Serpent & Dove Readalong: Day 2

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Hello FairyLooters!

Welcome to day 2 of our Readalong for Serpent & Dove! Thank you so much for all the comments on yesterday’s post, I’m so thrilled to hear so many of you loving the book so far!

Erika pointed out that Diggory’s name makes her think of Harry Potter, I thought it was just me! I’m glad I’m not the only one!

Today we’re tackling pages 109-205 (damn no chapter number chapters haha!)! Brew yourself some witchy relaxing (maybe lavender?) tea and let’s get into it!

Please be warned, the following will include spoilers for Serpent & Dove by Shelby Mahurin pages 0-205! Read only if you’ve finished those pages!


“How dare you, I am a God fearing Christian woman now” – don’t really know why but this really left me laughing a lot! (Anyone else watches Pewdiepie?)

It IS insane that Reid expects Lou to stay in the tower when, as she pointed out, she agreed to wed to avoid imprisonment. Is he blind to the irony? I can’t blame her for wanting to do the exact opposite, I am not above petty principles either! (At least I’m self aware, right?) Although I must say I’m not sure what she was expecting, she can’t be too surprised?

I wonder when at some point when Reid inevitably discovers Lou is herself a witch, would her being baptised make him doubt the evilness of witches? 

Also ooooh Madame Labelle might have been the informer! What’s her game in all this? Any guesses? And maybe the letter to bishop was a threat because maybe the little bastard has been a frequent guest? If so, plot twist! 

Lou saying her relationship with her mother isn’t great really makes me believe what I suspected of who her mother is. I don’t want to say in case it is, but any theories from you?

Aw poor naive Ansel, not handling his pub songs. Cute. Why is he so adorable. 

Wait wait wait what?? We just got up to the forbidden section of the tower and Coco is there??? 

Seems like a curse hospital, for those unfortunate to cross path with reckless witches. Damn, the bug one was brutal! Maybe they could try and heal her? I feel so bad for that woman she clearly wanted some company too! 

And of course there’s a section to experiment and see where the magic comes from. Because of course! All their shouts of blasphemy would go null if they could tap into magic themselves, ah good old hypocrisy! I’m sure it would also be named some holy-power too! The audacity *shakes angry fist*!

“What was the torture device father Orville was carrying? You mean the bible?” 

Gotta love the witchy jabs!

They are developing an injection to paralyse witches. It’s a horrible faith but seeing people who are hospitalised here one doesn’t know if we can blame them.

But the girls are back together and they’re going to practice magic. Yay I’m excited! 

Bas got caught and now Lou is worried he will betray them for his own safety. We have a little bath moment where Reid seems to actually care for Lou? Yeeees boi, get to our side!

Sorry, I had to! 

Oooh we finally see Lou in a bit more action! She charmed Ansel, I feel so bad for him, he seems like he’s always been overlooked and seen as a number rather than a person. And yet still, he seems not quite as broken like the rest, there’s still soul behind his uniform so Lou feels protective of him. When Bas begs her to stop I wonder if he knows it’s his memories she’s targeting or if he thinks she will do something much worse? 

Maybe most importantly, Reis knows Lou has lied about all this and is pretty sure she’s the one who’s let Bas go but does not give her in. Why? Is it because her actions reflect his now or ya know, maybe he’s getting at least intrigued by her? 

Interesting how through the mass Lou does realise she’s the biggest hypocrite there, I do want to know more about her back story we have the woman seeking her and the neck scar to learn about at the very least! I can bet you these two are related too!

We finish today’s session on a very intriguing bit indeed! Madame Labelle shows up insisting on speaking with Lou and almost as if in rage jumps her and tries to say something. It’s a Reis perspective so we don’t even get a glimmer of what that was but Lou suddenly changes her mind and does want to hear her out (obviously can’t now) but it must be magic related! Maybe something about the woman who seeks her??

Let me know your theories!!

Be honest, did you peak further or are you strong enough o stop here?

Let us all know which part is your favourite from today’s section!

See you tomorrow!



23 thoughts on “Serpent & Dove Readalong: Day 2

  1. Just one word

    Ansel!!! ?????

  2. I am sorry. I am almost done with the book. By the time I realized it I was already through Day 3 chapters so might as well have continued LOL

    But I adored all we saw in these chapters! The banter with Reid and Lou is so fun to watch. Reid is such a stiff guy! And Lou’s snarkyness is so refreshing. We need more MCs like her! I still feel she is a somewhat morally gray chatacter based on what we know of her.

    The Mass scene was very interesting. I am a religious person so I get how one scripture can hit you in the core more than others. It was a very well written scene to have Lou who is very much apprehensive to the Church feel so in tune with the Proverb. It made her a much more relatable.

    But I really love how Reid has these small glimpses of caring for her and wanting to protect her. He is such a cinnamon roll! That said I am sad about Bas. I hoped he did more in the book. Seemed like after what Lou did he wont show up no more.

    And I am still suspicious of Archbishop. He is def hiding something!

    1. Haha can’t blame you for continuing at all!:D

  3. Well I read ahead last night and I’m already more than halfway through tomorrow’s pages. ?

    I’m glad it’s picked up pace. I agree I think Reid must have known it was Lou that let Bas go. In all honestly I judge their intelligence that she hasn’t been arrested ?

    1. Always good to be ahead in case you don’t have as much time tomorrow!:D

  4. I am really loving this story! Lou, Reid and Ansel are so well balanced in their characteristics and the world is just – so witchy.

    That’s all I can write, cause I gotta go back to keep reading!

  5. Kind of happy I am so tired after the last days, I’ve read ‘just’ the pages for the day and not more.
    You can say whatever you want, but everyone (Madame Labelle, Jean Luc, Coco …) everyone gets the tension between Lou and Reid but them? Both have their prejudices, he has his pride and orphanage related love to the church and the Archbishop, she ‘s counting him as one of her enemies and the stake on her mind. Well.. potential!
    Besides his outburst in the library Jean Luc slowly wins a bit – maybe he’s envy his good old friend got that sexy thief wife? ? Even he seems a bit appeased because of Reids struggle, hopefully he’d overcome it, there are bigger players on the other side.

    I love the description of the Tower and their living rituals. The Archbishop is still a pain in the ass and Coco being there – how convienent.

  6. I need to know what she whispered in Lou’s ear!! These pages were so good, I loved Ansel and Lou’s interactions and I’m really curious about the effects of magic on the poor people in the tower.
    This chunk just added more questions to my pile! And Reid is actually not too bad, especially if he’s a book lover ?

  7. It’s almost tomorrow so it’s not that bad if I continue right? I have the theory that the woman who seeks her is both the mother she alludes too as well as the big bad witch and I really want to know now.

  8. Very curious as to why Madame Labelle is invested in Lou and the Archbishop- definitely something more going on there.

    I couldn’t believe it when Coco was first in the tower – I thought it was something much more sinister than a supporting a friend (thank you books for trust issues ?) . Again, with the tower I loved seeing how the author created the consequences and effects of their spells- I found this so intriguing.

    Also I like that Lou just refuses to be imprisoned- she isn’t going to listen to the men and their idiotic thoughts, no matter how hard Reid tries to “control” her behaviour and get her to stay in the tower.

    1. I second you, books ruined my trust too, I always look for ulterior motives:D

  9. I am enjoying my afternoon time reading each days pages. That being said i dont know how much longer i will be able to hold off just finishing the book 🙂 another great pick!

  10. Ansel is just the sweetest, I really hope nothing bad happens to him. Jean Luc swings between being annoying as anything and actually alright. Lou and Reid continue to delight.

    I only managed to stop because I was falling asleep over the book! That scene with Madame Labelle was very interesting.

  11. I got to say that I love this two so much I couldn’t stop smiling! Definitely think that the bishop is hiding something

  12. Oh poor naive Ansel hehe so easy to manipulate but also in a way sweet
    Lou is so funny I like her character I like how she constatly challenges Reid
    I have a theory of her mother too will see if its the person she is hiding from I cant wait to find out sonething abot her past
    Reid he has a romantuc side oh how sweet and little by little his is falling for Lou or at last starting to like her
    Its un intertaining story cant wait to see what hapens next lets read on

  13. After these chapters, I’m even more convinced that it’s Lou’s mother who is after her for some reason!

    I was so happy to see Coco in the tower, so Lou still has someone around on her side. Ansel is just too cute, I hope he sticks around in the coming chapters and we see more of him – I’d love to see him grow into a strong character and develop his backbone.

    Interesting to see the slow but sure change in Lou and Reid’s relationship. And Reid was an orphan – I feel like this might throw up something interesting in the chapters to come

  14. This book is breaking me out of a reading slump.

  15. Ok, I’m really liking Lou and her attitude now! I don’t know what to make of Reid and the other Chasseurs, they’re so stiff and unfriendly and they don’t seem to question anything – like Lou having to stay in the tower now she’s married, just because she’s a woman; they don’t seem to understand that it’s just not the way the rest of the world works. And Reid actually seems surprised when she doesn’t obey. Oh dear!

    Ansel is sweet, I have a horrible feeling he’s going to end up as collateral damage somehow. And I actually feel bad for Bas, like Lou I’m pretty sure he’d have given her up sooner or later, but he really was scared of what she was doing to him, and if he knew he was losing his memories and that’s what he was begging her to stop… Aww.

  16. Things are getting very interesting. I love the interactions between the character’s. This book has made me laugh out loud a lot so far. Love Ansel he is like the little puppy dog looking for attention

  17. I like getting to see Lou being more fiery and trying to make things happen. I’m annoyed that all Reid’s “friends” decided to just make fun of him due to the marriage. Guess there is no brotherhood with these guys cause not a one still manages to be his friend.

    Poor Ansel being just an innocent haha. But he also doesn’t seem like he’s brainwashed as much as the other Chasseurs yet so maybe Lou will be able to get him to her side. I’ve no idea, but I’m excited to find out!

  18. I’m loving this book so much! It’s so fast paced!
    I still think the “she” that they keep referring to is her mother or something. I wonder when Reid is going to discover that shes a witch and how he will handle it.
    Theres so many mysterious characters that I need to know all of their motives!!
    I am also enjoying all of the dark witchy references!

  19. I’m still playing catch up, so I stopped on this part. I think Lou’s mother is The Lady of the Witches, Morgane le Blanc. I’m sure the scar on Lou’s neck has something to do with her mother, maybe the fact that Lou gave up magic…? I can’t wait to find out!
    I’m loving how Lou pushes Reid’s buttons. There’s a few smirks and chuckles in there though. She’s growing on him.

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