Only A Monster Readalong: Day 3!

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Hello Fairy Family!

I hope that you’re all loving Only A Monster so far! It’s now day 3 and things are really getting interesting.

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Today we’ll be reading from Chapter 11 to the end of Chapter 14, let’s jump in!

Please be warned, the following section will include spoilers for Only A Monster by Vanessa Len from chapter 11 to chapter 14. Please only read on if you’ve finished this section!


We’re joining Joan as she wakes up from a really horrible nightmare and Ruth and Aaron are… being civil? Is Joan still dreaming? 👀

Aaron is noting down things that they need to get sorted… Identification, money, clothes… until he blurts out, “I can’t work like this. I need a spreadsheet.” Monster or not, this guy is MY hero.

I am also obsessed with the fact that when Aaron tells Joan she looks like death, the only thing she can say back is YEAH WELL YOU HAVEN’T COMBED YOUR HAIR.

And it’s all the better by Aaron feigning being wounded. I love this guy.

Aaron is trying to explain the timeline, and uses true love as an example. Eyyy wink wink Aaron are you hinting? Joan’s not having it though. She’s still adamant there must be a way for it to be changed.

When Aaron blurts out that it’ll hurt Joan when she finds out she can’t get her family back (I’m sensing feelings), he gets up and walks out to get some new clothes as if he’s said something he shouldn’t.

After he’s gone, Ruth tells Joan she thinks Aaron is hot. Oh Ruth, honey, join the queue.

She also tells Joan that Aaron hasn’t been totally honest. There are rumours of events being changed in the past and she’s sure Aaron knows. Does he not WANT his family back? Granted they were pretty horrific but they’re still family, right?

The Liu monster family are said to have had perfect memory, but more than that, some of the Liu’s apparently remember things that never happened and Joan speculates that they’re possibly remembering changes in the timeline?

Oh, queue Joan’s nineties makeover! I’m excited.

I’m loving the outfit they’ve picked out for Joan!

Hint:  If you’re struggling to picture it, have a look at the art on the reverse of your FairyLoot author letter from Vanessa Len!

Don’t mind me flustering over Joan getting flustered at Aaron kneeling at her feet. I hope there’s romance brewing here!

Switching the subject, Joan asked Aaron what he knows of the Liu’s power. Ruth drops the bomb that she’s not welcome in the Liu’s home after she stole a few things. She’s really not helping the Hunt’s look better than they’re rumoured to be! Even though Joan is willing to go alone, Aaron says he’ll take her. He cares for her, I’m calling it! He could easily let her go alone, she’s told him he doesn’t owe her anymore, but he’s going even though he doesn’t want to. 

He tells Joan she’ll owe the Liu’s for any information they give her. In turn Joan wants to know what she’ll owe AARON after this is over. He blushes, yes BLUSHES, and still tries to tell Joan he owes her.

They meet with Ying Liu, who speaks of “The true history” – a belief that there was once another timeline. Some of the Liu’s remember snippets of this other timeline. When Ying says that he’s given enough information about the true history, AARON volunteers to take on a debt to the Liu’s to find out more information for Joan. Why is he doing this?

Ying tells them there are myths that the King had the timeline altered, destroying the zhēnshí de lìshĭ, the true history, to make THIS timeline everything he wanted it to be, and the King lives in the Monster Court. Remember the necklace Gran gave Joan on her deathbed? Yeah that’s only a KEY to the Monster Court! Things are fitting together!

Aaron seems genuinely scared. Scared of the consequences of what might happen if they’re caught speaking about the blasphemous true timeline, the consequences of someone noticing what it is Joan wears around her neck. This King, and the entire Monster Court actually seem downright frightening.

Ruth didn’t know Joan or Gran possesed contraband from the Monster Court, and neither Ruth nor Aaron, who are both from notorious monster families have seen the sigil the key bears before. Now suddenly, Court guards are prowling the market. This is super sketchy.

Joan, head-strong and never one to shy away from what she wants, is adamant she’s breaking into the Monster Court to further her attempts to change the timeline.

I smell a heist.

But Aaron is having none of it, he thinks Gran should’ve taught her better and if she had, Joan would know not to go poking her nose in Court business. Ruth says Gran told them all not to tell Joan what they were, because they all thought she couldn’t travel. The records said Joan couldn’t travel. But she can? Gran knew she can? Was she hiding her powers because of this mysterious power she said Joan would come into?

When Joan leaves to clear her head, she ends up in a quaint little American-style diner. She orders tea, and who delivers it????? NICK!

He can’t kill her, since there are cameras and people around, but he’s adamant that he will kill her. I thought he cared for her after he let her go! To be honest, I think he still does but he told her the last time he saw her that if she took time from a human again that he’d kill her and he clearly didn’t lie. He’s livid. He won’t tell Joan HOW he got here, in 1993 though. Weird. 

He takes the necklace from Joan’s neck, does he know what it is? Joan promises she’ll come after him, and kill him for what he did. She vows she won’t let him kill anyone else.

She gets back to the way station to Ruth and Aaron (shockingly) arguing about their families. Joan interrupts their bickering and tells them Nick is here, and not only is he here, he stole the necklace, the key to the Monster Court. There’s only one option for it and this time, Aaron knows it. Nick is going to the Monster Court and Aaron, Joan and Ruth have to get there first. But none of them know how to get to the Monster Court and now, their key is gone. This got a lot more complicated!

Ohhhh, but Joan has remembered the stall owner in the market who bought her phone, who seemed to know what the necklace was and wanted to buy it. Time to find him!

They hunt him down and it turns out he’s Tom Hathaway (we also find out that Hathaways can travel with animals, so I think I’d like to be a Hathaway pls and thank you) a former (fired) Court Guard. No wonder he knew what the necklace was.

Joan, slightly reckless but completely admirable, tells Tom of their plan, reeling him in with the prospect of stealing from the Monster Court, and gives him an opportunity to join them, and he takes it. 

When they get back to their room, Aaron tells them of a time when he saw a Court Guard. Conrad, the King’s Reach, apparently has the ability to MAKE people travel with him and one day he came for Aaron’s cousin in school. The Monster Court found out someone had been taking time from students at the school, Conrad sent Aaron away and he never saw his cousin again. That’s really hard! I don’t like the sound of Conrad.

The innkeeper has found Dorothy Hunt, so we’re off with Joan to find her! Gran – young Gran – is at a bar, but she’s not listening to Joan either. Why will no one ever take her seriously?! Does this have something to do with how Aaron mentioned the timeline will fight to stay on the right path?

Then suddenly Gran makes a gesture with her hands, Joan knows it means ‘go get someone’ and then she realises Gran isn’t making the gesture to JOAN, she’s making it to the bartender. This must be so hard for Joan, not only does her Gran not believe her but she’s essentially calling for back up to get rid of her. At least Joan’s not stubborn enough to stick around. 

But at least Joan knows what they’re looking for now, the transformatio, and they have a way into the Monster Court. This is about to get very interesting!

I can’t wait for tomorrow’s section – it’s going to be INTENSE!

Well, we’re over halfway through now! I hope you’re all enjoying this as much as I am. I’ll be back tomorrow with some more thoughts on Only A Monster.

See you then!



76 thoughts on “Only A Monster Readalong: Day 3!

  1. so intense, i can’t believe her grandmother betrayed her. Weird to think that the only things she did teach her granddaughter were things that she would need to go on this quest but nothing else. I am really starting to like Aaron though I’m not sure if Joan should 100% trust him yet.

    I have entered the contest and my Instagram handle is @reading_is_joyce

  2. haha that Sherlock gif has me cracking up :’)

    I’m currently thinking that maybe the King doesn’t even exist (or not in the way everyone thinks he does). Either that, or it’s Nick? I know that doesn’t make much sense but I’m trying to understand how Nickcould know what the necklace is. And how he was able to travel through time without stealing it from humans??

    I also have a feeling that maybe Joan’s mysterious power is another myth (like the human hero) and that’s why Aaron’s dad was so shocked when he saw her. If the head of Olivers can see more than the rest of the family, maybe he saw that power in her and was shocked because he’d assumed it was just legend?

    I’m also still really curious to find out what Aaron has tried (and failed) to change in the timeline. I really need more of his backstory!!

    My favourite part of this section was definitely when Ruth said “I realise that you’re an Oliver, so your instinct is to lick boots”. haha go on Ruth ! It had me holding back laughter in public

    1. Yes, part about “licking boots” was super funny…but Aaron is a little like Malfoy…sorry, not sorry 😂

    2. I’ve posted my picture!! (@fandomsforeverafter)

      1. AH sorry- I changed my account name. It’s the one below (@fantasyforeverafter)

    3. I’ve posted my picture!! (@fantasyforeverafter)

  3. I wonder what the favor will be that Ying Liu asks of Joan as repayment. Aaron blushed at Joan asking what she’d owe him after all of this, so that was adorable. His mom was executed? Why? Nick showing that the version of himself that Joan fancied was a mask makes me wonder if he has any residual feelings from when he thought she was fully human or if his heart is not so easily touched. What are the chances that the person she’d haggled with on their 1st day in the past would be exactly the person she needed for this mission? Not only that, but that he’d be so easy to get on board? That, conveniently, the gates would open for the only time in a century just 2 days from now? Gran was only 25 years old 30 years in the past? This time traveling stuff is going to get confusing. What’s more, she knew about her unborn daughter but not this granddaughter? She can’t be trusted with information she told Joan herself before she died? My head is spinning, & the anticipation for what comes next is killing me! I’m off to read the tomorrow’s chapters (please, please, please don’t let this end in a cliffhanger)!

  4. I have entered the contest my username is @bookishfates

  5. I think im most curious to learn more about Aaron’s backstory. Something big obviously happened that got him cast out of the family but they really haven’t explained anything yet.

    It was disappointing to see her Gran act that way towards Joan but also not surprising. Gran must already know what Joan’s power is and she wanted it for herself and not because she cares about Joan at this point.

    I definitely think the timelines are also getting very confusing, it seems like there are a lot of discrepancies and maybe it’s just because they all can time Jump that that’s why it doesn’t make sense??

    I had guessed Nick could time jump but I hadn’t guessed he could do it without stealing time. I’m excited to see what that reveal will be!

    1. I have now made my post @x_late_night_reads_x

  6. Am I the only one not rooting for Aaron? I can’t get over how he was introduced – cowardly, sullen, whiny. I’ll say it again – he reminds me of a young, brooding Draco Malfoy when we all wanted to punch him in the face. Just me? I really want to get past that. I can appreciate their banter dnd the way they are protecting each other now. All I can see though is Draco!

    I am so excited to see what happens at the royal Court – what goes according to plan, what is foiled, more interactions with Nick. I know he’s the bad guy but they had such a great connection. Or maybe I’m just trained to like the bad guy.

    I’m really happy Joan has Ruth and that she was able to see a young version of her grandma. Even though it was a weird interaction, I hope it was also cathartic.

    I entered the contest. A few times. I hope that’s ok. @Jesicas.cozycorner

  7. I love the outfit, too! And the art print. Is it really 90’s wear? cause I would wear that today.

    I really wonder how Nick got there. He still can’t kill her yet – he must have feelings….

    It was heart breaking when Joan saw he Gran, and she seemingly was trying to sell her out.

    Can’t wait to read and find out more – really enjoying this story.

  8. Meeting young Gran was an excellent scene, it’s so bittersweet to SEE her alive, but also know that she is NOT the kind grandmother Joan knows. It looks like the Hunts had a really rocky reputation, and one they were still trying to overcome before the massacre…

    I wonder if we’ll get to see a young version of Joan’s mom …? 👀 (Or in later books, hmm??) So many questions!!

    1. I’ve posted my book picture too! 😊 my Instagram is @pastryghost

  9. Loved having the art on the back of the author letter to reference to! It’s beautiful and really adds to the experience of reading this story.

    I entered the contest, @be_singletary

  10. Goodness, things are getting tense, and I am all in for their heist into Monster Court.

    I’m starting to wonder if there is a connection between the King and Nick, as how else would Nick know about the device that changed timelines before and Joan’s necklace from her Gran.

    Also loving the denial between Joan and Aaron that there is just this debt between them, something else is definitely simmering there.

    Excited for tomorrow and see what happens next!

    I entered the competition. My Instagram handle is @lita_toria

  11. When Aaron says that Joan will get hurt when she try’s to get her family back my first sense wasn’t feelings so now I’m worried she could genuinely get hurt like when she tried to travel without taking time 🤷🏽‍♀️

    I can’t believe that Joan’s grandma tried to betray her though! But is that why she gave Joan the necklace because she knew she would tell Joan what it is but not be able to help her any more than that?!

    I’m really growing to like Aaron but I’m still sceptical to why he is sticking around with Joan?

    But when Nick appeared at the table my jaw literally dropped! I’m worried about Nick being around now it seems like he can just appear whenever he wants and cause whatever changes in the timelines he wants?

    I’ve entered my photo on Instagram, my handle is @zoemelissareads

  12. I absolutely loved this section! This book has gotten so much better since the start and I’m so here for it!

    Oh, I’ve also entered the comp! My Instagram handle is @onlybooksiveread

    Anyway, my working theories are:
    1) Joan’s mum is alive.
    2) Is Nick somehow working for The King? Willingly or unwillingly? Is he the king himself?
    3) Is Joan’s mum involved with the King somehow?
    4) Can Aaron, now he’s head of the Oliver family ‘see’ that Joan is going to be more powerful and have a different power?

    I have a lot of questions!

    Let’s get heist-y!

    1. I also think Joan’s mom is still alive and just left the family and went somewhere else in time. Ying Liu said her mom was “estranged” rather than dead, so I’m thinking she left and her dad and Gran just told Joan her mom died because it would be easier on her.

  13. It’s intense, but Joan is really annoying with her revenge and impulses to act “right now without thinking” and it’s adding them more troubles. For example Nick stole the necklace…Like she is really well written character and it’s good that she burn the emotions but seriously…think Jean, think.

    Gran in 1993 is a bit…not nice person. I think later was some event which makes her a Gran which we know from the beginning of the book. I’m curious that we will know what was that.

    Aaron and Ruth interactions are super funny. Like two roosters and each of them wants to protect the family honor….but I would like to only remind that the whole families are dead…

    I’m super curious how the King and Court will be presented. Can’t wait to read about it tomorrow.

    1. I will of course participate in the giveaway. My Instagram is @motive_of_the_witch.

  14. I have entered the giveaway and my Instagram handle is @the_faery_tales

    I’m offended by how rude the young Gran was to Joan! Can you believe it? You’d think she’d have known better with her awareness of time travel and how a future granddaughter could come to her.

    Absolutely loving the dynamics of this character trio together now and Aaron is still my fave. I grew up in the 90s so all the references to this era are wonderful to read.

    Loving this book ♥️

  15. I am very intrigued by all the powers the families have. And there seems to be families in France, as well! Will that play a part somewhere in this trilogy? I’d love to travel to France with them!

    There were a lot of things mentioned in this section that I’m interested to know more about, but my biggest question is what was it that Aaron tried to change the timeline for? I really really like Aaron.

    How is Nick traveling if he’s not a monster? His reaction to her saying he must be one was very suspicious, honestly.

  16. I’m a bit confused haha. Joan needs to ask more questions about monsters and how all this works! Despite that I am enjoying the story. I like Aaron. I wonder if Nick is the King?!

    Entered on insta, @penguinograce

  17. I can see where her gran would betray her, she seems a different person and remember they mentioned Joan’s mom and gran were estranged.

    I am once more just firmly anti-Nick. I don’t care what guilt he might carry, I think Aaron is the real sweetheart here lol (maybe it’s my Draco Malfoy fangirl just coming to the surface)

    I am finding myself liking Joan more now that we’ve gotten different sides of her. I’m completely invested in seeing how this Monster Court works, like yes please dressing up and espionage ahead!

    1. Oh I’ll be entering, my insta handle is @thecaffeinated.reader

  18. So much happened in this part! First off how can Nick time travel? I feel like he might be like a rogue monster where he was apart of a family of monsters that all got killed by another monster family long ago that no one remembers and he’s trying to take his revenge on all monsters? I think it’ll be interested to see how the plan to get into the monster court goes especially with Tom. It’s hard to tell who to trust and who to be wary of, but especially not this version of Gran. I feel so bad for Joan that she had to deal with that.

    I entered with my photo on Instagram and my username is @mybookishbeing

  19. I’m feeling Ruth playing matchmaker and getting Joan and Aaron together (I’m rooting for that 🥰)

    I don’t think I would be able (after time travelling for the first time) to fit into (past or future), the clothes would be so different! I’m glad Joan is not alone!

    I think Aaron is starting to show more that he likes Joan! The ”pay it back” for saving him has already been paid off, but he’s still around and helping. And he still goes with her to talk to the Liu’s and even tries to get in debt with Ying’s family, how considered!
    He’s also already wanted to go against the timeline, so he’s doing this for Joan. And Joan is noticing his mannerisms OMG!

    Aaron’s mother was executed!?!? Is that why Aaron isn’t like (or as people say) the rest of the Oliver family?

    Monster Court -> King who destroyed the true timeline to create the current one -> everything that happens is by order of the King…. i.e. the massacre was by order of the king??? No way! Nick can also timetravel, but he’s human… could it be that he’s part of the true timeline? And therefore the King cannot control him, only ‘hide’ his existence. And that is why he also cannot prevent the massacre and is now eliminating everyone who knows what happened?

    The necklace Gran has is a key to the Monster Court, but now Nick has it.

    Joan is such a crazy character! She’s so focused on saving her family that she’s not even thinking about the consequences, or being careful of what she says and where she says it! No wonder Nick found her!

    What do you mean the records say she’s not a monster? Is it because of the power she has but doesn’t know what it is?

    Loving everything so far!
    But I really want to know more about Joan’s mysterious power and I really want to see if romance comes along!

    I’ll be entering the contest and my IG is @rita_and_books

  20. Am I the only one not rooting for Aaron? I can’t get over how he was introduced – cowardly, sullen, whiny. I’ll say it again – he reminds me of a young, brooding Draco Malfoy.

    I really want to get past that. I can appreciate their banter dnd the way they are protecting each other now. All I can see though is Draco!

    I am so excited to see what happens at the royal Court – what goes according to plan, what is foiled, more interactions with Nick. I know he’s the bad guy but they had such a great connection. Or maybe I’m just trained to like the bad guy.

    I’m really happy Joan has Ruth and that she was able to see a young version of her grandma. Even though it was a weird interaction, I hope it was also cathartic.

    I entered the contest.
    Thank you!

  21. I’ve been making a lot of assumptions as I read…

    1) Nick is the King. Or possibly the king’s son.

    2) Joan is part Liu. I mean, those dreams!

    3) I’m suspicious of Ruth. I DON’T KNOW WHY. Other than that she survived when everyone else died. Maybe *she’s* the one hunting down survivors, but she only expected to find Aaron, not Joan with him?

    4) WTF was up with that weird younger version of Gran? That was super creepy, possibly because Gran reminded me a bit of my own grandma. UNTIL NOW.

    I’ll be posting on IG as @sonata_ix!

  22. I’m really wondering about that promise she now owes as that seems likely to come back and cause some trouble! Also very curious why they all thought she couldn’t travel. Lots of time travel mind twistiness going on here!

  23. I’ve got to find out how Nick’s been traveling around. And what Aaron did to get disinherited from the Oliver’s! Speaking of whom, what’s up with all this talk Oliver loyalty to the King, it feels like it’s going to be a terrible arrangement between them. Aaron’s insistence on the term blasphemy vs. treason is pretty interesting.

    I wonder if Gran or Nick will catch up with Joan first! I almost hope it’s Nick because then her feelings won’t be quite as complicated.

    I entered the contest and my instagram handle is @giggenbach.volcano

  24. Nooo Nick, be the hero! 🤣 I’m loving this reversal of roles where the hero is the bad guy and the monster is just trying to protect the people they love.
    I wonder what exactly Aaron’s debt to Joan is for saving his life, because there’s clearly more to it than is being said.
    This book is a really quick read and I’m really liking Vanessa’s writing style!
    I will be entering the giveaway and my instagram is @mirlyah.

  25. Posted My photos for the read along !!

    Loving this book !
    Cant wait to start day 4 !!

  26. I’m still enjoying pretty much every time Aaron speaks. He’s such an adorable grump.
    I really want to know what’s up with the time line. Who changed it & why?

    Is going to the Monsters court a trap? Can Tom be trusted? Can anyone be trusted?

    I will post my photo to my Instagram Jenthebookishbakernz

  27. Oh no, I wouldn’t have guessed either that Gran also possibly implied that Joan shouldn’t trust her younger self, oops. On the other hand, I really liked Ying Liu, based on the short interaction he had with Joan and Aaron.
    I really like Aaron, I hope he won’t betray Joan! On the other hand, I still don’t trust Ruth completely.
    That scene with Nick made me so nervous! I wonder how can he travel in time, maybe with an artifact, or with forced time travel like Aaron’s cousin..?
    Don’t know what to think about Tom, I hope he’ll be an okay character and won’t betray our group. Really excited to read about what will happen in the Monster Court!

    I’d like the enter the giveaway, I’ll post a bit later, my handle is: @serenity87hu

    1. Just posted! <3

  28. What does it mean for monsters to owing a debt? Like a life for a life? I need answers, halfway in the book and no one has explained in detail to Joan what does it really mean to be a monster.
    Also, curious to know more of Aaron’s story. Youngest son? Only son? Why was he removed in the succession line? Is it something to do with Joan? Was it written in their history?
    And younger Gran is a very different person.
    Jumpin right away to the next part

    Posted on IG under @books.over_

    1. Trying the find the motivation to read while you sick is pretty hard so I’m a little bit behind. I finally finished day 3’s chapters today and am loving the growing bond between Aaron and Joan…. I sure do love a romance! Especially one when the male character has issues with showing that he cares ❤

      The debt Joan know owes is making me nervous 😓 I feel like it could cause some trouble further down the line. BUT could this secret power she us meant to possess prevent anything bad from happening (or is that just wishful thinking).

      I saw a comment above about someone having suspensions about Ruth and I honestly feel the same! There is just something about her behaviour that is making me feel unsure. I hope she doesn’t do anything bad because I want Joan to keep some of her family.

      Finally, because I could go on and on… I feel like Nick is either the King or related to him because how would he be able to travel through time without being a Monster? Unless he has made a deal with someone? ….. so many questions

      Also, I will be definitely entering the secret giveaway! My Instagram handle is: @charlottesbooktrove

      1. Wow the number of spelling mistakes or typos in this is unreal. Blame that on my headache 🙈

  29. Okay there is so much going on at the moment, like meeting up with the Lius was something, i feel like we didn’t really get a lot and it will be interested what the debt she owes now will be.

    and oh Nick appeared again! I was wondering when this will happen and i kinda figured he also can time travel otherwise it would be weird not seeing him for the rest of the book when they are stuck in this time at the moment. Mhmmm still i don’t really think he can time travel without a price, that’s not how it works usually, so let’s see.

    Posted under my instagram handle nightinsparrow 🙂

  30. I am absolutely loving all the 90’s references so far. The more I read, the more I fall in love with these character. I can’t wait to continue reading!

    ig: readbooksandmore

  31. The Liu family sounds super intriguing, remembering things that didn’t technically happen in this timeline? I’m intrigued by the timeline thing too and the thought of parallel timelines…. I’m thinking of the latest Loki Disney+ series lol!

    Also I gotta say I love that Joans outfit is on the author letter, and I love the artwork in the front & back of the book too – I just love being able to see scenes & what the characters look like, love ya for that Fairyloot!

    Bold of Joan to try and talk to her Gran before Gran was….a gran. People change as they age so no wonder “Dorothy” was suspicious of Joan!

    Will be entering & posting soon, IG is @frayedbooks !

  32. Okay okay! I take back some of my previous qualms about this book because finally some of my questions were answered (I have different ones instead, but that’s for later!) The family (except for Gran) all thought that Joan was not a monster, so that is why they never told her anything about the monster side of the family. They wanted her to have a normal life! That makes so much more sense now. Gran had to have known something about Joan having powers since she “met” her previously in time, but she knew that Joan was special and need to be protected. I am very excited to learn more about Joan’s powers, especially why Gran only trusted her with the necklace/key. I also had in my head that there were like 4 families, but there are 12 just in London! That makes everything make much more sense as to why they have such a large infrastructure.

    I need to know more about this mysterious King, and what he has done to get the power to change the entire timeline and stir fear in all of the other monsters. Does it have something to do with the hero? Was he trying to save everyone from the hero? Possibly help the hero? Speaking of, how can Nick time travel, especially without needing to steal the time from a person? While he certainly talks a big game, it seems like Nick does not want to hurt Joan, as if he too senses that there is something different about her. I am so interested in hearing more about the mythology of the hero!

    Also, can we talk about Aaron?! He says that he hates the Hunts on principle, but he still wants to help Joan even though he is terrified. He even makes his own deal with the Lius to help Joan (swoon!) I started off as kind of indifferent to Aaron because I am a sucker for the “fated mates” trope, and it seemed like that’s where the author was going when describing Nick. Now, though, I am fully team Aaron! bring on the grumpy-sunshine and Romeo and Juliet vibes please!

  33. I have entered in the giveaway and my handle is @adayinmybooknerdlife

  34. soo many things happening

    I till think that Joan is connected with the court somehow or maybe she is from the old or true timeline somehow placed into this one and that why nobody knows what her powers are or what the necklaces means

    I like Aron and I kind of want him an Joan together but we still don’t know a lot about his past so can we trust him yet or will he betray the cousins somehow like mots couples that I wanted them to be together hmm

    uu the theories that Nick is working for the court or is the King got me thinking of that too hmm cant wait to find out

    1. will enter the giveaway and my handle is db_loves_books

  35. Entered with @myfriendedmond ! Can’t wait to start reading!

  36. Wow! So much has happened in these chapters. I didn’t expect to see Nick again so quickly; that was a surprise!

    I knew it! Nick can time travel, but he didn’t explain how he does it. Now I’m even more intrigued, questions, questions… How did he even know to go to 1993, to Joan, at that exact dinner?

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