Once Upon A Broken Heart Readalong Day 3!

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Hello Fairies!

We’re halfway through the week and it’s day 3 of our readalong of Once Upon A Broken Heart!

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So, with that all that being said, let’s jump on in!

Today we’re reading Chapter 21 to the end of Chapter 31!

Please be warned, the following section will include spoilers for Once Upon A Broken Heart by Stephanie Garber, chapters 21 to 31. Please only read on if you’ve finished this section!


These short chapters of wonderful events are making me so happy. First, The Daily Rumour is being NICE, then Apollo calls Evangeline an angel (which she is) and then she wakes up to a bathtub full of jewels.

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But then… yep, it goes too far. Just as we suspected! Is anyone else concerned Apollo may actually try to give Evangeline the universe?!

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And of course, Evangeline is uneasy, made more so when she reads the Prince’s interview in The Daily Rumour and he’s referred to as ‘bewitched’ which feels very accurate. And the more she thinks about it, after being so caught up in all of the excitement, the more she knows it must have something to do with Jacks. I don’t know much, but I suspect Evangeline is right…

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Evangeline sends Jacks a letter, inviting him to have a chat with her, but this soon leads to back and forth between the pair, which is both amusing and—on Evangeline’s part—frustrating. She goes to meet Jacks at his suggested location and tells him to undo whatever it is he’s put on Apollo. But he tells her to go back to her Prince. In rebuttal, Evangeline tells him she will call off the wedding if Jacks doesn’t undo the curse, but distracting her Jacks takes her to her to her next assignment: another one of the kisses she owes him. Evangeline contemplates Jacks and exactly what he is, referring to him as horrid. He tells her he’ll undo the curse on the Prince once she marries him becasue he needs her to marry Apollo. And we, like Evangeline, are left to wonder why…

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Jacks takes Evangeline to a beautiful purple castle where the Fortuna Matriarch resides: Tabitha, who threatens to feed her to her dogs because Prince Apollo picked her over her daughter. When Evangeline grabs the Matriarch and plants a kiss on her cheek, immediately Tabitha is lovely to Evangeline with her dogs licking her affectionately. Jacks instructs Tabitha to show he and Evangeline the Fortuna vault. After some resistance, Tabitha agrees (when Evangeline asks) as she’s under the same spell as Apollo. They go down to the vaults where they find another arch inscribed with the language of the Valors. According to Jacks, the arch was meant to be destroyed but after briefly recounting the history of the royal Valor family, we learn that the arches are magic portals, once used by the Valors to move around to different parts of the North. But—a hitch—only the Valors could use them. Tabitha corrects that she can use the arch though as she draws her own blood to enter her vault (which can only be opened by a member of House Fortuna). Wanting to find out what Jacks is looking for, he asks Evangeline to ask Tabitha if she can see her collection of stones. But, like the arch, the Matriarch becomes defensive once again, so much so that the spell cast on her breaks and the Matriarch returns to herself once more. We learn of the prophecy of the one who will open the Valory Arch: You will know her because she will be crowned in rose gold. She will be both peasant and princess. which in the Matriarch’s defence, does sound a lot like Evangeline! She and Jacks flee the vault before the Matriarch can catch them, though she hurls many words their way including: You cannot marry the Prince! The Valory Arch cannot be opened, and Evangeline learns what is at stake if she doesn’t marry Apollo.

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The next day, Evangeline visits the library at Wolf Hall to learn more about the prophecy the Matriarch was referring to. She’s unable to find anything until the librarian, Nicodermus, tells her she’s been looking in the wrong place. He leads her to an alcove with a door adorning a wolf wearing a crown. Nicodermus tells her that it’s believed everything about the Valors is on the other side of the door, but nobody has been able to open it since the Age of the Valors. Damn, that’s unfortunate…

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It’s 12 hours until Evangeline and Apollo’s wedding. Still under a spell, Apollo climbs the trellis outside to Evangeline’s rooms. Wanting to seek more information on the Valory Arch, Evangeline asks the Prince about it and learns about the Valory: a magical prison housing dangerous objects of power and foreign captives with magical abilities. But, the Prince informs her, the Valors lied about their reasoning behind creating the Valory. Instead they created it to lock up an abomination that they’d created, though nobody knows what that abomination was. However, he goes on, it must have been bad as all of the Houses turned on them and chopped off their heads! Brutal! Because no one wanted to risk the lock being opened with blood, the Houses locked the Valory Arch with a special kind of magic: a prophecy. But he explains another version of the story, which is said that the Valory houses objects that should not fall into the wrong hands and Evangeline can’t help but wonder if those ‘wrong hands’ are people like Jacks. Feeling sad and alone about the curse put on Apollo, the Prince asks if he can stay the night in her room with her and the two fall asleep in each other’s arms.

And that brings us to the end of today’s chapters! What’s going to happen next? Will Evangeline go ahead with the wedding? And what is Jacks up to? Let me know all of your thoughts in the comments and I will be back tomorrow for more!


41 thoughts on “Once Upon A Broken Heart Readalong Day 3!

  1. I really feel bad for Evangeline, she can’t catch a break! She finally has someone who wants her but she knows it’s not authentic and that Apollo is cursed. I can’t lie, Tabitha scared me in these chapters! But I am intrigued to find out more about what Jacks is trying to achieve and I hope it doesn’t hurt Evangeline. Also, I am still very sceptical about Marisol…

    Loving this book so far and this readalong is so fun!

  2. ospate_03

    It’s getting so so good

  3. Bewitched Apollo is sweet but yes a little too forward. Jacks is being mysterious as always, but I can’t help but think his story arc is really the main story arc and Evangeline’s is just made up of little tiny pieces of different stories. I’m curious to find out how Apollo reacts when Jacks ‘fixes’ him, and whether he will actually remember his feelings for Evangeline or not.
    What’s behind the Valory Arch and what does Jacks want with it??
    These next two sections are chunky!
    I am entering the readalong giveaway and my insta is @mirlyah

  4. Before I start I added the hashtag on the picture for my entry and my Instagram handle is @acourtofbooksandchocolate

    Now to the book …

    I think it is safe to assume Apollo is under some sort of spell. He is acting very ” extra” . I laughed out loud when they described the gifts. Especially when he said ” you deserve to be bathed in jewels ”

    Tabitha was funny in a way, can’t believe she wanted to feed Evangeline to the dogs.

    So the arch said to Evangeline that she could have opened it too if she wanted it, I initially thought she could have been distantly related to the valors or an unknowing member of house Fortuna ( her mother is from the north but we don’t know anything else but maybe it could be a possibility? ) but then they mentioned the profecy and I’m left wondering if there is something more?

    What is Jacks endgame? What does he want from the arch? Does he want to free whatever is in it?

    When Evangeline went to the library and met Nicodemus I kept waiting for him to be creepy and so something like report on her but that was my imagination ( I guess I read to many books where there are sketchy librarians )

    I’m feeling bad for Apollo but I thought it was cute that they fell asleep together, it almost sounded genuine.

    Again I’m so amazed by the writing! I’m enjoying this book so much. I can’t wait to see what happens next.

  5. Apollo is coming on STRONG like boy relax. I get he’s be twitched but still. ?

    Evangeline is so fiesty I love her so much. The dynamic between her and Jacks is incredible. ?

    I’m very interested in these arches though, what are they hiding and why does Jacks want it so badly. ??

    I also entered for the first time! My Instagram handle is your.bookish.princess ❤️

  6. Man I actually really like Apollo and I am nervous about what’s going to happen at the wedding.

  7. Well obviously Apollo is bewitched but who bewitched him?

    I feel like Evangeline is too good. To learn the love isn’t real and want it to be fixed. I’m pretty sure I’d take being a queen! But why does Jacks want the wedding?

    I’m starting to feel really sorry for E, she’s a puppet to Jacks whims. At least she only has one kiss left.

    I’m totally thinking that the pink and gold hair is a sign she’s a descendant from the Valors. And that’s the princess they were talking about in the last section. And now I’ve just read the prophecy but. Maybe that’s why the door to the church opened when her blood fell on it!

    Oooh a secret door to books about the Valors – we all know she will manage to open it!

    I feel really sad that the spell will be broken on Apollo but it’s the right thing

    1. I’ve also entered the competition. My handle is @mrsawesome44

  8. I’ve added the hashtag to my Instagram post today, and my handle is @a_paper_affair ?

    Ooh this is getting so good and suspenseful! I love a good prophecy storyline ? I have a feeling Evangeline will make it as far as the aisle but something dramatic will happen to postpone the wedding.

    Maybe Marisol will intervene? After Jacks warning Evangeline not to trust her and the thing with her possibly tearing Evangeline’s dress, I’m slightly suspicious (I hope I’m wrong though, I’d love Evangeline to have someone she can really trust).

  9. Ok this is getting more and more interesting. I can’t believe that so much has happened and we’re only just halfway through.
    So Jacks is trying to open the Vallory Arch for some reason- I believe it’s got to do with his past and how he became a Fate/Prince of Hearts. Theory: the way he mentions hurt and heartbreak, I’m guessing he became Prince of hearts through heartbreak but unsure if it was his own heartbreak that lead him to his fate or someone else’s heart that he broke which got him cursed.

    And I also believe that Evangeline is descended from the Valors which is why she hears the whispers of the heads (which is likely not just stone but actual head of the valors) and how she can open the Arch herself. Jacks knew this so he orchestrated everything from the very beginning. I wonder if her opening his church was a test that she passed.

    Also the myth about the Valors leads me to believe there are other creatures in this world, shifter and probably vampires etc.

    I’m also questioning whether or not Jacks himself is not a Fate but something else (or maybe he is a Fate but also something else. What if he was a human or human with magical abilities. Even tho we’ve heard about Fates, we don’t really know much about them and how they came to be.

    Anyway, I’m worried about what will happen next. I have some questions about Apollo’s brother whom I believe to be the Archer and she’s already met him. I’m loving the interaction between Jacks and Evangeline, there is definitely a lot of chemistry.

    My Instagram isn’t working so I dunno if I can enter the giveaway 🙁

  10. I’ve added the hashtag to my photo and my handle is @mybookishbeing

    I am absolutely loving this book so far! Every scene with Jacks and Evangeline are so good I can’t wait for more. Even though Apollo is under a spell I’m finding it hard to believe that anyone close to him would not notice how different he’s been acting? Can’t wait to see what happens next!

  11. Hi guys!
    It gets harder to put the book down! I like it!
    I’m feeling sorry for Apollo because he seems like such a nice guy!
    It’s a shame Tabitha Fortune turned back into a Killer Doll because I totally love Doting Grandmothers ?❤️
    I’m wondering where the Valory Arch is…could it be the door in the library with all the books about the Valors behind it?? ?
    I’m curious when we’ll meet Tiberius and why is Jacks warning Evangeline about Mariska??
    I hope we’ll get more answers tomorrow!
    See you later!
    Love, Sandy

    Ps I’ve entered the giveaway on Instagram, I’m @beppie125

  12. I am really loving this book so far and I am anxious to see what happens next!

    I entered the giveaway (well, I will post my photo tomorrow)

  13. The prophecy that Mistress Fortuna chanted makes sense – we know now (or at least have some suspicions) as to why Jack is making Evangeline do the things he wants.

  14. I’m entering – @penguinograce

    Interesting story so far. I can’t quite tell where it’s going but it’s very intruiging! I feel for Evangeline. Don’t trust Marisol, not sure why!

  15. Really enjoying this so far. So do we think that Evangeline is a descendent of the original Valors given that the prophecy is clearly about when and the arches are all whispering to her?!

    I really thought she would be able to open the archway into the Valor section of the library, although maybe if she had pricked herself and a drop of her blood spilled to open like for the Fates Church doorway and the archway for Lady Fortuna…

    I’m entering the fairyloot giveaway! My insta handle is Lynseys_book_loves

  16. The princess is getting married omg what did she do to the priceeee he is so obsessed with her it’s adorable
    What is jacks plan, why is he trying to get in this volt and why is it so desperate for the price and Evangeline to get married he’s 100% up to something
    I think Tiberius is fingering something out that’s why he wasn’t that happy about them getting married
    I hope when the curse brakes Appolo stays in love with her

    Instagram @betwe.enchapters

  17. These chapters added a twist I didn’t expect with the prophecy! I was wondering why Jacks doesn’t just do stuff himself rather than act through Evangeline, but if he needs to meet the terms of a prophecy to break a spell and get what he wants…

    I’m really curious how Apollo will react after the wedding. And also curious about Tiberius who keeps getting mentioned but hasn’t been seen (though I suspect he might be the random guard Evangeline keeps bumping into?) and WHY he hasn’t been seen.

    Insta is sonata_ix and I’ll be posting within the next day or two!

  18. I’m enjoying the so much! It might end up being my favourite fantasy book of the year! I am so curious to see how Apollo will be after the wedding once the curse is broken. Also to learn more about Jack’s intentions will be good. I’m still a bit suspicious of Marisol! Definitely something hiding there.

  19. I am really intrigued by what is going to happen. Jacks is scheming and we love to see it. I do feel sympathy for what he went through with Tella.

    I wonder if the guard could be Apollo’s brother. I mean we still don’t know much about him.

    I entered the giveaway. My handle is @finding.fiction_

  20. Apollo is seriously over the top and I can’t wait to see what he’s like as himself. I feel bad for him and I also feel awful for Evangeline because she does like him but it’s all been fake at this point ?

    Also where has Marisol been this whole time? Feels like she’s up to something since she hasn’t been mentioned in awhile.

    I thought the lore about the archways was super interesting and I’m kind of leaning towards there being treasure on the other side?? But also that seems too easy so maybe not ?

    I haven’t made my post yet but I will be doing so this week. Insta is @x_late_night_reads_x

    1. I have now made my post x_late_night_reads_x!

  21. As I love storys with magic, Apollo is really going too far (but he knows things and I know he’s bewitched… )

    I didn’t read Caraval, but I think I’ll do (Jacks and the empress sisters ?)

    Im wondering what will happen with this prophecy (another kind of magic! This book is crossing every case in my bingo!) and how that stuff with the Valors will change the end of the story 😮

    Happy reading!

    1. Oh, I forgot, @alicelibrarian for the entry on instagram `\o/

  22. I am loving this book so far!

    I entered the giveaway. My instagram handle is stardancer2014

    1. I finally finished this reading too. I’m curious about the Valors and the Arch that they left behind. What does Jacks want with it?

      I hope Apollo doesn’t hate her when the spell is broken. But, I have a feeling that he will. The theme was broken hearts after all…right?

  23. This book is absolutely amazing so far!! I feel like there are so many twists and turns coming but I just can’t figure them out, all I know is that I love Evangeline and can’t wait to read more!
    I also entered the giveaway and my Instagram is @bookeddayandnight 🙂

  24. Yesterday was a long day, but I was able to catch up with the chapters.

    Evangeline finally can be happy, but in the same time she knows that Apollo feelings aren’t real. He is under the spell. For me this spell is really intense, he tries to do everything what is possible to make her happy.

    Prophecy is interesting and I think that Evangeline can be an important part here.

    Do you think Apollo will hate her once the spell will be broken? I think he will at least like her a little.

    I’m participating in the giveaway. My Instagram @motive_of_the_witch.

  25. I’m finally catching up and am loving it so far! I’ve entered the giveaway on my Instagram @storiesandstarlight_

  26. So I may have gone ahead and binge read the rest of the book early! I just couldn’t help myself.

    I can honestly say I didn’t have a clue how this book was going to pan out and I’m looking forward to see what others thoughts on it are!

    I have loved taking part in the readalong this month, I have entered the giveaway on my Instagram @janesbookshelf_

    I can’t wait for the next book!!

  27. I’ve entered the giveaway. My Instagram is @eleanorofwinterdale

    The story is becoming more and more interesting.

    The part with Tabitha was quite scary. The prophecy is very intriguing. I do think it refers to Evangeline and that’s why Jacks is interested in her.

    I also believe she might be a descendant from the Valor family and that’s why she can hear the whispers.
    I wonder what’s behind the Valor arch. Something terrible or powerful objects?

  28. First of all I’ll enter my instagram handle is @danica.brnot

    Oh Jacks I know you were hurt but acting like this is annoying but I love Evengeline and that she stends up to him.

    Oooh I must know what the door hides and why Jacks wants it soo much that he will do what ever and what does je know about Evengeline that he is doing all this.

    Poor Apollo he is soo funny being under a spell and I do live the way Evengeline feels with him so I hope that he stays nice to her when he is fixed

    Ooh this story is geting so good so many twist and turns classic Stepahane love it

  29. Okay, so this is actually one of my LEAST favorite tropes – using a love potion/spell for the character to fall in love with another character. I feel SO bad for Apollo right now.

    HOWEVER, this may clue us in as to how Marisol got Luc to marry her versus Evangeline. Maybe Jacks made a deal with both, which is why he was talking to Marisol at the party.

    I hope Evangeline makes the right decision to NOT marry Apollo. I don’t know what the Valory Arch is, but it can’t be good. I also honestly think Jacks’ threat that Evangeline was disposable was crap – the prophecy requires Evangeline. I wonder if that’s why it told her that she could’ve opened it too.

    I’m worried about Tiberius. I think it’s weird he isn’t seen and only mentioned a few times. Perhaps another Fate in disguise?

    I feel bad that Tella broke Jacks’ heart, but maybe she was the one true love that would BREAK his heart, and Evangeline was the one true love to MEND his heart.

    I have entered the contest under my Booksta @the_ya_assassin. I made a story, and added the hastag to my photo challenge post for it. Thank you so much for the chance!

    Also, thank you Tash for hosting! I’m having so much fun!

  30. I recently read the Caraval series and have really been enjoying this book as well! Romance, magic a bit of mystery and more Jacks… what more can I ask for?

    I’ve entered the giveaway and my Instagram is @pages_uponpages

  31. I’ve SUPER been enjoying this book. I entered the giveaway! @rygurl

  32. It sounds to me like Evangeline is a descendant of the valors, and I thought as result that she was already a peasant and a princess crowned in rose gold. But considering the valory arch will only open with a prophecy… If that is the prophecy, maybe she is not quite royalty yet and therefore she is not a descendent?

    So many mysteries, I wonder what Jacks is looking for with all that scheming, it crossed my mind that maybe he is looking for something that will take away his heartbreak and that just breaks my own heart ?

    I am a slow reader and I have been sharing stories of my readalong, and now I am so excited I can enter this secret giveaway on time ? @yunacasull

  33. Apollo is definitely under an enchantment. No idea how he will react when it is lifted…. especially if that doesn’t happen until after the wedding.

    I want to know more about this prophecy and about the Valors. Is Evangeline a Valor decendant? What is this abomination behind the gate?

    What IS Jacks actually up to. I still have A LOT of questions

  34. Also I posted my photo to my Instagram handle Jenthebookishbakernz

  35. OOoo I’m a little behind, but I’m really getting into it now. Can’t wait to see where this goes. I understand there’s going to be a second book so not everything will be resolved, but I’m hoping we don’t get left on massive cliffhangers!

    IG: judging_a_book_by_its_cover

  36. I’ve entered the giveaway (finally got my account back).
    My handle is: @herpapershelf

  37. I feel so sad for Evangeline, she can’t fully trust Marisol, Jack’s is as using her without telling her for which goal and ending and Apollo’s feelings aren’t real (though i do hope some sort of affection will remain), she’s all alone in this and still trying to do the right thing even if it will hurt her. She is a very admirable character and I can’t wait to read further to hopefully see her get some form of a happy (temporary) ending

    I entered the readalong giveaway and my instagram handle is @reading_is_joyce

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