T
    I knew something was special with Castor, I knew it! I wonder what really happened in the end, we still don’t really know.
    I wonder if Lore will still end up inheriting one of the gods, maybe Athena.
    So excited that we’ll get to see the Underworld! 😮
    Can’t wait to read the final chapters!!!

  20. Athena’s betrayal really stung, especially after the heart to heart. I thought we were going to have some women winning and smashing the patriarchy type stuff especially with tidebringer who could have really been a special part in changing things. It was all really intense and powerful, and really sad. I really feel and like Lore, I think she has a lot of strength.

  21. I managed to guess the betrayal of Athena just oages before it happened, so a little disappointed in myself I hadn’t guessed that before!
    Not sure if it really counts as me theorising haha

    And whilst I thought Lore could leverage herself because of the deal they made, I didn’t expect her to actually stab herself! Super intrigued as to what might happen now!!

    My best guess regarding Castor and his immortality…. What if Apollo gave himself ul willingly, and that’s why Castor is now exempt from the Agon because he also didn’t want the power? Really hope we get answers in the last portion of the book!

  22. Omg I like Athena but that bitch fulled us all she is truly a master of planing things that nobody can suspect. Ok I have to say it was weird to me how Artemis could hert Athena one the most powerful of gods. Yees this revelation was really good

    Castor wath the f he is imortal hmmm the idea of him getting the powers freeliy from Apolo seem plausible to me to I keep thinking that he was saved by Apollo

    Lore is such a clever giril but deam taking her own life to save others soo brave of her and all those flashback stories of how her actions put in motion all of this where awsome but I feel for her pore Lore and now this cliffhanger.
    I have to go back yo reading mostly to find out what will happen next but also to catch on to the readalong hehe

  23. I’ve wavered on Athena’s trustworthiness through the book, I suspected she wanted the Aegis, and it became clearer when she hinted she might not be able to beat Ares, but I never imagined she was the one who killed Lore’s family.

    I’m glad Castor survived, I flipped past the next sections to make sure, then turned back to read it in order. I also guess that Apollo was willingly involved in his own death, and Castor replacing him and that led to his immortality.

    I’m disappointed in Iro, not just that she would betray Lore and try to kill Castor, but also that she still believes only a male member of the family should become a god.

    I am loving this book! I’m a half day behind, if I don’t finish tonight, I will Saturday morning, excited for the rest!!!

  24. Oh my gods! That betrayal!

    This whole section went from bonding moment with an ancient deity to INTENSE real fast and did not let up. What on earth is going to happen next? There’s too much book left for Lore to be dead, right? Maybe in killing herself, because she’s killing Athena in doing so, she will ascend and get Athena’s power?

    Honestly… not sure why Athena made this pact with Lore at all now I think about it. Seems like pretty bad planning on the goddess of wisdom’s part lol. Kind of a big easy loophole you gave Lore there, Athena, babe.

    Also looking forward to finally finding out whats going on with Castor/Apollo in the last part! That has thrown me completely – I have NO theories!

  25. Oh no! I feel like I should have guessed Athena would be double crossing them – she is all about wisdom and tactics, after all!

    I have a theory about Castor, that somehow Apollo shared his powers with him, Apollo saw that Castor was dying and decided to share his power, or gave it willingly. Although we haven’t met Apollo so don’t know if that’s something he’s likely to do. So Apollo is still alive as well, somewhere. Or maybe a character we’ve already met is Apollo in disguise……

  26. I couldn’t stopp reading.
    I knew something had to happen with Miles but i hope he’s alright and Van and Castor saved him.
    I don’t know what to think about Athene. I didn’t expect that.

  27. I really want to know what happened between Castor and Apollo and why Castor is Immortal. I was really surprised by all the very bad Athena reveals. And now I am worried about Lore

  28. I did not see this coming ?. But I do remember in the beginning that there was something written along the lines of “they went to sleep, unaware of the monster among them” so that did resurface after this reveal. I should have known!

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