Red Rising Deluxe Set

This exclusive set includes totally redesigned editions of Red Rising, Golden Son and Morning Star – each edition is signed by Pierce and has sprayed edges! This limited edition set is exclusive to FairyLoot, so you won’t find it anywhere else. Stock is limited, make sure you grab yours soon!

What is special about these editions?

  • TOTALLY REDESIGNED FOILED COVERS PRINTED ONTO THE HARDCOVER: Unique designs with beautiful foiling and an iconic quote on the back.
  • SCYTHE DESIGN ON THE SPINE: when the books are all lined up they will display a scythe along the spines.
  • SPRAYED EDGES: each book has a different colour sprayed onto the edges to match the cover.
  • SIGNED BY PIERCE BROWN: all three books in the set will be signed by Pierce.

The team at @hodderscape did a fantastic job and we cannot wait to ship these three gorgeous books out to you guys!

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