Seven Faceless Saints Readalong: Day 4!

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Welcome back to day 4 of our readalong of Seven Faceless Saints by M. K. Lobb! Things are getting tense, and with two sections to go I have a feeling these chapters will be full of drama!

Today we’re reading from Chapter 23 to the end of Chapter 31.

Please be warned, the following section will include spoilers for Seven Faceless Saints by M. K. Lobb, from chapters 23 to 31. Please only read on if you’ve finished this section!


Roz and Damian head to the bathhouse… Cheeky. 😏

They’re not bathing though, it’s just somewhere quiet to talk! Finally, their miscommunication stops. Damian is honest about why he didn’t write and Roz is honest about why that hurt. Within moments of them being honest, they’re kissing.

Damian seems to sense that there’s something Roz isn’t telling him though. It’s true, too. He doesn’t know she’s a rebel. When Damian prays to the saints, he feels certain that if one were to respond, it would be Chaos. He’s adamant he doesn’t want him. Doesn’t need Chaos. When he grasps the statue though… something moves. Rock moves aside and Damian’s hit with the smell of death. 

The smell is coming from the body of none other than Chief Magistrate Forte, I mean this explains why Forte’s been acting weird? Damian can’t make heads nor tails of it. He can’t work out if this is an illusion, or if Forte is the illusion? Illusions are the power of disciples of Chaos though, so that would mean they’re back?

Damian goes straight to his father. When will he LEARN??? I want to yell at him. This was such a mistake, Damian’s world goes black and he wakes up on a boat, on his way back to the north. What’s worse is, he’s on a boat with Michele’s brother and he blames Damian for his death, and intends to punish him for it. 

When Roz finds Kiran and Siena and asks if they’ve seen Damian, she realises the boat that Forte and Battista are busy seeing off, likely has Damian on it, and she’s determined to get him back. 

They use a Palazzo security boat and set off after the military boat. Poor Damian really didn’t see this rescue attempt coming. Have more faith in your girl and your friends Venturi!

It’s not easy, but they break Damian out. He’s technically a deserter now, and can’t go back to the Palazzo, so Roz takes him to the safest place she knows. Piera gives him a room for the night and as Roz is about to leave he tells her to come in. He’s tired of them not talking to each other, not being honest. 

He tells her about Forte, he tells her of his theories about Chaos. In turn, she tells him she needs him.

They spend the night together, finally semi-content having told each other the truth about their feelings… but Roz is still hiding secrets.

The way my heart stopped the minute I saw Piera’s name heading this chapter. I’m not ok. Piera has been Roz’s mother figure while Caprice hasn’t been able to. She leads the rebellion. They need her, and she’s gone too.

Roz rages, she cries, she screams. The rebellion isn’t over though. Roz declares their plans will go ahead as Piera wished. When they find her contingency plan and see Piera wanted Roz to take her place as head of the rebellion, it’s Nasim of all people who’s against it. She says she saw Roz with the guards, she knows she’s working with them. She outs her to everyone. While I’m not condoning Nasim… this wouldn’t have happened if Roz was honest and communicated! 

Nasim tells her she can take place in tonight’s attack since she already knows about it, and then, she’s done. Roz might have gained Damian, but she’s lost everything else.

Did you see the Piera plot twist coming? It honestly shook me to my core 😭
What do you think Roz will do now she has no place in the rebellion?
Any theories on what will happen during the final section?

We have been on an emotional rollercoaster in today’s section and I am so nervous for tomorrow. See you then!


17 thoughts on “Seven Faceless Saints Readalong: Day 4!

  1. 1) I didn’t and this is why it hurts even more. Roz lost both of her mother figures, and it’s heartbreaking.

    2) I’m sure she won’t turn into a good little disciple of Patience. If she didn’t have to take care of her mother, I guess she would run off with Damian and live somewhere far away from this mess. But she can’t, and I know she won’t back up as easily as they want her to do.

    3) I hope we will find out who’s behind the murders.

  2. Wow this book, seriously i’m not ok are you trying to break me?

    I knew another murder was going to happen, but why Piera she was amazing and such a force to be reckon with, I am not ok with that murder but with the end of that bit with saying she was in the way, makes me feel like the killer wants to lead the rebels and unfortunately that meant killing Piera to make that happen.

    I don’t think Roz will truly be finished with the rebels, she may not have a place with them but that won’t stop her she wants a better world, but with saying that I do think the emotions of that scene where truly all over the place and things were said in the heat of the moment so you never know she may still have a place, but I guess we will have to wait and see.

    I think Damian will discover Roz is a rebel, I mean that has to happen surly! He will then be conflicted with what to do as he may not be part of the security anymore, but that is all he is so I feel like we will have a moment of conflict with him and maybe even with Roz again which means there new relationship could be impacted before its even started. I feel like something big is coming not just this rebel strike, I feel like we will meet whoever this killer is and its going to hurt when we do, I have my suspicions now on who it may be, but i’m really hoping it’s not who I think it is as it really will break me. Also I still think Damian has powers of some sort but still trying to work out what, and I hope we find out if this is true or not, but overall I’m hoping for a better world like Roz wants.

  3. Do Roz and Damian really need to get back together? I don’t know like I think they both need some self reflection and stuff. I understand they have history but they just keep hurting each other with every chance that they get. Damian just wants to appeal to that side of him that will forever love Roz even though he knows that shes hiding something ALL THE TIME. I wasn’t surprised when the real Forte ended up being dead because of that forshadowing in the beginning of the book when he called Damian by his first name and not his last name. But why is there a hidden room connected to the statue of Chaos? What was the original purpose since it wasn’t very big? I wonder what would have happened if Roz did end up taking Damian to her house after rescuing him from the boat. I know her mom is in a fragil state but she still thinks that Roz is dating him so would she have an issue with him being there? I did not see the Piera plot twist coming but once I saw the title I knew. Maybe Roz will lead the Rebellion since she has been so focused on getting the unfavored rights.

  4. I didn’t see it coming at all. It was so heartbreaking. I loved that Piera knew that Roz should lead the Rebellion. I think she’ll still fight, however I also think she’s not going to fight Nasim, she may find a different way to fight. I am totally up in the air on what will happen, everytime I have I guess I seem to be off. I am curious as to how Damian will react.

  5. Did you see the Piera plot twist coming? I didn’t really see it coming. I guess I wasn’t sure who they would kill off but didn’t think it would be her.

    What do you think Roz will do now she has no place in the rebellion?
    I think she will try to prove the rebellion wrong.

    Any theories on what will happen during the final section?

    I really hope we find out the killer. I did see there is a sequel for this book. I feel like Damien’s dad is working with them or is a chaos discipline. I forgot if they said he had a Saint etc

  6. I am so so sad Piera was targeted! She was Roz’s last lifeline to keep her head above water. Honestly though, what was Piera thinking of leaving the rebellion to Roz? She knew her standing was shaky in the group despite Piera backing her. What was supposed to happen once she was gone. Surely there was another adult that could take the reins.

    I don’t think Roz will have to worry long about not having a place in the rebellion since everything is surely about to go up in flames. Literally with this rebellion plan. Hopefully she and Damian can find out who the Chaos disciple is and focus on bringing them to justice. However Damian still does not know that she was working with the rebellion so we might have one more falling out before the end of the book. I still feel like Enzo might be our murdering disciple!

  7. Did you see the Piera plot twist coming? It honestly shook me to my core 😭
    I did not see it coming but I’m also assuming with this book everyone will be unalived.

    What do you think Roz will do now she has no place in the rebellion?
    I think she will still protect them if she can while she continues to work with Damien.

    Any theories on what will happen during the final section?
    Damien will find out Roz was a part of the rebellion, Damien’s dad will take someone out. I am not sure who but it will happen when he’s approached.

  8. OMG!!! The heartache for Piera and all that she was to Roz. And now Roz is all anger and anguish, but instead of being able to find comfort in her rebel friends, she was not honest to them and as we knew it would eventually happen, they found out. I said “No!” out loud when I saw Piera at the top of the chapter ahhh! But who killed her?? I still have no clue. So many questions and they book is so close to being over! However, the development of Roz and Damien’s relationship though! I like them as a couple, even though they both seem self destructive, when they work together things seem to work better for both of them. They just need to be honest and stop hating on themselves individually. Now, I think Roz is going to feed on her anger and do something maybe reckless now that she is not apart of the rebellion, maybe even try to cut out Damien again? But I really hope she works with him instead of shutting him out. Then they can get to the bottom of who is impersonating Forte if he is really dead and are Chaos disciples back? Also, is Damien going to become a disciple of Chaos or maybe Death? Death seems to speak to him, but he does describe himself as Chaotic. The author is hinting and I wonder…….
    I can’t wait to finish tomorrow!

  9. Well, that was a lot of conflict & conflicting emotions they’ve gone through. Piera’s chapter was like Bianca’s. The killer is a female? Unfavored, or at least, known among the unfavored. Caprice. That’s my guess. A disciple of Patience, changed after seeing her lover fall (killed, at least) in the 2nd* War of Saints, known in the unfavored sector, uncanny premonitions, crazy… She could easily fit the bill. Secrets being Roz’s downfall. Who could’ve guessed?
    Daily Q&A:
    1.) Did you see the Piera plot twist coming?
    2.) What do you think Roz will do now she has no place in the rebellion?
    3.) Any theories on what will happen during the final section?
    1.) I didn’t figure she’d die so soon.
    2.) She had a key role to play in the Mercato rebellion, so I guess, she’ll do that. Maybe her rebels will see something to trust her again, maybe Damian will wake up & put a bigger wrench in things, maybe the killer derails everything.
    3.) See above.

  10. 1) It completely caught me off guard, I was NOT expecting one of the main (side) characters to be a target, not in the least. I am more determined then ever to have Roz and Damian find out who the killer is!

    What do you think Roz will do now she has no place in the rebellion?
    2) I think things will turn around once Roz and Damian are able to determine who the murder is. She may be welcomed back into the folds of the group and, here I may be wishfully thinking…she could rope in other disciples, with the true power/force of desciples, they could be on the front lines (Mercy healing the wounded, Patience just destroying weapons instead of creating them and Cunning to plan out strategies to restore peace between the land).

    3) I think in the final section, we will be on the trail of the killer, the actual killer (behind the Forte disguise) may even be revealed to Roz and Damian, but not caught by them yet. It will definitely finish in a cliff-hanger with a show-down. I hope we get to understand more about the disciples of Chaos before the novel ends though.
    I can’t seem to put this book down!

  11. I knew that Forte was not really himself. Not sure who it is, but the person impersonating him is probably responsible for all the deaths.

    Roz should have told her “friends” about what she was doing and who she was working with, but they also should’ve trusted her. They know Piera did and Piera knew what was going on. Not very good friends – they did not even wait for her to explain. Instead Nasim kicked her out of the group. She got mad that she was not named leader and then kicked Roz out and Dev just went along with it. Fair weather friends.

    Now Roz is probably going to ruin what she had started with Damian again because she is going to blame him for Piera’s death – because they didn’t do something about his father sooner. I really don’t think it is him though.

    I did not see the Piera plot twist – it is really too bad that someone else Roz really cared about is gone.

    I think Roz is going to be self-destructive and push everyone else away. I think she is going to try to go after Damian’s father herself and I think Damian will try to save her.

    I think the rebellion’s mission will fail. Whoever killed Piera probably knew what was going on since they noted that she was a risky target, but also in the way. I think more people will die and they will blame Roz.

  12. 1. Did you see the Piera plot twist coming? It honestly shook me to my core 😭

    2. What do you think Roz will do now she has no place in the rebellion?
    I thought she still would help even though she “has no place” in the rebellion anymore. She won’t just sit by and watch it all unfold

    3. Any theories on what will happen during the final section?
    I’ve already read the final section hehe so I won’t answer this question, but will only say that I loved it!

  13. I accidently read ahead so I won’t speculate what will happen. I did not see Pierra dying but I wasn’t that suprised either. But I knew someone was pretending to be Forte. Not sure about Battista though.

  14. 1. I was not expecting Piera’s death.

    2. Probably just rebel by herself.

    3. I think the murderer will be revealed. I’ve suspected Enzo since the incident with fake Forte trying to get into the office but for a major plot twist what if the killer is Dev?
    I think Damian will discover that he is actually favoured… probably by either chaos or death.

  15. 1) the second I saw Piera’s name on the chapter I just said “oh no”. I shattered. I had to pause. But it gave us some clues to who the killer is – a female? Now I’m trying to think of all the females who we’ve met. It makes me think it’s someone in the rebellion or knows who their leader is because it says she’s “in the way”. Which brings me to guess Nasim… does she want to be the leader? But another sentence conflicts with that thought so I have no idea! Perhaps Vittoria as it says “just like the girl she loved so deeply”?

    2) I just hope Damian didn’t hear her say “I was using him” because that will break my heart. I think she’s going to have a massive reaction and use the full force of her power to create as much destruction as possible – she does have the key role in this and it’s something she feels strongly about and especially after the loss of Piera, I think she’s just going to lose it.

    3) I think Damian will end up helping with the rebellion and the killer will be a female we know. I think it might even be someone closer to us than we think. I think there will be a fight between Damian and his father, and Damian will turn out to be a disciple of death or perhaps even chaos. But chaos definitely has something to do with this. I feel there have been a few sacrifices in specific locations – will these locations end up making a seven pointed star perhaps?

    I have too many questions, and I’m both excited and scared to finish this book!

  16. Didn’t see that coming at all, but I also had that drop in my stomach when I saw her name as the chapter title. What a loss.

    Even though Roz is being kicked out of the rebellion, she’s going to continue to do whatever she can to help the unfavored. Just because she’s out of the organization doesn’t mean she’s not going to defend her values.

    I think we’re going to see Roz participate in the jail break and that same night I think Roz and Damien will find out who the fake Forte is and/or who is controlling him. I feel like we’re gearing up to have the sequel take up up north, either to the front lines or into Brechaat.

  17. I honestly didn’t see the Piera twist coming at all but it absolutely makes sense in terms of upping the stakes for Roz and setting the stage for the conflict between her and Damian regarding her involvement with the rebels.

    The sudden removal from the rebels (especially coming from Nazim) was super bizarre to me and even sorta suspicious… If anything I would have assumed that they’d be like “Of course you went even deeper under cover!” so that moment fell flat (aside from making me suspect Nazim for a minute 👀)

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