Master of One Readalong: Day 2

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Hey Fairy Folk!

Its day 2 of our readalong of Master of One!

Who’s ready to jump back into the action and search for One’s Master? I know I am!

Everyone nice and cosy? Okay let’s get started! Today we’re reading Chapters 19-38!

Please be warned, the following will include spoilers for Master of One by Jaida Jones & Dani Bennett Chapters 1-38! Read only if you’ve finished those chapters!


We join Rags and Shining Talon in the tunnels and discover that the first corpse was actually Shining Talon’s brother! I can’t imagine how hard it is for him waking up to discover he is the last of his race. Do you think there could be more Fae that are still alive?

Wait he used to be able to talk to the trees?! Catch me chuckling over the tree’s complaints…

The Fae cannot lie, love that trope…YES! “Except there’s plenty of ways to deceive someone without lying to them.” Shining Talon has a point! Is he eluding to something here? hhmmm

Rags isn’t letting his guard down around Shining Talon…not yet anyway. What can Shining Talon do to earn Rags’ trust?

We have a flashback folks! Introducing Prince Somhairle Ever-Bright, could this person be One’s destined master?

Oh all the birds are dropping dead? That’s… ominous.

Okay interesting…he believes himself to be a curse on his mother the Queen, a blight on House Ever-Bright. Oh the line was cursed by the legendary Oberon, the Queen was cursed to never bear an heir!

But she had many heirs, maybe the rumour about the sorcerers using mirrorcraft to return life to the Queen’s womb isn’t so farfetched? She certainly seems to be using magic to extend her life too, hmmmm could the queen be a sorcerer herself?

Wowzers she’s had 16 sons! Oh no they saw Somhairle’s use of a cane as proof that the curse isn’t broken. And then sent him away to live in a manor alone? Practically exiled, yikes!

They have really put poor Somhairle through it. Those treatments sound hideous! Wow, his siblings don’t seem like great people either, my heart hurts for this prince. His relationship with his mother seems very strange too, right?

Oh no Morien and Lorn Faolan were at the manor, where does the prince fit into this?

We have some intrigue as Faolan admits they are on the Queen’s business. The business of thwarting the resistance as their agents were discovered amidst the Queen’s favourites, the Ever-Loyals. Oooh interesting why did Somhairle react with fear to this? Is it because of his brother’s friendship with Tomman Ever-Loyal?

Shining Talon can heat water in his hands and talk to the stream too? What other cool things can he do?

Wait….y’all when Rags looks at Shining Talon he gets an excited twist in his gut!!!

Oh my god! The scene with the spoon, I’m cry laughing 😂😂

Thoughts of Dane keep coming up, I need to know what happened to Dane! Any early theories?

We learn about the ties the Prince has to the Ever-Loyals and how Tomman had joined the resistance. And about their search for the weapon that will “crush all treason” Ah that’d be the great paragon then, I wonder what the weapon actually does?

Next we meet Cabhan an-ex Queensguard who seems to be haunted by his past. Oh he’s One’s master! Things are getting juicy.

They can communicate telepathically, so cool! One is particularly sassy and I can’t lie I’m living for it!

Shining Talon is a prince!!!

The Queensguard all being controlled by mirrorcraft makes so much sense! Is everyone under Morien’s control?

Ah it all comes full circle as we discover than Cab was the guard from the prologue that Tomman saw fleeing! I think we’d all flee in that situation right? Especially as he was under the threat of being controlled by a sharp shard of mirrorglass to the heart! 😬

Nice! So One’s master will be able to point them toward the Master of Two, okay Cab you’re up pal! But oh no. Morien of course has to use mirror craft on Cab too, a necessary insurance.

Okay I love the dynamic between these two, we have Rags whose cynical and closed off (for reasons I’m sure to be revealed) being waited on by an ethereally beautiful Fae prince who seems incredibly sweet. What a pairing! Are you loving their heart to heart moments as much as I am?

Oh no Rags is a tough nut to crack though, he’s referring to Dane right? The reason as to why be now works alone?

Yay another new character and it’s none other than Inis Fraoch Ever-Loyal, the sister of Tomman. Do we believe Inis’ theory of conspiracy against her family rather than treason? She has to be the next master right?

Okay so the plan to raid house Ever-loyal was in the works for a while then, interesting…  I love how close Cab and One are immediately. Oh cool One can scan his memories to find the next Master! Handy little trick, no?

Oh no the worst person for Cab to seek out would be one of the Ever-Loyals, no wonder Inis acted as she did. That could have gone better to say the least. Will Inis ever be able to forgive Cab?

So good and bad then, Inis will form a bond with the next fragment but she will also no doubt be victim to Morien’s mirror craft too!

Aaah Two takes the form of a cat YAY, cats are the best! 😂

Rags catches Shining Talon smiling at him!

Today’s section ends with many more questions! Is Rags starting to let his guard down a little and trust Shining Talon? Who will be the next Master and what animal do you expect we will see next? And more interestingly what household metal objects will it form from? 😂

Things are moving so quickly and I can’t wait to see what will happen next! Let me know your thoughts and theories below and we’ll chat again tomorrow!



43 thoughts on “Master of One Readalong: Day 2

  1. I’m really loving this book so far. I wonder if the “lump” Rags found is actually an egg? Maybe it will hatch a baby dragon? Please, let there be a dragon!

    1. that’s such a good idea! i didn’t think of that, but it would be so cool if it is a dragon!

    2. I like this egg theory! It crossed my mind too, but it didn’t occur to me it might be a dragon. A dragon would be great!

    3. Ooooh I love this theory!! A baby dragon YES!

  2. First of all, I adore the dynamic between ‘Shiny’ and Rags – they are so cute and I ship already! I love that we’re now getting more characters added – I’m super excited to see Somhairle join the little band and to see what his animal creature will be! I’m wondering if it might be formed from his crutch and brace? I also really really want to see what Rags’ and Shiny’s will be!
    Oh and the scene with the spoon? Honestly the funniest thing I’ve read in a while!
    Super excited to see what happens to the group next!

    1. Yay! I ship too 🙂 ooooh it totally could be formed from his crutch, nice idea!
      So happy that you’re enjoying it! The spoon scene was amazing, right? 😂

    2. I also loved that scene with the spoon and great theory about Somhairle! I didn’t think of that!

  3. I was a little sad to see Rags and his snark share the spotlight. However, Cab sounds cool, and I love his relationship with One. I felt Cab’s despair at being forced BACK into the Queen’s service. After all that he’s seen and done, only to end up back at square one. What a drag.

    I’m loving every step of this book, but I was expecting a bit more to happen before Two and their master came into the picture. I trust the process, though. I’m certain this is going to be a wild ride.

    Too, is that a budding romance between Rags and Shiny that I sense?! OoooOOOooo

    1. OooooOOOoooo indeed!!! A wild ride for sure. So happy to hear you are loving it so far 🙂

  4. Cutlery, that’s hilarious. We’re totally going to get some coming out of weapons, right? Maybe royal jewels? Work tools?
    Like that we’re now getting some context in from the prologue but I wish this had been introduced earlier so it had some world building and not just action with no explanation for the first 100 pages of the book.
    I’d like to get a little more in depth with the emotions, it all feels a little shallow at the moment. The bonding moment with One was way too quickly described, I don’t think I got to understand the full impact of it given Rags’ reaction being to look away it’s so private.
    Shining Talon. What kind of name is that? I’m going to need a really good backstop to redeem how bad that name is.
    A female character, thank goodness!
    We need the history to be explained, asap. This is a lot of pages to still be largely in the dark on a lot of the history for the world building.

    1. I was completely lost with Cab and One too! We didn’t even get a chance to get to know him much individually and suddenly he was in a committed and deeply spiritual relationship with a large lizard??? I’m so confused 🙈

    2. Royal jewels would be so cool! Yes I’m hoping for some more world building too 🙂

    3. While I agree with you on the world-building, I think Shining Talon’s name is something interesting for the Fey in this world, especially when you have last names like Ever-Learning and Ever-Loyal for the humans, or Morien the Last. I think the names themselves serve as world-building.

  5. I’m still enjoying reading this book!!
    Like how nice Shining Talon is!

    I’m wondering why Laisrean hasn’t answered Somhairle’s letter, does he know what happened to Tomman?? Does he know why?? Maybe they killed him too??

    Lot of questions, hope to get the answers soon!!
    See you tomorrow (if I can keep up)

    1. Oooh an intriguing idea! Maybe Laisrean has been killed, I didn’t think of that! You can do it, we believe in you! 🙂

  6. Not going to lie… I keep reading “Shining Talon” as “shiny talons” which makes it seem like his stage name or something – 😂.

    1. that’s a great stage name 😂

  7. I love how two was a cat disguised as cutlery! So cute! I feel like so much has been happening in every chapter of this book, so i’m excited to see what happens in the next part! 🙂

    1. Yay I’m so glad to hear you are enjoying it so far! 🙂

  8. I really enjoy this book. It sounds like really pleasure journey to find another Master’s. Cab and One will be a great couple.

    Rags and Talon relation starts to be a little chemical. Are they flirting?

    I hope they will stop Morien, whatever he wants to achieve. I don’t like him.

    1. I think they’re flirting!! 🙂

  9. I love everything that’s happening! I think the relationship One has with Cab is really sweet and I’m excited to see what other animals there are and get more cute bonding moments! I can also see a romance maybe developing with Rags and Shining Talon which I think will be really sweet!

    1. Yes! the sweetest right? 🙂

  10. OK, that was a different read than the first section! Rags as a character was a bit wearing, but now with others in the picture bringing different levels of experience and depth, it is really fleshing out the story. I feel like the pace is now incredibly fast, just because I am devouring Cab’s perspective and Somhairle’s narrative…loving how he uses his disability as a tool that serves him, rather than just holds him back. I’m hoping the Rags/ShinTal arc will get some more depth soon…both characters seem drawn quite shallowly for now, but hoping that this is masking something incredible as we assemble the Great Paragon! I’ve had the Fairyloot reverse dust jacket and print on display as I read to enrich my sense of the characters…and just on a side note…is that One behind Rags and ShinTal? Where is her third eye hiding?! On to the next section tomorrow…

  11. Heyyyy, so the characters individually are, mostly, starting to grow on me but I’m not really feeling a ton of chemistry between them. So far I really like Inis and especially Somhairle much more than Rags, Shining Talon and Cab which is kind of a bummer because their chapters seems comparatively sparse (though early days for Inis, so we’ll see!)

    Im also starting to follow this book better, but I do still think it ought to explain things more clearly because there were plenty of moments where I was like “oh, that’s finally clear then” some fifty pages or so after I initially wondered what on earth was going on about this, that, or the other if that makes sense… 😅

    The writing in this book, plus the different tasks element, kind of reminds me of Gideon the Ninth in a way I cant quite put my finger on!

    1. I really want to read Gideon the Ninth! When I do, I’ll have to try and see what you mean!

  12. Today’s chapters were actually a lot of fun. Rags is soo funny I mean fae don’t shit hehe. oh and the Two transformation from cutlery and Rags comment on how pissed it must be at one for making him serve so much porridge for all this time hilarious.

    I am loving the theory about the lump being an egg. I am hopping for a dragon transformation too. Its soo interesting how they’re all made of silver and how they transform from such ordinary objects such a good disguise. And I love that they are all animals I cant wait to see what the other 4 are going to be.

    Oh and the theory that the price will be the next master and that his piece will turn from his crutch soo interesting will see.

    And speaking of the prince. Poor guy his life is so lonely since his family is soo mean to him and it feels to me that he is making himself so oblivious to all that evil.

    Oooh and I hate Morien soo much and hiss mirror magic I do hope they get rid of his evil ass and get free of his magic.

    1. Isn’t Rags hilarious?! 😂 I feel for the prince too and just want the best for the guy!

  13. I’m just going to say I’m behind. I’ll try my best to keep up, but I’ll probably make up the missed pages on Friday (my day off).

  14. Never thought I’d love a giant lizard but goodness I love One!!!
    Also I’m so happy they’re going into the everloyals so often prologues like that are never direct parts of the story! I’m also really curious if they’ll all have the same connection One has with cabhan or if the connection will function differently

    1. Isn’t One great! Yes I’m loving the throw backs to the prologue too 🙂

  15. After day one I was surprised by this book, after day two, still, it manages to surprise me. So full of action and omg can we just talk about how cute funny Rags and Shiny are as a duo? That stream scene was both cute, bantery and quite heartwarming!

    1. Aren’t they the cutest?! I’m living for their interactions 😀

  16. I ship Rags and Talon, they are so cute! I really like Rags’ inner monologue, but the other POVs are great too!
    I also really like the action that goes down everywhere and more secrets are uncovered.
    Can’t wait to read more!

    1. I’m so glad you’re enjoying it! Rags’ inner monologue is great right? 🙂

  17. I really enjoy the relationship between Cab and One. One is still my favorite. Raggs and Shiny are so fun! I love it when Rags calls him that! I definitely love the idea of the egg! Dragon egg at best!
    But i absolutely don’t like the flashbacks. There is to much happening and it’s a bit confusing. Especially because englisch is not my mother tongue and the names are kin of funny

    1. Yesss I love it when he calls him Shiny too 😂

  18. I fell a bit behind with the reading yesterday, but oh well..
    These chapters were so much fun. I’m starting to love One so much!
    But I still have so many questions!
    One of the main ones is what is the weapon supposed to do when its all put together? How much damage will it cause?
    I’m guessing a lot since its all scattered over the place😂

    I’m really starting to enjoy this book. I’m really not that big on these kinds of fantasies, but this book is slowly making its way to my top favorites.
    I can’t wait to read what happens and see who’s gonna be Three’s master.

    1. Oh yay! I’m so glad to hear you are enjoying this one! 🙂

  19. I’m enjoying all the characters POVs. Rags thoughts and his interactions with Shining Talon are definitely the most fun.

  20. Ah! I kept reading and forgot to post! But here are my thoughts on this section!
    So, one, I absolutely love Rags’s and Shining Talon’s interactions! To be honest, half the reason I am reading this book is to finally seen them kiss! Ah! So excited!

    Second, I think I enjoy Rags’s POV the most in this book so far! He has the most distinct voice and has those great moments with Shining Talon. However, I really do think Somhairle has a really interesting POV that brings up a lot of world building and history.

    I will say, I wish the pacing slowed down a little or if we were given a little more time to the world building as well. This has already been brought up, and I have to agree that I wish Cab was given more time with meeting One for the first time. That seemed like such an important moment, and I wish we held on to that longer. I would echo that for Inis, too.

    With that being said, I can’t wait to see what Rags’s creature will be, and it being a dragon is such a great theory! I can’t believe I didn’t think of that myself!

  21. I´m still waaaaaaay behind, but I´ve read everyday! I just like need 3 more days for a book that has more than 500 pages xD

    Anyway, I like where this is going. Very interesting. Also think that the thing Rag has in it´s pocketses is Five.

    I love Shining Talon btw, he´s so nice and cute. And I love Rags humour. I´m going to read some more again. Maybe next time I´ll start a few days earlier, haha!

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