Serpent & Dove Readalong Schedule!


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Hello Fairy Friends!

Welcome back to another monthly readalong! I know I’m glad to be back, I’ve not read a book with you guys for a couple of months now!

Our September FairyLoot boxes were packed with witchy vibes and our book of the month is definitely magical. We’re in for a ride, trust me! There’s witchcraft, sass, loveable characters, and many many conflicting emotions!

The readalong for Serpent & Dove by Shelby Mahurin starts next week so get your schedule in order and make sure you block out your calendars for some quality reading time!

Every day I, your host for this Readalong, will post some discussion points or observations from the section of the book allocated for that day. There is a comment section under each post & we love seeing your thoughts too! This Readalong will last over the course of 5 days, from October 14th-18th The below chapters are inclusive! The reading schedule is as follows:

14th October: Pages start-108

15th October: Pages 109-205

16th October: Pages 206-307

17th October: Pages 308-398

18th October: Pages 399 – end

Each day we will tackle approximately 100 pages. If this is too much or too little for your usual reading speed, please feel free to adjust to your schedule! There’s absolutely no pressure if you want to read at your own pace and do your own thing. The daily posts will be ready and waiting for you to still join in and discuss!

There will be spoilers for that allocated book section so we can freely share our thoughts for what just happened and predictions as to what will follow! I’m very excited to hear your thoughts and opinions!

As always, there will be a Readalong exclusive competition to win your next box for free! We always believe reading should be encouraged! Details on how to enter to come soon!

Instagram will remain a spoiler free zone, but please make sure to tag us in your Readalong stories when you get ready for a reading session, we often repost these and we love seeing you all cozy and ready to jump into the next part of your adventure! It keeps us and others motivated!

If you take Instagram photos of the book, you might also find your photo being featured in a post too (with due credit, of course!). Just remember to tag your Instagram photos with the #fairyloot hashtag.

You will, of course, be seeing me pop on Instagram stories every day to remind you which chapters we are reading that day. (We know some people like to set a handy phone reminder to get that reading done too!)

Are you ready for a wild magical adventure with a complicated romance? Because I am! 

Say hello to one another in the comments, whether you’re a returning FairyLooter or a new one, and I will speak to you on Monday!






  • Ella

    So excited for this one! I always look forward to these readalongs and this book looks really great ?

    • G

      Yay, really hope you’ll enjoy it!

    • ricky.gene.davis

      I just got the audiobook to take part in the read along as much as I can since I don’t have page numbers

  • CG @ Paperfury

    I’m excited to join in the readalong!! This book sounds so epically good!!

  • Kathi

    I’m so excited for this book! Honestly can’t wait to dive into this world. ☺️

  • Loren

    I couldn’t wait and already finished! It was such a GREAT read ??‍♀️??

    • G

      Understandable! 😀 Hope you’ll still stop by to chat with us every day! So happy to hear you had a good time with it!

  • Dani

    How amazing was this book I just couldn’t wait for the read along

  • Vanessa

    I’m going to try and join this readalong! It’ll be my first ?

  • Noria

    Yip! Yip! I keep meaning to participate in the readalong and each of time I’ve missed it. But this month… I’m more than ready!!!

  • Laura Weasley

    Hi everyone and welcome back, G! ?

    I’m so excited for this readalong, especially since I wasn’t able to participate the last few times. I can’t wait to dive into this book!

  • Lila

    Oh my gosh !
    I’m so excited it’s my first readalong ?

  • Cora @ Tea Party Princess

    I am very excited to read Serpent & Dove – I kind of accidentally already read the first chapter and it got me very excited for the rest. I loved the writing style and can’t wait to read more. I have my copy all tabbed out and ready for Monday.
    Cora |

    • G

      It’s a gripping story! Will be hard to stop every day I reckon!

  • Connie

    I’m so excited to start reading this book! Can’t wait for the readalong!

  • Nina Hilden

    I’m glad to be able to join another readalong. Haven’t been to one since the May book

  • Kelly

    I couldn’t keep up last month and this month I finished before it started! Really loved this book ?

  • Stephanie

    I can’t wait! I love doing the read alongs. 🙂

  • Enchanted to read YA

    Would it be possible for you to mention the (start/end) chapter titles for each day? I’m trying to join the readalong with my ebook version, but that means the page numbers are different!


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