Nocturna Readalong: Day 6

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Hi friends!

Almost there now, just today and tomorrow left! How are you liking the tension build up? We sure leave off today at the very peak of suspence, so we have that to look forward to 🙂

Do you have any Saturday traditions? Do you like to sleep in or get up early and be as productive as possible?

Hope you had time to sit down with a cup of tea, a treat and Nocturna to read chapters 30-33 – those are some lengthy chapters!

Please be warned, the following will include spoilers for chapters 1-33 of Nocturna by Maya Motayne. Read only if you’ve finished those chapters!


All hell breaks loose! Finn gets noticed by a guard and sets off the fireworks, Alfie notices that and has to decide to move with the plan, thinking it was the sign, Ignacio goes inside the prison and senses Finn, finds her and tries to make her join him. He is truly blind to the situation isn’t he, thinking she would ever join him.

Dude, get a hint!

We have a little flashback for Finn, where she has accidentally killed a girl when fighting for a loaf of bread from a dumpster. Sore, empty stomachs can make people act in the most savage ways, she was just a little girl herself. It’s so terrible, I can’t imagine the guilt she has been carrying with her. And on top of that we learn that because of this she was on Ignacios radar and HE is the one who has killed her parents, to get to her. That’s absolutely terrible. He is really pushing his way onto the top hated characters of all time, isn’t he?

Alfie gets Xiomara to agree to go with him. But she cannot speak anymore? I wonder if that affects her ability to open vortexes?? 

Ah the magic listened to her because Alfie has asked. It seems to be more accommodating to them than I would have guessed, even if feeding on them in return; surely it could be more destructive making them use the magic more often, like a tricksy genie. 

Xiomara gets left behind with the cloak AND the dragon. I’m curious about Xiomara, I feel she has tried to help Alfie when he got attacked and also showed fear when he appeared at her cell, I feel like she might have been incriminated maybe? Perhaps that’s the real reason they didn’t want her to talk? This is verging on conspiracy theory now. [And is proven sort of wrong later today haha]

“I’m not a dumpling. That’ll do for now.” Is my new favourite pick-me-up line.

Being boiled alive is definitely a nasty way to go so I’m glad the characters are safe. 

Villains are weird man. The amount of times they just let people go and run away just for show is ridiculous! 

The confusion and inner battle that Alfie is having from the assassins unexpected behaviour and mannerisms is very additive to the story. It’s really nice when it’s not all black and white, good and evil. Gotta love layered aspects. I am very curious to know more about her. 

The fact that we got a chapter from assassins perspective is a nice surprise. Unexpected too!

It seems that if Alfie has not met and became fond of Finn, the conversation he had with Xiomara would have not ended in a positive way. I doubt that he would have felt any sympathy no matter the story. Of course it does not excuse what she has done, or any of them, but context is important. 

What are you thoughts on her? 

They share the plan, they want to push the darkness into the void but I wonder why not push at least one of the stone hands into it as precaution? I know they need bait but one could suffice, and if they get rid of the other one the body would never be complete? I’m not sure if that would matter, maybe it can still assemble without, just a thought. What do you reckon?

They share their stories while riding towards the palace. It’s a chilling vulnerable scene, it seems to prove really healing and freeing to both. It’s great to see the fear of death so plainly on text, heroines who do not value their life have always seemed so reckless and unrealistic. 

Oh snap!! I think Luka might have told Paloma everything! To be fair, it’s probably for the best but boi is he in troubleeee!

Tomorrow is the day!  Are you nervous? Do you think their plan will work?? 

I truly hope you are having a relaxing Saturday guys, I will chat to you tomorrow for the very last part of Nocturna!



15 thoughts on “Nocturna Readalong: Day 6

  1. I loved these chapters! I feel sorry for the assassin, definitely think she was forced to do it. Fab story though, really loving it!

  2. I really like these chapters. There is more to Xiomarma’s story I think. I don’t think she did what she did willingly.

    Still really like Finn. Damn and living with that quilt about her past and that girl. That’s some hard shit.

    I loved the part where Alfie and Finn decide that they are friends and if thinks turn ugly, they will die together and that’s better that alone. It was cute. I like them together. Als friends or ever more. We’ll see!

    Yes Luka do tell everything. It’s for the best. They need all the help they can get. But, oh oh. What if Paloma isn’t really on their side? Oooeeeeh damn that would be twisted and shit. Now I’m kinda hoping for that. I like it when things go to shit, hahahahaha! ??

  3. I also have wondered with Xiomara having the tattoo on her wrist that the prison did so that they can’t use their proprio and having her tongue removed if it will effect her when making the voids. ‘Dumpling’ line is classic. Love it. I’m also liking this budding friendship that Alfie and Finn have.

  4. I got over-excited with today’s chapters, and ended up finishing the book – ooops! So I’m gonna hold my tongue till tomorrow.

    Enjoy the last chapters, all x

    1. Hahaha I feel ya Tina. I kind of wanna finish too today! Maybe I will ?

  5. I love how there’s a specific reason that gives people their propio and how is something that they really needed at a critical point in they’re life.

    I cant wait for Alfie and Finn to realise their feelings for each other… they are the cutest thing together ?

    I really want to know more about the assassin’s version of what happened with seems like more then what Alfie knows, and much bigger then just some nobles attempt to a coup. Also yes, how is she gonna open the void if she cant use magic now (with the tattoos and cut tongue?!)

    I really want to see Paloma’s reaction when she sees Alfie, now, that she knows everything…I’m scared for Alfie.. she seems scary when angry :))

    Cant wait for tomorrow’s chapters to find out what they’re gonna do about everything…also a bit sad..that it’s the last least for now..?

  6. I really want to get to know Xiomara better. Who is she? Why did she do what she did? Did someone make her do it, threatened her?

    It was creepy when the prisoners turn to black eyed monsters. This is getting bigger and more dangerous. I’m glad that Luka is telling Paloma, it’s about time.

  7. I loved this section of chapters! It was all very exciting and I can’t wait to read what happens next! I loved this line from Finn said to a guard in chapter 30, “I’m sure you know how annoying a little prick can be.” I actually laughed out loud. I’m very interested in Xiomara as a character. I think this book is part of a series so I hope we get to learn a lot about her. I was also wondering why we’re not just throwing the statue parts into the void. It seems like that would guarantee that at least Sombra would never fully rise. Then they just have to deal with Ignacio and the dark magic.

  8. I’m very curious about Xiomara. I feel like she’s just a kid that has been manipulated and maybe even blackmailed or something? I can see the shadow of a conspiracy and I really feel for her…

    Other than that, those chapters were INTENSE! And I’m sure tomorrow’s will be worse… so stressed, so excited!

    And so glad Luka finally told, they need all the help they can get (I really hope Paloma is on their side)

  9. Yes I agree? really intense chapters ?? Ignacio needs to CHILL ??

    I enjoyed the tequila part between Alfie and Finn a lot ? ??

    I’m not sure about Luka telling Paloma everything ? cuz what if she’s not on their side? ? I want her to be good but it would be a really good twist if she were one of the bad guys ?

    Can wait to read what’s next! I think I will continue reading rn???

  10. I don’t think pushing a hand in with the magic would be a good idea – what if that gives the magic more strength? I’m so nervous for the last few chapters! I want them to win, but because I want a book 2 i don’t want them to win! gah!

  11. The way the magic obeys Finn and still takes it out on Alfie. It makes me wonder if Alfie and Finn aren’t part of the same whole. Do you remember what the fortune teller said about our prince? That he couldn’t be divined because he was missing a part that was important? Maybe that’s Finn! ?
    I love the way their magic is so different from each other, but still matches. Finn can change her face because she doesn’t like herself, and Alfie can change his magic because he doesn’t think his own is good enough. They’re both insecure about who they really are and it’s adorable that they’re helping each other through it. ❤️

    Ignacio has got this idea that Sombra will be grateful to him for bringing him back, but I think he’s more likely to just kill him off. He’s just a minion after all. If Ignacio thinks he’s getting ahead with this sort of deal, he’s sorely mistaken. Evil people just don’t care about rewarding whoever helps them.
    I can’t believe he murdered Finn’s parents just to gain possession of her! This guy is messed up in the head. ?

    When the prisoners get taken over, it’s kind of like a zombie horde, isn’t it? But, I can’t help but wonder about those prisoners who weren’t considered dark enough for Sombra’s magic and turned to dust. What exactly were they locked up for if they weren’t bad guys? Traffic fines? ?

    I’m so excited for the ending!

  12. Omg so much gore and fighting! HE KILLED HER PARENTS! The revenge is real and I kinda feel pity for the poor girl who was probably manipulated into making that void by Kol :/ omg what if Luka and Xiomara have a romance?! Wow, the sculpture making sense is so awesomely full circle! Swoon when he snatches her from the air!
    “She’d never expected her death to be entangled with the fate of a prince who had more book recommendations than sense”
    The heart to heart and hand holding! I CANT EVEN THE EMOTIONS SO GOOD!!!

  13. Everything is really hitting the fan now. I am very interested in Xiomara, tell me more about how she has done something horrible and wants to atone. And I’m also wondering how she can do magic without her voice.

    Finn and Alfie having a bonding moment is very sweet, especially since we found out more about the two of them. Finn’s parents, Alfie’s guilt over his brother, Luka’s confession, it’s all kicking off now.

    I do feel kind of sorry for all those prisoners and guards who died becaude they weren’t evil enough. What about the family who were there for the funeral? What’s happened to them?

    Not long to go now.

  14. I’m still curious if there’s a connection between Ignacio and Kol. Both seem to be after Finn. Looking forward to Kol showing up once again. If not in one of the remaining chapters, then probably in the next book, which I’m definitely going to get, since this novel has become one of my top favorites. Finn and Alfie sharing quiet moments on the way back to the palace is very compelling. Love that she also has a deep, reflective part of her underneath all that coolness and sassy personality, and I can totally feel her guilt. Really hope Paloma has their back since Luka has finally told her the truth.

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