Nocturna Readalong: Day 4


Gorgeous photo by @drawingandreading

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It’s Readathon photo challenge time! Every month we host a little, super simple, photo challenge over on Instagram that only you guys can enter for a chance to win a FairyLoot box for free! It’s super simple to enter and the odds are actually really good to win too!

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We have an exciting reading day tomorrow it seems but first, let’s go through chapters 18-23!

Please be warned, the following will include spoilers for chapters 1-23 of Nocturna by Maya Motayne. Read only if you’ve finished those chapters!


Oh. No. Ignacius is sensing Finn. 

Wow the next scene. First of all, the way everything froze and Finn said the man stood with his eyes open but without them watering, the little details of action frozen in time really really made it feel so eerie and real, don’t you think? I could see that particular scene so clearly! I loved that. Of course, I don’t think anybody enjoyed the bone being pulled out of the finger, that was a big yikes, thankfully Alfie can heal himself!

That was so dark. So so dark. Ignacio is the worst kind of person, magnified by dark magic. The abuser who thinks he’s doing a favour to the abused. It’s really painful to read about. 

Alfie decided to stick by Finn even when he thought this was it. Her face, her fear made him feel like he needed to stay by her side. I’m sure this was a bonding moment for the future! How can it not be. 

Thankfully, the dark magic seemed to have grown bored of playing with them and is putting Ignacio in a time out until they have gotten more in return. Basically a tease. Works for us, get this creep outta here! 

Chapter 20 is basically Alfie trying to convince Finn to help him. Her instinct naturally is to run. There’s not much you can do other than run when your enemy can control you telepathically. That is not a situation anyone would envy. What do you think you’d do? Would you be able to face your worst (and I mean worst) fear if it meant you might save everyone else? Or would you take your chances and run, hoping that Alfie and the royal fam is going to take care of it?

Thankfully in this instance, Alfie has a journal he tracks her by. I think what sways her to agree to help is the fact that Alfie stood by his word and almost left her alone after she refused. In this way she knows she has a choice if she does decide to leave. It’s a very important aspect for her. 

Love the sandal throwing landlady. What a fun way to decrease the tension! 

Also love that the sandal follows them through the door haha

Oh man Luka waiting and checking on the hourglass is so cute, like a person with a crush waiting for a text back. He shatters the glass but is unharmed. Do you think he has resilience due to being healed by dark magic? 

Luka suggest the only possible plan, which is to send the magic to the same void Alfie’s brother has perish to. The problem is, to do so they will need to ask help if the assassin who murdered Dez and I can only imagine how difficult that must be. 

“Thanks to my gift not a man on this earth can touch me.” 

“But then no one can help you either”


We leave today with them resting up for tomorrow! Seems like a heist time is Friday;) 

And that’s a wrap for day 4!






  • Abby (bookish_princess)

    It is her father! I was right! The prince comes to save her! Yes! When he was on his knees before her ready to die! Love love love! AHHHHH THE DRAMA!!! But also yes SO dark. Then they have this big fight and she runs?! Really excited to see her growth from this though, and I loved seeing more of Alfie’s transportation magic. I love her still calling Luka “bathtub boy” and how there is a loop hole in her Propio blockage! I LOVE Alfie’s heart for others and his country so pure so self sacrificing so good! LUKA is Mr. Invincible?! Awe-some! Omg in the plan send the dark magic to the dark void the brother went to!!! A prison break! So many amazing tropes in this book already!

  • Johanna

    I feel sorry for Finn. The dark magic entered Ignacio and now we see what he can do with the darkness. It’s terrifying. I don’t like that Alfie is using the dark magic too. That won’t end well. I’m glad that Finn at least has some of her propio left and can change others. Seems like a good plan to go to the prison, but how will they get Xiomara to help them if they succed to break her out? I guess that’s tomorrows problem.

    • G

      Yeah I agree, Alfie using the dark magic can’t end well!

  • Vivian (@mayushiibooks)

    I wanted to point out that the chancla threat is a very common fear among those who grew up with hispanic moms. It made me giggle to see that scene!

    Back to the book, Ignacio is one sick bastard! Toxic af. Anyone else got Arobynn vibes? I hate the guy. But at the same time I am curious to see what he will do. And how Finn will develop knowing Ignacio is somewhere near. I liked that we saw a much vulnerable Finn in these chapters. It gave us insight on how she truly is and it made me sympathize with her. Again, I wonder about her magic. Why is Ignacio so keen on keeping her? Is it just twisted obsession? Or is there more to it?

    Anyone else worried about Alfie’s dragon thing? I am. It gave me such bad vibes that he felt it resonate when Ignacio was gonna torture him more. The dark magic stopped him but the wooden dragon also did. Does the magic resonate to Alfie’s propio? Or is Alfie slowly becoming part of the isolated dark magic? It’d be interested if the combination between Sombra magic and light magic was the key to controlling it and create a more powerful propio.

    • Darlene (@Darlene_Saw)

      @Vivian YES! Ignacio totally reminded me of Arobynn, such a strange and cruel fatherfigure. Those scences with the three of them gave me chills. I think it’s just obsession, because he claimed her as his for so long and controlled her life and who she is friends with, that he just can’t stop.

      I think that this dragon figure is kind of the key for them to win and trap the dark magic maybe? Or to save Dez once that voide they want to create is open.

      I think tomorrows part is going to be so awesome I can’t wait!

  • Elamyr

    I’m really loving these posts everyday and reading along with everyone. It’s very motivating ^^

    I love the book so far! It’s a bit “darker” than i thought it would be at first. I mean, the bloody pub was a very nasty vision! And Ignacio is soooooo cruel!!
    I really like Alfie’s character, how he’s actually very anxious but still will do everything to do what’s right. And Finn is so sassy and awesome! Love the dynamic of those two together.

    I’m also very worried about the effect of the dark magic on Alfie. I’m thinking Finn will have to help him through that at the end.

    Can’t wait for tomorrow!

    I also posted a picture on my insta to enter in the challenge! My handle is @elamyr

  • Claire (@love.the.villain)

    That was a pretty brutal torture scene that Ignacio put Alfie through. Woah, I can’t imagine how painful it must be to feel totally helpless as someone tries to pull one of your bones out. Even if it was just a little finger bone. Eugh! ? This writing style is light enough that I’m always really surprised by these dark scenes—just like the one in the pub.

    Luka clearly cares a great deal for Alfie. They might not be brothers by blood, but it’s pretty obvious that these two are family all the same. ? It’s odd that Luka is painted as the party boy, but in this instance, he takes responsibility and a sort of adult position on everything. He came up with a good plan and could see that even though it was going to painful to carry out, it was necessary. He’s the one that says that they’ll have to tell Paloma if things go badly, and he’s the one that’s going to be assuming the position of responsibility while they leave him behind. He’s a cool guy—Oh, god! I hope nothing bad happens to him now that I’ve said that! ? Is it really wise to leave him behind when there’s someone trying to kill royals at the palace?

    Did anyone else nearly die when Finn told Alfie that he struts? I just the way she says exactly what she’s thinking! ?

    • Claire (@love.the.villain)

      Oops, forgot to mention that I’ll be posting a photo on Instagram, too. ? My handle is love.the.villain
      Good luck, everyone!

    • G

      I would 100% just pass out during that scene hahah

  • Darlene (@Darlene_Saw)

    Oh yeah, also forgot to mention that I posted a photo on Instagram. My handle is darlene_saw ?

  • Ella

    I am enjoying how they are becoming a team. That villan is bigger than one of them alone could handle.
    The plan has some parts that could terribly go wrong, and because there is still a big part of the book left I think it won’t go a smooth as they think.

    Hope everyone has great time reading ???

  • Veronika

    I’m enjoying this book so much I went ahead and read tomorrow’s chapters as well.?
    I also posted the photo, my insta is @better.among.books.

  • Priscilla

    Ignacio is twisted! I like the plan, wow maybe they even can find Dez?
    I do like the story, I’m still not loving it. Some parts I do, but other parts I feel like… I dunno, it doesn’t flow right sometimes (if that makes any sense haha).
    I still think that this Aurora chick will come back and suprise us all. Haven’t heard from her in a while, but it makes sence they want us to forget about her? Ghehehe, not working…. ?

    • Priscilla

      Oeh and I did post the photo! My insta handle is @prissewisandherbooks ?❤️

  • Darcy

    I am powering through this book and am finally caught up! I feel like this story has changed a lot from trying to find Dez to now we’re sending the dark magic to where he was sent and if he is still alive then we’re damning him to deal with it. I am going to go read tomorrow’s chapters now and my Instagram is @dqnelson

  • Meri

    This adventure is riveting. I’m loving all the detail. Maya is definitely a talented storyteller. I posted my photo. My handle is dhyani.goddess_of_fire

  • Erika

    I love Luka! I liked him since he was first introduced but now I think I love him ?and want to protect him at all costs ??? I can see the dark magic in the book now ??

    I’m enjoying Alfinn (would that be their ship name? ?) moments! ? Can’t wait for what’s to come… !

    I will be posting the photo later on @e.herondale

  • Laine

    Okay A) this villain and that torture scene actually creeped me out. It’s been a while since I’ve actually paused while reading a YA fantasy and thought “dang, that is actually horrifying and 100% nightmare inducing!” ? B) I’m intrigued by Alfie using dark magic in these chapters (I’m always interested to see characters delve into the dark side and see how they manage that)! Also, C) I am LIVING for the “working with the enemy” trope, it’s one of my favs, when a character faces their villain in an effort to defeat an even greater evil. I’m excited to read about those interactions and get a better sense of who Xiomara she good? Evil? Both? Corrupt? Just a girl caught up in an evil plan? D) LET’S GO SAVE THE KINGDOM AND FIND DEZ EVERYONE!

  • TheLondonFaerie

    I’ll be entering today @thelondonfaerie

    I enjoyed these chapters! Ignatio is really horrible and I feel so bad for finn. I’m also very worried about Alfie with the dragon magic stuff. But I’m glad he and luka are talking again!

  • Josefine Olitzsch

    Sooooo… it is getting pretty intense! The scene with Alfies finger was so creepy and bloody.
    I also love how Finn is so sassy and her comments are hilarious! And Luka of course…just funny.
    Sometimes this book reminds me of A Darker Shade of Magic but it is actully totally different.

    I also postet a photo on my Instagram for this photo challenge. @silverypages

  • Jo

    Ill be entering today @mscookiemonsterjo

    Every scene with Luka is great, def my fave character.

  • Tina

    Wow, what an intense couple of days reading! So much happening.

    Finn’s character just draws me in so much, she’s so sharp and sassy, but there’s a depth to her that I think is only just starting to be explored. I feel like she’s really desperate for somebody to just love her, but can’t admit that even to herself, because she’s been hurt so much in the past. I adore Alfie, with his bookish, chivalrous manner, and him wanting to protect Finn from Ignacio. And Luka – I think if we had seen more of him so far, he would be my favourite! We need more Luka!!

    I just wish they would go to Paloma and tell her what happened – she could help them so much.

    But, excited to see what happens in tonight’s chapters – will Luka get found out that he’s not the prince? Will the prisoner agree to help them? Will Ignacio get his hands (and puppet strings) on Finn again?

    I’ll be posting a photo later on today – my instragram is @tinasparkle04

  • Lucca

    I have poster my photo On my Instagram livefor.books

  • Moandh

    Got delayed by TV Shows, other books and social life but I am back! 😉

    I really loved those chapters, though some of it was painful to read (deboning anyone). I really can’t wait for the heist.
    I’m really loving Luka and Finn more and more. And I’m falling for Alfie too. He’s so precious.
    Well now I gotta read today’s chapters!
    Oh and I posted on Instagram, my handle is @moandh

  • Sarah L

    I loved the scene where everything froze! I also loved when Ignacio was threating to pull out Alfie’s bones. The tension was just so good! Everything really slowed down after that though. I’m very excited about the prison heist though, that should be very exciting!

    I posted on Instagram my handle is @sheepishlysarah

  • Verena

    Just as I knew I would, I fell in love with the characters, it just took a few more chapters and I really love the story as well. Can’t wait to continue reading.
    I don’t know when i can post again (I didn’t manage the last few days…), but greetings from Manila, I’m enjoying my vacation with this amazing read <3
    I'm posting the picture today, my instagram is @books_and_artsy_things

  • Linda Weier

    This book is amazing. I have been swamped with work so being Saturday (and sick in bed) I have spent the whole day catching up with the readalong and reading everyone’s thoughts and opinions in these messages.
    I love this book so much!
    Alphie is my top character, he’s so brave and Finn, that girl is incredible… Ignacio is an utter monster but a *believable* monster.
    So utterly brilliant, great choice Fairylooters!!!
    Entered the comp: linda.k.kodachromes

  • Renee

    I love this book so far! I am a day late on the readalong, but I hope I can read a bit more today and finish it with you guys! Finn is such an interesting character, she reminds me of Lila from a Darker Shade of Magic. Can’t wait to read more!

    My Instagram is @rilakkumareads!

  • Jenthebookishbakernz

    Continuing to love how fast paced the story is. Wasn’t expecting Ignacio to be so literally a puppet master. Are we going to find out exactly what he has made Finn do in the past? It sounds like he has made her kill at least one person?? I’m glad that Luka is now in on the plan, he is fairly entertaining to read about. I wish he was going with Alfie & Finn on their prison break mission just for the added banter he brings to the story. I am very worried about Alfie continuing to use the black magic trapped in the dragon. I’m worried about it taking him over if he keeps using it. My Instagram is Jenthebookishbakernz for the photo challenge

  • HONG Alex

    Only two days til the end!
    Am I the only one who think Alfie looks a little like Kell from Shades of Magic? Not physically but their stories, situations and relationships are pretty similar in my opinion.
    Not a bad thing because I love Kell and so Alfie!❤️
    Anyway, maybe I’m just imagining things!

    Also, I posted the pic in my feed! @leslecturesajigoku78

  • Johanna

    I have now posted a picture on my Insta @mellsageek

  • Taylor

    I posted a photo for the giveaway. My insta is books.crops.booze ??

  • Alina

    I’m insta is alynutzaa23 ?

  • Cailey

    Poor Finn; I can’t imagine going through that kind of shock of seeing your abuser, worst nightmare, brought straight to you and be insanely strong; I’m pretty sure I’d die of fright! I’m glad the black magic decided that he had to do more work before he could kill them both, because there was no way they would’ve survived that!

    I’m wondering if Luka is “bulletproof” in a sense now; should be interesting since he said he feels fantastic.

    I’m curious to see if they can get the girl who creates voids to help them, or if she’ll be even more unmovable than Finn; maybe she can find Dez?

  • Anisha

    Loving the comments and posted my photo on @bookanishgirl

  • Teresa

    I entered the contest by posting the book and character print on IG! My username is @enchantedbyfiction

  • J.a.z.mcgowan

    I really enjoyed the book!
    I have posted a photo on Instagram for the photo challenge

  • Anke (@ankereads)

    Hello everyone,
    I still need to read most of the book since I didn’t have time to follow the readalong schedule, but I really enjoyed the first few chapters that I’ve read! Can’t to get to know more about the characters and the plot and to read everyone’s comments.

    I’ve posted a photo for the photo challenge on my IG (@ankereads)

  • Lucy

    I absolutely adored the battle between Ignacio, Finn and Alfie. When Finn tries to help Alfie by leaving him and getting him to leave and he won’t leave her alone – I love it. And the plan – wow, that’s not an easy one.

    My instagram is @redlulu18. I managed to post the photo before the deadline, even if I’m a bit behind on the book itself.

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