Master of One Readalong: Day 4

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Hello Everyone!

Welcome to day four of the readalong! I hope you’ve been enjoying this book as much as I have! What have been your favourite parts so far?

Only today and tomorrow left now, we’re almost at the finish line! I for one have been on the edge of my seat for most of this book and I expect it’s not going to slow down anytime soon! Who’s ready to jump back into the action?

Today we’re reading chapters 57-75!

Please be warned, the following will include spoilers for Master of One by Jaida Jones & Dani Bennett chapters 1-75! Read only if you’ve finished those chapters!


Wow what a chapter to start off today’s reading!

Firstly we need to talk about the fact that Morien has no skin on his throat? What does this mean? Is his sorcerery the only thing keeping him alive?

Secondly the Queen’s story?! Just how many children did she bear that were deemed too “sickly, stunted, damaged” to have a chance at life? She didn’t even give Somhairle a chance to plead his case for the fae and she high key threatened him?! Well at least Morien won’t be using mirror craft on him!

Okay I’m warming up to Einan although she clearly doesn’t trust Cab, do we sense something between them?

Oh so just how many sleeping fae are there in the catacombs yet to be awoken?

After a close call when two Queensguard show up it seems Cab and Einan have discovered another sleeping Fae! Huh so this fae male connected with One to use his magic? That’s pretty cool!

Ah of course! The mission to find the next Master will be tricky considering Somhairle has been living practically in exile. Maybe it’s someone from his childhood?

Oh wow the plan is to go to the palace to jog his memories. Thankfully Morien can glamour them but Rag’s behaviour at court will be a challenge to say the least…

Oh my god Rags is bringing up the spoon incident again!!

“Listen, Shiny hates cutlery. Went mad one time, thought a spoon was attacking me, knocked it across the room and would have fought it to the death if we hadn’t been interrupted. True story.”

Oh no the iron underneath the city is causing Shining Talon some problems, is this going to weaken him too much?

AAAHHHH CUTE Rags has it bad for Shining Talon! Is it just me or do those feelings seem to be reciprocated?

Side note; Two is sassy and I love him! If you could be a Master what animal would you hope to have as a silver companion?

Who else is loving how Somhairle is making the guards nervous by flexing his status?

Nicely played Somhairle, nicely played!

Yes Cab and Einan managed to escape with the new Fae but is Sil okay? They’ve made it to Einan’s theatre and the new fae is introduced as “Second Hope for Windsworn Glory.”

Another name that just rolls off the tongue I see! 😂

Somhairle understandably feels overwhelmed to be back in his old quarters and can’t help but be conflicted. The Queen won’t hesitate to strike him down if she suspects fae corruption but she is still his mother. Ultimately though, will he take action against her and become a traitor to the crown?

Ooh we finally meet Laisrean, I’ve been waiting for this guy to show up! Why did he warn Somhairle to stick to his rooms? What does he know? And could he be the next Master?

Oh oh Rags wants to go snooping in the palace! I can’t imagine this will end well…

Oh wow a horrifying scene for them to discover! Surely they have to rescue these trapped fae children?

Ah this is going to be interesting, Inis is going along with Somhairle to meet Laisrean Ever-Bright! Oof she’s furious with him for his inaction over her brother’s death, that’s understandable right?

Ah she’s disguised, we may have to wait a little longer to see how that whole situation turns out but at least she’s beginning to realise her blame is misplaced, that it belongs to the Queen of course!

Ah man the meeting with Sil’s contact was cut short! But Cab now knows that our gang is at the castle! If they have a chance to free the other masters of the Great Paragon, shouldn’t they try?

Damn 17 fae?! I agree with Rags, Morien has to be behind this and these fae must be the source of his power!

But is his other theory right? Will Morien be able to figure out how to put a shard in a fae? By doing this to Shining Talon he could transfer the connections to himself meaning he will be fully in control of the Great Paragon. Yikes, a scary thought!

Faced with Rags’ discovery of the fae trapped beneath the palace, Somhairle has chosen treason. YES! 

But wait Lord Faolan Ever-Learning has left the prince a warning! Does he have a shard in his heart too? It seems likely right?

Oh Inis finds herself alone in Laisrean’s company, there’s definitely something between these two. Did he recognise her? But just as things were getting interesting Somhairle and Three stepped inside, ah nooo!

Wait he covered his mirror with red cloth, the same fabric as the blindfold?

Ah ha! Laisrean is a spy for the resistance of course! That makes so much sense and we now have another member to add to the team. Could he be the next Master as Somhairle suspects? What do you think?

Things are heating up to the conclusion and I for one can’t wait to see how this ending will go down! Any theories as to what will happen? Please let me know all your thoughts!

I’ll see you tomorrow for the final chapters!


25 thoughts on “Master of One Readalong: Day 4

  1. The book is almost over (I don’t want it to be over 🥺) and we still have more questions than answers. On goodreads it’s marked as a standalone so I have a mighty fear…but maybe it’s just that the sequel hasn’t be contracted yet? Does anyone know something?

    However I hope in the final part Cab will reunite with the others and they will all go to the rescue of those faes in the mirror-prison. It also came to my attention that on the cover there’s written “the score of a lifetime”, and maybe it’s not referred to the initial quest that turned out to be finding Shining Talon but to “steal” the fae kids from the queen?
    And I don’t think Laisrean is the fourth master, so I wonder who they might be 🤔

    1. I don’t believe a sequel has been contracted yet but we can hope! 🥺
      Thank you for sharing your thoughts! I do feel like Laisrean may be too obvious a choice too! hmmmm

  2. Okay….. first I thought Laisrean was the spy, but Cab mentioned (in his thoughts) that the spy was big, heavy set so I didn’t think it was him anymore, but he is!!!! I like it🎉🎉 Hoped he was one of the good guys!!

    I loved how Two and Three tried to comfort Shining Talon!! It’s the best thing about having a housepet. ( we’ve got two dogs 🐶 ❤️)
    I also like how the fad names are more sentences than a real name!

    Favourite line in these chapters was ‘I hate that you’re not as stupid as you look’ (Inis to Rags). It’s kinda a good thing we’re finishing this book tomorrow!! I really need to clean the house, haven’t gotten to it al week because I’m such a slow reader 🙈🤪😂😂

    See you tomorrow, love Sandy

    1. I 100% relate and really need to clean too 😂 YES that was such a good line! This book has had me chuckling so many times 😂 So happy you are still enjoying it Sandy! ❤️

  3. Hello everyone! I haven’t managed to catch up quite yet but I’m asking here while its still the current day and people are more likely to see it lol…

    Can anyone think of any songs they like that remind them of Master of One? ❤ I like having little book playlists to read to but I’m kind of blanking!

  4. How many feas are sleeping? It’s a good question and why they can’t back together.

    Feas names are madness here, how should I remember them? XD They are too long and what sense is in that.

    Morien is a sneaky person and I’ve not felt guilty because he has a throat without skin. I will be not surprised, if he is some kind of zombie with magic abilities or his body is animated by magic only…but he still has a full ability to walk, cast the spells..but what with normal human actions: sleeping? Eating?

    Left a little more than 100 pages to he end and I need answers…

    1. Ooooh yes I like this theory! Maybe he is only held together by magic? hmmm

  5. I’m really enjoying this book though the slow burn between Rags and Shining Talon is killing me. Ughh those guys are so cute together.
    I’m so curious who the fourth master will be though I don’t think its Laisrean, that just feels too convenient. But maybe Einan? Especially as she works at the theatre the prince mentioned
    I’m excited to see how it wraps up!

    1. I’m so glad you’re enjoying it! oooh yes maybe Einan!! 🙂

  6. Yikes, I figured Morien would be at least a little scary underneath, but I never imagined he’d be silvery AND monstrous! I was so glad that Somhairle didn’t need to get stuck with a mirror shard, though. Poor baby has so much going on already.

    I’m super interested to see what is going to happen with the resistance. It really felt like a win to save another sleeping fae! Though, I had a bit of a problem with mentioning the friendship bracelet on the “mysterious contact.” I thought it was a little too telling (for us as readers, at least). I’m glad we got the big reveal quickly, though, so I wasn’t screaming, “It’s HIM!” at the book. I’m super excited to hear more about big brother the spy!

    I think I’m solidly on team Somhairle. Rags is funny, and at least he got to show off his thieving abilities again, but I’m losing patience with all this Tsundare pinning. Inis’s pinning is at acceptable levels, but so much of her sections are dedicated to managing her rage. Cab has a similar problem, except his emotion to keep in check is his guilt.

    I think One is my favorite silver creature uncovered so far. She seems to be a good balance of wise and sassy. If I got to choose the form of my silver bestie, I think I would pick a dog. I know it might be unoriginal, but I think my doggo is the very most gorgeous creature. She could only be more gorgeous if she was wrought from silver!

    I have no ideas on how this one is going to end. I’m expecting there will be a sequel, so I don’t think we’re taking down the Queen just yet!

    1. 100% agree! Somhairle must be protected at all costs! Yes I love them all but One is possibly my fav too 🙂 A silver dog would be majestic and a great pick! Thank you for sharing your thoughts and I hope you will like the conclusion!

  7. If I could have a silver companion, I would like a silver little dragon! I think that would be so fun! But if I couldn’t have a mythical creature, a penguin for sure!

    As for this second to last section, I got to say that I am surprised we didn’t get Master Four yet and with only a 100 pages left of the book… There is still so much that needs to be answered for!! I too saw that this book is not marked as a first book in a series on Goodreads (which is my main source for all things books and series), and I got to say…this concerns me. We need Master Four – who I do not think is Laisrean – Rags has to get his pet, Rags and Shining Talon have to ADMIT their FEElINGS for EACH OTHER, and that does even bring in the climax and falling action for the rest of the book and all the answers to the questions we have!! That is to say, I am looking forward to finishing this book, and the way it ends could really make it or break it for me.

    Overall, my favourite moments for this section were between Rags and Shining Talon (surprise, surprise), and Somhairle flexing his prince status!

    1. ooooh a dragon or penguin are both great choices! There are still so many questions to be answered and I have a mighty need to see Rags and Shining Talon admit their feelings too 😂 I hope you’ll like the conclusion!

  8. I’m in love with this characters! A perfect epuc quest gang! Inis is a spitfire, fury! Somhairle is kind and understanding, Rags funny and resistant! Shiny is honorable and protective. Cab is brave and emphatic. So who will be the last master? I have a feeling we already meet them and it isn’t another Ever-Bright princess! Maybe another of the fea? Or certain Ever-Noble?

    Enjoying how pack with action this book is. I mean 27 fea in mirror-prision to power a skinless sorcerer?! Ewwwy, hated him before but such a creepy villain, bonus hate for being gross!

    1. ooooh maybe it is another Ever-noble, I like this idea! 🙂
      I’m so glad you’re enjoying this one so far!

  9. Oooh I feel so angry at the Queen and Morien now for traping so many fae like that draining them of their magic to stay alive and to cause so much trouble to everyone horrible
    But it is interesting how many young ones they’re finding it like they pust all their children to sleep to be awakend when necessary.
    Poor Shining Talon to see so manyof his kind to be traped like that I cant imagine his pain right now.
    I do love the chemistry between Rags and Shining Talon and I feel it’s Ragses turn to comfort Shaning Talon now his is in such pain.
    I am begining to like Somhairle a bit more and I do hope he will be fully on boar now I mean the Queen is still his mother but now his brother is a spy for the resistance that might make things easier.
    Boy I do hope that they manage to get rid of them self of this mirror magic now that Cab knows their here and that they can help free those poor fae end stop the evil queens rain.
    And lastly if I was a master I would probably want my animal to be a unicorn

    1. Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts! A unicorn is a great choice!! 🙂

  10. Given how many pages left and how many things are still unanswered, I hope this book is not a standalone. 🥺
    Anyway, Rags and Talon finally saw that horrid chamber, poor Talon.
    I’m glad Cab managed to save a fae, I hope the other resistance member will warm up to him, because he is really trying.
    I love how all the fae characters have a shortened nickname!
    I had a haunch that Laisrean will be the resistance member, I wonder if he knows who Inis truly is.
    Can’t wait to read the rest of the book!

    1. I’m so happy you are enjoying it so far and I hope you will like the conclusion too! 🙂

    2. I’m worried it’s a standalone too! Please don’t let it be over! 😭

  11. I’m a day behind 🙈

    However, I got yesterday’s pages done early this morning and I am on track to finish Master of One tonight!

    Thoughts about Day 4’s chapters:

    I love Cab’s POV. There is so much more action in them than the others.

    Anyone else feeling like this is just a big filler book? To me, they found the masters pretty quickly considering how long it took them to get to where they are now.

    I don’t think Laisrean is the next Master. It’d be too obvious. I think the next one might be the fae, Hope, because there are 6 Masters in total, correct? 3 of them could be human and 3 could be fae. That’d make sense for the purpose of the Great Paragon.

    I feel like the obvious romance between Shining Talon and Rags is a little too fast. Nothing against them being together, I just feel like there should’ve been more development. Cab + Einan & Inis + Laisrean are more ships. Inis and Laisrean DEFINITELY have a history!

    The fact that the Queen has fae trapped under the Hill is horrifying!

    Somhairle is a good actor! The fact that Laisrean is a spy is a twist I didn’t see coming!

    And I think Lord Faolan does have a glass shard in his heart.

    1. I think it was explained early in the book that all masters except Tal are humans. But it would be so much better if it were the fae

  12. I was doing so well keeping up! How did I fall a whole 24 hours behind? 🙈

    I’m glad Somhairle is a main character properly now! His narrative is the most interesting to me for whatever reason. I like the concept of Cab being associated with the rebellion but not really any of the characters involved in it bar maybe Sil, who is unconscious for reasons I dont understand in the slightest, which has me hoping it’ll end and get back to the other characters every time.

    What’s happening to the other fae is brutal, though the impact was sort of lost since we were told about it before Rags discovered it. Also it’s horrible that Shining Talon is torn up about it but I’m a bit confused – he was sent into his magical slumber before the genocide of the other fae, right? So why wasn’t he more upset when he woke up and found out? I understand he’s not a very emotional character, but I don’t follow why he barely seemed to react at all when this new discovery has destroyed him. I would like to know what the author’s have in mind is going on in Shining Talon’s head, to be honest… he could offer the most interesting character perspective, but we don’t actually get to hear from in even through him talking about it to Rags or any of the others really.

    Looking forward to finishing. I cant guess what will happen in the last hundred pages! It feels like it’s only really started to pick up to me, personally!

  13. I want to know more about so many things

    What is Einan’s story? And is she a master?

    Faolan seems to be subtlety helping them, what is his story?

    Did Laisrean join the resistance because of what happened to his friend Tomman or was he already a member?

    What the heck is Morten? Is he dead ish? Is he hundreds of years old?

    What exactly does this weapon do?

    How many of these questions will I get answered by the end or the book?

  14. So much is happening now. Especially Cab seems busy. But Tal and Rags are still my favourite. Poor Tal that he has to find those poor fae

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