We are so excited to reveal the May theme for our monthly box and it is… SPELLCRAFT!

Isn’t it so interesting how in stories there are different types of magic and different ways for spells to be cast? Casting spells and magic almost always comes at a price and depending on the toll… what would you be willing to sacrifice?

In this box you can expect items inspired by Serpent & Dove, Throne of Glass, Raybearer, Crave and there will be an item that is not inspired by any fandoms. For now, we are revealing that this box will have a beautiful tumbler designed by the one and only @chattynora!

Our featured book of the month is a Jamaican-inspired fantasy about two enemy witches who must enter into a deadly alliance to take down a common enemy. This FairyLoot exclusive edition will have an EXCLUSIVE COMPLETELY REDESIGNED COVER, STENCIL EDGES ON ALL THREE EDGES, ARTWORK ON THE REVERSE OF THE DUST JACKET by, FOIL EMBOSSING ON THE CASE, A RIBBON BOOKMARK and will be SIGNED BY THE AUTHOR. You are not prepared for how stunning this edition will be!

We wanted to give you a heads up and reveal this theme earlier than usual as the featured book is a highly anticipated April release and we thought the Fairy Reveal Week would be a fun opportunity to share the theme early with everyone! ?

Spots for new subscriptions are currently CLOSED, but you can sign up to the waiting list here. The best way to get a subscription at the moment is to sign up to the waiting list – we invite people whenever more spots become available.

Gorgeous theme art by official FairyLoot artist @taratjah and text by ?

11 thoughts on “May Theme: SPELLCRAFT

  1. I am LIVING for this theme! I think I know the book for this box, and if I’m right, it’s one that’s been on my wish list for a long time!

    1. Could you tell me as well, please? I am dying of curiosity 🙂

      1. I will be happy to tell you but i don’t want to give spoilers for anyone reading these comments. Feel free to message me on Instagram @BookishSerpent and I’ll tell you the book

    2. same!! this book has been in my tbr list since FOREVER i cannot wait until may im so excitedddd

  2. Oh! I’ve been waiting for this book!

  3. I am BEYOND pumped! I just got my subscription invitation email this morning and I can’t wait!

  4. Yaaay! Just got my invitation and get to start on this book!!!! I literally almost preordered it this past weekend!

  5. I finally got off the waitlist for May’s box!! I definitely figured out the book and I am so excited for the whole theme! 🙂

  6. i got my invitation right on time yay!

  7. I found my invitation email from a couple of days ago (I can’t believe I didn’t see it sooner) and finally ordered my subscription for the May Crate ? super excited


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