One Dark Window Readalong: Day 3!

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Hello Fairy Family!

I hope that you’re all loving One Dark Window so far! It’s now day 3 and things are really getting interesting!

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Today we’ll be reading from Chapter 15 to the end of Chapter 20, let’s jump in!

Please be warned, the following section will include spoilers for One Dark Window by Rachel Gillig, from chapters 15 to 20. Please only read on if you’ve finished this section!


We’re now at Castle Yew! I love castles. What I don’t love, is that Jespyr seems to be noticing a yellow tint to Elspeth’s eyes…

Their sleuthing has paid off, Elspeth, thanks to Gerta, knows where to find an Iron Gate card! One card down. The Twin Alders sounds like it’ll be particularly difficult to locate though, since the Shepherd King took it into the mist and came back without it. Does that mean they’ll have to venture into the mist?

Their trip to find the Iron Gate card is amusing for a few reasons:

  1. The Nightmare screeches to purposely get Elspeth thrown off her horse
  2. Ravyn and Elspeth continuously blushing at each other
  3. Elspeth being so inept at horseriding that she’s forced to ride with Elm
  4. Did I mention Ravyn and Elspeth non-stop blushing at each other?

Elspeth naturally seems a little jarred when Ravyn is dressed as a highwayman again, which leads him to apologise for attacking her and admitting he went back alone for the next three days to try and find her. She accepts his apology on the condition that he drops the “Miss Spindle” line and just calls her Elspeth. Then… it’s time. 

It doesn’t go quite to plan, with Hauth and the Destriers turning up. Elspeth locates the card and runs into her FATHER on her way back to her hiding spot. Talk about bad luck. She gives herself up to the Nightmare again and Jespyr turns up in time to rip her away from the drama. Their bad luck isn’t over though, Jespyr’s dropped her charm.

She finds Ravyn, just after the wonderful lovely Hauth has broken her wrist. I hate him. They’re all ok though, for now. 

Something is definitely brewing between Ravyn and Elspeth, but I am mighty concerned about the fact that he says she scared him coming out of the woods. She didn’t seem like herself, and he’s had other moments where he feels like he doesn’t entirely know her. Where her eyes take on a yellowish hue. Worrying…

Although, I’ll take on the Nightmare over a Maiden magicked Ione any day. She seems unbearable, and worse than that? Hauth is here. 

  1. What do you think means that people are starting to notice changes in Elspeth? Like her eyes?
  2. Any theories about what will happen when Hauth and Elspeth run into each other?
  3. Do you think Ravyn and Elspeth are catching feels? Are you feeling any chemistry there?
  4. How do you feel about the magic system? Are you liking it?

Dun Dun Dunnnnnnn. With Hauth arriving, things are about to get super interesting.

Hope you’re all enjoying the book so far!


36 thoughts on “One Dark Window Readalong: Day 3!

  1. Entered the giveaway @oldkingdomandbeyond !

    I definitely think they’re catching the feels! I kind of love when he calls her Miss Spindle though not gonna lie. Definitely feeling the chemistry and tension!

    I think the nightmare is getting stronger – is it because of the time he and Elspeth have spent together? The magic of the cards?

    Definitely get the vibe Hauth is smarter than we’re giving him credit for and I think he’ll know.

  2. Hands up if you want the Nightmare to make bad things happen to Hauth ?

  3. I’m still really enjoying this ?

    1) I think it means that The Nightmare is getting more control, which is worrying especially when you consider her dream of him on the throne asking to be let out.
    2) I’m hoping Huath will believe she fell from the horse (as,technically, she did) but it would be obtuse of him to not have niggling suspicions
    3)I’m enjoying the slow burn feelings and gradual trust between Elspeth and Ravyn!
    4) still enjoying the magic system- really curious as to what Ravyn’s magic is and what his degradation is!!

  4. I LOVE the magic system it’s so unique and well thought out! Ended up finishing the book yesterday so I don’t want to answer any of the other questions ?

  5. Posted a read along post on instagram under handle @julesreadsalot ✨

  6. 1. They know she’s got magic she’s not talking about…I wonder if anyone has seen something similar and the already have her figured out. I wish she would just talk about it already!
    2. I hope she breaks his nose.
    3. Omg yes. I love love their chemistry. It’s giving me all the feels.
    4. I like the magic! It’s different than other magic. Also, I like playing cards games so this is fun!

    I entered the photo contest on @Jesicas.cozycorner

  7. We’ve reached the title of the book – in Ravyn’s backyard, no less. She refused to enter this time, but I’m sure that’ll change soon enough. I’m liking Jespyr more & more, Elm is an ass but more in a “taunting big brother” sort of way, I think Morette could be like a 3rd mother figure for Elspeth (Aunt Opal being the 2nd already). The Highwaymen are coming off as more “Robin Hood & his merry men” than boogeymen & bandits, especially with their rule of no killing & avoiding violence if possible. Fighting people you know (relatives, even) is dangerous & difficult on levels beyond just risking treason. Nail-biting. My hopes are just getting higher & higher for Ravyn & Elspeth. Ione is so disappointing though. She’ll be a match for her brute prince in no time at this rate.
    Daily Q&A:
    1.) What do you think means that people are starting to notice changes in Elspeth? Like her eyes?
    2.) Any theories about what will happen when Hauth and Elspeth run into each other?
    3.) Do you think Ravyn and Elspeth are catching feels? Are you feeling any chemistry there?
    4.) How do you feel about the magic system? Are you liking it?
    1.) Magic comes at a cost. She’s been relying on the Nightmare more & more. What deeper fear is there to reveal than she’s harboring a 500-year-old Monster in her head?
    2.) Hopefully, he doesn’t recognize her because, like when she fought her father, the Nightmare was present & making her eyes unrecognizable. I’m sure it’ll be rough though, especially considering her yellow eyes being spotted by others (even if they dismiss it), the Nightmare in her reflection that morning, & being faced with, not just Hauth, but all of the Destriers.
    3.) Yes & yes. ????????
    4.) It’s interesting, & I’m curious to learn more, especially after Jespyr’s charm-less bout in the woods & all these new developments with the Nightmare & Elspeth. Ione seems like she might be the quickest to succumb to the negative cost of the magic of her Providence Card. So disappointing.
    *I’ve already posted my #FairyLootODW photo under @TupaKitty_Reads ????*

  8. Entered the giveaway!

    Absolutely loving the book so far! Ravyn and Elspeth are so cute, I can hear the wedding bells! ?
    I’m also loving the magic system, it’s so different. Part of me also wonders if the nightmare slowly takes elspeth over the more she uses his strength? It’s strange that it hurts so much when he’s used.
    I hope the prince doesn’t notice that it’s her and connect the dots with the ambush!
    I’m not a fan of Ione, I’m finding her slightly hard to swallow

  9. I just entered the photo contest! My username is lennylovesbooks3 ! I’m a bit behind on the readalong as I’m only on Chapter 14, but y’all the CHOKEHOLD this book has on me is unparalleled. Truly an incredible read so far

  10. 1. The nightmare is definitely getting more control, will he take over at some point? The dreams are intriguing… the nightmare hates the Rowans and he’s dressed in gold armour like the tapestries in castle yew or the Shepard so maybe he’s the Shepard king and the Rowan ancestors trapped him or something? Regardless it’s all very suspect and I can’t wait to find out who the nightmare really is…. Maybe expecting him to break out at some point ??
    2. Nothing good ?
    3. They’re definitely catching feels!!!
    4. Love the magic system! Very interesting

    1. Also entering on @elle.Cheshire ?

  11. Skipping the book post part since I’m a little behind, but this book is amazing so far!!
    I’ve entered the photo contest @kaaty.reads

  12. 1. I feel the monster inside her is getting a stronger hold over her, increasing his ability to take over her actions. People notice means she is no longer as the same control she once had.
    3. I love the chemistry between those two. There are just enough similarities and differences to make them mesh so well and the both understanding the effects of being infected.
    4. I like the magic systems! I think it is great that has limits that leave a mark so that people can never overly abuse the magic as you see in a lot of other series with magics.


    1. I entered the photo contest with @magic_dance07

  13. I’m just meh about this months book. I don’t hate it, but I don’t love it either. Curious to see how it goes.

    I’ve added my photo and my Instagram is @Bookish_Westie

  14. 1) The Nightmare is gaining more control over her. Everyone else might see it as degeneration though.

    2) It will be unpleasant. Hopefully for Hauth.

    3) Yes and yes!!

    4) I like it. It’s hard to keep the cards straight but I like the concept of how it all works.

    Entering the contest as @sonata_ix!

  15. Just started this book! It reminds me so much of Belladonna with the Nightmare being inside her mind lending advice and strength. Curious to see if the nightmare will morphe out of her mind and materialize.

    1. Instagram handle amythestdreams

  16. We’ve gotten to the point in the book where it gets all exciting and I have just non-stop questions. The Nightmare is definitely the Shepard King, right?? Was the price for the Twin Alders card to be trapped in an existence like this? When they unite all the cards and repel the mist will the cards cease to have magic? I loved how quickly the action took place in this section. The robbery was so exciting and it just pleases me so much to picture Hauth with those claw marks down his face. Good on Ravyn for breaking his hand.

    My heart is breaking over what’s happening to Ione. I think the High Prince has trapped her into continuous use of the Maiden card by not allowing her to control when she uses it and when she doesn’t. But she’s definitely still in there. Now that she seems to be putting the pieces together about Elspeth and the highwaymen, I hope that she’ll be able to be an inside man and help them.

    I’m also bummed because I’m pretty sure Ravyn’s going to break his promise and use the Nightmare card on Elspeth. Or someone will take it from him and do it. I don’t know how they’ll react but it won’t be good.

    I’ve entered the giveaway! @giggenbach.reads

  17. 1. I think it means that nightmare is closer to the surface which will lead to the discovery of what her power really is.

    2. He will remember her! Or have a very big suspicion of her and will watch her EVERY move.

    3. Yasssssss!! All the feel omg I love it. The little comment Ravyn said about pretending to court her was the easiest thing ?.

    4. The magic is interesting. It keeps making me think about the deck of destiny from Caraval. Different but kinda similar.

    1. My username is @mangapenguin on IG.

  18. 1. She’s using the Nightmare more and more and I believe it will get harder to keep it a secret. It might even be the price of using his magic, a visible change in her a.i her eyes changing to yellow

    2. He won’t recognise her I think, but her wrist being broken might be a bit of a giveaway. I don’t know it Ravyn can influence or change thoughts with the Nightmare card he has, but maybe he’ll keep an eye on Hauth’s thoughts to monitor if he knows something or has noticed something.

    3. Definitely haha, I think Ravyn was mesmerised by Elspeth from the start and for him it takes a little less to catch feelings. For Elspeth, who has hidden most of her life due to her powers, it’ll take some time to trust and thus catch feelings. I do like their chemistry, as they seem to fit well together and Ravyn looks out for her. I do think it can be a bit more or more interaction is needed to really feel like they can step forwards toward a relation or something.

    4. I find it very intriguing and unique! I do have a little card I made of all the cards and their powers, both sides, to really keep up with all the magic present, since it is a bit much to remember all. I also feel like some little parts can be explained a bit better. I hadn’t understood that the charms, made of animal parts, are to keep the mist at bay. And why animals? So I feel like some things are yet to be explained, but are somehow vital to the story and I think it would’ve been better if they were already explained. Or I just missed the explanation if it was given hahaha

  19. Entered the giveaway:

    1. I think it means the Nightmare is starting to get stronger and can fuse or take over Elspeth at moments.

    2. Either Hauth would be suspicious if he notices Elspeth has a broken wrist in the exact arm as the highwayman he fought, or he will completely ignore her given that she is a woman and he could not possibly imagine a woman getting the best of him.

    3. Yes, I think Ravyn and Elspeth are catching feelings and I can definitely feel the chemistry.

    4. I like the magic system. I haven’t come across to one like that. I find it quite detailed and intricate. I like finding out more and more details about the cards and their use.

  20. hiii! i entered the photo contest!! my username is @sarahbearsreads
    – i am loving this book so far!! <3

  21. I am loving the tarot-inspired magic system so far. Still don’t know what to think about the Nightmare: is he only looking out for himself or will he be helpful in the end? And I feel like the yellow tint in Elspeth’s eyes may mean the Nightmare is growing stronger…?But Ravyn is definitely growing on me

    Entered the giveaway! @unprofessional_bookworm

  22. Posted my photo! @sophiaheartsbooks ??

  23. Entered the giveaway! @polar.bear619

    I definitely could not follow with the read along because I have a bad habit of having 0 patience or self control. But loved this book – big fan of grumpy-not-grumpy Ravyn 🙂

  24. I’ve entered the giveaway. My Instagram handle is infinite_bookworm86. I’m finishing tonight One Dark Window (I hope!)

  25. I’ll be entering the giveaway and I’m expecting to have a post up later today! My handle is @Kratist0

    Seems like my theories from the previous chapters was wrong, but that happens I guess. Still very interested in seeing where this story goes, especially now that Ione is back.

    1- the book keeps emphasizing that magic always comes at a cost, and I think that’s what we’re seeing now. She’s been using the powers of the Nightmare a lot lately, and that’s going to have consequences.

    2- I honestly can’t imagine him not being suspicious of her. She has matching injuries to those his attacker gained and her seeing the Nightmare in her reflection surely means it’s getting clearer and clearer that he’s present based on her appearance.

    3- I’m enjoying them, but I’d like a bit more chemistry if I’m being fully honest.

    4- oh absolutely. I find it really intriguing and I love how relevant it is to the plot.

  26. I’ve also added the hashtag for the giveaway to my ODW picture ? my if handle is @faefolkreads

  27. The changes coming up in Elspeth are so intense it has to be noticed soon I think! The fact that some of them are physically manifesting makes it seem like this is more of the claim that the magic is making.

    Hauth makes me incredibly anxious as a character and I hate the idea of Ione with him…or at least Elspeth’s perception of Ione anyway. To be fair it seems kinda like she viewed her with rose tinted glasses as this perpetually bubbly and happy person and it might not have occurred to Elspeth that she had her own troubles going on beneath all that? But I think Hauth is conceited enough to not consider Elspeth a possibility/threat.

    The magic system is absolutely incredible! I am obsessed with it. And now that I’m caught up on readlaong comments I’m gonna tackle the rest of the book ?


  28. Posted on my Instagram: @starless_eyes_books

    1. Maybe her connection with the nightmare is growing or he’s overtaking her more. Maybe every time she engages with him and asks for help he gets stronger or their connection gets stronger.

    2. I think he is too prideful and sexist to even assume it was her.

    3. I do. I think they both are attracted to each other and the more time spent together the more that grows. There is definitely chemistry.

    4. I still don’t fully understand the system but I am liking it so far.

  29. I’ve just posted my photo to my IG Jenthebookishbakernz

    1. 1. The nightmare is showing through

      2. Nothing good.

      3. Definitely fancy each other

      4. It’s unique. I don’t think I’ve read or seen anything like it before.

  30. Oh my goodness. I finally was able to catch up with this book and I am loving it so far. The magic system is unlike anything I’ve seen used in a book before and it just seems to get better and better as I get further in the book. These last few chapters, I mean, wow. Can’t wait to get to the next few.

    Also I posted my photo to my Instagram @nicole_burye

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