Master of One Readalong Schedule!

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Hello Fairy Friends!

Welcome back, it’s time for our next readalong! I hope everyone is doing well and looking forward to the weekend! Our December book readalong starts on February 8th! This month we are reading Master of One by Jaida Jones & Dani Bennett and I can’t wait to get stuck in! Six Fae relics, one daring thief and the score of a lifetime…colour me intrigued!

This is going to be fun!

As I said, the readalong starts on February 8th so today I bring you the schedule to help you plan your week and get in that reading time each day!

Every day I, your host for this Readalong, will post some discussion points or observations from the section of the book allocated for that day. There is a comment section under each post & we love seeing your thoughts too! This Readalong will last over the course of 5 days, from February 8th – February 12th.  The below chapters are inclusive! The reading schedule is as follows:

8th February: Prologue – 18

9th February: 19 – 38

10th February: 39 – 56

11th February: 57 – 75

12th February: 76 – The End

Each day we will tackle approximately 105+ pages. If this is too much or too little for your usual reading speed, please feel free to adjust to your schedule! There’s absolutely no pressure if you want to read at your own pace and do your own thing. The daily posts will be ready and waiting for you to still join in and discuss!

There will be spoilers for that allocated book section so we can freely share our thoughts for what just happened and predictions as to what will follow! I’m very excited to hear your thoughts and opinions!

As always, there will be a Readalong exclusive competition to win your next box for free! We always believe reading should be encouraged! Details on how to enter to come soon!

Instagram will remain a spoiler-free zone, but please make sure to tag us in your Readalong stories when you get ready for a reading session, we often repost these and we love seeing you all cosy and ready to jump into the next part of your adventure! It keeps us and others motivated!

If you take Instagram photos of the book, you might also find your photo being featured in a post too (with due credit, of course!). Just remember to tag your Instagram photos with the #fairyloot hashtag.

You will, of course, be getting reminders on Instagram stories every day of which pages we are reading that day. (We know some people like to set a handy phone reminder to get that reading done too!)

Who’s ready for some thievery?

Say hello to one another in the comments, whether you’re a returning FairyLooter or a new friend, and I will catch up with you all on Monday!



13 thoughts on “Master of One Readalong Schedule!

  1. Hello Codie, hello everyone.
    I can’t wait to begin with this book, it seems spectacular and I’m so happy you featured it in your box!
    See you all on Monday then~

  2. Oh no! I would love to participate, but the Fairy Scoop says that this readalong starts on February 8th and I didn’t plan to read it this week!

    Why did y’all change it without letting anyone know?

  3. how fun! I will be joining the read along. What’s one more book for February.

  4. Looking forward to this next week!

  5. I will join to the readalong. This book sounds really interesting for me. Have fun everybody!

  6. Hi! I’m excited to join this one ?

  7. I’m excited to join in, it sounds like such a good book!

  8. Sounds cool, I’m in! <3

  9. So excited for this readalong!! I’m excited to see what I think about this book!

  10. Hi all! I forgot to comment on this before the readalong started, but this is my second readalong. My first was These Violent Delights last month which I really enjoyed, so I’ve been super looking forward to this!

  11. So excited to start this today!

  12. I forgot to post here before, but I’m really enjoying the book so far! I didn’t realise Master of One is a stand-alone book! I always love reading fantasy and stand-alone fantasy is always interesting to read and see how a whole world is flushed out!
    I can’t wait to hear about people have to say!

  13. I’m joining too! I’ve read a long a few times before, but I want to make a habit out of it! I ‘m still catching up with day one though, haha! Have fun everyone 😀

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