Nocturna Readalong: Day 2

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Hey Fairy Friends!

Thank you so much for all your comments under yesterdays post, I love love love reading your thoughts! Someone pointed out how fun and interesting the shadows are – definitely agree! I am so happy to see so many of you are enjoying it too!

Welcome to day 2! We are reading chapters 6-11!


Please be warned, the following will include spoilers for chapters 1-11 of Nocturna by Maya Motayne. Read only if you’ve finished those chapters!


That moment when you notice the name of the book in the chapter you read, I feel similar to when people cheer in a concert when the performer mentions their city! It’s so silly, but always so fun.


“We all carry good and bad within us, light and dark. That is what makes us human. And remember, no matter how far into the darkness we may fall, it is never too late to seek the light.”

What a lovely reminder! I think we can be very harsh to ourselves sometimes, putting too much value on actions we have taken in the past, it’s good to remember that change, present and the future is what defines you, and that nothing is black and white!

All of the books, from yesterday’s winnings, proved kind of useless apart from one which speaks of old magic. Oooh do you think that void was actually portal to nocturna? Probably not.

Daz making him the bravery dragon figurine and trapping his roar of bravery so no nightmares attack is the cutest thing! He was lucky to have such a sweet and caring brother, no wonder losing someone like that shook him to his core. Do you have siblings, are you very close to them?

Whilst Alfie is casually reading ancient magic tomes, Finn gets taken to see la familia and is made to either join or die. All such fun options… She counters their offer with one of her own; she will attempt an impossible heist job. If she succeeds, they are to let her go but can keep the loot, if not – she’s theirs. 

The heist target? Basically an invisibility cloak! How exciting! I wonder what does the royal family use that ting for? Any guesses? We see Finn being abused by her career before who was so demanding and clingy and unhealthy and it’s easy to understand why being controlled by anyone else even a bit is unthinkable. 

“Social life”? Hahha I love her sass. I love her character in general. 

Wow, hiding inside a dead pig alongside all the herbs and seasoning. That sounds rank! We also meet Aurora who’s a betrothal, or was one, to Dez. I like her. Good to see a self aware character, she’s not blind to the motives she’s used for and understands politics and the royal business. I also really like how considerate and respectful Alfie seems when interacting with her. 

We also have a scene where Alfie confronts Luka a bit. I understand Luka’s frustration and am intrigued by his character. What do you think of him so far?

Finn actually gets the cloak! But, of course, decides to parade around the castle and gets busted by Alfie. Why Finn, why?

Wonder what he’ll do or say! What do you think? 

We will have to wait till tomorrow to find out!

Hope you enjoyed today’s section! What were your favourite parts?

If you had an invisibility cloak for a day, what would you do with it?



37 thoughts on “Nocturna Readalong: Day 2

  1. I am falling more and more in love with this book ? the characters are so amazing, I love their interactions ? and they have an invisibility cloak! Finn and the oregano was the best thing ever, I laughed so much ? Alfie and Dez must have been really close, I am sad that he was taken from him, I have a sister and I cannot imagine loosing her. Do you fairyloot fairies have any siblings? ?

    1. We do! Anissa has 2 sisters, Lauren and me have a sister each too! Many females haha

  2. Loved these chapters! I feel we are seeing more of Finn’s character and past. She reminds me a bit of Aelin in the sense that she was raised and trained to be the worst version of herself. Its rather sad. She has known nothing else. So kinda hoping it gets better for her. I relate with the unhealthy relationship.

    The whole Familia thing annoyed me but only cuz I was so mad Finn was coerced into doing the heist! Really want the boss to get what she deserves!

    I admit I dont like Luka. He is rather annoying. Maybe my opinion will change later. But at the moment he seems whiny.

    Excited to see Finn and Alfie have another meeting! I really want to see how their characters connect and if they help the other overcome themselves. I have a theory that maybe Finn’s magic is what Alfie needs to rescue Dez. And if not, maybe Finn’s master trained her to control the dark magic. Or kept her magic locked and small to avoid it becoming stronger? Who knows! Cant wait to read more.

    Loved the sancocho reference!

  3. It’s not easy to stop reading now. I’m frusterating that Alfie barely gets to read the books. What if the crazy spell book actully have an answer? It has “sealing and banishment” in the title, what if that’s exacly what happend to Daz, that he been put away somewhere with a spell like that?

    I really love how Finn climbed into a pig to get into the casle. The smell must have been intense. And when she founds the cloak, I can’t blame her for walking around in it. I would have done the same. No idea what exacly I would have done, but at least some spying …

    And then there is Alfie. His relationship with his brother is so sweet and I hope we get some more glimpses like the one with the bravery. And then there’s Luka, what will happen to him?

    And I love that Alfie can see through the invisible cloak. I’m excited for their second encounter.

    1. That’s how you know you have a good book, when it’s hard to stop haha

  4. I’m really enjoying the book so far! I hate la famila though and hope finn kills them at some point. I feel so bad for her without her magic.
    I’m interested to see how the two characters will eventually work together, I think they’ll have a fun dynamic.
    Also I kinda feel for Luka and I’m super worried about him after drinking that wine. Mainly because I don’t want Alfie to lose someone else he cares about

  5. What an unbelievably gross creation story. Stars are literally sky snot! Eww. ⭐
    I sure don’t think I’ve ever read a creation story like that one before!
    That little story about Dez giving Alfie the dragon made up for it though. How cute was that? Somewhere to keep his bravery. Aww. My brother used to make me a magic potion to keep ghosts away when I was little, so it reminded me of that which was sweet. ?
    Was that poison put in Alfie’s drink? I wonder if his magic will be able to see any residue of that.

    Then we have Finn literally flipping tables when she’s mad. I love this girl. ? I want things to turn out good for her, and after what she’s clearly been through with this Ignacio guy, she deserves good things! Instead she gets saddled with La Familia, and they’ve taken her Propio magic!
    Reading about the Vanishing Cloak had huge Harry Potter vibes, which I adored! And that pig scene. ? I’m shuddering just thinking about it, but at least Finn is a heroine who clearly isn’t grossed out by dead things.

    And I just want to say that I don’t trust Aurora. She seems absolutely lovely, and she was destined to be queen with Dez, but I’m thinking she’s a little too perfect. ? I hope I’m wrong, because she did seem genuinely nice, but I don’t trust anyone!

    1. I don’t trust her either, but I never trust people engaged to a main character because of political arrangements.
      I blame it on previous YA reads 😀

    2. I feel like we are all so suspicious after all these books!! 😀

    3. I read the creation story bit and had to re-read it to make sure that it was snot, cough exhales, and sweat that made the universe, lmao. Was not expecting that. Although I did enjoy the darkness and the light story for the humans and how they combined and connected through the shadow.

  6. Loved those chapters! Stopping was so hard!
    Am I the only one who thought the statue in the vault might be Dez?!
    Loved the whole cloak think, still adore Finn and loving Luka too. I can’t wait for tomorrow! I hope Luka is okay… you know since he drank the elixir thing

    1. I love that someone else thought about it…Dez being the statue in the vault… but why would he be in their vault and why wouldn’t the king and queen try to save him? 🙁

      Anyhow something is up with that one makes statues with arm hairs :))

      1. Two very good questions! Only time will tell 😉
        Can’t wait to find out!

  7. I was actually praying for her to vuml into Alfie at this point and to see what her reaction would be to finding out he’s the crown prince ? can’t wait to read more!

  8. Am I the only one who is really worried about Luka?
    I always give the benefit of the doubt to characters that haven’t been as exposed as the main ones, and although Luka can be percieved as annoying, I totally understand him. I couldn’t possibly imagine what has he been through, and Alfie, as understandable as he is, does too. And I can see the bond that both of them share and I’m just panicking because what will Alfie do!

    Also, I really like a kickass female character with moral conflicts as Finn has. Will she feel bad if she knows what happened to Luka?
    I like the way she unapologetically does whatever it takes to have her freedom and although she made the mistake to linger in the palace… I would have done exactly the same! That means another interaction with Alfie and I can’t wait!

  9. I am still loving Finn’s sass. You go gurl!! What’s in the bottle? Sleeping draught? Poison? So many questions. Is it tomorrow yet?

  10. I love Luka, I’m not sure why but I took an immediate shine to him.
    I struggled to get into this, the language change really disrupts my reading flow and I did skim over a few paragraphs but it’s getting interesting.
    I read past today’s chapters, I’ve had a lazy day with nothing else to do. ??

  11. Oooh nice place to stop today, can’t wait to see how Alfie reacts to Finn in the blue room.
    Finn is such a cool character and I loved her chapters today.

    Hope everyone has a great time reading ???

  12. I do not trust Aurora. She or her family are behind that bottle I think. And Luka drank it! Oh dear. It think it’s some kind of posion.
    I’m not really feeling to much of a connection yet. I hoping we go back to the books with old magic, cause I like that! ?

    P.s. I did feel like the Vanishing Cloak was a total Harry Potter rip off ???

    1. Ooooh interesting theory!

  13. So far I am really enjoying this book! Im finding both of our main characters interesting and looking forward to their future interaction ❤ I don’t mind Luka too much, I think he seems like a younger brother to Alfie. Probably he comes across a little whiny and maybe naive.
    See what happens next!! ?❤?

  14. Oh no! Why did we have to stop reading right at that chapter?! I need to know what happens next now that Alfie has stumbled upon Finn. Also poor Luka! He drank from that flask, what on earth is going to happen to him?

    I’m loving this book so far, all the characters feel really well done. I love the prophecy thing that’s hanging over Alfie’s head as the Prince with no future. It’s really intriguing and if the prophecy person isn’t a total fraud we must get Dez back at some point, he had such an intense prophecy!

    Did anyone else get the feeling that the statue in the vault that zapped Finn is somehow related to the God Sombra? We know he was trapped somehow and that statue had ominous written all over it.

  15. First of all, I loved loved loved that quote too. It’s a reminder that no one is perfect and that no matter what you did before you always have a CHOICE in what your future is going to look like.

    Second, after today’s chapters I kind of feel the same about that void Dez has been sent too. I really think is somehow related to either Sombra or Nocturna. It has to be.. also, that statue in the vault, very detailed, with arm hair and stuff…that’s also a bit creepy.. can that be Dez somehow cursed…? Hmm hmm

    I was not expecting Finn to be so..hmm..can’t find a good word for it. After everything she’s been through she’s determined to never let anyone else control her again and she’s willing to so whatever it takes to do it. Shes very stubborn, strong minded , brave and that sass? You go gurl ❤ love her!!

    I liked the interaction between Alfie and Aurora. I can see the sparks of a really good friendship there..but…I really hope that 1) they won’t have to marry because she was supposed to marry Daz and now Alfie is the crown prince…? and 2)Aurora or her family are not involved in what happened with Daz and whatever weird thing is being poured in Alfie’s sleeping potion under Finn’s eyes, cuz that looks like someone is trying to poison him.

    I really loved the story about Daz and the little dragon and how caring and loving he was toward hes little brother. I really hope Alfie can bring him back because they’re relationship is just goals ?

    Also can we talk about the ball scene? How even if Luke is avoiding him and that clearly hurts Alfie’s feelings, the prince still goes and stands up for him, only for the roles to be reversed and Luka ending up being the one who defends Alfie… that’s just adorable ? and how Luka gets drunk and tries to do the exact opposite of Alfie’s request (he even has to think hard about what the opposite would be ?)’s so cute… makes me think that maybe Luka’s feeling towards Alfie were a little more than brotherly?

    Can’t wait for tomorrows chapters…don’t like the suspense…I am really excited for Alfie and Finn meeting again but I feel like something dark is just around the corner and I’m sure is gonna make me scream at the book tomorrow haha?

  16. My face in shock when Alfie gets her Journal! I love how raw his grief is and how relatable each emotion is. Wow. Mobsters and heists! So exciting and I like how we know more about Finn and why she hides her face. I love all the close calls, She almost got baked alive inside a pig! And the bath scene! So funny! I love how “a piece is missing” so his future is unknown, could it be Finn?! Oooohhhh and the possibilities with Aurora too the DRAMA! Also all the shadow talk makes me think of Peter Pan’s shadow. No! Luka took the tonic that might be poisoned ;( OMG GASP! He freakin found her in the invisibility cloak! Ahhhhhh SO GOOD!

    1. I totally get the Peter Pan vibes. I immediately thought of the Disney movie and him sewing the shadow back to his shoe!

  17. I feel like Alfie is going to call her out on the previous nights shenanigans, but then that’ll expose his identity to Finn, which could prove deadly considering how deep she is with Kol so far. I’m wondering if Luka will have a bit of poisoning, or if it’ll be bad enough his life will be threatened.

    I’m definitely intrigued with the wooden animal figurines; I have a feeling that if Dez is still alive, the figurines he made may start moving a bit or become alive again if they get close to finding him. Just an idea.

  18. I’m loving it! I understand why Luka would be mad ? but please forgive Alfie! ? I have a 2 sisters and I don’t know how I would live without them ? I’m glad they finally ran into each other again!

  19. Love the botherly relationship between Luca and Alfie.

  20. I’ve finally figured out this read along thing (at last!)
    Totally in love with this book which I didn’t expect from the blurb (although the amazing cover should have tipped me off…)
    I simply don’t want to put it down!!!

    I love how human the characters are. We don’t have a hero and a villain even though we have a prince and a thief… we have two humans grappling with their moral code in difficult circumstances!

    I’m intrigued to find what’s beyond the blue room (and more than a little worried about Luca and Alfie by proxy!)

    1. Additionally I would like wind so that I can fly/defy gravity and look like I was moving things with my mind

  21. A pig. Our badass went inside a pig. Full of oregano. My god.
    Of course she couldn’t just leave the palace, she needed to go around cloaked.
    Does anyone think leaving that bottle of poison was a bad idea? Who’ll be the first to die?

  22. This part of the book really grabbed my attention, and needless to say I didn’t stop reading when I reached this day’s chapters…

    Luka is an interesting character I hope we learn more about him! The relationship between him and Alfie is so sweet, they’re more like brothers than cousins and I can understand why Luka is so mad at Alfie. I would be too if my sister just up and left without a word.

    I loved the interaction between Alfie and Aurora, another character I hope we see more of. I like that Alfie was so respectful of her and her thoughts as well.

    Of all things, why would Finn wonder around the castle!!! Doesn’t she know she should’ve left when she had the chance, of course if that happened it would be a different story. And of course, Alfie would be the one to find her because of his propio!

    I’m excited to read onto the next chapters!

  23. I’m loving this read-a-long so far!! Luka isn’t my favorite character, but I still care for him, especially since HE DRANK THE BOTTLE WITH THE POISONOUS VILE AND I WANTED TO CRY BECAUSE WE JUST GOT INTRODUCED TO HIM AH WHY?? Anyways, I don’t have an siblings, but an invisibility cloak would be AWESOME to have! I’d definitely use to to prank and scare people oops haha. I love all the characters so far AND the world building is phenomenal! I’m addicted to this book.

  24. “No proprio until you’ve completed the task. I’m going to ask you to bring me Something I’ve wanted for some time now….”
    Finn spat blood at the ground between Kol’s feet. “A social life?”

    I love her so much XD!
    Also, am I the only one who reacted when Luka drank Alfie’s tonic? I am really scared there is poison Inside of it.
    I’m fond of the Relationship between Alfie and Dez and their moments together. Dez is such an amazing brother!
    Noooo! You can’t stop at the chapter 11. You definitely need to read the next chapter because it’s so frustrating to stop there! *-*

  25. Yep, I totally yelled NOOOO LUKA when he took a swig of the poison. I startled my dog, who gave me a very annoyed look. Who doesn’t want an invisibility cloak. And do you think that any of the princes/princess in the past took it out to have some fun, because it would definitely be hard to resist. I’m also a sucker for hidden passage ways. If I was ever obscenely rich I would definitely have a home with some secret passage ways.
    As for family, I have an older sister and a younger brother. My sister and I aren’t best friends close but she’s definitely where I got my reading habits from. And my brother and I had two modes, fight to the death or get into trouble together relationship until we were older and stopped the fighting bit. But we all have each others back through anything.

  26. Really enjoying this book so far. Still getting ADSOM vibes but I love ADSOM so that isn’t a bad thing. Very worried about Luka & the spiked tonic. Also very curious about who/why spiked it…who ever it was was crying. Does that mean they didn’t want to do it? Does it mean it was someone who cares about Alfie but spiked it anyway? And now Alfie has caught Finn under the invisibility cloak…cliffhanger!! I am ready for possible sassy interactions….

  27. I do love how Finn and Alfie’s encounters seem to be mostly Finn going ‘he can’t see through my disguise’ only for Alfie to do just that. It makes me laugh.

    And I’m worried about Luka as well! His reaction to Alfie is understandable, losing two brothers at once is going to cause some mixed feelings, and I can only hope he doesn’t die or worse from the spiked drink.

    Kol and the Familia was a plot twist I wasn’t expecting. I’m not sure how I feel about them being in the plot, I think I would have preferred Finn going to steal something from the palace of her own accord. But we’ll see how it turns out.

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